BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1486


Chapter 1486 – Transcending Tribulation

Zhao Hai was trying hard to route the qi inside his body. The Immortal Expert was indeed very strong. Zhao Hai didn’t pay attention when the qi of the Immortal Expert entered his body. He thought that it could be easily resolved. But now it seems like this wasn’t the case at all. The qi of an Immortal Expert wasn’t easy to deal with.

The qi of an Immortal Stage Expert wasn’t the same as those from the lower stages. Most qi that Zhao Hai met were like an iron rod. As long as it was grinded down, it would sooner or later vanish.

On the other hand, the qi of an Immortal Stage Expert was like an onion, it had layers upon layers. Each layer is more formidable than the last. Once you grind one layer down, another would show up.

Because of this, it was very difficult for Zhao Hai to get rid of the invasive qi inside his body. He needs to digest it bit by bit.

However, Zhao Hai soon came upon an issue. There seems to be something that was layered on top of the Immortal Expert’s qi. It was like a law or some sort.

Zhao Hai felt more and more curious about the Immortal Stage. In the end, he had to use faith power in coordination with his own qi in order to surround the Immortal Expert’s qi and grind it down bit by bit.

Upon using faith power, Zhao Hai discovered that the process had become much easier. Not only that, before this, when Zhao Hai used only his spiritual qi, he would need to consume energy corresponding to the amount of energy he erased. In other words, Zhao Hai needs to spend the same amount of energy in order to remove the Immortal Expert’s qi.

But now, after using faith power, things became different. Zhao Hai discovered that as the Immortal Expert’s qi vanished, some of it was added to Zhao Hai’s own. This caused Zhao Hai to be somewhat puzzled.

He carefully observed the qi that he absorbed and discovered that it was solidified energy. Although it was still spiritual qi, it actually gave a feeling of a steady mountain.

Zhao Hai was stunned for a moment. But he immediately thought about the sword qi that was released by the Immortal Expert. It was golden yellow so its attribute should be earth. The feeling of a stable mountain should be part of the laws of the earth.

Zhao Hai still had little experience regarding these things. He might not know what laws were, but this still didn’t prevent him from comprehending them. Laws weren’t very difficult. After all, Zhao Hai already had the five attributes, with earth being one of them. This allowed him to comprehend the qi inside his body.

Zhao Hai controlled his spiritual force towards the foreign qi. This qi was much more dense compared to Zhao Hai’s spiritual qi. When Zhao Hai’s spiritual force touched it, it felt like climbing a huge mountain. A mountain that was present since ancient times. Winds cannot move it, lighting can’t shake it, earthquakes can’t destroy it. It was an eternally standing mountain.

Zhao Hai immersed himself in this feeling. He felt himself become a mountain. He just stood there indifferently, almost sensing the passage of millions of years.

As Zhao Hai’s comprehension deepened, the Immortal Expert’s qi also began to sizzle away from his body. However, Zhao Hai didn’t stop from feeling the law of this mountain.

Meanwhile, as they defended the Hell King’s Ship, Mu Yu began to worry. Zhao Hai has stood motionless for two days. They didn’t make a move in these two days. Mu Yu wasn’t worried that the army would be held back. He feared that something wrong had happened to Zhao Hai.

At this moment, Mu Yu discovered Zhao Hai’s body glowing with yellow light. It got brighter and brighter before Zhao Hai’s entire figure turned into yellow light.

Although this yellow light was bright, it wasn’t dazzling. Conversely, it gave off a solemn feeling. Mu Yu tried to scan Zhao Hai with his spiritual force but found out that he couldn’t. Instead, what he saw was a mountain. Zhao Hai turned into a mountain!

This caused Mu Yu to be stunned, then he immediately understood that Zhao Hai was about to break through. He quickly shouted, “Everyone, distance yourselves from the Hell King’s Ship!”

Mu Yu knew that if Zhao Hai were to break through, then he would be facing tribulation thunder. Mu Yu didn’t want everyone to be pulled into Zhao Hai’s tribulation.

The power of this tribulation lightning couldn’t be underestimated. If these people were to stand alongside the Hell King’s Ship, then they would be hit by this lightning. Although these people were all experts, this didn’t mean that they weren’t afraid of tribulation lightning. If they cause any changes to the tribulation lightning, then Zhao Hai would be in danger.

Recalling a matter that happened in a small realm in the Ten-thousand Realm Battlefield. A Severed Soul Expert wanted to help his nephew during his tribulation. He took it upon himself to sit and guard his nephew. However, nobody expected the tribulation to be very strong. Additionally, the nephew has been spoiled since he was a child. Seeing such a powerful tribulation lightning, he panicked and didn’t know what to do.

Because of his affection towards his nephew, the Severed Soul Expert personally shielded his nephew from the tribulation. However, something surprising occurred. The tribulation somehow felt the Severed Soul Expert’s meddling and increased the power of the tribulation lightning. Not only was the nephew turned into ash, the Severed Soul Expert was also injured.

Because of this lesson, people became aware that they shouldn’t help someone during their tribulation.

This was the reason why Mu Yu had everyone vacate the area. He was afraid that they would affect Zhao Hai’s tribulation. If they were caught in the tribulation, their instinct would make them resist it, which would in turn cause the tribulation to be more powerful. When the time comes, the one who would suffer would be Zhao Hai.

Everyone also understood Mu Yu’s command. After all, they were all who went through their tribulations. When they saw Zhao Hai’s state, they knew what was going on. They immediately retreated. Before long, a black cloud appeared above Zhao Hai. More and more clouds grouped up until it became a thick black cloud. Then the clouds began to rumble as if there was a dragon lurking inside it.

Among the dark clouds, silvery lightning could be seen snaking through. Seeing this, Mu Yu couldn’t help but frown. This was because he could feel that Zhao Hai’s tribulation was much stronger than most people.

At this time, Tang Jie arrived beside Mu Yu as he whispered, “Big Brother Mu, something feels wrong. Zhao Hai’s tribulation looks several times stronger than mine. Little Hai will be fine right?”

Mu Yu shook his head and replied, “I don’t know. From what I heard, the power of tribulation lightning is directly related to the cultivation of the person who will receive it. Although Zhao Hai is just a Nascent Soul Expert, he was able to block two attacks from an Immortal Stage Expert. This strength already exceeds the Transcending Tribulation Stage. Because of this, his tribulation lightning should be very strong. But I believe Zhao Hai will be able to take it.”

As they were talking, a thick lightning bolt came down from the dark clouds as though it wanted to chop Zhao Hai in half. But at the same time, a group of yellow light flew out from Zhao Hai’s body and met the lightning. What strange was that when the group of yellow lights hit the lightning, it began to fizzle out. It was as though the yellow lights were the bane of the tribulation lightning. Before long, the lightning vanished.

Mu Yu and the others were stunned, they didn’t know what happened. Then they saw the group of yellow lights flying upwards into the dark clouds. The clouds surged fiercely, no longer having any lightning to pour down unto Zhao Hai.

After some time, Mu Yu discovered that the dark clouds were beginning to shrink. As Mu Yu was doubting his eyes, the clouds vanished at a rapid rate. Before long, the clouds shrunk into less than ten mu in size.

Everyone was stunned as they saw the dark clouds completely vanish. And in the place where the clouds were was a group of yellow lights.

The yellow lights seemed to have eaten their full as they shook for a moment before returning to Zhao Hai’s body. It was also at this time that Zhao Hai opened his eyes.

When Mu Yu saw this, his eyes couldn’t help but shine. He immediately flew back to the Hell King’s Ship. Seeing Mu Yu arrive, Zhao Hai immediately gave a salute and said, “Big Brother Mu, I’ve worried you. I didn’t think I’d be able to break through this time.”

Mu Yu smiled faintly and said, “It’s alright. As long as you’re well. How is it? Are you feeling great after breaking through?”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “Fantastic. I’m not at the Transcending Tribulation Stage. Before this, I was struggling to dissolve the Immortal Expert’s qi inside my body. But now I was finally able to remove it.”

Mu Yu laughed, then he patted Zhao Hai’s shoulder and said, “Alright, that’s good. While you recuperate, we’ll head towards the Imperial Spirit Sect.” Zhao Hai nodded, then they went back to the Pagoda.

When everyone got back on the Hell King’s Ship, Zhao Hai and Mu Yu sat on the top of the pagoda. But instead of going to the roof, Mu Yu took Zhao Hai to his room while Tang Jie and Tang Wen remained outside.

Seeing this, Zhao Hai looked confused. Mu Yu went straight to the point, “Little Hai, tell me the truth. Do you have faith power?”

When Zhao Hai heard Mu Yu, his body couldn’t help but shake. He looked at Mu Yu in amazement. Seeing Zhao Hai’s reaction, Mu Yu sighed and said, “Sure enough, you’re really a lucky kid. You even have faith power, something other people could only dream of. Where did you get your faith power from?”

Zhao Hai didn’t reply to Mu Yu’s question. Instead, he asked, “Big Brother Mu, how did you find out that I have faith power? Do you cultivate it as well?”


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