BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1492


Chapter 1492 – Bullet

While Zhao Hai was sizing Zhu Gufeng up, Zhu Gufeng was doing the same. Zhu Gufeng had a curious look on his face at first, but then it was replaced with disappointment. Zhao Hai looked extremely ordinary. On the other hand, Zhao Hai was even more curious about the rifle on Zhu Gufeng’s back.

Zhao Hai was a casual fan of military-related things back on earth. But at that time, he was only obsessed with cold weapons and weren’t very familiar with guns. However, for a while, he liked to read military novels, so he dug up some information related to it. From what he could see, Zhu Gufeng’s rifle was about 38 inches long and it looked like a classic Mosin Rifle. [1]

It was a long rifle and that’s nearly 1.4 meters long without a bayonet. Additionally, the shape of its butt was a little special, so Zhao Hai was able to remember this gun.

A Mosin Rifle was a bolt-action rifle that has been modified several times across history. It has been used as a cavalry rifle or even a sniper rifle. It’s precisely because of these modifications that the rifle was able to become famous all over the world.

The rifle behind Zhu Gufeng was very similar to a Mosin Rifle. The rifle was long and there was no bayonet on it. It had a wooden butt and designed to look ancient. There were two chains of bullets across Zhu Gufeng’s chest which gave Zhao Hai a sense that he was watching an old movie.

Zhu Gufeng’s observation of Zhao Hai was that he was a cultivator with black clothing, ordinary appearance, ordinary temperament, and didn’t have anything special on him at all. Zhu Gufeng couldn’t understand why Ba Tu placed great importance on this person.

Seeing that Zhao Hai didn’t speak, Zhu Gufeng opened his mouth and said, “You’re Zhao Hai?”

Zhao Hai replied in a calm manner, “Correct, I am. Are you from the Fireweaver Race? I thought the Fireweaver Race is forbidden from participating in the fights between other realms? Why are you here?”

Zhu Gufeng looked at Zhao Hai, then he suddenly laughed as he said, “We’re here because the Giant Spirit Realm invited us over. Now, since you know that we’re the Fireweaver Race, why resist? As long as you obediently surrender, I can guarantee that you can stay here and live as you did before.”

Zhao Hai looked at Zhu Gufeng and laughed as well, “We aren’t fools who let wolves into our house. The Hundred Treasures Realm is used to being people and has no interest in becoming dogs.”

Zhao Hai’s voice was low, so it was heard by the entire battlefield. What he said made the people from the Giant Spirit Realm army somewhat flustered.

Zhu Gufeng’s expression sank and his eyes flashed a cold light. He knew how lethal Zhao Hai’s words were. It was possible for the subordinate realms to have some ideas upon hearing Zhao Hai’s words.

Zhu Gufeng’s attention was now captured by Zhao Hai. One statement from him can stir the emotion of these cultivators. And these people aren’t simple characters. Zhu Gufeng coldly snorted and said, “Compared to pride, isn’t surviving more important?”

Zhao Hai laughed and said, “Wrong. That might be the case for ordinary people, but who are we? We are Cultivators, and Cultivators have pride. Without pride, we cannot progress. Also, the Fireweavers aren’t the strongest people in the Ten-thousand Realm Battlefield. What gives you the authority to decide who survives?”

Zhu Gufeng’s expression turned even more unsightly. He coldly snorted and said, “It seems like the Fireweaver Race has been out of the light for so long. People actually had the courage to go against us. Good, good. Then I’ll make sure to make an example out of you today!”

Despite this, Zhao Hai still laughed as he replied, “You want to make me an example? Just you? Now that the Giant Spirit Realm invited a wolf in here, they are now the enemy of the entire battlefield. You think you can just enter the war because of the Giant Spirit Realm’s invitation? Stop dreaming. Let me tell you, the Hundred Treasures Realm will be a stone that blocks you. If you want to enter the Ten-thousand Realm Battlefield, you will have to kick this stone away. But you need to be careful, lest you break your toes.”

Zhu Gefeng also laughed, “Kid, you’re extremely arrogant. For so many years, your the first one to belittle our Fireweaver Race. Let me put some clarity into that head of yours.” Then he waved his hand and shouted, ‘Kill!’. Behind him, the Fireweavers could no longer hold back as they loudly shouted and charged towards Zhao Hai.

All Fireweavers use tamed beasts. These tamed beasts weren’t the same as large artifacts that needed a short time to begin. These tamed beasts were extremely obedient and quick. As soon as they heard their orders, they immediately rushed towards Zhao Hai’s large artifacts.

Zhao Hai coldly snorted and said, “They really think that the Hundred Treasures Realm is a soft persimmon that everyone can just pinch.” After he said that, he waved his hand. Seeing Zhao Hai’s hand, the people on the three large artifacts made a move. In an instant, 200 huge needle-shaped artifacts shot towards the approaching beasts.

The beast attacked quickly. But they didn’t expect Zhao Hai to respond as fast. Moreover, the Fireweavers were too confident in the defenses of their beasts. Sometimes, confidence was a good thing, but being overconfident wasn’t.

There were more than 200 fake spirit snake needles. Their offensive strength couldn’t be underestimated. Although these things were made by Zhao Hai in order to fool Mu Yu and the others, they were still items made by the Space. Even if they are fake, they still pack quite a punch.

In an instant, more than 200 fake spirit snake needles killed about 100 tamed beasts. At the same time, it seems like Zhao Hai three large artifacts had retreated.

In the beginning, Zhu Gufeng didn’t care about Zhao Hai’s attack. But after it killed more than 100 tamed beasts, his expression couldn’t help but change.

These beasts were nurtured by the Fireweaver Race ever since they were little. They treated these beasts as though they were their siblings. Now that more than a hundred had died, Zhu Gufeng couldn’t help but grieve.

Zhu Gufeng’s complexion was pale as he shouted, “Kill them! Rip them to shreds! I want the entire Hundred Treasures Realm Army to die without graves!”

Zhu Gufeng was truly angry. In his mind, once the Fireweaver Race appears, the only thing that the Hundred Treasures Realm should do is retreat. He didn’t expect Zhao Hai to ridicule him and even kill the Fireweavers’ tamed beasts. Zhu Gufeng felt his temper rise up, he was enraged by Zhao Hai.

After giving his order, Zhu Gufeng reached out and took the long rifle on his back. Then he aimed towards Zhao Hai.

After Zhu Gufeng took out his rifle, Zhao Hai saw that it was a bit different from rifles on Earth. Mosin rifles back on earth had bolt handles that the gunman would pull before shooting. Zhu Gufeng’s rifle didn’t have that kind of mechanism. He was able to fire it right after taking it out. It was much more convenient.

Moreover, Zhao Hai discovered that after Zhu Gufeng’s rifle fired its bullet, the projectile speed was extremely fast. As soon as the rifle’s bang was heard, the bullet was already in front of Zhao Hai.

But before the bullet could hit Zhao Hai, it was stopped by an invisible barrier. The bullet just stopped in mid-air.

Zhao Hai inspected the bullet in front of him. It seems to be built from brass and it didn’t have a pointy head, instead it was round. It’s also larger than most bullets that Zhao Hai had seen back on Earth.

Zhao Hai reached out and took the bullet to inspect it more carefully. Meanwhile, Zhu Gufeng didn’t expect his own rifle shot to be blocked that easily. It must be known that his bullets could pierce all types of barriers as though they were paper. But now, this bullet was actually stopped by Zhao Hai’s barrier. This outcome stunned Zhu Gufeng.

Upon seeing Zhao Hai grasp the bullet with his hand, Zhu Gufeng’s eyes lit up. Then he coldly snorted as he controlled the bullet to fly straight into Zhao Hai.

Zhao Hai didn’t care as he just smiled faintly. Then like a stringless kite, the bullet fell into his hand. 

Zhu Gufeng’s expression changed. Naturally, he was aware that the bullets had a small formation inside it. When the bullet was on its way to the target, he wouldn’t be able to control it because of its speed. But when the bullet hit its target, it could then be controlled. A lot of people who fought the Fireweavers didn’t die to the bullet’s impact but to the controlled bullets instead. Zhu Gufeng wanted to use this trick to deal with Zhao Hai. However, he didn’t expect his spiritual force to be erased by Zhao Hai with ease. Naturally, he could no longer control the bullet.

Outsiders were only aware that the bullets of the Fireweaver Race were very fierce. They didn’t know that these bullets had small formations that were extremely difficult to build. Therefore, after each battle, if possible, the Fireweavers would recover these bullets. If people from their side died, they would also recover their rifles. In many cases, these small formations inside the bullets made the recovery easy. In a real battle, not only were these bullets powerful on their own, they could also be controlled in order to inflict more damage to the enemy. Nobody can accomplish this besides people with formidable spiritual force.

Just because Zhu Gufeng was in a daze, this didn’t mean that the fight stopped. Conversely, the battle became more intense. Zhao Hai’s large artifacts no longer retreated and instead began making coordinated attacks. 

While Zhao Hai was conducting the battle, he paid attention to the rifles of the Fireweaver Race. Their rifles needed reloading after five shots. However, these reloads weren’t done by hand but instead by spiritual force. The Fireweavers use their spiritual force to load the rifles with five bullets before continuing to fire.



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  1. > Moreover, Zhao Hai discovered that after Zhu Gufeng’s rifle fired its bullet, the projectile speed was extremely fast. As soon as the rifle’s bang was heard, the bullet was already in front of Zhao Hai.

    Author clearly doesn’t know how physics work. If Zhao Hai could hear the ‘bang’, then it means the bullet was actually very slow in comparison to what speeds are supposed to be used at this point in the story. It would also be much slower than what modern PISTOLS achieve, let alone rifles.

    After all, the ‘bang’ comes from the bullet exceeding the speed of sound…which means that the bullet will hit its target before the sound it makes would…

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