BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1508


Chapter 1508 – Space Crisis!

The Fire Phoenix was more than 30 zhang(~100m) long. It had a golden crest on its head as well as seven long plumes. It had a sharp pair of claws along with a long and sharp beak. It had red feathers that seemed to be on fire.

Riding on the back of the phoenix was a person wearing clothes similar to those worn by the Fireweavers. What’s different about him was the rifle on his back. The rifle was much longer than the ones used by the Fireweavers. It was also equipped with something like a scope.

Seeing this rifle, Zhao Hai immediately thought of sniper rifles. Zhao Hai couldn’t help but be shocked. He didn’t expect to see this gun in the hands of the Fireweavers. Originally, he was afraid of being too conspicuous with his rifles. Now, it seems like there’s more to the Fireweaver Race’s rifles than what he saw.

Just like what Zhao Hai thought, the Fireweaver Rifles weren’t that simple. The reason the rifles looked ordinary was because the Fireweavers needed to be coordinated when using the rifle technique. The rifles they were equipped with were most suitable for this kind of combat. If they changed the form of the rifles like Zhao Hai, there would be some difficulties in using the rifle technique.

Zhao Hai’s rifles were made without considering the rifle technique. Therefore, he was able to make the appropriate adjustments. The Fireweavers didn’t have the same conditions as him.

What surprised Zhao Hai the most was the fact that the person on the back of the fire phoenix was at the Immortal Stage. Not only him, the fire phoenix he was standing on was also at the Immortal Stage.

The moment the Immortal Expert appeared, Zhao Hai immediately gathered the three artifact and formed a 品. Zhao Hai stood on the Hell King’s ship, coldly looking at the Immortal Expert.

The Immortal Expert was also looking at Zhao Hai. His eyes were electrifyingly cold. Although Zhao Hai was still far away from the Immortal Expert, he could feel a heavy pressure on him.

Despite this, Zhao Hai didn’t avoid the Immortal Expert’s gaze. Seeing Zhao Hai dare look at him eye to eye, the Immortal Expert stared for a moment before he laughed and said, “A small place like the World of Cultivation actually managed to make an expert like you. Hahaha, good. This old man really underestimated you. Zhao Hai, dying in my hands today can be regarded as your blessing. Because of your strength, this old man will tell you his name. I’m Zhu Huwei, titled the Fire Phoenix Sniper.”

Zhao Hai cupped his fist and said, “Zhao Hai has seen Senior Zhu. Senior Zhu, the Hundred Treasures Realm and the Giant Spirit Realm are bitter enemies. Being from one of the five Great Realms, why did you join the fight?”

Zhu Huwei looked at Zhao Hai, then he laughed and said, “Interesting, you still want to persuade this old man. Alright, let this old man tell you. The Fireweavers want more territory, how’s that answer?”

Zhao Hai smiled bitterly and said, “Senior is really honest. This Zhao Hai has no words to say. Then, Senior, you may begin.”

Zhu Huwei was no longer smiling. As the smile on his face vanished, he waved his hand as the huge rifle on his back appeared. Then he aimed at Zhao Hai.

Zhu Huwei’s gunplay was very fast, but Zhao Hai still managed to make preparations. A metal plate appeared in front of him, hitting the shot Zhu Huwei sent towards him.

Zhao Hai felt his body shake. The Hell King’s ship retreated along with the Pagoda and the Giant Spirit Treasure Ship.

Back when he discovered Zhu Huwei, Zhao Hai immediately pulled the energy from the three large artifacts together. No matter which one of them was attacked, all three will take the brunt of the impact together.

When Zhao Hai was thrown back by Zhu Huwei’s rifle, both Mu Yu and Tang Jie were also fired upon. But since the three large artifacts were being pushed back, the two shots also failed to penetrate.

However, the two shots were still very heavy. Zhao Hai’s spiritual force shook, but fortunately he wasn’t injured.

As Zhao Hai fell back, the cannons from the three artifacts also fired. Numerous shells were fired into the air, but their target was only one, Zhu Huwei.

Zhu Huwei coldly snorted when he saw this. A giant fire phoenix let out a cry as it received these shells.

There was a loud explosion as all the cannon shells were exploded by the fire phoenix. The giant phoenix was also hit hard, the flames on its body dimmed a little.

However, that giant phoenix was merely an avatar of Zhu Huwei’s fire phoenix. This Immortal Stage beast indeed has extraordinary strength.

At this moment, a voice was heard, “Zhu Huwei, let this old man face you.” As soon as this voice was heard, two people appeared in front of Zhao Hai and the others. Both of them were dressed with the usual black clothing of the Hundred Treasures Realm. One couldn’t see any weapons on them, but their bodies exuded a strong aura that showed that they were at the Immortal Stage.

Seeing the two, Zhu Huwei’s eyes shrunk. It seems like the Hundred Treasures Realm had a certain understanding about him, otherwise they wouldn’t have sent two Immortal Experts.

Zhu Huwei was a rather unusual person among the Fireweavers. Unlike the other Fireweavers who had two or more tamed beasts, Zhu Huwei only had one, his Fire Phoenix.

Actually, most of the powerful experts of the Fireweaver Race only had one tamed beast. This was because even though they trained multiple beasts when they were young, these beasts died out as time passed, leaving them with only one tamed beast.

Zhu Huwei was someone who raised only one beast since childhood. He had only been with his fire phoenix his entire life. His case was very rare among the Fireweavers.

Looking at the two experts from the Hundred Treasures Realm, Zhu Huwei laughed and said, “So it turns out to be the Twin Swords of Wind and Cloud. I didn’t expect you to look at this Zhu Huwei highly. Both of you actually came to deal with me.”

One of the twin swords looked at Zhu Huwei and said, “Zhu Huwei, since you know our title. Then you should know our custom. No matter where we are, we brothers always act together. Zhu Huwei, you’re a famed Immortal Expert, aren’t you ashamed of attacking a junior?”

Zhu Huwei sneered and said, “You’re preaching to someone who doesn’t care about what you think. Also, is Zhao Hai an ordinary Transcending Tribulation Expert? If he is, then this old man will withdraw from this battle immediately.”

Just like Zhu Huwei said, was Zhao hai really an ordinary Transcending Tribulation Expert? Even children won’t be fooled by this. No ordinary Transcending Tribulation Expert could block an Immortal Expert’s attack multiple times and still manage to survive.

Seeing the two keeping silent, Zhu Huwei coldly snorted and said, “Enough chit-chat. Let’s leave this place or else we’ll hurt the little ones.” After he said that, Zhu Huwei’s body vanished as he left the battlefield. The twin swords also followed and disappeared.

When the Immortal Experts left, Zhao Hai naturally continued. He waved his hand as the three large artifacts rushed and opened fire on the enemies.

Then suddenly, a large fiery red bullet shot towards Zhao Hai from behind the Fireweaver army. Zhao Hai expression changed. This was because he couldn’t see anyone behind the Fireweaver Army. Judging by the strength of the bullet, it was no doubt fired by an Immortal Expert. It was a hidden Fireweaver Immortal Expert!

While he thought of this, Zhao Hai raised a metal wall to surround the three large artifacts.

Then at this time, Cai’er’s voice was heard, “Young Master, be careful. This bullet came from the spatial rift. It seems like the Fireweavers have an Immortal Expert that has spatial abilities.”

Zhao Hai stared, then his complexion changed. The Space was Zhao Hai’s final trump card. If he really met an Immortal Expert with a spatial divergent ability, then he would have to be very careful to hide the existence of the Space.

But Cai’er’s words didn’t end there. She added, “Young Master, the situation isn’t good. The Immortal Experts of the Hundred Treasures Realm had all been sent out to battle the Immortal Experts of the Giant Spirit Realm and the Fireweaver Race. I’m afraid you’ll have to face this Immortal Expert on your own. Nobody will come to help you.”

Zhao Hai’s complexion turned ugly when he heard this. He immediately shrunk the three large artifacts and then sent them towards a spatial rift. He was the only one left.

Just as he closed the spatial rift, Zhao Hai immediately felt the space around him compressing. It seems like the space was being locked in.

Fortunately, Zhao Hai can still feel the existence of the Space. However, if he wanted to take something out of the Space, then it would be ten times more difficult compared to before. Fortunately, if he wanted to concentrate the energy of the Undead onto liquid silver, he could still do so.

Mu Yu was able to notice the metal walls surrounding the pagoda. However, he wasn’t anxious. He thought that Zhao Hai only did this in order to block the Fireweaver attacks. Therefore, when he saw the metal walls, he didn’t think of anything.

But in the next moment, Mu Yu suddenly discovered that they had returned to the headquarters. Everyone who departed earlier were with him. The only one missing was Zhao Hai.

Mu Yu stared, then he noticed his computer blinking. When he opened it to take a look, he discovered a message from Zhao Hai. He opened the message and heard Zhao Hai’s voice, “Big Brother Mu, I met an Immortal Expert that has a spatial ability. The Immortal Experts of the headquarters have all been sent to fight the Immortal Experts of the enemy. Therefore, I can only send you back while I stop him from attacking the headquarters. Big Brother Mu, you need to keep everyone vigilant. If you can’t hold on, return to the Hundred Treasures Realm.” There were no more messages after that.


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