BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1482


Chapter 1482 – Bitter Experience

Ba Tu stood on the Giant Spirit Treasure Ship with a bitter mood. He had been attacking the Immortal Stage diligently before he was abruptly called over to deal with the Hundred Treasures Realm. This caused his mood to sour.

Ba Tu wasn’t good at dealing with the higher-ups. He has no backing in the Giant Spirit Realm since he came from an ordinary background. But because his talent was very good, he was able to reach his current strength.

Originally, he had quite some popularity among his people. But ever since the higher-ups gave him an idle job, he slowly faded from everyone’s sight.

Ba Tu was currently an Elder. But the rank of elder was divided into various grades and ranks in the Giant Spirit Realm. Ba Tu was just an idle elder with no influence and importance.

The ones holding the true power of the Giant Spirit Realm were the Great Elders. But for someone with an ordinary background like Ba Tu, it was practically impossible to be among them.

A few years ago, Ba Tu’s momentum was very strong. When the Giant Spirit Realm and the Hundred Treasures Realm were in deep conflict, he was able to kill a lot of powerful enemies. He was very popular among the people of the Giant Spirit Realm. If he continued with his current state, he would no doubt enter the ranks of the Great Elders. Otherwise, the people of the Giant Spirit Realm would cause trouble.

Once that conflict sizzled down, the realm gave him a reward and promoted him into an Elder. Ba Tu was very happy at that time. Being an Elder had been a dream for most people. Not only can he obtain resources, he can also cultivate in peace and take care of his family members.

But later on, Ba Tu discovered that he was only given an empty position. The resources he received weren’t that much. Also, he was no longer given any opportunities to gain more merit in the battlefield. His dream of establishing his own clan was shattered.

Ba Tu was no fool, he knew that his post was a plot by some people. But even if he knew, it was already too late.

Ba Tu was aware that he had been played by the higher-ups. He wasn’t strong enough to do anything to them, he wasn’t influential enough either. So the only thing he could do was cultivation and reach the Immortal Stage. As long as he becomes an Immortal Expert, he would become a Great Elder and get more resources. He would then have no problem establishing his own base of power.

Naturally, even if he has an empty status, he was still aware of what happened to the outside world. He knew that the realm was once again in conflict with the Hundred Treasures Realm. Moreover, Ba Li, that clueless idiot, seems to have pushed two subordinate realms into the enemy’s side.

Hearing this information, Ba Tu couldn’t help but feel pleasure from Ba Li’s misfortune. Originally, Ba Tu should have Ba Li’s position, but he was plotted against by the higher-ups. With the higher-ups sending Ba Li, his loss was surely damaging to their reputation.

However, Ba Tu believed that this matter had nothing to do with him. Because of his idle position, he wouldn’t be given any chances to gain merit. Also, Ba Tu didn’t want to fight right now. He was now half-step into the Immortal Stage. It wouldn’t be good for him to fight the Hundred Treasures Realm in this critical moment.

But suddenly, there was news of Ba Li’s great defeat, just a few days after his first one. Ba Li asked the realm for help twice, causing the Giant Spirit Realm to be shaken.

At this time, a transfer order came, appointing Ba Tu as the Chief Commander of the new army. Ba Li has been dismissed! Upon receiving this order, Ba Tu’s first reaction was that it was another plot by the higher-ups to stop him from reaching the Immortal Stage. Those old fogies really aren’t planning to give him any peace.

However, Ba Tu still had to take this order. The entire realm had its eyes on this event. If he doesn’t take the order, then he would be seen as a coward. When the time comes, even if he reaches the Immortal Stage, he still wouldn’t be able to enter the ranks of the Great Elders. Ba Tu knew that this had been arranged by those old fogies. They were indeed ruthless. He would suffer a loss if he accepted the order and would suffer even more if he didn’t. In the end, Ba Tu had to grit his teeth as he took the transfer order and brought reinforcements to the Imperial Spirit Sect.

Although Ba Tu was angered, he was still someone from the Giant Spirit Realm who hated the Hundred Treasures Realm. After reaching the Imperial Spirit Sect, he immediately asked for information. He wanted to know how the battle went. He even asked Ba Li, who he looked down on.

But after seeing Ba Li, Ba Tu’s anger dissipated a bit. This was because Ba Li’s current state was indeed very bad.

Ba Li’s complexion was very pale and he had gotten thin. Moreover, he coughed continuously, sometimes even with blood. Seeing Ba Li, Ba Tu knew that Ba Li’s path forward had ended. He would no longer be able to progress. For a Cultivator, this was the cruelest fate.

Ba Li was also aware of his current situation. His head was now clear. If he can’t progress further, then he might as well use his last bit of strength to help the realm. Therefore, he told Ba Tu everything about the fight. He also added a few of his speculations.

After hearing Ba Li, Ba Tu couldn’t help but frown. He quickly latched on to a key point in Ba Li’s words, someone named Zhao Hai!

Ba Tu also heard about Zhao Hai, but at that time he didn’t care. In his opinion, ascenders weren’t people worth looking into.

However, upon hearing Ba Li, it’s clear that Zhao Hai was someone that was hard to deal with. The large artifacts in Zhao Hai’s hands as well as the needle-shaped artifacts were now in Ba Tu’s mind.

Unfortunately, there wasn’t enough time so Ba Tu couldn’t investigate much. Otherwise, he would have confidence in dealing with Zhao Hai and the others.

Ba Tu was no longer the youth that he used to be. He was very clear about the situation of the Giant Spirit Realm. Because of the two losses, as well as the betrayal of the World of Cultivation, the subordinate realms were feeling uneasy. It was due to this knowledge that Ba Tu was eager to attack. He wanted to level the Octopus Islands and gain victory in order to stabilize the state of the Giant Spirit Realm. 

Because of this, Ba Tu had to go out and attack immediately. Ba Tu was also afraid that the Hundred Treasures Realm would send a large number of reinforcements. When that time comes, they would be in trouble. The more this matter was dragged on, the more disadvantageous it would be for the Giant Spirit Realm.

Ba Tu came out with all the strength he had. He wanted to destroy the Octopus Islands in the shortest time. But he was still angry at those old fogies, thus explaining his current expression.

He never thought that the Hundred Treasures Realm would take the initiative to attack. In his opinion, the Hundred Treasures Realm wouldn’t leave the Octopus Islands. Otherwise, they wouldn’t have sent so few reinforcements after the first attack. Ba Tu expected the Hundred Treasures Realm to use the Octopus Islands’ strength in order to block the Giant Spirit Realm. This way, they would be able to humiliate the Giant Spirit Realm.

Just as Ba Tu was thinking about this, a whisper came from beside him. Ba Tu immediately regained his senses. He glanced at the person next to him and then was suddenly attracted to something else.

Ba Tu saw dark spots ahead. But after using his spiritual force, Ba Tu discovered that it was a huge flying artifact. Although it was smaller than a Giant Spirit Treasure Ship, it wasn’t that much smaller.

Most importantly, the flying artifact looked like Zhao Hai’s Hell King’s Ship. To be honest, Ba Tu didn’t like this name.

Seeing the Hell King’s Ship, Ba Tu frowned. He knew what the Hell King’s Ship appearance meant. The Hundred Treasures Realm has taken the initiative to attack.

When he thought of this, Ba Tu immediately said, “Pass the order to everyone, line up!” Someone immediately passed Ba Tu’s order. The people from the Giant Spirit Realm got on the treasure ships while the others formed up behind.

Ba Tu’s army was more disciplined like Ba Li’s. When he first arrived at the base of the Imperial Spirit Sect, he killed a few people from the subordinate realms in order to make everyone obey. 

Zhao Hai also spotted Ba Tu and the others. Unlike Zhao Hai who only had one ship, Ba Tu had 2 Giant Spirit Treasure Ships, 30 Eight Cyan Imperial Chariots, and tens of thousands of people. It was very easy to see them from far away.

Mu Yu smiled faintly and said, “I didn’t expect to meet them this soon. Alright, pass the order. Get ready to meet the enemy!” After that, Mu Yu waved his hand as two Giant Spirit Treasure Ships appeared right behind the Hell King’s Ship. After that, the Eight Cyan Imperial Chariots appeared as well. Zhao Hai also handed over 3 Eight Cyan Imperial Chariots.

The Giant Spirit Treasure Ships and the Eight Cyan Imperial Chariots were all behind the Hell King’s Ship. Mu Yu was aware that Ba Tu has two Formation Breaking Spirit Snake Needles in hand.

Along with Mu Yu’s command, people disembarked from the Hell King’s Ship and transferred to the Giant Spirit Treasure Ships. The two sides slowly advanced towards each other.

Ba Tu looked at the other side in apprehension. There had only been the Hell King’s Ship at first but then more artifacts were taken out. After that, tens of thousands of people were seen. Ba Tu didn’t expect the Hundred Treasures Realm to have a lot of troops.

What surprised Ba Tu even more was the fact that two Giant Spirit Treasures Ship appeared along with 20 Eight Cyan Imperial Chariots. Upon seeing these things, Ba Tu’s eyes almost flew out of their sockets.

Only the Giant Spirit Realm possessed the method to make the Giant Spirit Treasure Ships. Even the materials used to make it was a secret, much less its manufacturing method. Even more, the Hundred Treasures Realm wasn’t good at making large artifacts.

How could Ba Tu just accept the Hundred Treasures Realm releasing so many large artifacts. There’s even the unique large artifact of the Giant Spirit Realm.

While Ba Tu was still surprised by the Giant Spirit Treasure Ships that Mu Yu took out, the two sides got closer to each other. Ba Tu got back to his senses as he looked at Mu Yu who was standing on top of the Hell King’s Ship.

Ba Tu didn’t wait for Mu Yu to speak, he coldly snorted and said, “Mu Yu, I didn’t expect the cowards of the Hundred Treasures Realm to actually come out and fight. This is rare, rare.”

Mu Yu looked at Ba Tu, then he smiled and said, “I didn’t expect the Giant Spirit Realm to be this stupid. You’re already defeated twice, yet here you are planning another attack. It just saves us more time. Ba Tu, I didn’t expect someone like you to come out again. It seems like the Giant Spirit Realm has nobody else left to send.”

Ba Tu coldly snorted and said, “Enough talking. Mu Yu, I’ll make you meet your wife’s Master today.”

Hearing Ba Tu, Mu Yu’s complexion changed. He coldly snorted and said, “It depends if you have the skill. I really want to thank the Giant Spirit Realm for giving us Giant Spirit Treasure Ships and Eight Cyan Imperial Chariots. Ba Tu, good news, the Giant Spirit Realm aren’t the only ones that have Giant Spirit Treasure Ships. The Hundred Treasures Realm can now refine them. It’s good news right? Hahaha.”

When Ba Tu heard Mu Yu, his expression changed. But he soon calmed down as he coldly snorted and said, “A mere bluff. If our Giant Spirit Treasure Ship is that easy to imitate, then the Hundred Treasures Realm wouldn’t be the ones making them. Mu Yu, you have killed my people, today I’ll enact their revenge!”

Mu Yu laughed and said, “Ba Tu, what are you so confident about? I thought we’re finished talking? Later you will find that these Giant Spirit Treasure Ships are the same treasure ships that your realm has.”

Ba Li coldly snorted before waving his hand. The troops slowly drew back, obviously wanting to get a certain distance before charging. Unfortunately for them, Zhao Hai wouldn’t give them this opportunity. As Ba Tu and the others retreated, Zhao Hai’s Hell King’s Ship began its charge.

Ba Tu was startled. He expected that since the Hundred Treasures Realm has large ship artifacts, then they would also retreat before charging. He didn’t expect Zhao Hai to actually make his ship charge immediately.

Seeing this, Ba Tu’s eyes flashed a grim light. He waved his hand as a Formation Breaking Spirit Snake Needle appeared in his hand. Then he howled as he sent the needle over towards the Hell King’s Ship.

Ba Tu just howled but didn’t increase his imposing aura. His howl was a command to the people behind him to input their energy into the spirit snake needles. This way, the needle can exert its greatest offensive power.

This was arranged by Ba Tu before they set off. He created two thousand-man teams from the Giant Spirit Realm. These thousand-man teams wouldn’t do anything else other than concentrating their energy into the spirit snake needles the moment Ba Tu gave the signal.


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