BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1485


Chapter 1485 – Fierce Immortal Stage Expert!

Zhao Hai didn’t intend to annoy the Immortal Stage Expert with what he said. He just wants to remove the spiritual attack that was affecting the Hundred Treasures Realm’s side.

The spiritual attack of the Immortal Stage Expert was very formidable. He just borrowed his cultivation base in order to oppress the enemy. Because of this, he was able to cause Mu Yu and the others to feel extreme pressure deep inside.

Such an attack was very easy to get rid of. Mu Yu and the others were experts at the Transcending Tribulation and the Severed Soul Stage, so their spirits were already strong to begin with. As long as they were given a gentle push, they could immediately erase this kind of spiritual attack. After all, the Immortal Stage Expert couldn’t exert real pressure on the battlefield.

What Zhao Hai did was to remind Mu Yu and the others so that they would wake up and get rid of the Immortal Stage Expert’s attack.

Zhao Hai’s move was very useful. His words caused Mu Yu and the others’ body and mind to shake. Then they discovered the state they were in. They couldn’t help but feel that they were laughable.

Mu Yu and the other Severed Soul Experts understood that they had just been attacked by an Immortal Stage Expert. This angered them. Mu Yu coldly snorted and said, “The Giant Spirit Realm is truly despicable. An Immortal Stage Expert actually used such an underhanded method.”

Just as his words fell, the Immortal Stage Expert replied, “Kid, you’re courting death!”

Along with this response, a cyan fist flew over from a distance. However, this fist wasn’t aimed at Mu Yu. Instead, it was going towards Zhao Hai.

Seeing this fist, Mu Yu’s expression changed. Although this fist looked ordinary, one shouldn’t underestimate the strength of a fist from an Immortal Stage Expert.

And this fist was heading towards Zhao Hai. If Zhao Hai suffers and accident, then it would be a huge loss towards the Hundred Treasures Realm.

If he hadn’t met Zhao Hai, then Mu Yu wouldn’t have thought of this. But after meeting Zhao Hai and learning about his ability, he became aware of how powerful Zhao Hai was. If Zhao Hai was killed now, then the losses wouldn’t be worth it even if the Hundred Treasures Realm won.

If others knew what Mu Yu was thinking, they would certainly be startled. Mu Yu was now giving Zhao Hai more importance than his hatred towards the Giant Spirit Realm.

Actually, Mu Yu’s thinking held some truth. If they defeat the Giant Spirit Realm, what would they get? They would take the Giant Spirit Realm’s territory, and they wouldn’t even be able to get all of it. They have to split the territory with other realms. Besides the territory, they would obtain the Giant Spirit Realm’s subordinate realms. This was important for the Hundred Treasures Realm, but not as important as Zhao Hai.

Not to say anything else, Zhao Hai’s ability to reconstruct an artifact and its components would infinitely benefit the Hundred Treasures Realm.

The amount of materials the Hundred Treasures Realm uses every year for refining was astronomical. And most of these materials are wasted and become useless sludge.

It can be said that the materials the Hundred Treasures Realm waste every year was much more than the tribute they receive from their subordinate realms. But if they had Zhao Hai, these materials can be recycled and reused. For the Hundred Treasures Realm, this was a source of massive profit.

Additionally, they can acquire artifacts from other realms and have Zhao Hai reconstruct them and get the refining method. This was even more beneficial for the Hundred Treasures Realm. As long as they copy the artifacts of the other realms, they would be more confident fighting against them in the future.

Because of this, Mu Yu was very worried about Zhao Hai. However, he was too far from Zhao Hai. He doesn’t have any spatial abilities so it was impossible for him to go to Zhao Hai. The only thing he could do right now was to wish for Zhao Hai’s safety.

Actually, Mu Yu’s earlier words were meant to attract the attention of the Immortal Stage Expert. He wanted the Immortal Expert to attack him instead of Zhao Hai.

In Mu Yu’s mind, the Immortal Stage Expert should be attacking him. Although Zhao Hai destroyed the Immortal Expert’s attack, Mu Yu was stronger and more famous. Moreover, Mu Yu was the commander of the entire Hundred Treasures Realm army. Killing him was much more efficient than killing Zhao Hai. Because of this, Mu Yu thought that the Immortal Expert would attack him, not Zhao Hai.

Mu Yu didn’t expect the Immortal Expert to ignore him and instead go for Zhao Hai. Seeing the fist going towards Zhao Hai, Mu Yu’s heart was stuck in his throat.

Zhao Hai also saw the fist attack coming for him. This fist wasn’t fast, but Zhao Hai knew that he couldn’t just hide this time. Firstly, the Immortal Expert was using their own spiritual force to control the fist. If he didn’t use the Space, it would be impossible for him to avoid it. Secondly, if he hid at this time, then it would affect the morale of the Hundred Treasures Realm. Because of this, he couldn’t hide.

Actually, Zhao Hai wasn’t thinking of hiding. He coldly snorted as he waved his hand. Then a spirit snake needle appeared in his hand. Then the dark mist covered spirit snake needle charged towards the fist.

The fist and the spirit snake needle met in the air. A loud bang was heard as the fist was broken. At the same time, Zhao Hai and the Hell King’s Ship retreated more than a thousand steps before stopping.

Zhao Hai was still standing on the Hell King’s Ship, his complexion was pale. However, his back was straight as he sneered and said, “Immortal Stage, mediocre!” His statement caused the entire battlefield to turn their eyes towards him.

For many years, nobody dared to disrespect Immortal Stage Experts. This even extended somewhat to half-step Immortal Stage Experts like Ba Tu. Immortal Experts were much more powerful than Severed Soul Experts. Offending them was basically courting death.

Zhao Hai didn’t only offend the Immortal Expert, he even mocked him as mediocre. Hitting the face of the Giant Spirit Realm’s Immortal Expert, how could this Immortal Expert let him off.

Sure enough, hearing Zhao Hai, an angered shout was heard, “Brat, you’re too arrogant. Die!” After this a sword qi cut through the sky, targeted towards Zhao Hai.

This sword qi was very solid and exuded a golden light. It could be clearly seen that it was much more powerful than the fist qi. It seems like the Immortal Expert has been angered and wanted to kill Zhao Hai.

Zhao Hai coldly looked at the sword qi. He waved his hand and took out a large needle. The needle didn’t charge immediately. Instead, it stayed in place as it got darker and darker. In the end, the needle was covered by a black sheen.

At this time, Zhao Hai waved his hand, sending the needle towards the incoming sword qi. The aura brought by the long needle was astonishing. It caused waves along the path it took.

The sword qi also caused ripples along its path. So when the two collided, a loud boom was heard. The area around the collision was leveled. Waves of spiritual energy could be felt from far away.

The people present felt that their bodies were like leaves as they were swayed by the collision. They simply couldn’t stand in place as they were blown away.

As for Zhao Hai and the Hell King’s Ship, he was blown back by 1000 steps before stopping. His complexion was even paler. However, his back was still straight.

Seeing Zhao Hai’s appearance, Mu Yu’s eyes shone. He felt his blood rushing as he shouted, “Good!”

With this boost, Mu Yu commanded everyone to attack the Giant Spirit Realm. The formation of the Giant Spirit Realm army was already destroyed. They no longer have any means to resist. And with Zhao Hai blocking the Immortal Experts two attacks, this caused the Giant Spirit Realm’s morale to drop even more. It didn’t take long before the army scattered.

At this time, the Immortal Expert attacked once more, “Brat, this old man will kill you today!” Several sword qi went towards Zhao Hai one after another. It seems like the Immortal Expert was resolute in killing Zhao Hai.

Zhao Hai’s current state wasn’t good. He underestimated the strength of the Immortal Expert. Although he managed to receive the two attacks, they also caused him to be injured. Most importantly, the shock of the attack harmed his body, reducing the flow of spiritual energy. He could no longer block another attack from the Immortal Expert. Right now, he was thinking of hiding inside the Space.

Then at this moment, a cold snort was heard, “Ba Si, why would a respected elder like you bully a kid? Aren’t you ashamed? Did you really think that you can bully my Hundred Treasures Realm?”

Following this voice, several needle-shaped qi collided with the sword qi. This time, there was no sound from the collision. The qi just vanished as they cancelled each other out.

After the collision, the previous voice was heard, “Ba Si, if you want to play with this old man, then I’ll keep you company. Doing it here will just make these juniors suffer. Let’s find another place to play in.”

Ba Si let out a cold snort before the two vanished. Although the people on the battlefield heard the dialogue between the two, their battle didn’t stop. The Giant Spirit Realm was now being suppressed and beaten by the Hundred Treasures Realm. The subordinate realms of the Giant Spirit Realm were already beginning to flee.

Seeing the situation, Ba Tu knew that he couldn’t do anything. So he ordered everyone to retreat. Ba Tu was better than Ba Li. At least he can gather the people from the Giant Spirit Realm and then slowly retreat. He was able to minimize their losses.

Although Mu Yu wanted to give chase, he noticed a problem with Zhao Hai. After blocking the attacks of the Immortal Expert twice, Zhao Hai stood there without moving. Normally, Zhao Hai would use his Hell King’s Ship to attack Ba Tu’s group. But now, he didn’t. It’s clear that something was wrong.

Thinking of this, Mu Yu stopped pursuing the Giant Spirit Realm and instead headed towards the Hell King’s Ship. When he arrived, he saw Zhao Hai standing still with his eyes closed.

Mu Yu’s heart jumped and he panicked for a while. But he quickly felt that Zhao Hai’s breath was fine. But he was injured and in the process of recovery.

Knowing this, Mu Yu relaxed. But he was still worried. He knew that if it was only a small injury, then Zhao Hai wouldn’t have stood in place to heal. It’s certain that Zhao Hai was heavily injured this time.

With Zhao Hai’s strength, he wouldn’t be easily injured. But if he did, then it should be serious. Even if the injury was treated with a pill, he wouldn’t be able to recover quickly. Mu Yu was worried that Zhao Hai’s injuries would affect his future cultivation. 

Tang Jie and the others kept chasing the Giant Spirit Realm. Meanwhile, Mu Yu stood behind as he waited beside Zhao Hai.

Mu Yu knew that Zhao Hai shouldn’t be disturbed right now. If Zhao Hai was disturbed, then it might worsen his injury.

An hour passed by, two hours, three hours, Zhao Hai was still in place. At this time, Tang Jie and the others went back after chasing the Giant Spirit Realm for 1000 li. Upon returning, Mu Yu smiled and welcomed them, “Little Jie, have everyone surround the Hell King’s Ship. Little Hai shouldn’t be disturbed. We need to protect him!”

Tang Jie stared, then his complexion changed as he asked, “Big Brother Mu, how is Little Hai? Is he alright?”

Mu Yu sighed and said, “He’s injured and currently recovering. He cannot be disturbed.” Tang Jie nodded and immediately arranged the army to surround the Hell King’s Ship. Moreover, the enclosure was watertight, even mosquitoes wouldn’t be able to enter.

Seeing Tang Jie’s arrangement, Mu Yu let out a long breath. Then he recounted their victory. They dispatched about 80 thousand people against the Giant Spirit Realm who had the same number of troops. Altogether, they managed to kill 30 thousand people, 2000 of which were from the Giant Spirit Realm. On the other hand, the Hundred Treasures Realm suffered 10 thousand casualties. About a thousand people from the Hundred Treasures Realm died. But this was already a good result.

Although they weren’t able to kill a lot of people from the Giant Spirit Realm, the result was still very good. They managed to defeat the Giant Spirit Realm once more. For the Hundred Treasures Realm, this was an exceptional outcome.


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