BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1506


Chapter 1506 – Crackle of Gunfire

The rumbling crackle of gunfire was heard from the three large artifacts. Although Zhao Hai’s cannons underwent a muffling out its sounds, a sound of more than a hundred cannons would still be very loud.

On the other hand, the Fireweavers were sent into a flurry. This was because they didn’t expect to be attacked suddenly. Moreover, the strength of the other party was very powerful. They could see their comrades dying to the cannon shells in all directions.

Zhao Hai made the cannon shells similar to the mortar shells. These shells explode as well, but it was impossible to kill cultivators with explosion alone. So Zhao Hai stuffed small artifacts inside the cannon shells. These small artifacts were actually small silver needles with armor penetration.

So when the two shells hit Zhu Wang, he didn’t even have the chance to defend before he was peppered with holes.

It wasn’t only Zhu Wang who suffered this fate, his spirit turtle was killed as well. Even a defensively strong spirit turtle couldn’t do anything. Both the beast and person that died were immediately taken into the Space by the silver needles. After that, the Undead Zhu Wang joined the riflemen of the Space.

Zhao Hai didn’t really need Zhu Wang’s rifle. However, he currently didn’t have the same rifle as Zhu Wang’s. Therefore, he received Zhu Wang’s rifle into the Space. This way, when he releases Zhu Wang in the future, nobody would suspect anything.

The other Fireweavers suffered the same fate as Zhu Wang. Some of them might have survived the explosion of the shells, but the silver needles inside finished them off. Under Cai’er’s control, these silver needles could attack multiple times. This made it impossible for the Fireweavers to escape.

After the first volley, more than 100 Fireweavers perished. This caused the other Fireweavers to be dumbfounded.

They were used to seeing people die in this war, but seeing more than 100 die just like that, they were stunned. But this was only the beginning.

The cannons continued to fire. As shells flew, a Fireweaver would die.

Zhao Hai no longer hesitated to kill the Fireweavers. He used to be cautious, fearing that Mu Yu would find out that his artifacts were different. But now, he doesn’t need to do so anymore. They were too far from the Fireweavers that spiritual force wouldn’t be able to reach the shells. Therefore, Zhao Hai could confidently move using his silver needles.

When the cannons began to fire, Zhao Hai contacted Mu Yu with his computer. As he commanded the cannons to attack, Mu Yu would lead his troops to evacuate the outpost. Not only would this ensure the safety of the people on the outpost, it would also increase the strength of the Hundred Treasures Realms’ side.

Also, because the outpost’s defensive formation was broken, if he didn’t get these people, then they wouldn’t be able to return to the headquarters easily without the use of transmission formations. If they can’t return, then they might as well join them to fight.

Because of this, Zhao Hai’s three artifacts didn’t go forward. Instead, it stopped in place as it continued to attack the Fireweavers.

What’s strange about this group was that there were no people from the Giant Spirit Realm nor were there people from subordinate realms. All of them were Fireweavers numbering about 2000.

This confused Zhao Hai. He didn’t understand why this group of Fireweavers chose to attack this outpost without bringing other troops. This doesn’t seem like the tactic of the Fireweavers.

However, this wasn’t the time to think about this. As cannons fired, more Fireweavers perished. Those who survived were flustered. They discovered that they didn’t have any means to deal with the enemy.

The rifles in their hands didn’t have the same range as the enemy’s artillery. They simply cannot hit their opponent. This meant that they could only take the attack without any means to shoot back. This caused the Fireweavers to feel very angry. At the same time, they were also terrified.

In the past, they used this method to bully other cultivators. This was because their rifles had far more range than normal artifacts. Because of this, they had a distance advantage against their enemies. They would kill the other party with their rifles without the enemy being able to retaliate.

Now, they were in the same position as their past enemies. They became the people who could only take the shots without being able to shoot back. The other party was continuously sending attacks. Moreover, the strength of the attacks was so much stronger compared to the rifles.

The Fireweaver rifles weren’t actually very strong. After all, the bullets were small. Even if they manage to hit someone from far away, as long as they don’t hit a critical spot, they could only injure their target.

Naturally, this refers to normal situations where the other party didn’t have any defensive artifacts to protect them. If the other party has a defensive artifact, then they would be lucky enough to be one of the people who could block the bullets. When facing the Fireweaver Rifles, there’s only three results: life, death, or disability!

There’s nothing else to say about ‘life’. If your artifact managed to block the bullet, then you would no doubt survive. Death was simple as well, not being able to block the bullet and being killed. As for disability, it was once the bullet hit you in a non-vital location. 

The Fireweaver rifle’s bullets were also a kind of small artifact. They were quite hard to make. A cultivator’s defensive artifacts weren’t made for decoration. They were all hard and hard to penetrate in. When bullets hit these defensive artifacts, it would be a collision between two tough objects. This collision would cause the bullet to fragment. But this fragmented bullet was much more lethal compared to normal bullets.

When a bullet hits a cultivator, then it would only leave a hole behind. Most people might die from this hole, but not cultivators. With how resilient they were, as long as they consume medicine, this damage would be healed in no time.

On the other hand, a fragmented bullet adds an irregularity to the damage, causing a larger area of damage to the target’s body. Therefore, fragmented bullets were extremely lethal. Even if they hit an arm, they would no doubt shatter it.

Most cultivators don’t understand this principle. Because of this, whenever they fought the Fireweavers, they always used their defensive artifacts to protect themselves. In turn, this would increase the casualties because of the fragmented bullets.

At first, the Firewavers didn’t understand how lethal their rifles were. But as they continued to discover how easy to use the rifles were, they began to rely on it more and more. Presently, besides rifles and bullets, they rarely brought any other artifact.

Because of this over-reliance on rifles, the Fireweavers didn’t consider bringing defensive artifacts along with them. In their opinion, the Fireweavers didn’t need to defend. As long as they pepper their enemies with bullets, then the battle would be over. This made the Fireweaver Army a purely offensive army without any regard for defense. Now, they suffered because of this arrangement. As soon as Zhao Hai attacked them with cannons, they began to lose numbers at an alarming rate. This caused the Fireweavers to be terrified. They were afraid that they would be the next ones to die.

This wasn’t the end. There weren’t a lot of people inside the outposts. Before long, everyone has entered the large artifacts. This also meant that Zhao Hai and the others could let loose.

With the addition of the people from the outpost, and the Fireweavers that were killed, along with the Hundred Treasures Realm’s troops, Zhao Hai’s current strength was now very good. He had no reason to be afraid of 1000 Fireweavers. After the people from the outpost embarked on the ship, Zhao Hai immediately commanded the large artifacts to rush towards the Fireweavers.

As the large artifacts charged over, Zhao Hai called over a Fireweaver Undead. This Fireweaver Undead was Zhu Wang, now one of Zhao Hai’s loyal soldiers.

Zhao Hai looked at Zhu Wang and said, “Only Fireweavers are here. Where are the people from the Giant Spirit Realm and the subordinate realms?”

Zhu Wang immediately replied, “Replying to the Young Master. The army has been left behind. The Fireweavers and the Giant Spirit Realm managed to gather a total of 100 thousand troops. They want to break through the Hundred Treasures Realm’s headquarters in one go. In order to not disturb the grass and startle the snakes, we’re sent in advance to pave the path of the army. After we do so, the army will go straight to the Hundred Treasures Realm’s headquarters.”

Zhao Hai stared, then his expression changed as he said, “Can the army catch up that quickly?”

Zhu Wang replied, “It can. The Fireweavers and the Giant Spirit Realm amassed more than 20 large artifacts fitted for fast and long travel as well as large capacity. But they weren’t using Giant Spirit Treasure Ships, that would be too eye catching.”

Zhao Hai nodded, then he waved his hand to send Zhu Wang Back. Then he commanded his large artifacts to chase the remaining Fireweavers. At the same time, he sent orders to the Undead to target only the Fireweavers who were fleeing. As for those who still resisted, the other people with rifles would deal with them.

After passing his orders, Zhao Hai appeared on the Pagoda. Mu Yu was currently looking at the Fireweavers who were being killed one by one with a pleased expression on his face. It was at this time that Zhao Hai appeared.

Seeing Zhao Hai, Mu Yu couldn’t help but stare. Then his expression changed as he asked, “Little Hai, why are you here? Did something happen?”

Zhao Hai nodded and said, “I just asked an Undead Fireweaver. He said that the Fireweavers and the Giant Spirit Realm gathered a hundred-thousand army to attack the headquarters. The ones here are just cleaners sent to make a path. Once they sweep the outposts, the army would march to the headquarters. But they didn’t expect us to come out and attack.”

Hearing Zhao Hai, Mu Yu coldly snorted and said, “Good, Fireweavers, good. But why haven’t we received this information before?”

Zhao Hai replied, “They used large artifacts to hurry along. These large artifacts are made to fly long distances. I’m afraid they’re just waiting for the outposts to be cleaned up. Then they would rush to the headquarters and use artifacts like the formation breaking needle to break into it.” 

Mu Yu replied, “They’re plan is good. But they didn’t take us into account. Little Hai, what do you plan to do next?”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “We’ll clean the advance troops first. Then we’ll wait for the enemy’s response. They have a hundred thousand people, we also have a hundred thousand people on our side. They have rifles, we have rifles as well. However, they don’t have artillery. We’re at an advantage.” 

Mu Yu nodded and said, “Alright. Let’s clean these fellows up first. Let’s get in touch with Little Jie and LIttle Wen. Then we’ll proceed.”

Zhao Hai nodded, then their figures moved and appeared on the Giant Spirit Treasure Ship where Tang Jie and Tang Wen were on. They discussed the plan before Zhao Hai and Mu Yu returned to their respective large artifacts and attacked what was left of the 2000 Fireweavers.

The Fireweavers already had low morale. They were panicking. Now that Zhao Hai increased the intensity of his attack, they no longer blocked and instead scattered in all directions to escape. However, they wouldn’t be able to run away in time.

Zhu Huo currently stood on his wind beast as he desperately fled the battlefield. To him, the events that just happened seemed like a nightmare. This was especially true regarding the three large artifacts. Zhu Huo knew clearly that if he didn’t escape now, then he wouldn’t be able to live on.

Previously, the Fireweavers, along with the Giant Spirit Realm and its subordinate realms, sent a large number of people to wipe out the three large artifacts as well as the Octopus Islands. At that time, they had huge morale, but they were still annihilated in the end. Now, the 2000 people didn’t have any confidence in facing the three large artifacts.

However, Zhu Huo was very confident in his running skill. His wind beast was very fast, it can be said that it was the quickest beast there was. Therefore, he was able to cover a large distance compared to the other Fireweavers.

Despite this, Zhu Huo didn’t lower his guard. He knew how powerful the Hundred Treasures Realm’s cannons were. Therefore, he constantly changed his route as he paid attention to any shells coming for him. He also fired his rifle from time to time.

Before long, Zhu Huo managed to leave the battlefield. He was certain that the cannons wouldn’t be able to reach his current location. Zhu Huo began to relax.

But at this time, Zhu Huo suddenly discovered several people in front of him. In the hands of these people were rifles that he hasn’t seen before. Zhu Huo swept these people with his spiritual force and discovered that they were Undead. Then suddenly, the Undead raised their rifles at the same time. Zhu Huo didn’t have enough time to hide before the sound of gunfire was heard. Zhu Huo and his beast were killed immediately.


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