BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1531


Chapter 1531 – Giving A Push

Zhao Hai calmly observed as robots took care of the luggage to be loaded up from Bluetree Planet. If the robots can’t handle it, then he could come back using the Space.

After everything has been taken care of, Zhao Hai brought the Hell King’s Ship to the headquarters. Although Shen Wei seems to have no intention of sending an Immortal Expert to escort him, Zhao Hai still had to give word to Shen Wei before departing. Otherwise, Shen Wei would find fault with him.

Zhao Hai knew that Shen Wei was looking for anything to cause problems for him. Naturally, he wouldn’t give Shen Wei anything to work on. So after arriving at the headquarters, the first thing he did was report to Shen Wei.

Just as expected, Shen Wei had Zhao Hai wait for quarter of an hour before inviting him in. Looking at the Shen Faction’s actions, Zhao Hai knew that Shen Wei was someone who only did the minimum amount of work. He’s a person who was too calculating. This kind of person wouldn’t go on to do great things.

Entering the conference Hall, Zhao Hai saw Shen Wei still sitting on the seat of honor. The other Immortal Experts were also present. After Zhao Hai gave everyone a salute, he turned to Shen Wei and said, “Reporting to Elder Shen, this Zhao Hai came to say farewell before leaving. I would be late if I don’t leave. May I ask if Elder has any more advice?”

Shen Wei looked at Zhao Hai feeling complicated. Zhao Hai had no grievances with him. Also, Zhao Hai’s performance was satisfactory. If Zhao Hai wasn’t from the Mu Faction, he would definitely take him in. Unfortunately, Zhao Hai was too involved with the Mu Faction. Shen Wei couldn’t use Zhao Hai, and he wouldn’t dare do so either.

Shen Wei replied, “Go, don’t lose face for the Hundred Treasures Realm.” Zhao Hai nodded. Then after giving another salute, he turned around and left.

As soon as Zhao Hai got outside, a few Severed Soul Experts from the Hundred Treasures Realm asked where he was going. Naturally, Zhao Hai answered them with the truth.

The reason these Severed Soul Experts came to ask this was because they heard rumors that Zhao Hai would be sent to explore the sea. This caused the Severed Soul Experts to be in an uproar.

These Severed Soul Experts knew very well how important Zhao hai was to the Hundred Treasures Realm. During the last war, these people fought beside Zhao Hai. How strong was Zhao Hai? He was able to defend against Immortal Experts. In this case, it’s natural for these people to react.

Now that they met Zhao Hai, they naturally want to ask if the rumors were real. After obtaining a positive reply, these Severed Soul Experts were in a great uproar.

Naturally, Shen Wei heard the ruckus outside. He quickly appeared in front of the door as he looked at the people outside and roared, “What’s the racket? Don’t you know where this is?”

The Severed Soul Experts stopped, some of them turned their head to look at Shen Wei. Then one of them took a step forward and said, “May I ask Elder Shen whether Zhao Hai was sent to explore the sea?”

Shen Wei looked at the Severed Soul Expert and knit his brows. It was because this Severed Soul Expert wasn’t from the Mu Faction nor the Shen Faction. It was a Severed Soul Expert that Shen Wei didn’t intend to offend. So he calmly replied, “Yes, after discussing with the other Elders, the task of exploring the sea has been given to Zhao Hai.”

The Severed Soul Expert replied, “Elder, Zhao Hai greatly contributed to the Hundred Treasures Realm. Moreover, his strength is formidable. Why would we send him out to explore the sea? I request the Elder to withdraw the assignment.”

The other experts also loudly said, “We ask the Elder to withdraw the assignment.”

Shen Wei didn’t expect the situation to turn this way. He didn’t expect Zhao Hai to be this popular in the Hundred Treasures Realm. But seeing Zhao Hai just standing there with a calm face, Shen Wei couldn’t help but burn with anger. In his mind, this was Zhao Hai’s scheme. Zhao Hai willingly agreed to explore the sea, and then he organized these people to put pressure on Shen Wei and make him look bad. If he takes a step back now, then he would have a hard time establishing his influence in the future.

Thinking about this, Shen Wei coldly snorted and said, “This is the decision of the Elder’s Assembly. This decision cannot be changed. What you’re doing right now is useless, go back to your jobs.” Then he no longer paid attention to the crowd as he turned around and entered the conference hall.

Nobody expected Shen Wei to have a strong attitude. But this made Zhao Hai secretly smile. He was going to the sea anyway. But he came this time to the conference hall to have Shen Wei make him wait for a quarter of an hour. Even if Zhao Hai didn’t do anything, he was still quite angry. He knew that Shen Wei wouldn’t last for long. And since Shen Wei wanted to ruin himself, then Zhao Hai would give him a push.

Seeing Shen Wei’s strong attitude, the Severed Soul Experts were in an uproar once again. The Severed Soul Expert who just spoke couldn’t help but frown. Although he was not an Immortal Expert, he has someone backing him. Shen Wei not only ignored his face, but also the face of the Immortal Expert behind him. How can he just accept this humiliation?

Just as the Severed Soul Expert was about to enter the conference hall to give Shen Wei his thoughts, Zhao Hai grabbed him. After that, Zhao Hai turned to the other Severed Soul Experts and said, “Everyone, please calm down. Listen to me first.”

The crowd quieted after a while. Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “Thank you for speaking up for me. I respect the decision made by the Elders. Please don’t offend the Elders just for me. The Hundred Treasures Realm has been on the right track in the past two years. There shouldn’t be any problems soon. Exploring the sea won’t be a problem. Perhaps when I come back, I’ll be able to bring treasures for everyone. Right, time is tight, I won’t stay for much longer.” After he said that, Zhao Hai greeted everyone before turning around and leaving through the transmission formation. And with a flash of white light, he disappeared.

The Severed Soul Expert who spoke for Zhao Hai had a pale complexion. He looked at the conference hall coldly before he said, “Let’s go.” The Severed Soul Expert wasn’t mad at Zhao Hai. He knew that Zhao Hai had blocked him from having a conflict with Shen Wei, which would end in his eventual loss.

Although Zhao Hai said that the expedition would bring benefits, a discerning person would know that this expedition was a life and death endeavor. Zhao Hai only said that he didn’t want them to be in conflict with Shen Wei. These Severed Soul Experts would not only remember Zhao Hai’s kindness, but also their hatred towards Shen Wei.

Although Shen Wei already entered the conference hall, he was still aware of what’s happening outside. If that Severed Soul Expert really did come and express his thoughts, then Shen Wei would certainly use him to show his position. But after hearing Zhao Hai, the Severed Soul Expert retreated. Shen Wei was surprised, but he coldly snorted and said, “Lifting yourself up with favors, let’s see how I deal with you.”

Shen Wei thinks himself as clever. However, in the eyes of the other Immortal Experts, he actually was not.

These Immortal Experts weren’t fools. The reason they sided with Shen Way was because they want to get bigger benefits.

However, they discovered that after his disciple died, Shen Wei was becoming more and more unreasonable. The only thing in his mind right now was dealing with the Mu faction. He didn’t even know how his disciple died, why would he blame the Mu Faction? This was the Ten-thousand Realm Battlefield, death was quite common here. However, Shen Wei put the loss on Mu Yao’s head. Wasn’t this thinking absolutely unfair?

Also, to these Immortal Experts, Mu Yao had been very good to Shen Wei. During Mu Yao’s term, he didn’t suppress Shen Wei. Instead, he treated Shen Wei right. These Immortal Experts didn’t think that Mu Yao was afraid of Shen Wei. Every powerful cultivator climbed up a mountain of corpses and swam through a sea of blood. How could they be afraid of anyone. Everything that happened was just Shen Wei’s delusion caused by being inferior to Mu Yao ever since they were young. Because of this, Shen Wei did everything in order to suppress Mu Yao.

And now, Shen Wei treated Zhao Hai in an ugly manner. Zhao Hai’s achievements in the war were well-known throughout the Hundred Treasures Realm. Moreover, it was impossible for Mu Yao to pin these achievements to Zhao Hai. The previous war was between three powerful realms along with countless smaller realms. Under the gaze of so many eyes, how could Mu Yao install fake achievements on Zhao Hai and have nobody complain?

Shen Wei failed to see this point. Instead, he suppressed Zhao Hai and gave him a suicidal mission. Moreover, he treated the Severed Soul Experts roughly. It must be known that the influence of the Severed Soul Experts was still quite substantial. Even an Immortal Expert wouldn’t dare a large number of Severed Soul Experts.

Shen Wei continued to miss important point after important point. Moreover, he still felt that he was clever. What he didn’t know was that although the Severed Soul Experts had retreated, the anger in their heart wouldn’t be quenched. The more time passes, this anger would continue to grow before they could no longer suppress it and it would explode like a volcano. When the time comes, even Shen Wei wouldn’t have the power to stop it.

Thinking of this, the other Immortal Experts couldn’t help but look at one another. They could see the thoughts of the others. This wasn’t the first time that they served beside Shen Wei. They all knew what kind of person Shen Wei was. He was a stubborn person who’s prone to turning a deaf ear to advice.

If Shen Wei continues to ignore advice, then it wouldn’t be long before he suffers a misfortune. These Immortal Experts knew the future yet they still followed Shen Wei. Actually, these Immortal Experts already had plans for themselves, they just didn’t show it. They just calmly sat there and continued to chat with Shen Wei. They went on with their tasks as though there’s nothing going on.


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