BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1510


Chapter 1510 – Immortal Rifle Technique!

Zhu Gui didn’t expect his attack to be blocked. His expression was hard to look at. In his mind, he already lost face when Zhao Hai blocked his first attack. Moreover, he allowed Zhao Hai to teleport the people from the Hundred Treasures Realm. This was without a doubt a slap to his face. It’s natural for his expression to be ugly.

Zhao Hai didn’t care about Zhu Gui’s reaction. He just discovered that the spring shield wall was very effective. Although it needed more spiritual qi, it was worth it as long as it blocked Zhu Gui’s attack without causing any injury.

This was an attack from an Immortal Expert. Such an attack was blocked by his shield, and he wasn’t injured. Zhao Hai was truly proud of his achievement.

However, Zhao Hai didn’t lower his guard. This was different to his previous encounters. In the past, he can still escape to the Space when he’s in danger. He didn’t have this luxury this time. 

Zhu Gui looked at Zhao Hai and said with a cold tone, “Good, very good, Zhao Hai. I didn’t expect you to be this strong. Then I’ll have to be impolite.” After he said that, Zhu Gui held his rifle and then fired one shot after another.

But this time, Zhu Gui’s firing method was a bit special. He didn’t shoot after aiming like before. Instead, as if alive, the huge weapon in his hand moved on its own and  fired bullet after fiery bullet.

Naturally, this method of firing wasn’t very accurate. Instead of heading towards Zhao Hai, the bullets were randomly shot in all directions.

Zhao Hai couldn’t understand what Zhu Gui was doing. Why was he waving his gun around? How can it hit?

However, Zhao Hai soon discovered where he went wrong. Not only were these bullets aimed correctly, it also trapped him!

After flying for some time in the air, the bullets began to make a turn. They all drew an arc before going straight for Zhao Hai, blocking all of his escape routes.

How could a bullet change directions!?

Zhao Hai was stunned when he saw the bullet curve. He didn’t expect such high-speed bullets to all change their directions and suddenly head towards him.

However, Zhao Hai knew that this wasn’t the time to be stunned. He waved his hand as his shield exploded and became flying swords.

Zhao Hai ordered, “Myriad Stellar Transformations, go!”

Along with his voice, about a thousand flying swords arranged themselves into a sword formation. The flying swords swam around Zhao Hai like fishes. Whenever a bullet gets close to Zhao Hai, these flying swords block them.

Zhao Hai stood in the middle of his sword formation, then he waved his hand and summoned the 12 metal beasts. After coming out, the 12 metal beasts charged towards Zhu Gui.

Zhu Gui was once again surprised that his barrage was blocked. His expression turned even uglier. Now, Zhao Hai even dared to counter-attack, which enraged him. He coldly snorted as a clump of blue flames appeared in his hand. Then the flame merged with the rifle. The once fiery red pattern outside the rifle was replaced by blue flames. It made the rifle more beautiful.

Seeing this, Zhao Hai didn’t dare to be careless. Although he was able to block the bullets using his sword formation, it wasn’t as easy as it seemed. After all, those were bullets fired by an Immortal Expert. The might of each bullet was as strong as the cannons on the Hell King’s Ship.

After feeling the impact of Zhu Gui’s bullets, Zhao Hai couldn’t help but sigh. Immortal Experts truly deserted their reputation. They were very strong. Each one of their attacks equalled an all-out attack of a Severed Soul Expert. If Zhao Hai was a normal Severed Soul Expert, he would have perished a long time ago.

The flying swords Zhao Hai used in his sword formation each had yin-yang lightning pools inside them. Because of these yin-yang lightning pools, Zhao Hai was able to block Zhu Gui’s bullets without being injured.

Despite these advantages, Zhao Hai still spent a lot of energy blocking the bullets. He wasn’t as relaxed as what he revealed on the surface.

However, Zhu Gui didn’t know this. Seeing Zhao Hai easily blocking his attack and even counter-attacking, he couldn’t help but flare up.

Zhu Gui coldly snorted as he tapped both of his feet. In an instant, the two snakes under his feet rushed out to meet the 12 metal beasts.

Zhao Hai didn’t care about the battle between the 12 metal beasts and the 2 snakes. The metal beasts could fight on their own. They can even decide to retreat if they need to.

After multiple level-ups by the Space, the 12 metal beasts were now as strong as a Transcending Tribulation Expert. However, the biggest advantage of the 12 metal beasts were the materials that they were made of.

In the past, the 12 metal beasts were not very strong. But now, within their bodies were yin-yang lightning pools. These lightning pools provided them with energy, further enhancing their fighting prowess.

At the same time, Zhu Gui was very confident in his two snake beasts. These two snakes were mutated beasts known as Silverwhip Snakes. Despite their soft bodies, these snakes’ defensive capabilities were very good. Additionally, they have two venomous fangs. These fangs were hollow and could spit out venom. This venom was incomparable to normal poisons. Even Severed Soul Experts would suffer under it. Moreover, the venom had a strong corrosive effect.

Although the two Silverwhip Snakes were only at the Severed Soul Stage, their offensive strength puts them on level with Immortal Stage beasts. These beasts were very famous among the Five Great Realms.

The 12 metal beasts were much worse compared to the silverwhip snakes. However, their defenses allowed them to fight evenly with the snakes.

Zhu Gui’s expression turned even uglier. Not only did he need to compress the surrounding space, he also used his barrage and silverwhip snakes. Yet, he was still unable to deal with Zhao Hai. How could the arrogant Zhu Gui swallow this humiliation.

Most importantly, he discovered that he had been held back by Zhao Hai for far too long, which was unfavorable to the plans of the Fireweavers. The Hundred Treasures Realm had already dispatched all of their Immortal Experts. The Giant Spirit Realm and the Fireweavers worked together in order to lure them all out. It was Zhu Gui’s job to attack the headquarters of the Hundred Treasures Realm.

It must be said that the Fireweavers couldn’t dispatch a lot of Immortal Experts. The Five Great Realms were all in a fragile equilibrium. If the amount of Immortal Experts gets affected, then this balance might be overturned. It must be known that none of these five realms were pacifists. They would use all opportunities they have in order to get an advantage.

Because of this, the Fireweavers needed to leave behind enough Immortal Experts to defend their own territory. Therefore, they were very limited in the manpower they can use. Besides the Immortal Experts who lured the Hundred Treasures Realm away, there were only very few who could make a move.

And among these few, Zhu Gui was the only one with the spatial ability that allowed him to attack the headquarters of the Hundred Treasures realm. The defenses of the Hundred Treasures Realm’s headquarters simply couldn’t be compared to the defenses of the World of Cultivation’s stronghold or the Xu Race’s Octopus Islands. The defenses of the latter two can be destroyed by a formation breaking spirit snake needle. On the other hand, Immortal Experts would need to take a lot of effort even with a spirit snake needle in order to break the defensive formation of the Hundred Treasures Realm.

Because of this, the Fireweavers sent Zhu Gui. He wasn’t the strongest Immortal Expert, but he has a spatial divergent ability. He can use his ability to appear inside the Hundred Treasures Realm’s headquarters. If there’s an Immortal Expert inside the headquarters, then this plan would have failed. Zhu Gui wasn’t strong, it’s possible that he would be killed.

But this time, the Hundred Treasures Realm’s headquarters didn’t have any Immortal Experts in it. Naturally, Zhu Gui could go there and wreak havoc. As long as Zhu Gui enters the headquarters, he can destroy it from the inside. When the time comes, other Immortal Experts can rush in. Even if the Hundred Treasures Realm had countless Transcending Tribulation and Severed Soul Experts, they still wouldn’t be able to stop them.

Before proceeding with the plan, the Fireweavers gave Zhu Gui the command to kill Zhao Hai first and get all of his weapons. The Fireweavers hated Zhao Hai. He killed thousands of their people and broke two of their attacks. How can the Fireweavers just let him off?

Moreover, the Fireweavers knew that Mu Yu was dependent on Zhao Hai. The target of the Fireweavers this time wasn’t only Zhao Hai, but Mu Yu as well. Mu Yu was a key successor that the Hundred Treasures Realm groomed. His status in the Hundred Treasures Realm was very high. Even if Zhu Gui manages to infiltrate the headquarters, Mu Yu can still organize his people to defend. It was because of Mu Yu that the Immortal Experts were able to go out of the headquarters. With Mu Yu in command, victory and defeat was still difficult to see.

Actually, the plan of the Fireweavers was very good. They knew that Zhao Hai had spatial abilities. Therefore, they had Zhu Gui deal with him. In their opinion, sending the Immortal Expert Zhu Gui to deal with Zhao Hai would be quite easy. However, they didn’t expect Zhao Hai to transport Mu Yu and the others back as soon as he noticed something wrong. And that he would face Zhu Gui by himself.

At the same time, Zhu Gui didn’t expect Zhao Hai to be very hard to deal with. His methods were actually thwarted by Zhao Hai. If he delayed even more than this, then the plan would be wasted.

Zhu Gui knew that he could no longer delay. Because of this, Zhu Gui decided to use a rifle technique. This technique can only be used by Immortal Stage Fireweavers. He would combine the Fireweaver Race’s innate fire with the rifle technique in order to increase the strength of his bullets.


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