BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1484


Chapter 1484 – Immortal Experts Make A Move

Although Ba Tu was currently fighting against Mu Yu, he was also paying attention to the Hell King’s Ship. He was aware that Zhao Hai and the Hell King’s Ship were huge threats to the Giant Spirit Realm.

From Ba Li’s testimony, Ba Tu became aware that the reason Ba Li lost miserably twice was because of this Zhao Hai.

When Ba Tu heard Ba Li’s description of Zhao Hai, he could hear a trace of admiration in his tone. Ba Tu knew that Ba Li was a proud person. Although he was defeated this time, his pride was still intact. However, he wasn’t as arrogant as before. There weren’t a lot of people that could awe Ba Li. This caused Ba Tu to pay more attention to Zhao Hai.

One shouldn’t think that Ba Tu was truly focused on his fight with Mu Yu. In fact, he wasn’t going all out. If he really did, although he couldn’t overwhelm Mu Yu, he could still exhaust him. Because of this, while he was fighting Mu Yu, Ba Tu was also paying attention to Zhao Hai.

Seeing Zhao Hai vanish, Ba Tu began to feel unwell. He was also aware that Zhao Hai has a spatial divergent ability. Back then, he didn’t care much about it. This just meant that Zhao Hai can travel much faster than other people. But now, Ba Tu felt that if Zhao Hai were to appear somewhere else with the Hell King’s Ship, then the Giant Spirit Realm army would be in trouble.

Thinking of this, Ba Tu immediately strengthened his attacks on Mu Yu. He wanted to get out of this engagement in order to stop Zhao Hai. However, he underestimated Mu Yu. Mu Yu knows what Zhao Hai plans to do, so he needs to prevent Ba Tu. Mu Yu knew that Ba Tu was stronger than him, with the latter being half-step into the Immortal Stage. Because of this, he didn’t go all out. He was saving his strength to stop Ba Tu when it’s critical.

When Ba Tu strengthened his attacks, Mu Yu knew what needed to be done. He also began to get serious as he withstood the attacks. He wouldn’t allow Ba Tu to disentangle himself.

As soon as Ba Tu knew that he couldn’t leave, he began to feel anxious. He began to intensify his attacks, but he still underestimated Zhao Hai’s speed. Zhao Hai appeared about 5 li away from behind the Giant Spirit Realm army. Then he took out the Hell King’s Ship, the Pagoda, and a Giant Spirit Treasure Ship. Soon after, the three large artifacts began to charge towards the army.

There were a lot of Giant Spirit Realm people behind the army. Naturally, there were also a lot of people from other realms. Cultivators fight differently compared to other people. Artifacts were flying all over the sky. Moreover, with how many there were, even if one was blind, they can still feel the powerful turbulence of spiritual energy in the air. So this wasn’t to say that the back was safer, nowhere else was safe.

The Giant Spirit Realm people on the back were supervising the battle. If there were any deserters, they would kill them.

Because of this, the people in the back were among the elite. Sensing Zhao Hai’s actions, these people turned their heads only to see three large artifacts aggressively charging towards them.

This time, in order to increase the impact, Zhao Hai separated the Pagoda from the Hell King’s Ship. Then along with the Giant Spirit Treasure Ship, the three large artifacts charged towards the enemy. Actually, Zhao Hai can release more large artifacts. After all, Liquid Silver can transform into anything. However, he didn’t do this. He already gave Mu Yu and the others the impression that Liquid Silver can only change into one piece of equipment.

Even if he decided to expose his strength, he wouldn’t expose all of it. It’s already good that Mu Yu and the others understood that Zhao Hai was strong. There’s no need to go extra.

Seeing the three large artifacts, the expression of the people from the Giant Spirit Realm immediately changed. They quickly turned around to defend. Since they didn’t have large artifacts at the back, they could only use their own artifacts. They hoped that they could block Zhao Hai and give the Giant Spirit Realm an opportunity to turn the tides of the battle.

Zhao Hai didn’t think so much as he just charged on at full power. Once these three large artifacts hit their target, their impact would certainly be very strong. Although one of the three was the Giant Spirit Treasure Ship, it was improved by the Space. Therefore, it was very fast. It didn’t hold back the Pagoda and the Hell King’s Ship.

Although the Giant Spirit Realm army did their best to block the three large artifacts, they couldn’t do anything to stop them. The moment the three large artifacts hit the formation, chaos occurred.

When Ba Tu saw this, he couldn’t help but stop himself from spitting out blood. He now understood what Ba Li felt. From the beginning up to now, he was being led by the nose. This annoyed him so much.

However, Ba Tu has no way to command the army. Mu Yu completely locked him down. Ba Tu was mad and angry that he couldn’t do anything.

Zhao Hai’s three artifacts moved unhindered inside the Giant Spirit Realm’s formation. Nobody was able to stop them. The people from the subordinate realms were also left with nothing to do. These realms were like the World of Cultivation. If they lose too many people, then they wouldn’t be able to fare well in the future. Even if the Giant Spirit Realm won, they would still have a hard time.

Adding on to the multiple defeats that the Giant Spirit Realm suffered against the Hundred Treasures Realm and the World of Cultivation’s defection to the Hundred Treasures Realm, the subordinate realms had a shadow cast on their heart. Because of this, it was impossible for them to go all out for the Giant Spirit Realm this time.

It was said that the first loss of the Giant Spirit Realm was because of the Hundred Treasures Realm’s luck. The second was because the Hundred Treasures Realm was prepared. Nobody knew how the Hundred Treasures Realm were able to get so many large artifacts. And that time, it was reasonable for the Giant Spirit Realm to be forced to retreat. But what about this time?

This time was a field battle! Two armies were pitted against each other, going head to head. In this case, if they were defeated, then this would consume the last shred of confidence that the subordinate realms had for the Giant Spirit Realm.

The hearts of the people from the subordinate realms were in tatters. And it became impossible for the Giant Spirit Realm to keep them in line. The Giant Spirit Realm tried to kill a few deserters in order to frighten them, but they didn’t expect the people from the subordinate realms to rebel and kill people from the Giant Spirit Realm. This caused the formation to be more chaotic.

In the minds of the people from the subordinate realms, the Giant Spirit Realm was finished. They wouldn’t just accept the Giant Spirit Realm commanding them to die. And because of the successive defeats of the Giant Spirit Realm, the subordinate realms were no longer afraid of them. In this case, it became impossible for the Giant Spirit realm to kill some of them in order to strike fear on the others. Every single realm who managed to come to the Ten-thousand Realm Battlefield wasn’t simple. These people fought hard to gain their current status. Naturally, they would fight back if they were forced into a corner.

At this moment, an angry snort was heard. It was very resounding as it thundered in the ears of everyone present. Their minds couldn’t help but shake.

This snort froze the entire battlefield. Everyone stopped fighting. Then someone’s words were heard, “Hundred Treasures Realm bastards, you actually dared to make a move on the Giant Spirit Realm. This old man will have to teach you a lesson!”

This voice wasn’t too strong, but everyone in the battlefield were able to hear this. Moreover, an imposing aura could be heard in the voice. It was a resounding aura, making people give up any means of resistance.

 Everyone was horrified. The weakest of them were at the Transcending Tribulation Stage. To overwhelm then in such a manner only meant that the owner of the voice was a person at the Immortal Stage!

Only an Immortal Stage Expert could have such overbearing aura! Thinking of this, everyone’s heart sank. This was an Immortal Stage Expert, the top existence in the Ten-thousand Realm Battlefield. These were people that couldn’t be treated lightly. They simply couldn’t resist against them. The people from the Hundred Treasures Realm couldn’t help but lose some courage. There were even some people who felt like giving up!

Not to say others, even Mu Yu, a peak Severed Soul Expert, was shaken by this. His heart dropped. 

At this time, another voice was heard, “What? An Immortal Expert of the Giant Spirit Realm wants to make a move? Hahaha. It seems like we really pushed the Giant Spirit Realm into a corner. The decision of the World of Cultivation to defect towards us is truly a good choice. What hope is there to follow such a hopeless realm!”

With this voice, the battlefield was so quiet that one could hear a needle dropping. Everyone looked towards where the voice came from. Then they saw Zhao Hai standing on top of the Hell King’s Ship. The Pagoda was back on the ship while the Giant Spirit Treasure Ship was nowhere to be found.

Zhao Hai was standing on top of the ship looking at the people of the Giant Spirit Realm with contempt. Everyone who saw this felt that there must be something wrong with their brains.

Although Zhao Hai was looking at the people from the Giant Spirit Realm, his message was actually directed at the Immortal Stage Expert. Was Zhao Hai that courageous? Or was he just too arrogant?

Zhao Hai discovered in the beginning that the Immortal Stage Expert didn’t just use his spiritual force to overwhelm others. There was also a trace of spiritual attack in his voice. This kind of large-scale attack using sound can only be used by somebody at the Immortal Stage. However

However, such an attack wasn’t effective on him. The Enlightenment Technique far surpassed any spiritual attack. As soon as the voice from the Immortal Stage Expert came out, Zhao Hai knew that he wasn’t planning on participating in the battle. He just wants to extinguish the spirit of the Hundred Treasures Realm and let the Giant Spirit Realm win. 

People who use this kind of method to gain victory was something Zhao Hai hated. Therefore, he decided to counter!


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