BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1522


Chapter 1522 – Seals!

When she heard Zhao Hai, the eyes of the female bug shone for a moment. Then she turned vigilant as she snorted and said, “I won’t be fooled by you. You cannot help me to get out of here. You want to trick me and then eat me. I know how sly you humans are.”

Zhao Hai stared, he asked, “You know about Humans?”

The female proudly humphed and said, “Of course I do. I obtain part of the memories of those I eat. You Humans aren’t good people.”

Zhao Hai smiled bitterly. It seems like eating and being eaten was normal in this female bug’s vocabulary. This made him feel uncomfortable. But he still said, “I really can take you out of here. Not only you, we can even take the huge egg over there. This way, you won’t leave the egg and you won’t lose your strength. What do you think?”

The female bug was silent when she heard Zhao Hai. It’s obvious that the prospect of leaving this cave was very attractive to her. Although she still didn’t believe Zhao Hai, she was beginning to hesitate.

Seeing that his words managed to move the female bug, Zhao Hai added, “I can take you out of here, but I don’t want you killing other people. You’re so powerful that I can only fight you to a draw, so it’s impossible to stop the Bug Race from killing people. So as long as you promise to not kill anyone, I will take you out of here. What do you think?”

When the female heard what Zhao Hai said, the hesitation on her face seemed to decrease. She knew why Zhao Hai came here today. This was because the Bug Race had been killing people outside. Now that Zhao Hai said that, she was more convinced of his reason.

However, she still said, “How will you take me out?”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “I’m a spatial ability user. I can take living beings inside my space. If you don’t believe me, you can take a look.” Zhao Hai waved his hand as two silverwhip snakes came out of a spatial rift. 

Zhao Hai looked at the female bug as the two silverwhip snakes ran up to him and then he said, “These are beasts I raised in the past. They stayed inside my Space all this time. What do you think? Since my Space can take in living beings, naturally I can take you and your egg as well.”

The female bug looked at the two silverwhip snakes and the hesitation on her face reduced once more. But she still said, “That’s no good. Everything here is connected to water above and lava below. If you took me and the egg away, there would no longer be any water and lava. The egg wouldn’t be able to survive.”

Zhao Hai paused for a moment. Then he smiled and waved his hand and took out a small vessel. He handed it to the female bug and said, “This is a spatial artifact. I can remodel the inside of it to be similar to this cave. This way, you will be able to survive, what do you think?”

When the vessel arrived in front of the female bug, it quickly became bigger and bigger. It would have expanded more if it weren’t afraid of damaging the fleshy membranes of the egg. 

The thing that Zhao Hai took out was the Hundred Spirits Tree fruit. Although the fruit had many uses, Zhao Hai rarely took it out. This item was heaven defying. Although it was much worse than the Space, other cultivators would treat it as a treasure. If a cultivator were to get their hands on this fruit, they would no doubt refine it to be their life source artifacts.

Besides its other functions, one of the most important aspects of the Hundred Spirit Tree fruit was its lack of attribute. In other words, anybody can refine it to be their life source artifact.

Think about it, an artifact that can be used for transportation, can help with cultivation, can defend and attack, and can even be planted on. Any cultivator would want to have their hands on it. Because of this, Zhao Hai didn’t take it out. If he did, then he would certainly cause a bloody war in the World of Cultivation.

The World of Cultivation was a place where the strong prey on the weak. Anyone who can get their hands on the Hundred Spirits Fruit would greatly benefit from it. However, this was in exchange for the amount of blood spilt on acquiring the fruit. Killing people to steal their treasures happen from time to time in the World of Cultivation. Once the Hundred Spirits Fruit comes into light, it would certainly attract a large amount of attention akin to a heavenly sword or a dragon killing blade.

This was the first time that Zhao Hai took out a Hundred Spirit Fruit. He did this to deal with the highly suspicious mindset of the female bug. If he didn’t take it out, then she wouldn’t enter the Space. As long as she enters the Space, everything else would be fine.

The female bug looked at the Hundred Spirits Fruit. Although she wasn’t an expert in using spiritual force, she could still feel how formidable the fruit was. 

Upon scanning the Hundred Spirits Fruit, the female bug was shocked. It was actually larger than what she expected. Moreover, planted on the fruit vessel were all kinds of plants. Inside was a cave almost exactly like the cave they were in right now.

The female bug looked at Zhao Hai in surprise. Zhao Hai smiled and said, “What do you think? If you want, you can move into it. I can then take you out of here. I can even take your children away with you.”

The female bug looked at Zhao Hai and then to the Hundred Spirits Fruit vessel. To be honest, the prospect was very attractive for her. She had always wanted to leave this cave. And now that an opportunity had presented itself, how could she not agree.

When she thought of this, the female bug looked at Zhao Hai and said, “Alright. You can take me out of here. I can promise that we will no longer kill people.”

Zhao Hai smiled and said, “Then, please.”

Zhao Hai believed that the female bug had a way to move the egg into the Hundred Spirits Fruit. Sure enough, the female bug looked at Zhao Hai and then stretched her hand out towards the egg sac. She closed her eyes for a while before the egg sac squirmed slightly. Then the egg sac’s fleshy membranes retreated back. The egg sac turned into a detached egg.

The female bug leapt on top of the egg. Then she looked at the surrounding walls with a solemn expression.

Then at this time, as the two tubes connected to the top and bottom of the egg withdrew, a stream of clear water leaked in. When the water fell on the love below, a spray of cloud and mist immediately filled the cave, making it look like a fairyland.

After that, the female bug waved her hand as the egg flew towards the Hundred Spirits Fruit. Seeing the female enter the fruit vessel, Zhao Hai couldn’t help but feel delighted. Then at this moment, a sudden change occurred.

As the female bug entered the fruit vessel, countless symbols lit up around the cave. These symbols were composed of countless Buddhist swastika(卐). These symbols then proceeded to rush towards the fruit vessel.

Zhao Hai was startled. He could see that these symbols were seals. Someone actually sealed the Bug Race here? Who was this person? Why did they do this?

As Zhao Hai was puzzled, the symbols fell on the fruit vessel. A huge explosion was heard as the Hundred Spirits Fruit vessel exploded. Both the female bug and the egg appeared back in the cave.

Seeing that a seal was about to fall into the female bug, Zhao Hai immediately appeared before her. He waved his hand and sent the female bug and the egg into the Space. When the female bug saw the symbols, she seemed to be stunned stupid. She didn’t even notice Zhao Hai’s movements before she was sent to the Space.

When Zhao Hai sent the female bag into the Space, the seal arrived. However, the seal no longer went after the female bug but instead it entered Zhao Hai’s body. Zhao Hai suddenly felt a foreign strength enter his body. Zhao Hai felt a tearing pain as it drilled into his body.

At this time, Faith Power exploded from within Zhao Hai’s body and met with the foreign energy. The foreign energy was formidable, but it became like snow being melted by the sun when it met Zhao Hai’s faith power. Before long, the faith power proceeded to swallow the foreign energy.

This was the second time that Zhao Hai saw his faith power swallow another strength. The first time was the tribulation lightning and now it was an energy of sealing. How did this happen?

While Zhao Hai was thinking about what happened, he felt the energy being swallowed by faith power re-enter his body. Then the qi inside his body seems to have evolved as if something was added. Originally, Zhao Hai’s qi was silvery-white with a trace of lightning on it. But now his qi has become golden yellow. Although the lightning still looked the same, Zhao Hai could feel that it was much stronger compared to before.

Besides his lightning, Zhao Hai felt another type of energy on his qi. Zhao Hai couldn’t help but investigate it to see what it was.

Before long, Zhao Hai felt the new energy inside his body. Unexpectedly, it was Buddhist qi! Buddhist Qi and ordinary qi were different. Generally, Buddhist Qi could only be acquired by attaining enlightenment. This kind of qi was useless for people who don’t cultivate. Ordinary cultivators with Buddhist Qi would find their attacks infused with buddhist light allowing them to ward off all kinds of evils. Despite this, it wasn’t very useful for Zhao Hai.

However, Buddhist Qi was a supreme weapon for those who practice Buddhism. Using Buddhist Qi to practice Buddhist Techniques would result in twice the reward with only half the effort. It would also increase the strength of any attacks using Buddhist Techniques. It can be said that Buddhist Qi was something that all Buddhist longed to obtain.

Unfortunately for most Buddhists, Buddhist Qi could only be acquired by High Monks who attained enlightenment. These High Monks would hardly fight anyone. Unless they were dealing with extremely evil beings or traitors, these High Monks wouldn’t kill. Instead, they would seal these beings. 


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