BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1518


Chapter 1518 – Attacking The Bug Race

When Zhao Hai came out of the transmission formation, he immediately saw Huang Daoran and Feng Baiming. He quickly bowed and said, “Master, Uncle Master.”

Huang Daoran looked at Zhao Hai with a complex expression. He didn’t really expect Zhao Hai to achieve such huge achievements in the Ten-thousand Realm Battlefield. Moreover, he was able to join the Hundred Treasures Realm, which had a huge gap in power compared to the World of Cultivation.

Seeing Zhao Hai giving him a bow, Huang Daoran smiled bitterly and said, “Little Hai, you don’t need to be so polite with me. Actually, I didn’t teach you anything. Now that you’re a Transcending Tribulation Expert, our master-disciple relationship is automatically finished.”

Zhao Hai was aware of this custom. He smiled bitterly and said, “Master, don’t say that. You will forever be my master. Right, Master, now that I’m back, I plan to take people back to the Hundred Treasures Realm. How about coming with me?”

Zhao Hai knew that Huang Daoran’s talent was also great. Although Huang Daoran wouldn’t reach the Severed Soul Stage in his life, he still wanted to take him to the Hundred Treasures Realm to help teach the 10 thousand children. Huang Daoran might even take a few children as his disciples. For cultivators, disciples that can inherit your legacy was very important.

Hearing Zhao Hai, Huang Daoran forced a smile before shaking his head and saying, “I can’t go. I’m not familiar with the Hundred Treasures Realm, what can I do there? I have lived in the World of Cultivation my whole life. I don’t plan to leave it.”

Just as Zhao Hai wanted to convince him, Huang Daoran waved his hand and said, “It’s no use. I will not go. Come, let’s go to Blacksmith’s residence first. I have something to tell you.”

Zhao Hai nodded and then went to Feng Baiming’s residence alongside Huang Daoran and Feng Baiming. Zhao Hai’s return didn’t cause too much disturbance. Kong Miao made sure to inform the higher-ups of the World of Cultivation to receive Zhao Hai well. They needed to know that the current Zhao Hai wasn’t someone the World of Cultivation could afford to offend.

Four people sat inside Feng Baiming’s place. Looking at Mo Sheng sitting behind Zhao Hai, Feng Baiming sighed and said, “Even Mo Shen reached Transcending Tribulation. It seems like the decision to let him follow you is correct.”

Zhao Hai smiled. Mo Sheng’s progress towards the Transcending Tribulation Stage was somewhat special. Zhao Hai didn’t know how to explain it to Feng Baiming. But since he didn’t ask, Zhao Hai naturally would tell.

Huang Daoran looked at Zhao Hai and said, “Little Hai, now that you’re back, I have to ask you for help.”

Zhao Hai stared, then he asked, “Master, please tell me your order.”

Huang Daoran waved his hand and said, “What order. It’s a request. This time doesn’t only involve the Cultivation Realm, but the entire World of Cultivation instead. An accident occured in Fabio Planet. The Bug Race has begun using our transmission formations to head to other planets. Although we have already sent people to deal with the crisis, the Bug Race was able to defend the transmission formations. Large quantities of bugs began appearing on the planets around Fabio Planet. We think that this might be the prelude to the mass invasion of the Bug Race. Therefore, I want to ask for your help to take a look at Fabio Planet. Naturally, we would also go with you. Besides us, the Buddhists also sent a few Transcending Tribulation Experts and Severed Soul Experts. There’s even Immortal Experts present.”

Hearing Huang Daoran, Zhao Hai couldn’t help but stare. Then he knit his brows. He felt that this matter was quite thorny. It must be said that in the World of Cultivation, the Bug Race was synonymous with dread.

Zhao Hai speculated before that the Bug Race had an infinite evolution ability. In this case, the Bug Race would be very dangerous. Back then, Zhao Hai felt that his strength was insufficient. He also cannot carelessly stir up the Bug Race. Because of this, he didn’t make a move to deal with them in the past.

And now, Huang Daoran told him that the Bug Race had left Fabio Planet and were even capable of using transmission formations. This was terrible news for the World of Cultivation. Although Zhao Hai was now someone from the Hundred Treasures Realm, he still came from the World of Cultivation. With the crisis looming over the World of Cultivation, it’s impossible for him to ignore it.

Seeing Zhao Hai knit his brows, Huang Daoran’s heart couldn’t help but sink. He heard that Zhao Hai’s strength had become formidable. He was now able to block an attack from an Immortal Expert. Moreover, this was an Immortal Expert from a high-grade realm. These Immortal Experts were stronger than their contemporaries from realms like the World of Cultivation. Because he was aware of this, Huang Daoran invited Zhao Hai to make a move. Seeing Zhao Hai’s knitted brows, Huang Doaran thought that Zhao Hai might not want to.

However, Huang Daoran had no intention to urge Zhao Hai. He knew that with Zhao Hai’s current status, he could no longer order Zhao Hai around. Not to say Huang Daoran, even the World of Cultivation’s Immortal Experts had to be polite in front of Zhao Hai.

After some time, Zhao Hai let out a long breath and said, “I expected the Bug Race to be a threat a long time ago. However, since my strength has been insufficient, I didn’t dare try to deal with them. I didn’t expect the Bug Race to develop to this scale in a short time. This is also good. We can deal with it in time.”

Hearing Zhao Hai, Huang Daoran couldn’t help but stare. He asked, “Little Hai, you want to deal with the Bug Race?”

Zhao Hai nodded, “I want to deal with them completely. To be honest, although the Bug Race doesn’t look strong, their evolution potential is limitless. Therefore, I want to take the opportunity to destroy them. But I didn’t expect the Bug Race to make a huge move before I did.”

Huang Daoran looked at Zhao Hai and said, “Are you confident?”

Zhao Hai shook his head and said, “Whether I’m confident or not, it still needs to be done. The Bug Race has escaped their planet. Their terrifying evolution would also explode. If we don’t eliminate them now, then they would be more troublesome later on. I’ll take my people to the Hundred Treasures Realm first before dealing with the Bug Race. Before I return, don’t send anyone to Fabio Planet, even Immortal Experts. I’ll come back as soon as possible.”

Huang Daoran nodded and said, “Alright. I’ll pass it on. Do you need any help?”

Zhao Hai shook his head and said, “I can take care of it. Remember to wait for me to come back.” After he said that, Zhao Hai vanished.

The place Zhao Hai reappeared in was Yalei 2. He came here to see Xiong Li and the others. Zhao Hai didn’t plan to take them to the Hundred Treasures Realm. The overall strength of the Hundred Treasures Realm was just too high for Xiong Li and the others who started cultivation late. If they go to the Hundred Treasures Realm, they will be pressured and wouldn’t develop well. With Yalei 2 being his territory, Zhao Hai believes that nobody would dare touch it. He also intends for Huang Daoran to take care of his brothers. This will be more beneficial to Xiong Li and the others.

Besides Xiong Li and the others, Zhao Hai also visited Zheng Li and Louis. In the future, Zhao Hai was planning to hand over the management of Yalei 2 to the two of them. Xiong Li and the others preferred to cultivate. They weren’t very useful in things like management.

Xiong Li and the others were cultivating well. But because of this, they weren’t too aware of Zhao Hai’s affairs. Zhao Hai just left them with training methods from the Giant Spirit Realm. He might not have much time to return here in the future.

Xiong Li and the others weren’t angry about this. They already knew that Zhao Hai would go far and they would be left behind. They could only chase Zhao Hai’s footsteps.

After seeing Xiong Li and the others, Zhao Hai met Zheng Li. Zheng Li was also cultivating in Yalei 2. He had already defected from the Cultivation Realm, so he couldn’t return there in the future. In any case, Yalei 2 was developing well. The spiritual qi in the surroundings had also become adequate. Although Zheng Li wouldn’t have much progress here, it was still enough for him.

The only thing troubling Zheng Li right now was his sister Zheng Yun. Zhao Hai has been aware that Zheng Yun had feelings for him. Moreover, Zheng Yun was pretty and had pretty good cultivation. But in the past, Zhao Hai has no plans to take her as a concubine. Therefore, he didn’t have any response for her.

From what Zhao Hai can see, Zheng Yun’s feelings for him was akin to a little girl’s admiration towards her hero. As long as he left Zheng Yun for some time, Zheng Yun should be able to forget about him.

However, Zhao Hai didn’t expect Zheng Yun to keep her feelings. When Zhao Hai returned to Yalei 2, Zheng Yun was still waiting for him. She even religiously cleaned his mansion for him. Zheng Yun had matured a lot and her strength has reached the Core Formation Stage. And since she has been helping to manage the affairs of the planet, her personality became more stable. However, her feelings towards Zhao Hai didn’t change.

Because of Zheng Yun’s sentiment, Zhao Hai couldn’t help but feel a headache. He already had a lot of women on his side. But looking at Zheng Yun’s situation, if he doesn’t accept her, then she might wait for him her whole life. Having a female wait for him for such a long time wasn’t something that Zhao Hai could accept.

In the end, Zhao Hai brought Zheng Yun along with him. Zhao Hai expected Zheng Li to oppose this decision. However, Zheng Li actually supported him. 

Before leaving, Zhao Hai met Louis. Louis wasn’t only the Commander of the Cross Sword Pirate Group, he’s also a manager of Yalei 2. After all, his members were living in this place. Zhao Hai told him this time that he would rarely return to Yalei 2 in the future. Everything here would depend on Louis’ management.

Zhao Hai didn’t tell them about the Hundred Treasures Realm. In fact, none of them were even aware of the Ten-thousand Realm Battlefield, not to say the Hundred Treasures Realm.

Zhao Hai also found time to bring Margaret back to the Ashley Family for a visit. He also asked them to help him look after Yalei 2.

Actually, even if Zhao Hai didn’t ask the Ashley Family for help, Yalei 2 would still be fine. The Machine Field’s higher-ups knew about Zhao Hai’s recent exploits as well as his present status. Even if they had the courage they had in their youth, they still wouldn’t dare do anything to Yalei 2. Zhao Hai didn’t really intend for the Ashely Family to take care of Yalei 2. What he wanted to do was to tell people that he still had a relationship with the Ashley Family. He wanted people to think twice before making a move on them.

After taking care of his affairs, Zhao Hai released the Hell King’s Ship. Then he shrunk the ship and then appeared on Jade Clear Mountain.

Zhao Hai greeted Huang Daoran and Feng Baiming and then went directly to the transmission formation. A white light flashed and he returned to the Ten-thousand Realm Battlefield. This time, he appeared at the new headquarters of the World of Cultivation. Since this place was newly built, it cannot be compared to their old one. However, with the support of the Hundred Treasures Realm, they wouldn’t have any problems rebuilding the stronghold. It’s not even impossible to build the headquarters much better than before.

Kong Miao has been waiting for Zhao Hai at the transmission formation. Seeing Zhao Hai coming out with his Hell King’s Ship, Kong Miao immediately greeted him, “Little Hai, will you really help with the Bug Race’s matter? Wouldn’t it be dangerous?” Naturally, Kong Miao was aware about the Bug Race’s situation. Moreover, he knew how dangerous it would be. Therefore, he asked Zhao Hai about it.

Zhao Hai nodded and said, “It will be dangerous. Grandmaster, don’t let anyone go into Fabio Planet, even Immortal Experts. Let me take care of my matters in the Hundred Treasures Realm first, then I’ll go back.”

Kong Miao gave a serious nod. He knew clearly that Zhao Hai wouldn’t joke about matters like these. He was well aware of Zhao Hai’s strength. Moreover, it was already known in the Ten-thousand Realm Battlefield that Zhao Hai possesses Faith Power. Even with Faith Power, Zhao Hai was still considering Fabio Planet as dangerous. 

The World of Cultivation was different compared to the Hundred Treasures Realm. Transcending Tribulation Experts were already considered powerhouses in the World of Cultivation. Every Transcending Tribulation Expert lost was damaging to the realm. If they suffered heavy losses on Fabio Planet, then the World of Cultivation’s vitality would be affected.

After reminding Kong Miao once more, Zhao Hai entered the nearby transmission formation and appeared on the Hundred Treasures Realm’s headquarters.


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