BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1483


Chapter 1483 – Dare to Fight!?

The Formation Breaking Spirit Snake flew like a meteor as it striked towards the Hell King’s Ship. Ba Tu’s action wasn’t just noticed by Zhao Hai and Mu Yu, a lot of people were able to see it. Almost everyone’s vision was on the flying spirit snake needle.

Formation Breaking Spirit Snake Needles are very useful in dealing with guardian formation. However, if it was used against large artifacts, even though it can cause significant damage, the action would damage the spirit snake needles. It can be said that spirit snake needles had its limitations when it came to dealing with large artifacts. After all, it wasn’t really made to attack large artifacts.

But Ba Tu didn’t care about this. He knew from Ba Li that Zhao Hai’s Hell King’s Ship wasn’t simple. That ship can act as a battering ram to attack. Moreover, its offense was incredibly powerful. Ba Li even suspected that the Hell King’s Ship frontside was hiding a Formation Breaking Spirit Snake Needle.

It was precisely because of this that Ba Tu decided to use the Formation Breaking Spirit Snake Needle in order to break the Hell King’s Ship in one go, eliminating the Giant Spirit Realm’s army’s greatest threat.

The spirit snake needle was very fast. And with how close Ba Tu and the Hell King’s Ship was, the Formation Breaking Spirit Snake Needle collided with the Hell King’s Ship in a blink of an eye.

Under everyone’s gaze, the Formation Breaking Spirit Snake Needle jabbed itself into the Hell King’s Ship. The Hell King’s Ship turned into liquid momentarily. Then the spirit snake needle acted like a needle dropped into a pond. Nobody saw the spirit snake needle after that.

Everyone stared at the Hell King’s Ship, unsure as to what just happened. Was the Hell King’s Ship just a mirage?

While everyone’s imaginations were running wild, a bang was heard as the Hell King’s Ship crashed into Ba Tu’s boat. Naturally, Zhao Hai wouldn’t be polite as he rammed the Giant Spirit Treasure Ship that Ba Tu was on, just like the last time with Ba Li. 

This time, Ba Tu’s ship fared better than Ba Li’s. After all, they had been too close to each other from the beginning. The Hell King’s Ship wasn’t able to pick up much speed, so its damage wasn’t too strong.

Although the impact wasn’t great, the collision still shook Ba Tu’s ship. Moreover, it was clear that the ship was now ruined.

Fortunately for Ba Tu, he was prepared. When the Hell King’s Ship collided with his ship, he already flew up so he wasn’t injured. However, Ba Tu’s expression was still very ugly. This was because he felt his connection towards the spirit snake needle being cut off. He had completely lost control of the spirit snake needle. It had been taken away.

In order to control artifacts, one needs to have a spiritual force connection to it. And this spiritual force was connected directly into the artifact’s core. If one wanted to steal an artifact, then they would have to wipe out this spiritual force connection.

However, canceling out the enemy’s spiritual force connection to their artifact wasn’t easy. First, the core formation needed to be scanned. Then after that, one would need a stronger spiritual force in order to wipe out the opponent’s.

In a way, it was a battle between spiritual forces. If one wasn’t careful, they would be injured if they failed to win. Even if they weren’t injured, the formation core of the artifact might be jeopardized. With two spiritual forces battling, it’s possible for the formation core to be destroyed. If it does, then the artifact would be turned to trash.

Besides wiping out the opponent’s spiritual force, another way to cut out spiritual force connections was killing the other party outright. As long as the other party was killed, then naturally their spiritual force would disappear. 

The spiritual force connection on formation cores weren’t like spiritual seals in jade slips. Spiritual seals on jade slips were permanent. It was like a lock, besides the one holding the key, it wouldn’t be easy to open it.

A spiritual force connection was like a hand holding onto the artifact. Once this hand gets cut off, the artifact would no longer be under the control of its owner.

Ba Tu was now half-step into the Immortal Stage, this meant that he had extremely powerful spiritual force. His spiritual connection to the spirit snake needle was very firm. If one wanted to take control of the spirit snake needle, then they would need to erase Ba Tu’s spiritual force connection. There weren’t a lot of people who could do this. Even Immortal Stage Experts would have a hard time doing so. But now, Zhao Hai and the others were able to do it.

Ba Tu wasn’t aware that Zhao Hai has a cheat weapon like the Space. Although his spiritual force was formidable, once it enters the Space, it would be classified as a threat and would thus be eliminated. Once the Space makes a move, even Ba Tu’s spiritual force would be easily wiped out.

Once the first Giant Spirit Treasure Ship was destroyed, Mu Yu and the others immediately dispersed to attack the other large artifacts of the Giant Spirit Realm. This was also the plan that Zhao Hai and the others had come up with.

Although the Hundred Treasures Realm has obtained a lot of large artifacts, they weren’t proficient in using them. If they confronted an army, then they might suffer a loss. Therefore, Zhao Hai proposed that they might as well use their large artifacts in order to deal with the large artifacts of the Giant Spirit Realm. Once the other party’s large artifacts become useless, then the Hundred Treasures Realm would be able to deal with the army with ease.

The plan might look simple, but this would target the Giant Spirit Realm’s core strength. In the battles between the Hundred Treasures Realm and the Giant Spirit Realm, the latter was able to use their expertise of using large artifacts in order to deal with the Hundred Treasures Realm. But once their large artifacts were dealt with, the Giant Spirit Realm’s hands would be tied. Naturally, this would be the part where the Hundred Treasures Realm would take the upper hand.

Ba Tu also discovered the Hundred Treasures Realm’s intentions. He felt regretful about making his army draw back. He thought that the Hundred Treasures Realm would retreat to gain momentum as well. He didn’t expect the Hundred Treasures Realm charge in such close quarters.

However, since Ba Tu was also an experienced veteran, he immediately made adjustments to the army. There was no longer any use in making the army retreat. The only thing they could do right now was to meet the enemy’s attack.

Naturally, Mu Yu and the others wouldn’t let this opportunity go. They immediately charged the enemy. Artifacts began flying in the sky, causing a magnificent scene.

Zhao Hai and Mu Yu were still standing on top of the Hell King’s Ship. Although the Hell King’s Ship was also being attacked by enemy artifacts, the ship stayed undamaged. They weren’t even enough to scratch the ship.

At this time, Ba Tu got on to another Giant Spirit Treasure Ship. He led the treasure ship towards the Hell King’s Ship. 

Zhao Hai could also see Ba Tu’s movement. Zhao Hai turned his head to Mu Yu and said, “Big Brother Mu, it seems like Ba Tu really wants to deal with you.”

Mu Yu smiled faintly and said, “I also want to deal with him. Little Hai, I’ll block him while you take the Hell King’s Ship to battle. As long as we cause the Giant Spirit Realm’s Army to turn chaotic, we will win.”

Zhao Hai nodded. At this time, Ba Tu flew out of the Giant Spirit Treasure Ship. Then he called out, “Mu Yu, do you dare fight me?”

Mu Yu laughed, then he also flew up as he replied, “Why wouldn’t I dare. I’ve been waiting for those words.” He waved his hand as his Ten-thousand Flower Rain attacked Ba Tu.

Ba Tu also waved his hand as two axes appeared beside him. After that, he charged towards Mu Yu. Mu Yu’s artifact was like a flower that blossomed. It looked like a huge flower at first before it trembled and shook.

After the flower blossomed, it became two flowers, and then four, then eight. Before long, the skies were filled with flowers. One shouldn’t underestimate these flowers. Each one of them had extraordinary offensive strength. And they were numerous enough to blot out the sky,

Ba Tu’s attack was simpler. He waved his two axes as he sent an attack towards Mu Yu. The attacking style of the two were completely in contrast. 

Mu Yu’s attack danced in the sky attractively. But at the same time, it could be seen that controlling these flowers was very complicated. Moreover, the attack flowed like water, seizing every opening it could find.

On the other hand, Ba Tu’s attack was straightforward. Every gesture and motion was as basic as it could be. 

Seeing this, Zhao Hai knew that he doesn’t have anything to do with this duel. He turned his head to Tang Jie and Tang Wen and said, “Brother Tang, go command the troops first. I’ll have to fly around and deal with the other large artifacts of the Giant spirit Realm. With them present, it would be very hard to defeat the army.” 

Just as he said that, the Giant Spirit Treasure Ship that Ba Tu left continued advancing towards the Hell King’s Ship. Because of this, Zhao Hai didn’t have enough distance to build the ship’s momentum. This was Ba Tu’s plan, to tie down the Hell King’s Ship so that it wouldn’t be able to cause chaos in the battlefield.

But what Ba Tu didn’t know was that the Hell King’s Ship wasn’t the same as the Giant Spirit Treasure Ship. The Giant Spirit Treasure Ship couldn’t be controlled by just one person. Ba Tu can store the treasure ship in his spatial equipment, but he would still need a hundred people to control it once he takes it out. This was also the reason why it wasn’t easy to move a Giant Spirit Treasure Ship.

On the other hand, Zhao Hai’s Hell King’s Ship could be operated by Zhao Hai alone. Moreover, the distance that the Hell King’s Ship needs to gain momentum was much shorter than the Giant Spirit Treasure Ship. This allowed Zhao Hai to charge with ease.

Tang Jie understood Zhao Hai, so he nodded and began to command the Hundred Treasure Realm army. Once Tang Jie and the others disembarked, Zhao Hai received the Hell King’s Ship and disappeared.


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