BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1503


Chapter 1503 – Requesting Combat Assignment

After a flash of white light, a jade sword message appeared on the transmission formation. Then the jade sword message flew through several metallic mountains before appearing in front of Zhao Hai.

Zhao Hai received the jade sword message and then smiled as he said, “It’s about time this arrived.” Then he used his spiritual force to read the message inside. Just like what he thought, the message told him to go back to the Hundred Treasures Realm’s headquarters.

The Fireweaver and the Giant Spirit Realm army had already exchanged fire against the Hundred Treasures Realm for five days. In these five days, the Hundred Treasures Realm were diligently defending. However, of the 50 outposts, 30 of them had been uprooted. The Fireweaver and Giant Spirit Realm army was about to reach the Hundred Treasures Realm’s headquarters.

Although Zhao Hai was also aware of the situation, he didn’t head back. Instead, he kept recycling the waste resources on Yan Planet. By this point, a third of the waste materials on the planet has been processed by Zhao Hai. The number of resources salvaged was beyond Zhao Hai’s imagination. This was because the waste materials present was not what Zhao Hai expected.

Yan Planet had canyons that had been filled in with waste materials. And the resources that composed these waste materials had been extinct in the Ten-thousand Realm Battlefield.

This happened before the Ten-thousand Realm Battlefield decided to protect the survival of the battlefield’s resources. When the realms initially entered the battlefield, they didn’t have such thoughts and just took everything in their sight. This dried up a lot of resources without any means of regeneration.

This action made a lot of materials in the Ten-thousand Realm Battlefield extinct. It also didn’t help that the Ten-thousand Realm Battlefield experienced a war for materials. This war was called the Great War of the Ten-thousand Realm Battlefield. Almost all realms participated in this war.

Because of that war, plenty of plants and ore were ravaged. Nobody else managed to find these resources later on. Moreover, these extinct resources were one of the most valuable treasures in the Ten-thousand Realm Battlefield.

Right now, Zhao Hai has a lot of ores currently extinct in the Ten-thousand Realm Battlefield. Besides the ores, there were also new plants used for refining being introduced to the Space.

The forms of the plants were greatly varied. Since they were used as refining materials, some of them were used as a whole, while some were used as seeds. As a result, once they were salvaged, whole plants, parts of plants, and seeds came up. Fortunately, these seeds and plant parts could be replanted.

This discovery caused Zhao Hai to be ecstatic. He didn’t expect something like this to happen. The main reason for his joy was the levelling up of the Space. It leveled up not just by 1 level, but instead 10.

Zhao Ha also discovered that artifact refining waste wasn’t the only thing present on the planet. There’s also alchemy waste. Although alchemy didn’t have as low probability of success as artifact refining, it was also susceptible for failures. Once an alchemist fails, their materials would turn into slag and could no longer be used. Even the processing machine couldn’t salvage any resources from them.

However, although these alchemy slags cannot be recycled for materials, the Space was still able to obtain its components. This allowed Zhao Hai to get his hands on even more plants. Now these plants had been planted inside the Space. Zhao Hai was very satisfied with his harvest. 

Now, the number of rifles inside the Space has reached 200 thousand. Besides the 150 thousand used to arm the Undead, the others were stored by Zhao Hai. Besides the rifles, Zhao Hai also made more than 50 cannons. All of which were handed over to Mu Yu along with the refining method.

The cannons were much more powerful compared to mortars. However, refining them wasn’t easy. It was only after obtaining rare materials in Yan Planet did Zhao Hai manage to refine them.

Zhao Hai didn’t install the cannons on the Hell King’s Ship, Giant Spirit Treasure Ship, and the Pagoda. It’s not that he didn’t want to arm them with cannons, but it was because it wasn’t the right time to do so. Zhao Hai was in Yan Planet while the three large artifacts were elsewhere. It would seem suspicious if the three large artifacts were to suddenly gain new cannons.

From his calculations, Zhao Hai discovered that a cannon shot could devastate a Severed Soul Expert. 

As for the number of ammunition currently inside the Space, Zhao Hai didn’t bother taking count. Zhao Hai couldn’t help but feel dizzy the last time he saw how many digits there were. So now, he no longer cared.

Although Mu Yu managed to obtain 50 cannons, their side had only been able to manufacture 10. This wasn’t only because the materials used were rare, but also the success rate was very low.

By this point, the Hundred Treasures Realm’s headquarters had almost been surrounded by the Fireweaver and Giant Spirit Realm Army. The following battle would be the defense of the headquarters. This was the reason why Mu Yu called Zhao Hai over.

Zhao Hai immediately flew towards the transmission formation and returned to the Hundred Treasures Realm’s headquarters. Upon appearing at the transmission formation, the first person Zhao Hai saw was Mu Yu and the others.

Mu Yu’s expression remained the same. On the other hand, Tang Wen and Tang Jie had grief written all over their faces. Zhao Hai could understand why they were like this. This was because the recent losses of the Hundred Treasures Realm has been very big.

In the past several days, the Hundred Treasures Realm lost more than ten thousand people. As for their subordinate realms, altogether they lost 50 thousand. This was the heaviest losses they experienced since entering the Ten-thousand Realm Battlefield.

Zhao Hai knew about the statistics, but he feigned ignorance. He looked at Mu Yu and said, “Big Brother Mu, did the Fireweavers arrive?”

Mu Yu smiled bitterly and said, “They’re here. There’s far more than we expected. In our subsequent battles against them, the realm has lost more than ten thousand people while the subordinate realms lost 50 thousand. But the enemies suffered much more losses, totalling about 150 thousand.”

Zhao Hai made his brows tighten as he asked, “Why didn’t you call me? How’s the situation now?”

Mu Yu forced a smile and said, “The Fireweaver and the Giant Spirit Treasure Realm Army are now outside the headquarters, so I called you back. It’s time for your large artifacts to take action.”

Zhao Hai nodded and said, “Alright, this isn’t a problem. But I need time, about a few hours.”

Mu Yu replied, “Why? Is there something wrong?”

Zhao Hai shook his head and said, “Everything’s fine. But I managed to obtain some materials in Yan Planet that I want to integrate to my large artifacts. There’s also the cannons that I want to install. Once I get the cannons to my large artifacts, their offensive strength would become much more formidable.”

Mu Yu stared, then his eyes shone as he said, “Alright, we can stall for a couple of hours. Don’t worry about it.”

Zhao Hai nodded and said, “Help me relay the news to the Elders. I won’t have the time to greet them. I’ll start working now.”

Mu Yu nodded, “Go, I will take you to your residence. I will make sure that you’re not disturbed.” Zhao Hai nodded and then followed Mu Yu to his residence and closing up.

Mu Yu turned his head to Tang Jie and said, “Guard this place. Make sure that nobody disturbs Little Hai. I’ll go and see Master.” Tang Jie and Tang Wen nodded as they stood on the left and right side of Zhao Hai’s residence.

Mu Yu proceeded towards the conference hall. The conference room has been expanded to fit more than 1000 Immortal Experts. Most of these Immortal Experts were from subordinate realms. Only about a hundred of them belonged to the Hundred Treasures Realm.

Mu Yao and Tang Yaoen were also inside the conference hall. People would give them reports from time to time. They reported the progress of the battles as well as the losses incurred by the Hundred Treasures Realm’s side.

Although the subordinate realms lost a lot of people. This loss was distributed among the various realms. This meant that, on average, each subordinate’s losses were light. Their losses were still within what they could accept. Even so, the Immortal Experts of the subordinate realms couldn’t help but frown everytime they heard of the losses. Each person lost to this battle would affect their strength.

When Mu Yu entered the conference hall, it happened that Mu Yao received the loss report. Another outpost has been broken through and they lost a lot of people.

Mu Yu didn’t mind the report as he flew towards Mu Yao. He gave Mu Yao a salute before saying, “Master, Little Hai has returned.”

Mu Yao was stunned for a moment before he said, “Where is he? Let him use his large artifacts to attack the enemy. Teach those bastards a little lesson.”

Mu Yao was under a lot of pressure recently. Although they were in a defensive position, they haven’t been able to fight any beautiful battles recently. The Immortal Experts of the subordinate realms were beginning to criticize the Hundred Treasures Realm. At this point, they needed a victory, even if a small one.

Mu Yu replied, “Little Hai still wants to integrate some materials he found into his large artifacts. He’s also going to install new cannons into his artifacts. Because time is tight, he didn’t have the opportunity to visit you.”

Mu Yu’s words caused the surrounding Immortal Experts to discuss. Most of them were asking who Zhao Hai was and why he dared to treat Mu Yao like this. Mu Yao was a top existence in the Hundred Treasures Realm. Even people from the Hundred Treasures Realm wouldn’t ignore him like that.

Mu Yao didn’t care about these people as he nodded and said, “Alright. How long did Little Hai say it would take?”

Mu Yu replied, “He said it would take a few hours, but not too long. You know how Little Hai does things. He always prepares for the worst and does his best in preparing.”

Mu Yao nodded, “Make sure that Little Hai remains undisturbed. No matter who they are, if they dared disturb him, kill them immediately. Once Little Hai comes out, tell him to come see me.” Mu Yu nodded.

Mu Yao turned his head towards the other Immortal Experts and said, “When Little Hai comes out, we’ll gather a hundred thousand people and go with him to attack the Fireweaver and the Giant Spirit Realm army. Is there anyone willing to go with him?”

As soon as Mu Yao said that, Immortal Experts from the Xu Race and the World of Cultivation stood up and simultaneously said, “Our realm is willing to go.” After the two, other Immortal Experts stood up. Mu Yao looked at the people who stood up. These people were mid to lower-medium grade realms. They suffered sufficient losses in the war, naturally they were distressed. A loss for them was a huge loss for their realms. Who would have thought that they would volunteer to attack alongside Zhao Hai.

The actions of these Immortal Experts caused the Immortal Experts from low-grade realms to stare. They had just been commanded by their realms to go here, so they naturally wouldn’t hope to be assigned to any battle. This was because an assignment meant the possibility of death.

However, they didn’t expect that instead of keeping silent and lowering their heads, these Immortal Experts volunteered immediately. This puzzled these Immortal Experts. They looked at the volunteers as though they had gone crazy.

Seeing the Immortal Experts that stood up, Mu Yu understood what was going on. Those who stood up were Immortal Experts whose realms had participated in defending the Octopus Islands alongside Zhao Hai. It was natural that they had been rewarded greatly for this contribution. Now, upon hearing that Zhao Hai was going to set out once more, these people wouldn’t want to miss this chance. Therefore, they all requested to be assigned to Zhao Hai’s side.

On the other hand, Mu Yao didn’t expect this to happen. He had asked these people before to participate in the battle. However, these Immortal Experts just shrank their presence, not wanting to be called over. In the end, Mu Yu had to pick people himself. He was also fair in his selection. He made sure that the people he picked came from different realms. This was the first time he saw people actually volunteering to fight in the war.

Mu Yao stared, but he still nodded and said, “Since you want to volunteer, then we’ll ask you to gather 90 thousand people for the assignment. Our Hundred Treasures Realm will dispatch 10 thousand of our own people. This group will be assigned to Mu Yu and Zhao Hai’s command. I ask everyone to prepare since you’ll be heading out as soon as Little Hai goes out.” Those who volunteered nodded. There weren’t any traces of worry on their faces. Instead, they were excited, which puzzled the other Immortal Experts.

Mu Yao nodded, then he looked at Mu Yu and said, “This time, we need to make the Fireweavers and the Giant Spirit Realm understand that our Hundred Treasures Realm couldn’t be bullied that easily. Remember, saving lives is your first goal. Killing enemies is secondary.”

Mu Yu nodded and said, “Roger. Master can rest assured.” Mu Yao nodded, then he let out a long breath as he asked, “How are the aid requests going?”

A Severed Soul Expert immediately replied, “It hasn’t been going well. All of them gave ambiguous responses, dragging the conversation. I think they’re waiting to see how we deal with the Fireweavers and the Giant Spirit Realm.”


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