BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1526


Chapter 1526 – National Affairs

Zhao Hai walked out of the Space holding several drawings. Of course, these drawings were merely two dimensional. The real projection of the buildings were uploaded to Zhao Hai’s computer. Mu Yu and the others would use these drawings as previews of the structures.

Zhao Hai’s heart was a bit heavy. He didn’t want to scare Laura and the others. He truly felt a sense of crisis. As long as he doesn’t know the creator of the Ten-thousand Realm Battlefield, he wouldn’t feel relaxed.

To be honest, it doesn’t feel good to be a chess piece. But given the current situation, he didn’t have a choice. He needs time. As long as the Space levels up, he would be stronger. When the time comes, he would have the strength to resist.

Zhao Hai took a deep breath and then exhaled the bad air from his lungs. After that, he walked towards the conference hall. He no longer needs to ask for permission before entering. As soon as he was inside, he immediately saw Mu Yu and the others. After giving his greetings, he showed the drawings to Mu Yu and the others and said, “Elder Mu, these are plans that Laura and the others made. See if you like them. If you’re interested in one, I’ll show you a detailed projection.”

Mu Yao looked at the drawings,then he smiled and said, “It seems like your wives are really talented. I didn’t expect them to come up with these drawings so quickly.” After he said that, he scanned the drawings he was presented with.

These drawings were naturally made very well. They were all made according to the topography of the headquarters. The style of each building was different. Some had courtyards scattered around the place and some had buildings that were pleasing to the eye . But generally speaking, these buildings had a taste of chinese architecture mixed within them. At the same time, they weren’t too modern.

Mu Yao looked through these drawings and gave a satisfied nod. Although the drawings look different, all of them were very beautiful. He could understand at a glance that they were made very well.

After some time, he passed the drawings to Tang Yaoen and the others and said, “You take a look at these drawings as well. Tell me if there’s anything you like.” Tang Yaoen received the drawings and began to scan through them.

In the end, the group decided on one design. Coincidentally, this was the one Zhao Hai thought Mu Yu and the others would choose.

This drawing wasn’t the most artistic of all. However, this drawing had the superior atmosphere. Although the buildings weren’t very tall, they were built to fit the aesthetic of the mountain. They were scattered without losing the overall design effect. It looks quite grand, which was the style Mu Yao and the others want.

Seeing the drawing everyone else chose, Mu Yao nodded and said, “Alright, then we’ll pick this.” Zhao Hai nodded and then took out his computer to present the full image of the design. He also showed the interior of each building.

After listening to Zhao Hai, Mu Yao nodded and said, “Good, very good. Let’s go according to your plans. Make sure to build it well.” Zhao Hai nodded before asking to leave.

Mu Yao followed Zhao Hai out. He smiled and said, “Kid, you really do things quickly. Alright, I’ll leave everything to you. I have to go back to work. By the way, the children will be sent to you in two days. Don’t forget about it.”

Zhao Hai nodded with a smile before Mu Yu turned around and left. After that, he immediately took out the robots and construction vehicles. After that, he programmed the robots with the design chosen by Mu Yu and the others. The robots and machines swiftly began to work.

A lot of people from the Hundred Treasures Realm haven’t seen robots before, so they were interested in them. The robots and the machines didn’t care about this. They just worked according to the program. 

After arranging everything, Zhao Hai no longer cared much about the construction. He would just check it from time to time. He spent most of his time inside his cave residence. Of course, this was what the people outside thought. In fact, he was inside the Space all this time.

The construction wasn’t slow at all. After a couple of days, the buildings shown on the drawings have been built. It was also at this time that Zhao Hai officially took Zheng Yun in as his woman.

Additionally, the children have been sent to Bluetree Planet and entered the academy. Large numbers of Undead also entered the academy in order to teach these children about cultivation.

At this point, Zhao Hai had a large amount of cultivation methods in his hand. Naturally, he would pick the best methods for these children to use. But before teaching them cultivation, Zhao Hai inspected their constitution.

Zhao Hai not only inspected their spiritual roots, but also their muscle strength, bone structure, and other aspects. This was to ensure that each student was taught in accordance to their aptitude.

A person’s achievements didn’t only depend on their spiritual root. Factors such as muscle strength and bone structure were also important. So according to the result of the inspection, Zhao Hai assigned different cultivation methods.

Zhao Hai treated the 10 thousand children with importance. He treated them like a master treats his disciple. Not only was this rare in the Hundred Treasures Realm, it was rare in any other realm.

At the same time, the meals of the children were being calculated. They also undergo culture training as well as refining classes. They would also learn how to plant herbs every seven days.

The main purpose of the planting class was to let the children learn how to grow various medicinal plants. They would not only learn how to plant, they also learned how to identify various medicinal materials along with various ores. They were also taught the uses of these plants and ores.

It can be said that Zhao Hai’s academy was the most advanced cultivation school in the Hundred Treasures Realm. Naturally, Zhao Hai didn’t want these children to be flowers grown in a greenhouse. Every other month or so, he would test them. The tests were simple. The children need to either kill or disect a beast on their own.

The beasts were sacrificial meat prepared for the children. Zhao Hai wanted to train their courage. 

Zhao Hai also arranged survival training for the children. Naturally, he wouldn’t do it now. He has to wait for them to grow up. Zhao Hai wanted to train cultivators, not assassins. There’s no need to train them in a cruel manner.

What makes Zhao Hai happy with these children was the fact that they were evenly distributed between the two genders. This was something that Zhao Hai didn’t expect. This was because no matter which realm, yang qi was more abundant than yin qi. Therefore, female cultivators were very rare.

What Zhao Hai didn’t know was that there were plenty of female cultivators in all high-grade realms. The problem was that female cultivators couldn’t enter the higher levels of cultivation. This time, Mu Yao wanted to test Zhao Hai. He wanted to take a look if Zhao Hai’s academy would work. Since this was the case, it was impossible to send boys only, so girls were also sent over.

Zhao Hai didn’t mind this arrangement. Having girls was good as well. It was just that training them would be slightly difficult. There weren’t as many methods and teachers for female cultivators.

After ten days, the buildings of the headquarters were completed. The greenery and interior decoration were also finished. The buildings weren’t only attractive, but they were arranged in a defensive formation. Even the design of the garden was taken into consideration.

If someone wanted to attack the headquarters of the Hundred Treasures Realm in the future, then these buildings would form a defensive formation. Inside one of the buildings was a transmission formation. This made it very safe to reinforce or evacuate the inhabitants.

It was precisely because of these considerations that it took so long for the construction to finish. It needs to be known that the materials used by Zhao Hai were all high-grade. Not only were they strong and durable, they also had short drying time. Majority of the time was spent on interior decoration.

The interior decorations of the buildings were themed. They all paid attention to being simple and rich. The decorations looked simple, but they didn’t make people feel cheap. This was also in-line with Zhao Hai’s style, which was low-key arrogance.

Once the construction was finished, Zhao Hai approached Mu Yao and the others to have them inspect the buildings. Mu Yao and the others gave nothing but endless praise to the buildings. They were very satisfied, which caused Zhao Hai to feel relieved.

After visiting the buildings, Mu Yao and the others returned to the conference hall along with Zhao Hai. Today, Mu Yao made an exception and had Zhao Hai sit. After sitting down, Mu Yao looked at Zhao Hai and said, “Little Hai, the buildings you made are very beautiful. I don’t want to work here now. I want to go there instead. Good, very good.”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “Elder Mu is very polite. This Zhao Hai does not deserve your praise.”

Mu Yao waved his hand and said, “There’s no need to deny it. If you do well, you will naturally be praised. Right, Little Hai, I heard that your academy is already functional and the children have started going there. How are they doing?”

Zhao Hai didn’t quite understand what Mu Yao was aiming at, but he quickly replied, “Fortunately, they were able to adapt to the environment. The preparations have also been done and their curriculum has been set. They should be able to start their learning soon.”

Mu Yao nodded, “Let me take a look at their curriculum.” Zhao Hai nodded as he took out a copy of the curriculum and handed it to Mu Yao.

After looking carefully at the curriculum, Mu Yao knit his brows as he said, “You’re actually planning to have them eat? Can’t they just eat pills?”

Zhao Hai shook his head and said, “I have planted vegetables in some of the medicinal fields in Bluetree Planet. I also bred a lot of magical beasts. The children can eat them. These will be transformed into medicinal meals upon being cooked. Its effects are much better than eating pills. These foods also don’t leave toxins inside the body. Pills can’t be eaten every day while the grown food can.”


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