BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1514


Chapter 1514 – Immortal Showdown

It was Tang Yaoen who arrived. Tang Yaoen was also worried about Zhao Hai. Additionally, he was also aware of the dangers outside. So after Mu Yu headed out, he paid attention to their movements.

But since there were only a few Immortal Experts in the headquarters, the matters he needed to take care of were a lot. He couldn’t pay attention to Mu Yu and the others frequently. He was only able to notice Mu Yu’s situation when Zhao Hai appeared and Zhu Yulong made his move.

Seeing Zhu Yulong making a move, Tang Yaoen immediately made a move and shot down the bullets using his throwing knives. One shouldn’t feel bad about the destroyed throwing knives. This was because Tang Yaoen still had a lot of them in his hands.

Seeing Tang Yaoen appear, Zhu Yulong’s expression changed. Tang Yaoen was famous for being hard to deal with. If he were to be tied down by Tang Yaoen, then things would become troublesome.

Tang Yaoen’s presence meant that Zhu Gui had failed in his task. And in turn, the plan to attack the headquarters failed. Zhu Yulong wasn’t aware that Zhu Gui was killed. After all, once Zhu Gui entered the HUndred Treasures Realm’s headquarters, Zhu Yulong no longer had any contact with him. Although he was aware that the plan might have failed, he didn’t know what happened to Zhu Gui. Now that Tang Yaoen appeared here, Zhu Yulong knew that Zhu Gui had suffered an unfortunate fate.

Tang Yaoen looked at Zhu Yulong, then he sneered and said, “You Old Turtle, you think you can just do whatever you want here? Don’t count on Zhu Gui, he has already been killed by me. The Fireweavers have really regressed more and more. You actually sent a weakling to attack our headquarters. Do the Fireweavers really hate their people so much that they sent them over to be killed by me?”

Zhu Yulong’s expression turned gloomy as he said, “Tang Yaoen, you’re too proud. Your Hundred Treasures Realm can only defend your headquarters. Let’s see how long you can defend. Sooner or later, you will be wiped out by us.”

Tang Yaoen sneered and said, “Wipe out the Hundred Treasures Realm? I’m afraid the Fireweavers aren’t good enough to do that. Also, make sure you protect yourselves well, or else you will not have any place to cry.”

Zhu Yulong sneered, “Enough talking. I really want to see how strong you really are. Take this.” After he said that, Zhu Yulong fired at Tang Yaoen. Zhu Yulong used rapid fire this time as he sent bullets towards Tang Yaoen.

Tang Yaoen coldly snorted. Then he waved his hand as he filled the skies with throwing knives. Some knives were sent to block the bullets while the rest targeted Zhu Yulong.

Tang Yaoen’s throwing knives were unusual. It was smaller compared to conventional throwing knives. They were in the shape of willow tree leaves, narrow and thin. They didn’t look like artifacts used to kill people.[1]

Zhao Hai knew that the two Immortal Experts were still probing each other. He turned his head and whispered to Mu Yu, “Brother Mu, we should have everyone enter the Hell King’s Ship immediately. We don’t want to be a drag for Senior Tang.”

Mu Yu, who was looking at the Immortal Experts, immediately recovered and had his order transmitted. Everyone moved and got into the Hell King’s Ship under Tang Jie’s guidance. After that, Zhao Hai received his other artifacts and then slowly retreated from the battlefield.

Although he was entangled with Tang Yaoen, Zhu Yulong was still able to notice Zhao Hai’s actions. Naturally, he saw Zhao Hai whisper something to Mu Yu. He discovered that the order originated from Zhao Hai. This caused him to dread Zhao Hai even more.

When Zhu Yulong was fighting against Tang Yaoen, Zhao Hai maintained his calm as he arranged everyone to embark on the Hell King’s Ship. Then he led everyone to retreat from the area. All of this was because of Zhao Hai’s calm mind. He was able to make accurate judgements of the situation. This was a dangerous opponent. It must be known that very few people can keep their calm when two Immortals fight. If they can comprehend something while witnessing the battle, then their path to Immortality would be much easier.

It was for this reason that Mu Yu was focused on witnessing the fight between the two Immortal Experts. He was hoping to comprehend something during their battle.

Despite the benefits, Zhao Hai was able to be calm and make the correct decision. Such a person was dangerous to the Fireweaver Race. The more he thought of this, the firmer Zhu Yulong’s decision to kill Zhao Hai was.

However, even if he wanted to kill Zhao Hai, Tang Yaoen wasn’t an easy opponent to deal with. Just as Zhao Hai thought, the two were just probing the strength of the other. Once they ascertain the capabilities of the other side, only then would they properly attack.

Although the two were probing each other, neither of them underestimated the other party. Even a minor mistake was detrimental to fights between Immortal Experts.

The two exchanged a dozen moves, but none of them gained any advantages. However, Zhu Yulong was a bit behind. After all, this place was near the Hundred Treasures Realm’s headquarters. If Tang Yaoen wants, he can call over the other Immortal Experts to work together against Zhu Yulong. Since Zhu Yulong didn’t want to die, he can only think of retreating.

However, Zhu Yulong knew that even if he wanted to leave, he couldn’t show it. He knew that if he showed any inkling of wanting to retreat, then Tang Yaoen would capitalize on it and become more aggressive. Because of this, Zhu Yulong would have to be on the offensive.

After firing a couple more shots, Zhu Yulong waved his hand and then infused his rifle with a black flame. Then he took out a different bullet. This bullet was longer and more pointed than the previous ones. Zhu Yulong arranged these bullets into a chain beside his rifle.

Tang Yaoen, who fought against the Fireweavers, knew what Zhu Yulong was about to do. Tang Yaoen snorted as his body changed its stance. Almost immediately, the aura surrounding Tang Yaoen changed. If before this he looked like a normal Immortal Expert, the current him was like an unsheathed blade!

When Tang Yaoen’s aura changed, a phantom of a willow leaf appeared around his body. This phantom was a large version of his throwing knives. It was ten meters high. Tang Yaoen stood on top of this phantom.

Zhu Yulong didn’t seem to notice this. With a jerk of his rifle, bullets shot out from its tip. This time, the bullets curved in all directions. But all of the bullets were headed towards Tang Yaoen.

Tang Yaoen flipped his hand, taking out a willow leaf throwing knife. This time, he didn’t take a lot, only one. After that, he opened his mouth and said, “Go!” Then he threw his knife over.

The willow leaf throwing knife began to light up. At the same time, a phantom throwing knife appeared around it, similar to the phantom Tang Yaoen was standing on. This throwing knife headed straight towards Zhu Yulong with an indomitable momentum.

Meanwhile, Zhao Hai was paying great attention to Zhu Yulong’s new bullets. He felt how different these bullets were. This caused him to ponder.

Before long, Zhao Hai discovered that after the bullets left the rifle, flames would erupt behind them. As soon as the flames came out, the bullets accelerated and also burned more violently.

Boom! Throwing knife and bullet hit each other, causing a huge shockwave to ravage the surrounding area. Everything the shockwave passed through were eradicated. Moreover, two meters of soil from the ground were dug out from the area. It was clear how powerful the collision was.

When the shockwave reached Tang Yaoen, the phantom he was standing on rose up, protecting Tang Yaoen inside.

The same happened to Zhu Yulong. When the shockwave reached him, his turtle beast opened its mouth and exhaled, eradicating the approaching wave.

Zhu Yulong intensely glared at Tang Yaoen. At the same time, Tang Yaoen was also looking at Zhu Yulong coldly. As soon as he experienced Tang Yaoen’s throwing knife, Zhu Yulong’s intention to retreat solidified. He understood that if he didn’t leave, then he would be in deep trouble. He felt several spiritual forces coming from the Hundred Treasures Realm’s headquarters. He needed to leave as soon as possible, before these Immortal Experts came over.

Zhu Yulong raised his rifle and tapped the trigger one time. At the same time, he coldly snorted as his giant turtle bellowed, throwing gas bombs towards Tang Yaoen. Tang Yaoen coldly snorted, then he overlapped his hands in front of his chest. Four of his fingers gathered as he released two throwing knives.

Boom! Boom! Two loud bangs were heard as another collision occurred. This time, the impact of the collision brought more dust and more powerful shockwaves. However, Tang Yaoen didn’t pay attention to this. He looked at Zhu Yulong’s location with a blank face. He could no longer see Zhu Yulong. His spiritual force was also telling him that Zhu Yulong had disappeared. In other words, Zhu Yulong ran away!

The collision between the throwing knife and the bullet and gas bomb caused fluctuations that interfered with Tang Yaoen’s spiritual force. At that moment, Tang Yaoen couldn’t feel Zhu Yulong. When the fluctuations calmed down, Tang Yaoen could no longer feel Zhu Yulong. Zhu Yulong had already escaped.

An Immortal Expert’s speed couldn’t be underestimated. If they wanted to escape with all their might, even Zhao Hai’s Hell King’s Ship wouldn’t be able to catch up with them. 

Tang Yaoen didn’t expect a famed expert like Zhu Yulong to run away. When he discovered that Zhu Yulong had escaped, it was already too late to give chase.



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