BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1511


Chapter 1511 – The Real Battle Begins!

Zhu Gui’s blue flame wasn’t ordinary. It was named Nether Arctic Flame. The Nether Arctic Flame was an extremely yin-attributed flame. No matter which material it comes in contact with, it would freeze them instantly. Then it would shatter into bits. It was very domineering.

Zhu Gui acquired this flame due to luck. Because this flame was very domineering, Zhu Gui didn’t use it often. The flame was just too strong. The Fireweavers had techniques to control flames, but the more overbearing the flame was the harder it would be to control. Even if Zhu Gui already assimilated the flame into his body, using it often would affect his meridians.

If an Immortal Expert like Zhu Gui gets affected by the Nether Arctic Flame, then there’s no need to mention others. It could be said that this flame was Zhu Gui’s trump card.

Zhu Gui glared at Zhao Hai before waving his hand, controlling a belt of bullets with his spiritual force. The bullets laid themselves beside Zhu Gui. Then Zhu Gui began to pull his trigger.

A red bullet with blue flames shot towards Zhao Hai. Zhao Hai looked at the bullet with a serious expression. He discovered that this bullet was different, mainly because of the blue flame.

Zhu Gui wasn’t done with just one bullet. He began to wield his rifle and rained bullets down on Zhao Hai.

Zhao Hai waved his hand, increasing the number of swords in his formation to ten thousand. This provided him with complete defense in all directions.

Before long, the first bullet hit Zhao Hai’s sword formation. It took a dozen swords before Zhao Hai stopped the bullet. However, Zhao Hai’s expression became ugly to look at.

This was because he discovered that the swords that blocked the bullet were all frozen. No mistakes, they were frozen. The swords were still under his control, but the efficiency of the yin-yang lightning pools dropped, like a machine that was jammed. The speed of the flying swords also decreased.

Zhao Hai didn’t expect the blue flame to be this domineering. If it was before, then he could capture a bullet into the Space in order to break down the properties of the flame. Then after that, his artifacts would embody the flame and he would no longer worry about it.

However, things were different this time. Zhu Gui has spatial abilities that allow him to lock the surrounding space. If Zhao Hai really captured a bullet for the Space, then Zhu Gui would definitely find out about it. 

Because of this, Zhu Gui can only block the bullets using his flying swords. And every time a bullet was blocked, more flying swords would be frozen. However, Zhao Hai couldn’t do anything about this. Right now, he wanted to see what Zhu Gui would do next.

But what Zhao Hai wasn’t aware of was Zhu Gui’s surprise at his abilities. He didn’t expect his nether arctic flame to be unable to do anything to Zhao Hai.

Then when Zhu Gui saw that his silverwhip snakes were evenly-matched against Zhao Hai’s 12 metal beasts, he hatched up a new idea. He moved his rifle and shot towards the 12 metal beasts.

Although the 12 metal beasts were very agile, it was still impossible for them to evade Zhu Gui’s rifle. Zhu Gui was an Immortal Expert, how could they dodge his attacks.

The 12 metal beasts were hit. Although they haven’t been defeated, their speed definitely dropped. However, they were still faster than the frozen flying swords.

Zhao Hai discovered that the yin-yang lightning pools inside the 12 metal beasts moved faster than the ones on the frozen swords. It seems like the size of the yin-yang lightning pools contributed to this difference.

Despite being affected less than the flying swords, the 12 metal beasts were still hindered. They could no longer stop the silverwhip snakes. The two snakes made use of this opportunity to attack Zhao Hai.

Zhao Hai quickly commanded his flying swords to defend. However, the two snakes were just too agile. Moreover, they were unafraid of the swords.

Zhao Hai’s expression turned ugly. He discovered that he couldn’t do anything to the snakes. He can take out the Hell King’s Ship, but it wouldn’t do good against the blue flames. If it comes out, it would just be a huge target for Zhu Gui to fire at. In turn, it would cause Zhao Hai’s spiritual force to be more strained. It just wasn’t worth it.

The strength of the Hell King’s Ship relied on its ability to ram the target as well as its cannons. The cannons needed people to load them. Normally this wouldn’t be a problem because Zhao Hai can just take Undead out of the Space. But since he couldn’t use the Space right now, the Undead couldn’t come out. 

The cannons were also unusable. Once they were hit by Zhu Gui, they would also become sluggish. Therefore, Zhao Hai chose not to release the Hell King’s Ship.

However, if he didn’t take the Hell King’s Ship out, then it would be difficult to deal with the silverwhip snakes. He can wrap himself with liquid silver, but it would be detrimental to his later actions. This was because the blue flame also affected liquid silvers ability to transform. If he covered his body with liquid silver and it came in contact with Zhu Gui’s blue flames, then he would be in trouble.

Zhu Gui’s firing was getting faster and faster. Although Zhao Hai continued blocking them with his flying swords, the swords he could use were decreasing. Naturally, Zhao Hai can release more flying swords, but this would also drain his energy. If he wrapped himself with liquid silver, then all his flying swords would be affected.

The Stellar Transformations Sword Formation can completely block Zhu Gui’s bullets. However, it also used a lot of spiritual force. If Zhao Hai releases a lot of flying swords, then he would not be able to fight for a long time. It should be known that the battle between Zhu Gui and Zhao Hai was a battle for endurance. The one who runs out of energy first would lose.

Zhao Hai can already feel proud for lasting this long against an Immortal Expert. But in the current moment, what he needed to do was to find a way to deal with the silverwhip snakes.

Seeing the two silverwhip snakes getting closer and closer, Zhao Hai coldly snorted before he performed hand-seals. The hand-seal this time was very simple with only one hand needed. But as the hand-seal formed, Zhao Hai’s expression turned solemn and free. Then Zhao Hai waved his hand as two golden lights shot directly towards the two silverwhip snakes.

The golden lights were very fast, the silverwhip snakes simply couldn’t avoid them. In an instant, the golden lights collided with the snakes. After a brief pause, the snakes began to twist their bodies uncomfortably. They seemed to be struggling, not because of physical damage, but mental.

Naturally, Zhao Hai knew what was going on. He used the Beast Controlling Technique on the two snakes. Zhao Hai knew that if he didn’t show some of his true skills today, then he would lose to Zhu Gui. 

While using the Beast Controlling Technique, Zhao Hai also used some of his Faith Power on his flying swords and 12 metal beasts. Once Faith Power entered them, it was like pouring a barrel of gasoline on an extinguished flame. The flying swords as well as the 12 metal beasts sprang back to life.

Zhu Gui wasn’t an ignorant old man. His eyes couldn’t help but narrow when he saw the golden lights. “Faith Power!”, he exclaimed.

Zhu Gui’s expression became very ugly to look at. He knew clearly that not everyone can get their hands on Faith Power. Faced with faith power, the nether arctic flame would no doubt be extinguished. 

When he thought of this, Zhu Gui’s complexion changed. Then he turned his head to the Fireweavers who didn’t dare join the fight and said, “Everyone, attack. We cannot allow Zhao Hai to survive. Otherwise, he will be a huge disaster for us in the future.”

Zhu Gui knew that those with Faith Power had no roadblocks in their cultivation. Zhao Hai was only a Transcending Tribulation Expert yet he was already very hard to deal with. If he continued to become stronger, then nobody would be able to stop him. Therefore, he needed to make sure that Zhao Hai would be crushed today.

The Fireweavers behind were aware of the general plan. They were waiting for Zhu Gui to deal with Zhao Hai so that they could charge the Hundred Treasures Realm headquarters together. This was the reason they stayed and didn’t move.

These Fireweavers were aware that Immortal Experts didn’t want other people joining their match. If they help without any orders, then the Immortal Expert will not let them off. 

To be honest, in the beginning, they thought that Zhao Hai was courting death. A Transcending Tribulation Expert actually dared to stay behind and fight with an Immortal Expert. However, things were different from what they expected. Zhao Hai was actually very strong to the point of successfully defending himself against Zhu Gui. 

Hearing Zhu Gui’s order, the Fireweavers and the Giant Spirit Realm experts responded and immediately took their artifacts out.

Since he already revealed his faith power, Zhao Hai no longer held back and used Faith Power on his surroundings. The space around him returned to normal. Actually, he just wanted to try this and see if it worked, and it really did. 

Seeing his plan work, Zhao Hai waved his hand as three large artifacts materialized in the air. Nearly two hundred thousand Undead with improved rifles stood on the ships. After that, the cannons began to fire. The real battle has begun!


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