BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1540


Chapter 1540 – No?

Shen Wei looked at Mu Yao with resentment. He wished to tear Mu Yao to shreds. However, he knew that he couldn’t do this. Even if he made a move, he wouldn’t be Mu Yao’s opponent.

On the other hand, Mu Yao looked calmly at Shen Wei. He knew why Shen Wei hated him. It was because he knew this that he didn’t want to confront Shen Wei. Shen Wei’s hatred was due to a misunderstanding, and there was no benefit to the Hundred Treasures Realm if he went against Shen Wei. In any case, Shen Wei’s strength was very good. He can be considered to be a good commander. Although he resented the Mu Faction and tried to suppress it, this was still within Mu Yao’s tolerance. Therefore, Mu Yao endured all this time.

But now, Shen Wei actually dared to touch Zhao Hai. How could Mu Yao just endure it this time. If Zhao Hai didn’t express that he wanted to explore the sea, then Mu Yao would have raged against Shen Wei.

It was now time to turn against Shen Wei. And with a reasonable cause behind him, Mu Yao can suppress Shen Wei in one stroke and let him lose power as an Elder.

Mu Yao wasn’t a good man nor a saint. He didn’t act against Shen Wei before because he was afraid of causing damage to the development of the Hundred Treasures Realm. The Shen Faction had a lot of members. If the two factions fight, it would certainly cause turmoil in the Hundred Treasures Realm, which would be detrimental for the realm. In the past, the times were critical because of the Giant Spirit Realm. Mu Yao had no spare energy to fight against Shen Wei.

But now it was different. The Giant Spirit Realm has been dealt with and the Hundred Treasures Realm was at a golden age. With Shen Wei offending almost every Transcending Tribulation Expert, this was a good opportunity.

Shen Wei looked at Mu Yao and then bitterly said, “Mu Yao, what are you doing? Why did you bring all these people?”

Mu Yao replied in a cold voice, “Shen Wei, as an Elder, it’s impossible for you to not know why I came. To be honest, I’m very disappointed in you. I never expected you to be something like this. This time, everyone is here to impeach you.”

Shen Wei replied, “Impeach me? I didn’t do anything wrong. You can’t impeach me.”

Mu Yao coldly replied, “Shen Wei, what does the Elder’s Assembly do? It manages the Hundred Treasures Realm and steers it into a stronger position. It’s not a place where you can do whatever you want. Why did you use it as an opportunity to punish people you find unpleasant? Most importantly, why did you send Zhao Hai to explore the sea?”

Shen Wei looked at Mu Yao, then he sneered and said, “To put it bluntly, you came because of Zhao Hai. Why can’t Zhao Hai participate in the exploration of the sea? You might be fond of him, but I’m not. He just joined the Hundred Treasures Realm, so why should he enjoy so much privilege? Mu Yao, doing this, aren’t you using public sentiment for your private gains?”

Mu Yao shook his head at Shen Wei as he said, “Shen Wei, o Shen Wei. You’re truly blinded by hatred. I gave Zhao Hai privileges because he deserved those privileges. Because of your hatred towards me, you didn’t come to the headquarters in the battle against the Fireweavers. You don’t know about Zhao Hai at all. You don’t know what he did for the Hundred Treasures realm, nor his importance to the realm. Your treatment of Zhao Hai turned everyone’s heart cold.”

Shen Wei swept the cultivators behind Mu Yao with his eyes. What he saw caused his heart to get a bad feeling. He found out that the cultivators behind Mu Yao had a look of approval on their faces. They think that what Mu Yao said was right.

This caused Shen Wei to be somewhat uneasy. He didn’t really know much about Zhao Hai. He also participated in some battles in the war against the Fireweavers. But because he didn’t want to meet Mu Yao, he didn’t visit the headquarters. He just stayed in the Hundred Treasures Realm and would only come out when there were orders.

It was precisely because he didn’t come to the headquarters that he didn’t know the identity of Zhao Hai. And due to his prejudice against Mu Yao, he didn’t pay any attention to any information about Zhao Hai. He always thought that the information would be false.

But now it seems like this wasn’t the case. Was there really something with Zhao Hai? The uneasy feeling in Shen Wei’s heart increased as he thought of this.

However, Shen Wei also knew that this wasn’t the time to show weakness. If he did, then then he would be admitting that he was wrong. And he wasn’t prepared to bow his head towards Mu Yao.

Shen Wei coldly snorted and said, “That’s just your words. Who knows if Zhao Hai is really deserving like you said?”

Mu Yao looked at Shen Wei as he sighed. It seems like Shen Wei was truly blinded by his hatred. And he had yet to recover.

Thinking of this, Mu Yao couldn’t help but say, “Shen Wei, there are some things that cannot be discussed outside. Let’s head inside the conference hall and talk about it. All Immortal Experts, follow me inside.” After that, he entered the conference hall along with the other Elders. Despite this, the Severed Soul Experts and the Transcending Tribulation Experts stayed outside. They were waiting for the conclusion. They wanted Shen Wei to step down.

Mu Yao entered the conference hall and then invited everyone to sit down. After looking at the Immortal Experts, Mu Yao said, “I think there’s still some people who have the same idea as Elder Shen. Everyone thinks that I gave Zhao Hai his privilege because of his military exploits. In fact, this isn’t the case. You might not know this, but besides Zhao Hai’s space abilities, he also has the ability to decompose and recycle materials. This ability is something that not a lot of people know.”

Mu Yao’s words caused several Elders to be surprised. An ability to decompose materials was very wanted in the Ten-thousand Realm Battlefield. Each realm that can obtain this ability will experience explosive growth. Shen Wei’s expression also changed. He didn’t expect Zhao Hai to have this valuable ability as well.

Mu Yao looked at everyone and said, “Didn’t everyone wonder why the Hundred Treasures Realm suddenly obtained the water refining technique? It came from Zhao Hai. Didn’t you wonder how the realm was able to make fake spirit snake needles? It was because of Zhao Hai. The Giant Spirit Treasure Ship? The blueprint was given by Zhao Hai. The Fireweaver Rifles and the cannons that we have right now? All of these were because of Zhao Hai’s ability. Just these things alone mean a lot to the Hundred Treasures Realm. In this case, is it wrong to give great benefits to Zhao Hai?”

The Immortal Experts nodded. If these things were given by Zhao Hai, then there’s no problems in giving him rich benefits.

Looking at the crowd, Mu Yao continued, “There’s one thing that you need to know. Zhao Hai used his ability to recycle the waste materials on Yan Planet. Some of the materials he managed to recover are now exhausted in the Ten-thousand Realm Battlefield. The materials he recovered are enough for the Hundred Treasures Realm to use for countless years. With such contributions, not to say privileges or a planet, it’s not excessive if we gave him much more.”

Boom! Mu Yao’s words exploded in the minds of the people present. These Immortal Experts were immediately stunned. They knew exactly what Yan Planet meant for the Hundred Treasures Realm. It was a place where rejected and failed refining materials were thrown into. Hearing that these waste materials were turned into usable resources, the Elders couldn’t help but be startled.

Mu Yao watched everyone and didn’t talk for some time. For a while, the room was silent. After a moment, Mu Yao said, “I have turned Yan Planet into a forbidden area now. Only a few people are allowed to deliver waste material to the planet. And they cannot see much of the planet. Zhao Hai will periodically visit the planet in order to recycle the waste materials and make them into usable resources. Now all of you should understand why I gave Zhao Hai so many benefits.”

They understood. If they didn’t, then they were idiots. Shen Wei’s expression turned dark. He didn’t expect the situation to be like this.

Seeing that the crowd was quiet, Mu Yao said, “If you don’t believe me, you can go to Yan Planet and take a look. The materials are still there. Also, Shen Wei, I did indeed kill your disciple. As for the reason why, you should be aware of it. This decision isn’t only up to me, but it was made after the deliberation of the Ten-Elder Assembly.”

The Elders present stared when they heard this. They clearly knew what the Ten-Elder Assembly was. This Ten-Elder Assembly only happens if something important needs to be decided upon. Ten groups of Elders would be invited and everyone would discuss the matter. If it wasn’t important, this meeting couldn’t be called upon. The power of the Ten-Elder Assembly was more than a normal group of Elders. 

A lot of people knew about the death of Shen Wei’s disciple. They also suspected that it was because of Mu Yao. However, they didn’t expect this matter to involve a Ten-Elder Assembly. If this was the case, then what happened to Shen Wei’s disciple? Why did the Ten-Elder Assembly decide to kill him?

The other Immortal Experts looked at Mu Yao in confusion. Seeing the crowd looking at him, Mu Yao elaborated, “When out on a mission, Shen Wei’s disciple has been abducted by an Elder of the Giant Spirit Realm. After he was captured, he was taken to their headquarters. Then ten Immortal Elders of the Giant Spirit Realm worked together to turn him into a puppet to come back as a spy. We discovered it later on. After the Ten-Elder Assembly made their decision, they gave the task to me to accomplish because of my enmity with Shen Wei. This will hide the matter from the Giant Spirit Realm. We never revealed it outside. Now that the Giant Spirit Realm has been driven out of the Ten-thousand Realm Battlefield, I can now reveal it to you.”


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