BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1494


Chapter 1494 – Rifle Technique

Zhao Hai didn’t care about what Zhu Gufeng was thinking as he continued to attack the enemies. Small groups of people from the Fireweaver and Giant Spirit Realm army were being dealt with one by one. Casualties began to increase.

Zhao Hai was paying close attention to the Fireweavers. Although it seems like they were at their wit’s end, being able to run rampant in the Ten-thousand Realm Battlefield for many years meant that they still had more cards to play. The consequences of underestimating them would be very heavy.

Seeing Zhao Hai and the others behaving like this, Zhu Gufeng felt anxious. He wasn’t a token commander who didn’t understand anything. In fact, the Five Great Realms weren’t peaceful with each other, conflict was inevitable between them. Zhu Gufeng was a hardened warrior. Seeing Zhao Hai’s group going unhindered in the battlefield, Zhu Gufeng needed to take control of the situation.

Zhu Gufeng knew that they needed to break Zhao Hai’s large artifacts. The tamed beasts were useless in this aspect, so he waved his hand and ordered the beasts to retreat. Then Zhu Gufeng turned to Ba Tu and said, “Ba Tu, that Zhao Hai depends on their large artifacts. As long as you use your Giant Spirit Treasure Ships to destroy them, everything else will be dealt with.”

Ba Tu looked at Zhu Gufeng, then he forced a smile and said, “Mister Zhu, we can’t do that even if we want to. Our Giant Spirit Treasure Ships couldn’t match their large artifacts.”

Hearing Ba Tu, Zhu Gufeng couldn’t help but stare. Then he said, “Not a match? Are you joking? If the Giant Spirit Realm claims that they are second in large artifacts in the Ten-thousand Realm Battlefield, then nobody will dare say that they’re first!”

Ba Tu smiled bitterly and said, “Mister Zhu, if our Giant Spirit Treasure Ships can block their large artifacts, then the Hundred Treasures Realm wouldn’t have been able to drive us back multiple times. We wouldn’t have invited you over. Can you see their Giant Spirit Treasure Ship? It wasn’t made by the Hundred Treasures Realm. It’s something they repaired after destroying one of ours.”

Hearing Ba Tu, Zhu Gufeng couldn’t help  but let out a breath of cold air. He knew how formidable the Giant Spirit Realm was when it came to large artifacts. He never imagined them struggling against the large artifacts of the Hundred Treasures Realm. If this was the case, then how can they proceed with this battle?

Ba Tu looked at Zhu Gufeng and couldn’t help but be disappointed. Initially, he thought that the Fireweavers would be able to help them take revenge and deal with the Hundred Treasures Realm. But now, it seems like Zhu Gufeng and the others were also having a hard time.

Zhu Gufeng looked at Zhao Hai, who was still rampaging. He couldn’t help but grit his teeth, then he loudly ordered, “Assemble!”

As soon as they heard Zhu Gufeng, the other Fireweavers gathered around and looked at him. Zhu Gufeng looked at everyone and said, “Brothers, this is the first time we fought against the Hundred Treasures Realm. We cannot just retreat here or else where will the Fireweaver Race’s face go? Make preparations, we’ll use our rifling techniques this time.”

Hearing Zhu Gufeng, everyone stared then their complexion changed. Their eyes flashed a cold light as they loudly replied, “Roger!” Then they immediately began to take positions.

The Fireweavers called their tamed beasts over before reading incantations and slitting their wrists. When their blood flowed to the heads of their tamed beasts, they were surrounded with red light along with their tamed beasts. 

After ten breaths of time, the red light vanished. In place of the beasts and the Fireweavers were half-man half-beast monsters. After combining with his Blood Jade Toad, Zhu Gufeng’s upper body increased in size to four meters tall. He had the same color as his Blood Jade Toad while his lower-half was embedded on the head of the Blood Jade Toad. The Blood Jade Toad didn’t vanish as well. It was as if Zhu Gufeng’s upper body had become bigger and fused with the Blood Jade Toad’s forehead.

At this time, Zhu Gufeng took his rifle. Because of his transformation, the rifle appeared very small. Zhu Gufeng roared as his rifle was covered with red light, increasing its size. Moreover, the barrel of the gun increased in size. It could no longer be described as a rifle anymore, it looked more like a cannon.

The other Fireweavers were also in a similar state. They took out giant bullets the size of a mortar back on Earth. Then they loaded their rifles with the bullets before aiming towards Zhao Hai’s large artifacts.

However, the Fireweavers didn’t open fire immediately. Seeing what was happening, Zhao Hai stopped his artifacts and lined them up in the shape of the 品 character. 

At this time, the transformed Zhu Gufeng loudly said, “Fire!” As his orders came down, more than 2000 large rifles were fired. A loud bang was heard as blinding lights came out of the muzzles and fiery projectiles headed towards Zhao Hai’s three large artifacts.

The speed of these projectiles was very fast. Zhao Hai went on guard. He felt that if these bullets hit his barriers, they wouldn’t be able to block them. Therefore, as soon as Zhu Gufeng gave the command to fire, Zhao Hai immediately transformed his three artifacts.

Under everyone’s gaze, Zhao Hai’s three large artifacts erected metal plates to protect themselves. At the same time, layers of shields appeared outside the artifacts. The outermost layer had an earthen-yellow hue, then next was watery-blue, then a fiery-red layer, and the innermost was a lightning shield.

The bullets arrived as soon as the shields appeared. The earthen-yellow shield was penetrated, then the watery-blue shield, then the fiery-red shield. Although the lightning shield sparkled intensely, it also failed to block the bullets. The only barrier left was the layer of metal plates.

When the bullets hit the metal plates, countless ‘clang’ sounds were heard. However, the bullets were successfully stopped.

Zhu Gufeng’s expression changed. But he didn’t stop his assault as he commanded, “Reload!” Then he took another bullet and reloaded his large rifle. The other Fireweavers followed his instructions.

After that, everyone raised their rifles once more before Zhu Gufeng ordered, “Fire!” The sound of gunfire was heard once more. But the same thing happened. Zhu Gufeng’s expression changed, but he continued to order, “Reload!” Then he reloaded his rifle once more and ordered everyone to fire. But in the end, the result was the same.

Although the bullets weren’t able to destroy Zhao Hai’s large artifacts, they still managed to push Zhao Hai and the others back by about ten kilometers. But no matter what, the Giant Artifacts were able to resist the attack of the Fireweavers.

After three successive attacks, Zhu Gufeng’s complexion finally paled. It must be known that this rifle technique was the strongest attack of the Fireweavers. Even Severed Soul Experts would be annihilated by it. Immortal Experts would have to watch out for it. However, this technique had a weak point. It couldn’t be used for a long time.

This rifle technique drew its power from the life force of the tamed beasts. It might be powerful, but it also caused damage to the vitality of the tamed beasts. It couldn’t be used too many times otherwise it would kill the beasts.

Moreover, this technique also had negative effects on the user. After using this technique, the strength of the user would drop by 1 level for seven days. Because of this, the Fireweavers won’t use this technique unless it was a life and death situation.

Naturally, the power of this technique couldn’t be underestimated. The Fireweavers depended on this technique in order to win otherwise unwinnable battles.

However, Zhu Gufeng didn’t expect this effective technique to be rendered useless today. His complexion was very ugly to look at.

This rifle technique shouldn’t be used more than three times. Otherwise, the damage to the tamed beasts would be very difficult to recover from. Now, three shots had passed and Zhao Hai’s large artifacts were still standing. If Zhu Gufeng kept firing, then it would be difficult for the tamed beasts to return to their peak state in the future.

Actually, those three shots were already pushing too far. This was because the tame beasts had already been somewhat injured when they fought against Zhao Hai. At this point, after using the rifle technique, it was almost impossible for these tamed beasts to reach their peak state.

Because he knew about this Zhu Gufeng’s expression was ugly. He looked behind him at his people and discovered that they had similar expressions.

Zhu Gufeng felt bitter in his heart. Then he turned his head to the three large artifacts. He steeled his heart as he said, “Brothers, no matter what, we cannot damage the prestige of our realm today. Everyone, continue firing!”

Upon hearing Zhu Gufeng’s command, the complexion of the other Fireweavers paled. They couldn’t believe what they heard. Determined, Zhu Gufeng waved his hand as huge red bullets flew up and lined up in a row next to his rifle like a chain. Zhu Gufeng used his spiritual force to load the bullet into his rifle as he aimed once more towards Zhao Hai.

Seeing Zhu Gufeng, everyone knew that he was planning on going all out. Usually, they would keep firing until they ran out of bullets. But this time, they would keep firing until their tamed beasts die.

However, nobody said anything. It must be known that the Fireweavers follow a strict military discipline. If they’re ordered to attack, they would attack. If they were ordered to retreat, then they would retreat. Those who didn’t follow will be punished.

The other Firweavers also lifted their rifles and aimed towards Zhao Hai’s artifacts. Seeing that everyone was prepared, Zhu Gufeng immediately ordered, “Fire!” Then all of them pulled the trigger.

A flurry of bangs were heard as giant red projectiles sped towards the three large artifacts. The large artifacts looked like castles under siege. They swayed as they were hit by the bullets, but the bullets still couldn’t penetrate through.

By this point, Zhu Gufeng no longer had any other thoughts than to keep firing. The only thing in his eyes were the large artifacts, he no longer cared about his tamed beast. Just keep firing, don’t think. They didn’t think about how many shots they made, nor what happens when they defeat the three large artifacts. They all just kept pulling the trigger!

Zhao Hai stood calmly on top of the Hell King’s Ship. Although the Fireweavers were able to shake the large artifacts, it was impossible for them to cause any injuries. Therefore, he was very calm.

But even if Zhao Hai was calm, this didn’t mean that the same was true for the other cultivators in the three large artifacts. These cultivators used their spiritual force in order to see what was happening outside. After seeing the fireweaver attacks, they couldn’t help but pale. This was because the attacks coming after them were too powerful. They reckoned that they wouldn’t be able to face these attacks on their own. But seeing Zhao Hai’s artifacts blocking these attacks, they couldn’t help but get curious about him.

Zhao Hai didn’t lower his guard and kept his attention towards the Fireweavers to see if there were any changes happening to the half-beast half-human forms. Zhao Hai didn’t believe that they could keep attacking like this for a long time.

Before long, Zhao Hai discovered that their expressions turned worse and worse as they fired their shots. Some of them were already out of breath.

Seeing this, Zhao Hai immediately understood how these Fireweavers became so fierce. He sneered as he waved his hand and said, “Change” After he said that, the three artifacts transformed and became three one-meter long constructs.

Such transformation wasn’t felt by the people inside the artifacts. However, they still felt strange since the bullets coming after them were beginning to miss.

The Fireweavers also discovered this transformation and couldn’t help but stare. However, they didn’t stop attacking. Shot after shot were released. Nobody can blame them since the change happened so abruptly. Because of their continual shooting, their bodies were already on autopilot. They just kept reloading, aiming, and shooting!

In the end, Zhu Gufeng shouted, “Stop, stop firing immediately!” But he was still a little late. Of the 2 thousand Fireweavers, several hundred tamed beasts could no longer hold on as the rifle technique stopped and they died.

As these beasts died, the Fireweavers also began to transform back to their normal form. Moreover, their expressions showed their exhaustion. But this wasn’t the end, just as they turned back to their original forms, they suddenly yelled out pitifully. They saw bloodstains on their chests that were becoming bigger and bigger!


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