BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1537


Chapter 1537 – Tying Up The Dragon

The strength of the dragon exceeded Zhao Hai’s imagination. It’s not just the lightning. ZHao Hai was sure that the close combat ability of the dragon was also very powerful. Just now, the dragon used its dragon claws to grab the ship’s shield. It can be said that it was very confident in his paws.

But the Hell King’s ship’s shield wasn’t easy to break open. It can also ward off lightning attacks. Because of this, the dragon retreated. But its lightning still lingered. Moreover, the lightning seems to be able to break spiritual force.

The black dragon was much stronger compared to most Immortal Experts. Zhao Hai could see that no normal Immortal Expert could catch up to the dragon’s speed. Zhao Hai could only use the Space to run away, otherwise he wouldn’t be able to escape.

However, Zhao Hai didn’t escape. He wasn’t planning to expose the Space this time. He was preparing to fight the dragon. Zhao Hai waved his hand as numerous cannons stretched out of the ship. Then the ship began firing towards the dragon.

The dragon was still stunned since it couldn’t destroy the ship’s shield and its lightning was useless. As it was dumbfounded, the shells were fired towards it.

The dragon swayed its body as it evaded the shells. This gave Zhao Hai a new understanding of its speed. However, Zhao Hai’s shells weren’t that easy to deal with. These shells could track their enemy. Although the dragon managed to dodge, the shells curved and shot back towards the dragon.

The black dragon also noticed this. Lightning appeared on its four claws as it attacked the shells.

Naturally, the lightning was very powerful. The shells were immediately destroyed. But this time, the figurehead of the Hell King’s Ship became a battering ram and shot itself towards the dragon.

At the same time, he increased the energy supplied by the yin-yang pool to increase the ship’s defenses. The cannons didn’t stop as it continued to fire shell after shell.

The black dragon had just crushed the shells when the battering ram arrived. The dragon stretched another claw to grasp the figurehead. Lightning crackled on the dragon’s claws.

But how could the Hell King’s Ship’s battering ram be that simple to deal with. As though it was a snake, the battering ram swerved around the dragon’s claw and directly struck towards the dragon.

With a wave of its arm, the dragon sent lightning from his claw towards the battering ram. However, the lightning missed. The dragon frowned, seemingly annoyed. Then it roared and spat out lightning from its mouth, hitting the battering ram. The battering ram could no longer dodge this time. The lightning was too fast, it had no time to evade.

The lightning couldn’t be prevented from hitting the battering ram. Zhao Hai’s complexion changed. The battering ram was under his control, so when it was struck, Zhao Hai’s mind was shaken. If this battering ram wasn’t part of Liquid Silver, he would have been injured.

Zhao Hai waved his hand and took a spear out. Then a spear flew out from the Hell King’s Ship and headed towards the black dragon.

This was the spear that Zhao Hai received from the Immortal Expert. This spear had an Immortal Expert’s soul, so it was very powerful. It was as powerful as an Immortal Expert.

After releasing the spear, Zhao Hai controlled the battering ram once more and attacked the dragon. At the same time, he released the 12 metal beasts. The beasts immediately roared and charged towards the dragon.

The black dragon was naturally stunned. It didn’t think that Zhao Hai would have so many methods. However, it wasn’t afraid of Zhao Hai. The dragon’s body flashed for a few times before it sucked the surrounding black clouds.

The dragon sucked in the surrounding clouds as though it was water. The dark clouds a hundred li(50km) around the dragon disappeared. After that, the dragon released the clouds and used them to coat its body.

Zhao Hai couldn’t understand why the dragon’s body flashed and then it absorbed the dark clouds only to spit it out again. What does it intend to do?

However, this wasn’t the proper time to think about this. Zhao Hai commanded his artifacts to attack the dragon. But before long, Zhao Hai felt that something wasn’t right. It was as though the dark clouds were intelligent as they counter-attacked the artifacts.

Now Zhao Hai understood why the dragon sucked in the clouds. This was to enable it to control the dark clouds. This seems to be one of the dragon’s abilities.

Zhao Hai also discovered that the dark clouds that the dragon spat out didn’t only have intelligence, they could also corrode spiritual force.

Zhao Hai’s complexion changed. He didn’t expect the clouds to undergo this much change after going through the belly of the dragon. Essentially, the dark clouds became the domain of the dragon. Inside that domain, the dragon was invincible.

Right, it was a domain. When Zhao Hai thought about domains, he would think about the lower realms. The reason why Zhao Hai didn’t use domains in the higher realms was because it wasn’t useful here.

However, Zhao Hai discovered his mistake. Domains were also quite useful in the higher realms. Moreover, they might be easier to use.

At the same time, Zhao Hai was sure that the lower realm’s domain would be useless. Domains in the higher realms probably formed in other forms.

Zhao Hai waved his hand as he withdrew his artifacts from the dark clouds. Then at this time, lightning came out of the dark clouds, attacking the retreating artifacts.

Zhao Hai quickly received his artifacts. At the same time, he moved and flew out of the Hell King’s Ship. Then he performed hand seals as his body emitted golden light.

Zhao Hai waved his hand and an invisible sword qi blasted out towards the dark clouds. As this was happening, he also blocked the lightning sent out by the clouds.

The Sword Breath Technique was something that Zhao Hai studied for some time. However, he had yet to use it in battle. The Sword Breath Technique was one of the 18 Buddhist Techniques. It used invisible sword qi to kill silently and destroy the hardest defenses.

The speed of Zhao Hai’s battle with the black dragon surpassed Xiang Bo and the others’ imagination. As they were understanding the situation, Zhao Hai already used the Hell King’s Ship to fight a few rounds with the black dragon. When they had just recovered, Zhao Hai had already made his move.

Although Zhao Hai attacked the dragon using his Sword Breath Technique, he was also paying attention to the dragon. He wanted to see how useful the technique was against the dragon.

In the end, the technique proved to be useful. In fact, it was very useful. The sword qi penetrated through the dark clouds. And the dark clouds couldn’t do anything to the sword qi.

Zhao Hai was certain that this wasn’t because of the sword qi. Instead, it was caused by faith power. It shows once more how useful faith power was.

Thinking of this, Zhao Hai imbued his artifacts with faith power. After that, he controlled them to attack the dark clouds once more.

The effect was very good. The dark clouds couldn’t do anything to the artifacts. Zhao Hai felt relieved. On the other hand, the dragon wasn’t doing very well. Although it was agile, the spear was able to match its speed. In addition to Zhao Hai’s sword qi, the black dragon was restrained even more.

The black dragon didn’t dare meet Zhao Hai’s sword qi. Although it had formidable defense, it knew that it couldn’t block the sword qi. Because of this, it could only try to evade the attack. It also used lightning to block the sword qi.

At this time, Zhao Hai used the sword qi to attack. Just as the black dragon was about to feel relieved, it suddenly discovered that it had fallen into a sword formation.

This sword formation was formed out of ten thousand swords. These flying swords didn’t attack, instead they revolved around a certain orbit like a planet. The black dragon also discovered that it was being attacked by an invisible force. It was being restrained little by little.

The black dragon struggled. It wanted to leave the sword formation. Although it didn’t know what sword formation it was, it could feel how dangerous it would be to him.

The dragon tried to attack the flying swords using its lightning. However, the sword formation seems to be covered by an invisible force. Instead of being destroyed by the lighting, the formation seems to have absorbed some of its strength.

Zhao Hai was now observing the sword formation. This ten thousand stellar transformation sword formation wasn’t ordinary. Each sword used in it was imbued with faith power. With the addition of faith power, Zhao Hai discovered that the sword formation underwent a great transformation. Compared to before, its strength was much greater, a few levels at least. As soon as it entered the sword formation, the dragon was like a moth trapped in a spider web. It could only struggle in vain inside.

Seeing this, Zhao Hai was relieved. The black dragon was indeed formidable. If he didn’t have faith power, then he would not be able to deal with the dragon. The strength of this beast was much more powerful compared to most Immortal Experts.

If an ordinary Immortal Expert were here, they wouldn’t be fighting with all their strength. The dark clouds around would suppress the Immortal Expert.

On the other hand, the dark clouds didn’t affect the black dragon. In fact, the clouds could be used by the dragon. In other words, the dragon held home advantage in this battlefield.

But once the dragon entered the sword formation, its advantage disappeared. It also rendered the black dragon’s strength equal to an ordinary Immortal Expert. In this case, Zhao Hai would have no problem dealing with it.

The black dragon could feel that the pressure on it was increasing. The restrain was also becoming more and more powerful. The speed that it was proud of was completely useless here. It’s like its hands and feet were tied. Even if it wanted to escape, it wouldn’t be able to.

This caused the dragon to feel desperate. It didn’t think that the toy it saw would turn out to be a predator. The desperation began to pile up and in the end it gave up struggling.

Zhao Hai didn’t expect the dragon to stop its struggle. He waved his hand and changed the sword formation into a chain and tied down the dragon. After that, he hauled the dragon towards the ship, marking the end of the battle.


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