BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1523


Chapter 1523 – Level Up

Zhao Hai began comprehending Buddhist Qi. Buddhist Qi began to be integrated into Zhao Hai’s own qi and changed it. Before this, Zhao Hai’s qi was dazzling like the stars, but it was sharp and quite savage.

This savageness didn’t mean that Zhao Hai’s spiritual qi was evil. This savageness was merely the feeling that his qi gave out. In the past, Zhao Hai’s qi was like an unsheathed double-edged sword, sparkling with cold light. It’s very lethal but it made people feel uncomfortable.

But now, Zhao Hai’s qi was filled with purity, tolerance, and mercy. This made Zhao Hai’s spiritual qi appear noble and dignified. It’s something that wouldn’t show itself unless required.

Zhao Hai can feel that the Buddhist Qi inside his body was indeed the true Buddhist Qi. This was because he could see that it was infused with an endless amount of mercy as well as good intent. Moreover, it brought upon an holistic change to his spiritual qi. 

At the same time, on top of the Dao Lotus on Zhao Hai’s tanzhong(chest) acupoint, a long-haired buddha appeared. This long-haired Buddha had the exact same appearance as Zhao Hai. The Buddha’s eyes were closed and a faint smile could be seen on his face. He exuded an aura of great kindness.

Naturally, Zhao Hai had no idea what this Buddha could do. But after it appeared, the avatar in the baihui acupoint above his head has become stronger. Moreover, its smile was beginning to resemble a Buddha.

Zhao Hai didn’t care much about these things. However, he could feel how advantageous this Buddhist Qi was for his 18 Buddhist Techniques. Take the Enlightenment Technique for example. It was Zhao Hai’s most studied technique among the 18. The benefits of this technique were infinite. This was especially true for its ability to convert an enemy to his side.

Zhao Hai let out a long breath. Then shortly after he heard a prompt from the Space, “Hostile Bug Race Queen detected. Subjugating. Subjugation completed. Infinite evolution ability detected. It is currently weak. Extracting the evolutionary ability and integrating it to the Space. Integration completed. Space may now evolve by itself. All living and nonliving things inside the Space have gained the ability to evolve. Space has leveled up to level 250. Universal Processing Machine has leveled up. Universal Scanner has leveled up. The Space’s Universal Processing Machine and Universal Scanner have merged to become Universal Refining Machines. Urging the Host to work hard!”

“Because the Bug Race brood is currently weak, the Space has strengthened it. All current genes beneficial for the Bug Race will be added to the Bug Race brood. Adding intelligence. Bug Race brood has been successfully upgraded. The brood can now absorb any ability for its own use. Production of Bug Race has been unlocked. The strongest bug that can be made will be at the Immortal Stage.”

Thump! Zhao Hai could feel a pork pie fall on his head. This pie was very big, causing him to be stunned.

The benefits brought by the Bug Queen and the egg sac was too great. Forget anything else, the ability to evolve the Space was already great by itself. This was what Zhao Hai wanted the most. Before this, Zhao Hai had to look around for materials in order to upgrade the Space bit by bit. And with how high the Space’s level was, it had become too difficult for Zhao Hai to upgrade it. The ability of the Space to evolve was akin to a mortal being able to cultivate. Although the speed of evolution wouldn’t be quick, it was still something that Zhao Hai needed.

Additionally, everything inside the Space has gained the ability to evolve on their own. This was a good thing for Zhao Hai. 

Also, there’s the Bug Race brood’s ability to produce Immortal-Stage bugs. This was something that Zhao Hai didn’t expect. But soon Zhao Hai understood. Don’t forget that the Space already had an Immortal Expert. Although the Immortal Expert was an Undead, its genes were still present, which was a benefit for the Bug Race. The Bug Race can absorb the genes of any lifeform in order to evolve. Now that they have absorbed the genes of an Immortal Expert, along with the myriad of genes present inside the Space, it’s normal for them to be able to produce Immortal-stage bugs.

Zhao Hai intends to make Immortal-stage Bugs. However, they would be kept for later use. They can’t be revealed unless extremely necessary. Otherwise, their presences would frighten people.

Just as Zhao Hai was thinking about these, another prompt was heard, “Because the Host has subjugated the Bug Race Queen, the Host has obtained the loyalty of the Bug Race. From now on, the Bug Race will provide the Host with Faith Power. Because the Bug Race can be considered to be beasts and belong to the Beastman Race, the Host’s affinity to the Beastman Race will increase in the Future. All Beastman inside the Space will provide more Faith Power to the Host. Only beasts with wisdom can provide Faith Power.”

Zhao Hai stared. He didn’t expect an additional surprise to come up. However, this was still very good. Later on, he would be able to obtain more Faith Power.

Zhao Hai looked around and saw that there’s nothing left for him in this place. After entering the Space, Laura and the others welcomed him. At this time, they all had excited expressions. They were very glad with the Space’s level up.

Zhao Hai was also smiling widely. But this time, he noticed two additional people among the women. Naturally, one of them was Zheng Yun. Although Zhao Hai took Zheng Yun in, he had yet to consummate their marriage. Seeing Zhao Hai, Zheng Yun was somewhat shy, so she stayed at the back.

The other person was the female bug he saw in the cave. It can be said that this female was the Bug Race’s queen. But this time, she was wearing clothes and her hair had been tidied up.

After Laura and the others exchanged words with Zhao Hai, Zheng Yun stepped forward and shyly greeted Zhao Hai, “Big Brother Hai.”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said with a soft voice, “Have you become familiar with living here? You’re my woman from now on.”

Zheng Yun’s complexion turned red as she nodded. At this time, another voice was heard, “Young Master, when will you take me in?”

Zhao Hai stared, then he turned his head towards the Bug Race Queen. Zhao Hai was greatly surprised. He didn’t expect her to be this forward.

Zhao Hai opened his mouth but didn’t know what to say. Looking at Zhao Hai’s reaction, Laura giggled and said, “Brother Hai, I have given her the name Julie. She still doesn’t understand the customs of Humans. But she’s diligently studying. Moreover, Julie is now your woman. Make sure to pay her some attention.”

Hearing this, Zhao Hai gawked. He couldn’t help but think about the strength Julie showed him back at the cave. Her offensive strength was something that Zhao Hai cannot take head-on. He didn’t expect that female to become his woman. Most importantly, he felt a little awkward thinking that she was the Queen of the Bug Race.

However, he soon changed his mind and relaxed. If he received Cai’er who was the main body of the Seven-colored Flower, then receiving a Bug Race Queen was no problem.

If Zhao Hai had just transmigrated, then he would feel awkward. At that time, he would compare his situation with the customs back on Earth. If he met Julie then, it would be impossible for him to take her. But now it was different. Zhao Hai has reached the Ten-thousand Realm Battlefield and became a person of the Hundred Treasures Realm. Beastmen, Elves, and other races, he had seen all of them. Although other races looked different from Humans, they were now similar to Humans in Zhao Hai’s eyes. Because of this, he didn’t have any qualms about taking Julie in right now.

After thinking things through, Zhao Hai nodded. Zhao Hai also somewhat knew that the moment Julie entered the Space, she would eventually become his woman.

Seeing Zhao Hai nod, Julie said, “Young Master, there’s still a lot of children left on Fabio Planet. You should take them into the Space.

Zhao Hai frowned for a moment before giving a nod. It’s not impossible for the Cultivators to deal with the bugs left outside. However, it would still cause the cultivators some losses. The World of Cultivation had just experienced a war, they couldn’t afford to lose any more manpower.

Zhao Hai looked at Julie and said, “Julie, I’ll open a few spatial rifts around Fabio Planet. Order the bugs to enter them.” Julie nodded. Zhao Hai opened a few spatial rifts and the bugs swarmed into them under Julie’s command. Zhao Hai placed the bugs on an uninhabited planet inside the Space.

Afterwards, Zhao Hai turned to Julie and said, “Julie, do you know who sealed you inside that cave?”

Julie shook her head and said, “I don’t know. I only know that it was there when I gained awareness. If I left the cave, the seal wouldn’t have too much reaction. But once I try to take the egg sac, it will immediately act up. We have suffered so much under that seal.”

Zhao Hai nodded, then he turned to Laura and said, “Fabio Planet needs to be destroyed. We need to erase any traces.”

Laura nodded, “This wouldn’t be difficult. The Space can make some nuclear bombs to blow up the planet. But if we do this, the surrounding planets will be affected. How about controlling the core of the planet and setting fire to the surface. This way, nobody would have any doubts.”

Zhao Hai thought for a moment before nodding. Then he collected the corpses of the bugs on the planet and then placed them on the planet’s core. Then he controlled the lava pool to erupt. Before long, the entire planet was turned into a huge fireball. Zhao Hai also left the planet.


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