BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1493


Chapter 1493 – Flames

Although this method of reloading was easy, Zhao Hai didn’t like it. In his view, magazines were still king. Right now, he wants to get his hands on these rifles in order to research their secrets.

However, acquiring these rifles wouldn’t be easy. The Fireweavers were very strong. Moreover, they excel in long-ranged attacks. Even if Zhao Hai wanted to attack them, the Fireweavers could still react in time and avoid him. Therefore, besides killing the tamed beasts, Zhao Hai and the others weren’t able to make great progress.

Moreover, killing the other party’s tamed beasts became harder. These beasts weren’t stupid. After taking the attacks from the fake spirit snake needles, the beasts became careful against them. 

Even so, the Fireweavers and the Giant Spirit Realm weren’t able to gain an advantage. This was because Zhao Hai’s large artifacts were extremely agile. Amidst the attacks from the tamed beasts, the large artifacts were like fishes swimming in water. It was impossible to surround them. Hence, both sides were stuck in a stalemate.

Zhao Hai’s attacks were concentrated as well as flexible. More than 50 thousand people were stacked inside three large artifacts. Naturally, this made their attacks more powerful. Moreover, the large artifacts weren’t cumbersome to control. They were still able to advance and retreat with ease under the attacks made by the enemies. 

Zhu Gufeng began to worry. The Fireweavers only had three powerful offensive methods. First was their tamed beasts, which was rendered useless against Zhao Hai’s spirit snake needles. Second were the bullets, but they couldn’t break through the defenses of the large artifacts. Two of their three attacks were cancelled by Zhao Hai. Only one offensive method was left, it was their flame attacks.

The Fireweaver Race’s flame attacks are very special. Their flames can be upgraded. This upgrade was just like the Space. It wasn’t based on the strength of the Fireweavers, but instead on what kind of flame they’re able to consume.

Some lucky Fireweavers may find yin fire or earth fire and turn them into their own flames using a secret technique. The benefits of the flame would affect their body and they would be able to use these flames as their innate abilities. Yin fire or earth fire produced through this ability couldn’t be underestimated.

As he thought of this, Zhu Gufeng stored his rifle and began to wave his hand. Then he threw a green flame towards the Hell King’s Ship.

Seeing this flame, Zhao Hai couldn’t help but stare. He hadn’t seen a flame like this before, but he couldn’t help but be alert against it.

Zhao Hai’s instincts weren’t wrong. Zhu Gufeng’s flame was named the Poison Dragon Flame! This Poison Dragon Flame was a very formidable flame. According to legend, it was the flame produced when a five-clawed dragon dies. The toxicity of this poison was beyond lethal. If it touches a human, even a Transcending Tribulation Expert wouldn’t be able to get rid of it.

Moreover, this flame was very difficult to extinguish. No matter what material it attaches to, it would continue burning. It was hard to completely destroy it.

Zhao Hai waved his hand as a barrier of lightning surrounded his three large artifacts. The reason why Zhao Hai used lightning barriers was because there were only two things in the world that can counter all evils. One of them was lightning and the other was pure yang flame.

Pure Yang Flame only existed in legends, nobody has seen it. According to legend, this flame can never be extinguished and can burn all evils under the heavens. Whether it was poison or darkness as long as they encounter this pure yang fire, they would be burned by it.

Although Zhao Hai wanted the Space to eat up Zhu Gufeng’s flame, he knew that the time wasn’t right. Before long, the poison dragon flame came in contact with the lightning barrier. Lightning flashed, yet the poison dragon flame kept burning, albeit a little smaller than before.

Zhao Hai frowned. He didn’t expect this flame to be this difficult to deal with. He waved his wand as a drop of water appeared. Naturally, this drop of water was Bubble. When he came out, Bubble immediately knew what needed to be done. It spun and covered the Hell King’s Ship with a layer of water.

To his surprise, the poison dragon flame only sizzled a little even after coming in contact with Bubble. Seeing that the flame kept burning, Zhao Hai frowned once more.

Upon seeing that Zhao Hai was having a hard time dealing with his flame, Zhu Gufeng couldn’t help but laugh as he said, “Brothers, use your fire to deal with them.” He knew that his fellow men also obtained good fire seeds. If all of these flames attack, Zhao Hai would certainly have a hard time.

When they heard this command, the other Fireweavers stored their rifles and began to use their flames to attack the three large artifacts.

Seeing this, Zhao Hai coldly snorted. Then he received Bubble and then covered the large artifacts with his own Innate Yin Fire. This time, Zhao Hai wanted to use fire to fight fire.

Suddenly, something unexpected happened. When the barrier made from innate yin fire surrounded the Hell King’s Ship, the green flame seems to have met its nemesis. The pale white flame directly swallowed the green flame.

Right, it swallowed the green flame. When Zhao Hai’s innate yin fire met the poison dragon flame, it looked like fire that was being poured with gasoline. Before long, the green flame vanished, leaving the pale white flame in its place.

As Zhao Hai was stunned at what happened, a prompt came from the Space, “Innate Yin Fire has successfully swallowed a mutated flame. Ability has been strengthened with poison. It is now harder to extinguish the flame.”

Zhao Hai stared. He didn’t expect the Innate Yin Fire to have this ability. As he was thinking about doing research on it, another prompt was heard, “Innate Yin Fire has successfully swallowed a mutant flame. Ability has been strengthened.”

Zhao Hai was dumbfounded. Then several more prompts were heard as the Innate Yin Fire swallowed more flames. It was able to strengthen itself multiple times.

Amidst his confusion, Zhao Hai immediately called Cai’er, “Cai’er, what’s happening? I don’t remember the Innate Yin Fire having this ability.”

Cai’er smiled and said, “The Innate Yin Fire doesn’t have this ability in the beginning. But after the Space leveled up, and after joining with the primordial root of the universe, the Innate Yin Fire was able to obtain this ability. Now, it can swallow other flames to strengthen itself.”

Zhao Hai nodded. He felt happy. Any increase in his ability was good. Most importantly, this ability allowed him to be fearless against the abilities of the Fireweaver Race.

Zhu Gufeng was also able to see the abnormality. He saw that instead of being engulfed with the Fireweaver Race’s flames, Zhao Hai’s three artifacts were surrounded by a pale white flame that was becoming more powerful as it extinguished other flames.

What’s more terrifying about this pale white flame was that it immediately burned any beast that came in contact with it. These tamed beasts would cry pitifully before they died.

This caused Zhu Gufeng’s heart to turn cold. These tamed beasts were important aspects of the Fireweaver Race’s strength. If they died, then the Fireweaver Army would be heavily affected.

Zhu Gufeng immediately ordered the flame attacks to stop. Meanwhile, Zhao Hai didn’t let this opportunity go as he waved his hand and released his 12 metal beasts and Eight Cyan Imperial Chariots. Then these new additions began to charge towards the Fireweaver Race and the Giant Spirit Realm’s army. These 12 metal beasts and imperial chariots were all covered with pale white flames. Everyone who bumped into this flame would be turned to ash. Moreover, the flames seem to have negative effects on artifacts. The flames might not destroy these artifacts, but they damaged the spiritual force connections to the owners.

This greatly surprised the Fireweavers, people from the Giant Spirit Realm, and those of the subordinate realms. They immediately retrieved their artifacts and switched them out for another.

Fortunately, the pale white flame didn’t cause too much damage to the artifacts. After using their own spiritual qi, the artifacts could be used once more.

However, this didn’t change the fact that the 12 metal beasts were causing great damage to the tamed beasts. These tamed beasts simply didn’t dare touch the metal beasts and the imperial chariots. As long as they touch these flaming artifacts, they would certainly be stained by the flames. And once the flames stick to them, they would either die horrible or be heavily injured.

In the end, the tamed beasts could only use spells to fight against the metal beasts and the imperial chariots. Although spells were strong, they still couldn’t do anything against the 12 metal beasts and the imperial chariots. In the end, the metal beasts and the imperial chariots were able to move unhindered amidst the tamed beast army.

At this time, Zhao Hai led the three large artifacts to begin their own rampage. The large artifacts had fake spirit snake needles as ammunition. Their attacking method also changed from before. Now the spirit snake needles were used like a net, they only target a small group of people at once. But once these people were targeted, it was very hard for them to get out.

Seeing the large artifacts, 12 metal beasts, and imperial chariots, Zhu Gufeng’s expression paled. He discovered that they no longer had any means to deal with Zhao Hai. All three main methods of attack that the Fireweaver Race had were useless against Zhao Hai. For Zhu Gufeng who came from one of the Five Great Realms, this was a huge embarrassment!


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