BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1477


Chapter 1477 – Victory

Seeing the miserable state of the people from the Giant Spirit Realm, Ba Li vomited another mouthful of blood. This time, he was truly agitated.

It’s not strange for him to be agitated. There could have been 30 thousand people on these three Giant Spirit Treasure Ships. However, Ba Li didn’t let so many people on his ships, only 8000 of his people as well as a few servants from the lower realms. In total, the three ships had 10 thousand people, most of them from the Giant Spirit Realm.

The Giant Spirit Treasure Ship was originally a defensive artifact instead of an offensive one. Although the treasure ship’s ramming was very strong, it’s because of its good defense. With its large size, defense, and heavy weight, its momentum was great so its ramming strength would naturally be great. But when it comes to the strongest aspect of the Giant Spirit Realm, it’s its defensive strength.

The defensive strength of the Giant Spirit Treasure Ship not only involved its body. The ship also has a lot of defensive formations installed within it. So no matter how large the attack on the ship was, the people inside wouldn’t feel it too much. Naturally, this was on the premise that the ship wasn’t destroyed.

Now that the Giant Spirit Treasure Ship has been shattered by the Hell King’s Ship, its defensive system was destroyed. If it were a normal situation, one or two formations would be destroyed, so the people inside wouldn’t be too affected.

But now, the Giant Spirit Treasure Ship was destroyed by Zhao Hai’s liquid silver. The moment liquid silver broke through the ship, it immediately rendered the ship’s defenses invalid.

With the current strength of the Hell King’s Ship, even if the Giant Spirit Treasure Ship was in a good condition, it still wouldn’t be able to resist liquid silver’s attack. Let alone now that the Giant Spirit Treasure Ship has been smashed into by the Hell King’s Ship.

A lot of people on the Giant Spirit Treasure Ship didn’t even realize what was going on before they were killed. The reason why Ba Li wasn’t dead was because he saw the hold in front of the ship.

Ba Li was the first person who saw the Giant Spirit Treasure Ship being destroyed. Although he was shocked, his warrior’s instinct made his body move before his mind recovered. This caused him to only be injured and not killed. The other people from the Giant Spirit Realm weren’t as fortunate. They had seen the Hell King’s Ship being thrown away by the Giant Spirit Treasure Realm before, so they thought nothing of it. 

The other two Giant Spirit Treasure Ships suffered the same fate as Ba Li’s ship. The other treasure ships were faced with two Eight Cyan Imperial Chariots each. Naturally, the chariots were in cooperation with liquid silver’s version of the Formation Breaking Spirit Snake Needle. In one fell swoop, these treasure ships were also ruined.

The Giant Spirit Treasure Ship were destroyed without the 20 Eight Cyan Imperial Chariots being able to catch up. In fact, the chariots were destroyed by the fake spirit snake needles. At this point, all the large artifacts of the Giant Spirit Realm were destroyed. The people from the Giant Spirit Realm were also severely injured. There were initially 8000 people from the Giant Spirit Realm. Two thousand were killed directly while nearly 3 thousand were injured. The ones who remained intact numbered more or less 3 thousand.

Following this, Mu Yu commanded his people to attack. At this time, Ba Li had just recovered and didn’t have enough time to organize his people. As for the Hell King’s Ship, the Eight Cyan Imperial Chariots and the fake spirit snake needles, they were already rampaging through the Giant Spirit Realm’s subordinate army.

The Giant Spirit Realm’s subordinate army was currently in confusion. They didn’t know what just happened. It must be known that the leaders of the army were in the Giant Spirit Treasure Ships along with Ba Li. This would give these people face and would also make commanding the troops much more convenient. 

However, who would have expected the Hell King’s Ship to cause such heavy casualties. For the subordinate army, they had just lost their commanders. And with the Hell King’s Ship and the other large artifacts causing chaos, the Giant Spirit Realm’s army formation was destroyed in no time.

And now that Mu Yu and the others have joined the fray, things on the side of the Giant Spirit Realm turned even more chaotic. They simply didn’t have any means to organize an effective resistance.

This simply couldn’t be called a battle. The moment the Giant Spirit Treasure Ships were destroyed, it has turned into a one-sided slaughter.

When Mu Yu and the others saw the Giant Spirit Treasure Ships and the Eight Cyan Imperial Chariots being destroyed one after another, their morale exploded like a volcano. With great vigor, they killed their way into the enemy formation.

Losing their commanders in the Giant Spirit Treasure Ship, the people from the subordinate realms of the Giant Spirit Realm were in shatters. As soon as they clashed with Mu Yu and the others, they were defeated immediately.

There was a hidden disadvantage in recruiting people from subordinate realms. These people were from different walks of life and were all violent in the battlefield. The people who could command them were only their own people. It would be impossible for Ba Li and the others to take control of them. This was also a custom in the Ten-thousand Realm Battlefield.

With Ba Li injured and most of the commanders being killed, the command system of the Giant Spirit Realm’s alliance army was essentially destroyed.

Ba Li was now standing firmly on the ground. However, his heavy injury as well as the chaotic state of the Giant Spirit Realm’s army made it impossible for him to think of a solution to the situation.

Seeing this, Ba Li knew that he had lost. He didn’t expect his 80-thousand man army to be defeated this swiftly. He couldn’t bear the feeling of defeat that he vomited blood once more, further worsening his injury.

At this time, someone from the Giant Spirit Realm arrived beside Ba Li. The Giant Spirit Realm was still a high-grade realm in the end, so their experts were experienced enough in all kinds of situations. They were able to recover sooner than the people from lower-grade realms. Even so, the people that remained on Ba Li’s side now numbered less 3 thousand. Moreover, the Hell King’s Ship was heading their way.

The person from the Giant Spirit Realm looked at Ba Li and asked, “My lord, what do we do now?”

Seeing the Hell King’s Ship coming towards them, Ba Li clenched his teeth and said, “Disperse and regroup in the Imperial Spirit Sect.” After he said that, he turned around and flew away. Hearing this, the people from the Giant Spirit realm couldn’t help but be stunned. But as the Hell King’s Ship got closer and closer, they also turned around and ran.

It can be said that the departure of the people from the Giant Spirit Realm represented the outcome of the fight. If the people from the Giant Spirit Realm chose to run, then what of the other realms?

Although it can be said that the Hundred Treasures Realm occupied the winning side, Mu Yu and the others still didn’t dare make any reckless pursuit. He divided his men into 2 thousand people and began to chase. Now that the Giant Spirit Realm’s army was routed, there was no longer any need for Zhao Hai’s large artifacts, so he collected them all back.

However, Zhao Hai didn’t idle. Instead of chasing the enemy down, he collected the corpses of the defeated along with the remains of the Giant Spirit Treasure Ships and the Eight Cyan Imperial Chariots. He was the one who defeated them, so he has the right to collect them.

To be honest, Zhao Hai had set his eyes on the Giant Spirit Treasure Ship. This big was large and had powerful momentum. Once he sent it to the Space and produced veins of its materials, he would be able to integrate the Giant Spirit Treasure Ship into Liquid Silver.

But as for getting all three Giant Spirit Treasure Ships, Zhao Hai didn’t hope for it. After repairing the treasure ships, he would hand it over to Mu Yu. After all, he couldn’t be too greedy.

However, in the meantime, Zhao Hai wouldn’t hand the ship over to Mu Yu. After all, the ships were still heavily damaged. One of them had half of its hull destroyed, this was Ba Li’s ship. As for the other two, they had lighter damage in comparison. Zhao Hai plans to repair these two and hand them over to the Hundred Treasures Realm later on. The last treasure ship would be the one he would integrate to Liquid Silver.

There was no need for Zhao Hai to join the chase. Because of this, after getting the corpses along with the Undead, he proceeded to return to the island.

Zhao Hai knew that Mu Yu would chase as far as the Imperial Spirit Sect, he wasn’t that crazy. They would return before long. Once Mu Yu returns, they would proceed to plan what to attack next.

After Zhao Hai returned to the Octopus Island, he immediately entered his cave residence and then sneaked into the Space to look at the situation outside via the Space’s monitor. And just like what he thought, Xu Wuzun and the other had already stopped chasing and were preparing to head back.

The Xu Race had a jubilant expression on their faces. And after considering how much they lost in the battle, they became even happier. They didn’t actually suffer any casualties, only some people who were severely injured. Moreover, the people from the Giant Spirit Realm’s army who died in their hands have reached ten thousand. Up until now, the Giant Spirit realm already lost more than 20 thousand people.

A fourth, they actually managed to kill a fourth of the enemy without suffering heavy losses. Moreover, only 3000 people from the Giant Spirit Realm were left. This was an absolute win! Even considering the countless battles where the faced the Giant Spirit Realm, this was the most overwhelming victory that the Hundred Treasures Realm experienced!

After everyone retreated, Mu Yu looked around but wasn’t able to see Zhao Hai. His expression changed as he asked, “Little Hai? Where is Little Hai? Did any one of you see him?”

Nobody made any noise. Tang Jie and the others’ complexion changed. They didn’t want Zhao Hai to suffer and accidents. Then at this time, a person from the Giant Spirit Realm was approaching from a distance. Everyone stared. Then just as they were about to attack, Mu Yu waved his hands and said, “Are you all blind? Can’t you see that it’s an Undead?” After Mu Yu said that, everyone stopped and discovered that it was indeed an Undead. 

The person from the Giant Spirit Realm bowed to Mu Yu and said, “I have seen Mister Mu Yu. The Young Master has tasked me to tell you that he has returned to the Octopus Islands. There’s no need to worry about him.”


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