BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1490


Chapter 1490 – Fireweaver Army

Zhu Gufeng stood on the back of his Jade Flame Toad. He looked in front as his eyes couldn’t hide his excitement. He had no reason to be unhappy. After all, they were the vanguard sent out by the Fireweaver Race.

The Fireweavers, like other realms, always wanted to conquer other territories in the Ten-thousand Realm Battlefield. But because of the contradictions between the five realms, they weren’t able to work together. They also couldn’t stop the combined force of the other lower-grade realms. In the end, they can only look at the big fat meat that is the Ten-thousand Realm Battlefield and drool. They couldn’t do anything.

They didn’t expect the Giant Spirit Realm to look for them for help. And they even promised half their territory just so that the Fireweaver Race could eradicate the Hundred Treasures Realm. Moreover, after dealing with the Hundred Treasures Realm, the Fireweaver Race would get all of the spoils of war.

Actually, the Giant Spirit Realm doesn’t need to give them all these things. This was because the Giant Spirit Realm has already given the Fireweaver Race their most important possession. The territory agreement was just an excuse.

They wanted to make a move on the other territories in the Ten-thousand Realm Battlefield before, but realms like the Hundred Treasures Realm and the Giant Spirit Realm, which were quite strong, were united against them. If they send troops, these realms would unite and push them back. They need a pretext to attack. However, this excuse wasn’t easy to find.

This time, they didn’t expect things to take a favorable turn. The Giant Spirit Realm basically invited them into the Ten-thousand Realm Battlefield. Moreover, they even handed over a bunch of benefits. This allowed them to send their troops and annex territories.

The Five Realms always called their territories the ‘Great Lands’ while the territories outside the ‘Land of Chaos’. They always thought that the other realms couldn’t control their own territories, that was why they had been fighting all these years. The Five Realms were much more peaceful compared to the other realms. Thus the name ‘The Great Lands’.

Annexing the ‘Land of Chaos’ was the dream of the Five Realms. However, doing so wasn’t easy. The Five Realms weren’t peaceful with each other and had small conflicts between themselves. None of them could make a large move without the others interfering.

Since the Five Realms couldn’t just conquer each others’ territories, their goal was the ‘Land of Chaos’. In their opinion, it was the best place to expand. However, the Giant Spirit Race, the Hundred Treasures Realm, and all other realms wouldn’t allow them. Once these realms unite, even the Five Great Realms together couldn’t stop them. But at the same time, these realms were killing each other. Unless they were pushed into a corner, they wouldn’t unite. Therefore, the Five Realms behaved themselves and waited for any opportunity.

Now, this equilibrium has vanished, and it was broken by the other realms! When he thought of this, Zhu Gufeng couldn’t help but feel a burst of excitement. The blood in his body was boiling.

His Jade Flame Toad probably felt his emotions as it opened its mouth and roared. Zhu Gufeng couldn’t help but smile as he sat down. He touched the head of the toad as he chuckled and said, “Old Fellow, you’re excited too? This rare achievement will be in our hands.”

The Jade Flame Toad roared once more as though responding to him. Zhu Gufeng couldn’t help but laugh. He raised this Jade Flame toad ever since he was a child. He spent a lot of effort in order to nurture it. The Jade Flame Toad was a fire-attribute beast. Once it reached adulthood, its body length would exceed 20 meters. Its skin was like red jade and its eyes were like fine sapphire. It could also fly incredibly fast.

Just as Zhu Gufeng was laughing loudly, an eagle’s cry could be heard above him. Zhu Gufeng looked up and saw a huge golden eagle with a wingspan of overa hundred meters. Zhu Gufeng smiled and said, “You’re also excited? Hahaha. Don’t waste your energy now, we still have to play later.”

This golden eagle was also something he raised. It was named Goldfeather Thunderhawk. Its defensive strength was formidable. It has a body length of 30 meters and a wingspan of over 100 meters. It had a hooked beak and two sharp red talons. One could see how extraordinary it was.

This Goldfeather Thunderhawk can fly extremely fast. And with its lightning-attribute, its offensive strength isn’t ordinary. A grown-up Goldfeather Thunderhawk can reach Transcending Tribulation-level strength. However, Goldfeather Thunderhawks raised by the Fireweaver Race can resist attacks from Severed Soul Experts.

Zhu Gufeng was wearing a robe that resembled a buddhist’s. He had a scarf on his head and strips of cloth on his body. He wore leather boots and had two golden chains across his chest. He carried his spear on his back. The spear was more than a meter long and had a wooden handle. It looked like an old-fashioned spear.

Behind Zhu Gufeng were people with the same outfit as him. Some of these people stood on top of their tamed beasts, some rode on them, and some flew side by side. They looked like an army of men and beasts.

And further behind were two Giant Spirit Treasure Ships Alongside it were numerous flying cultivators.

Ba Tu stood on the Giant Spirit Ship as he looked at the Fireweavers flaunting their strength. His heart couldn’t help but feel bitter and unwilling. He knew how easy it was to bring the Fireweavers out. The real problem was how to make them return.

The Fireweaver Race was known to covet the lands of others. Ba Tu also knew how greedy the Five Realms were. It was precisely because of this that he thought badly about inviting the Fireweavers. This was practically inviting a wolf into their home.

Ba Tu also understood why the Giant Spirit Realm did this. They had been forced into a corner by the Hundred Treasures Realm. Now, the Giant Spirit Realm is unable to control their subordinate realms. If things went on like this, then those subordinates would certainly rebel and attack the Giant Spirit realm. And with the attack of the Hundred Treasures Realm, the Giant Spirit Realm would be finished.

Those old fogies certainly understood the situation. Therefore, they invited the Fireweaver Race over. To put it bluntly, the Giant Spirit Realm wanted to take everyone down with them.

For the Giant Spirit Realm, inviting the Fireweavers and giving away their lands was practically suicide. Right now, the Fireweavers still need the Giant Spirit Realm to give them an excuse to go out. But once the Hundred Treasures Realm has been dealt with, the Giant Spirit Realm would be the ones suffering next. But for the Giant Spirit Realm, they were already satisfied if they could see the Hundred Treasures Realm perish before their eyes!

Hatred can make people patient. Similarly, hatred can also cause people to go crazy and do stupid decisions. The Giant Spirit Realm was now making a stupid decision.

Zhao Hai was now calmly sitting inside his residence. They had already made the situation clear to the people from the subordinate realms. Although they didn’t know about the Fireweaver Race, they also knew that the enemy would be hard to deal with. Would someone that made the Hundred Treasures Realm retreat easy to deal with? Certainly not.

The Octopus Island was now making its arrangements. Everyone needs to be at their peak when the battle happens. It was already planned that they would settle  themselves inside the Hell King’s Ship, Giant Spirit Treasure Ship, and the Pagoda. All of these artifacts belonged to Zhao Hai.

Zhao Hai and Tang Jie planned to meet the other party head on. However, everyone needs to stay inside the three large artifacts. Nobody was allowed to venture out on their own.

Although these people didn’t understand why Zhao Hai did this, they didn’t say anything. On the contrary, they were happy to stay in the Hell King’s Ship. This meant that only the large artifacts would get in contact with the enemies and they wouldn’t need to defend themselves. Large artifacts were much more defensive compared to other artifacts.

Despite staying in his residence, Zhao Hai was actually waiting for Cai’er to integrate the yin-yang pond to the lightning pool in order to form the yin-yang lightning pool. This yin-yang lightning pool couldn’t only absorb energy from outside, it could also make its own energy. It could also transform the energy it produced into lightning energy and release it. It was now much more formidable than before.

As long as the yin-yang lightning pool was made, Zhao Hai would immediately install them into his large artifacts to prepare for the incoming attack. This was because the Fireweavers and the Giant Spirit Realm were now quite close to the Octopus Islands.

After one hour, Zhao Hai opened his eyes. His face couldn’t hide his flee. Finally, yin-yang lighting pools have been installed into his large artifacts. Not only would this enhance the large artifacts’ abilities, it could also improve their defense.

Moreover, the yin-yang lightning pool can be used on smaller artifacts, even liquid silver’s needle. With the yin-yang lightning pool, the silver needles are now much more potent. But in the end, the larger the yin-yang lightning pool, the bigger benefits it could bestow. So larger artifacts benefited more from them.

At this time, Zhao Hai was thinking of visiting the Primal Chaos Realm. This was because the realm has something that’s very attractive to him. It had something to do with the Space.

Zhao Hai remembered Mu Yu’s introduction of the Primal Chaos Realm. The women from the Primal Chaos Realm were mages whose staffs can directly connect to their spatial equipment. This allows them to use potions that could improve their spells. Inside their spatial equipment should be a large supply of potions. Otherwise, they wouldn’t be able to use it for battle. What Zhao Hai wanted was the technology used by these people in order to have this kind of access into their spatial equipment.

This technology might not look special at first glance, but when you think about it deeper, it becomes more complicated. The space inside spatial equipment is an expanded space. If one makes a direct connection to it that’s open all the time, then this connection will be broken by the discrepancy between the inside and outside space. Being able to access the space inside the equipment all the time was something that Zhao Hai wanted.


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