BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1534


Chapter 1534 – Hornview Mountain

Hornview Mountain was a low rugged mountain. It had no plants and and very thin spiritual qi density. It was a strange place considering that it was in the Ten-thousand Realm Battlefield.

At this time, there were more than a dozen people standing on the mountain. Half of these people had powerful auras since they were Immortal Experts. As for the others, they were Transcending Tribulation Experts. However, the expressions of these Transcending Tribulation Experts weren’t very good. Every single one of them had grey expressions, they looked defeated and dejected.

These Transcending Tribulation Experts were the representatives of their realms. Naturally, it was impossible for the realms to send Severed Soul Experts. Because of these, Transcending Tribulation Experts were sent.

These Transcending Tribulation Experts knew what they were about to do. They also knew that this was a suicidal mission. Because of these, all of them had ugly expressions.

Suddenly, a huge ship came flying from a distance. Before long, the ship arrived at Hornview Mountain. Seeing the huge ship, those on the mountain couldn’t help but change their expression, this included the Immortal Experts.

This huge ship was very famous in the Ten-thousand Realm Battlefield. This ship signifies the presence of a person, someone from the Hundred Treasures Realm, Zhao Hai!

This ship was Zhao Hai’s banner. Everyone in the battlefield has already recognized Zhao Hai’s skill. However, nobody expected him to appear here.

Everyone on the mountain was stunned. As they looked at the figure approaching Hornview Mountain, they were all sure that it was Zhao Hai. In the past two years, Zhao Hai’s name rode alongside the Hundred Treasures Realm’s fame. Almost every major power knew Zhao Hai’s face, they will not mistake it for someone else.

When he arrived at Hornview Mountain, Zhao Hai gave everyone a bow and said, “Zhao Hai has seen everyone. This Zhao Hai has been ordered to explore the sea. I thank everyone in advance for your help.”

Hearing Zhao Hai’s introduction, the Immortal Experts looked at each other. They saw the shock on each others’ faces. Zhao Hai’s great contribution for the Hundred Treasures Realm wasn’t a secret. The Hundred Treasures Realm was actually willing to send a talent like Zhao Hai to explore the sea? Had the Hundred Treasures Realm gone mad?

An Immortal Expert looked at Zhao Hai and said, “I didn’t expect the Hundred Treasures Realm to send you. Good, good.” To be honest, they didn’t oppose the Hundred Treasures Realm’s decision to send Zhao Hai. If Zhao Hai dies out at sea, then it would be good for them.

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “This expedition is a major event for all of us. Naturally, the realm has to send the most capable person. Since this Zhao Hai is still young and ignorant, the realm chose to send me to learn.”

The Immortal Experts looked at Zhao Hai in confusion. They believed that Zhao Hai knew what this expedition represented. It was a suicidal mission. How could Zhao Hai be this confident? Isn’t he afraid of death?

The Immortal Experts naturally didn’t know what’s inside Zhao Hai’s mind, and Zhao Hai didn’t intend to tell them. Zhao Hai turned his head and looked at the experts who would participate in the expedition. He smiled at them and then calculated the time. He looked at the Immortal Experts and said, “Seniors, there’s still some time. Is there anyone who hasn’t arrived yet?”

Hearing Zhao Hai, the Immortal Experts nodded. Then one of them said, “There are still 2 realms who haven’t arrived. One is from the Puppet Realm and the others is from the Ghost Spirit Realm. However, they should be arriving soon.”

Zhao Hai nodded, then he looked at the mist flowing on top of the sea. He let out a long breath and said, “Although I have been sent to explore the sea, it’s also something I wanted to do. Majority of the Ten-thousand Realm Battlefield’s land is controlled by the Five Great Realms. We can only fight each other for the small land we’re left with. In the end, our strength is consumed. On the contrary, the Five Great Realms have been having a peaceful time. Now, the Five Great Realms have been in peace for many years and they had been accumulating their strength. With all this strength, they need someone to fight, which would end up to be us. We cannot afford to offend the Five Great Realms at this time, so our only choice is to look beyond the sea. If we can really discover something out there, then it would be good for us. We can rely on the sea to face the Five Great Realms. Advance and retreat, advance and retreat. When the time comes, it wouldn’t be us who would be in trouble, but instead the Five Great Realms.” 

The Immortal Experts didn’t expect Zhao Hai to suddenly say this. All of them stared, then one of them sighed and said, “We know that, but the poisonous mist and the dark clouds leave use with nothing. For many years, a lot of experts died exploring the sea. Do you really think that we want to send people to their death? A lot of resources is needed to train a Transcending Tribulation Expert. How can we just thrown them away like that. The reason we continue to send people is the hope of finding something out there that can allow us to change our position.”

When the Transcending Tribulation Experts heard this, their expression lightened up. Seeing their expressions, Zhao Hai just smiled faintly and didn’t say anything.

At this time, Zhao Hai could feel two formidable auras coming towards Hornview Mountain. Zhao Hai’s senses couldn’t be wrong, there were two Immortal Experts.

Before long, four figures appeared near the mountain. Two of them looked ghostly and had clouds beneath their feet. A ghost’s face could be seen once in a while on the cloud, which looked quite eerie.

The other two were standing on a black turtle’s back. The turtle had a metallic luster all over its body. As it turns out, it was a beast puppet, not a real turtle.

What’s strange about this metal turtle was the fact that it could move just like a real one. It was very flexible and its bodily structure was made perfectly. 

What surprised Zhao Hai was the fact that this turtle also had a strong aura. From what he can see, this turtle should also be in the Immortal Stage. Which was quite surprising.

Before long, the four people arrived at Hornview Mountain. They received their artifacts and looked up at the Hell King’s Ship parked above. They didn’t say anything. However, the person from the Ghost Spirit Realm had an ugly expression.

After the four stepped on the mountain, the Immortal Expert who spoke to Zhao Hai said, “You two are the last. Now that everyone is here, it’s time for the kids to depart.”

At this time, someone from the Ghost Spirit realm said, “Wait, I have something to ask Zhao Hai.” Then he turned to Zhao Hai and said, “Zhao Hai, why did you put your artifact above me and the others. Are you looking down on us?”

Zhao Hai looked at the person from the Ghost Spirit Realm and said, “This one didn’t have that intention. But since this expedition is very dangerous, my wives didn’t want me to go alone, so they came with me. Because of this, I can only leave them in my artifact.”

Hearing Zhao Hai, everyone present stared. They didn’t expect Zhao Hai to bring his family to explore the sea. They were truly surprised.

When the Immortal Expert from the Ghost Spirit Realm heard what Zhao Hai said, he no longer said anything. He knew what Zhao Hai meant. Zhao Hai wanted to say that since this expedition would be perilous, then it would be too much if the Immortal Expert still caused him trouble.

Since the Immortal Expert from the Ghost Spirit Realm no longer said anything, then others naturally stayed quiet. At this the Immortal Expert who spoke before changed the topic and said, “Alright, it’s time for you to go. Remember, this expedition involves the fate of our realms. You need to do your best.” 

Everyone nodded. Zhao Hai cupped his fist towards everyone and said, “Everyone, since we’re all going to explore the sea, then we should go together. Let me invite you to my artifact. This way is much better than going on our own.”

When the others heard Zhao Hai, they were stunned for a while. They looked at each other and then one of them said, “That would be good. Then we’ll be bothering Mister Zhao Hai.” 

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “Everyone, please.” 

After that, the others moved to Zhao Hai’s Hell King’s Ship. Zhao Hai gave the Immortal Experts a salute before commanding the Hell King’s Ship to fly towards the sea.

The Immortal Experts looked at Zhao Hai and the others and let out a long breath. One of them said, “This Zhao Hai is really good. It’s a pity.”

Another Immortal Expert smiled and said, “I’m sure that Zhao Hai can come back alive. He’s an extraordinary kid. Not to mention his strength, he has repeatedly created miracles. I’m afraid this time isn’t an exception.”

The other Immortal Experts had an expression of disapproval. Zhao Hai has a great reputation in the Ten-thousand Realm Battlefield and he even fought against Immortal Experts. But so what? Even Immortal Experts couldn’t do anything against the purple fog and the dark clouds, let alone Zhao Hai.

On the other hand, Zhao Hai didn’t think so much as he brought everyone to the sea. As for the Transcending Tribulation Experts, they couldn’t help but scan the ship with their spiritual force, then they were stunned. There really were people inside the ship. Moreover, there were a lot of them, about more than 10 thousand. There’s also a lot of Undead. This caused the Transcending Tribulation Experts to be confused.

Looking at their expressions, Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “They’re my disciples from the Hundred Treasures Realm. I took them out this time to get some experience. To be honest, I really don’t care much about this expedition.”

The Transcending Tribulation Experts were stunned. This was a very dangerous mission, and Zhao Hai didn’t care about it? How could he be that confident?

Zhao Hai looked at everyone and said, “We’re all selected by our realms. To be honest, in our own realms, our status isn’t that good, right? If we can successfully explore the sea, then our position would be different’

One of the Transcending Tribulation Experts looked at Zhao Hai and said, “Mister, you must be joking. Your position in the Hundred Treasures Realm is on par with Mu Yu. How could you be like us?”

Zhao Hai forced a smile and said, “That was before. You should know that the Hundred Treasures Realm changes its leaders every 10 years. Now, Elder Shen Wei is now in charge. Elder Shen and Elder Mu didn’t have a good relationship in the past. Now that Elder Shen is in power, he will naturally attack the Mu Faction. And I’m the first person he attacked.”


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