BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1476


Chapter 1476 – Collision

Seeing that the situation wasn’t doing well, Ba Li coldly snorted and said, “So what if we don’t save you? You don’t even see who you’re with. The Xu Race are well-known as bandits in the Ten-thousand Realm Battlefield. Even if you’re willing to associate yourselves with bandits, the Giant Spirit Realm isn’t. The moment you joined hands with the Xu Race, you’re no longer someone from the Giant Spirit Realm.”

When he heard this, Zhao Hai couldn’t help but laugh as he said, “Good, Ba Li. Good, Giant Spirit Realm. Do you really think yourselves to be saints? Hearing what you said just now, even the Xu Race would appear to be better. At least the Xu Race recognizes themselves as bandits. The Giant Spirit Realm is truly causing shame to high-grade realms.” Zhao Hai waved his hand and collected the Undead from the Hundred Treasures Realm.

At the same time, upon hearing Zhao Hai, the other people from the Giant Spirit Realm couldn’t help but be ashamed. They were also angered. Their shame was caused by Ba Li’s amateur response. In the Ten-thousand Realm Battlefield, who could dare claim that they didn’t rob others and were living honestly? Ba Li actually said such a novice excuse. Didn’t he just admit that the Giant Spirit Realm has abandoned the World of Cultivation?

They were angry because of what Zhao Hai said. Saying that the Xu Race was better than the Giant Spirit Realm caused the people from the Giant Spirit Realm to be annoyed. Although Ba Li chose the wrong words, what Zhao Hai said was excessive.

Ba Li also knew that he spoke wrongly, his complexion couldn’t help but turn dark. He looked at Zhao Hai and said, “Don’t bother talking, everyone can see the truth. The World of Cultivation betrayed the Giant Spirit Realm and even killed our people. If I don’t kill you today, then my hatred wouldn’t be quenched. Mu Yu, does the Hundred Treasures Realm really want to get mixed in with this group?”

Mu Yu looked at Ba Li, then he smiled faintly and said, “Since we’re already here, then we might as well involve ourselves. No matter what, the World of Cultivation and the Xu Race are now the Hundred Treasures Realm’s subordinates. We aren’t the kinds of people who abandon their people.”

As soon as he heard Mu Yu, Ba Li’s expression turned even darker. He coldly snorted and said, “Enough chit-chat, take this.” Then he waved his hand, causing his army to slowly retreat.

But what Ba Li failed to see was the despise on the expressions of the people from the smaller realms. These people were disappointed by Ba Li not only because the Giant Spirit Realm abandoned the World of Cultivation, but also because of Ba Li’s recent performance. Ba Li was incompetent in their eyes. Faced with Zhao Hai’s confrontation, he was in a dilemma and in the end finally said those careless words. If this was a genius of the Giant Spirit Realm, then they might as well think of a way of getting out.

In fact, when Mu Yu pointed out that it was Ba Li’s idea to abandon the World of Cultivation and the Xu Race, the people from the smaller realms were already disappointed. Smaller realms depend on high-grade realms for protection. Because of this, smaller realms pay attention to any changes to high-grade realms. These realms were very sensitive to whether a high-grade realm could protect them or not.

In the past, the Giant Spirit Realm appeared to be strong. But after seeing Ba Li, these people couldn’t help but shake their heads. If the Giant Spirit Realm were to be in the hands of people like Ba Li, then it would be hard to say if the Giant Spirit Realm could maintain their current domineering position.

If Ba Li knew what these people were thinking, he would have exploded. He didn’t expect that instead of hiding his mistake, he made it even bigger.

Although these people had such thoughts, they didn’t dare display it. They were still together with Ba Li and they knew that no matter how the Giant Spirit Realm turns out in the future, they could still deal with them right now.

Seeing Ba Li retreat, Mu Yu knew that they were planning for their first attack. He also waved his hand as everyone slowly returned to the Octopus Islands.

Upon entering the island, Mu Yu patted Zhao Hai’s shoulder and said, “Good, Little Hai. Your performance was fantastic. Ba Li was in a real dilemma. Hahaha.”

Zhao Hai smiled bitterly and said, “I hope Big Brother Mu doesn’t blame me for killing so many of your people.”

Mu Yu shook his head and said, “What’s to blame? Do you know how many people from the Hundred Treasures Realm die in the Ten-thousand Realm Battlefield every year? Even then, they contributed to the Hundred Treasures Realm, so their death is worth it. Let’s talk about how to deal with the enemy. Little Hai, we made more than 200 fake spirit snake needles this time. Do we use them all?”

Zhao Hai replied, “Big Brother Mu wants to defeat the Giant Spirit Realm, right? Then we’ll use them all. I can also send my own large artifact to help. Once the Giant Spirit Realm’s artifacts get defeated, everyone should prepare to charge immediately. With the help of our own large artifacts, it would be easier to deal with them.”

Mu Yu nodded, he looked at Zhao Hai and then smiled as he said, “We need to defeat them as soon as possible. As long as we defeat them in a short period of time, those people from the smaller realms would be distracted. When the time comes, stage two of our plan would proceed. Then it wouldn’t be long before the Giant Spirit Realm gets defeated.

Zhao Hai nodded, then released his own large artifacts beside the 1 million Undead. The Hell King’s Ship and the three Eight Cyan Imperial Chariots appeared. The pagoda was still stationed on top of the Hell King’s Ship. However, the Formation Breaking Spirit Snake Needle that Zhao Hai showed Mu Yu and the others earlier couldn’t be seen.

Mu Yu was satisfied with this arrangement, he nodded as he stood in place looking at the black spots that were Ba Li’s group. Then he said, “Everyone pay attention. As soon as Zhao Hai defeats the large artifacts of the other party, immediately attack at full power. Make sure to keep in formation and don’t disperse!” He shouted using his spiritual qi, so his voice was loud and clear to everyone.

The atmosphere before the battle was tense as everyone took out their own artifacts. Meanwhile, Zhao Hai had closed eyes as he was paying attention to Ba Li and his group.

Ba Li’s current setup was to smash against the enemy. But since last time, he learned his lesson. He had the three Giant Spirit Treasure Ship in the middle while the 20 Eight Cyan Imperial Chariots were divided into two columns, protecting the left and right side of the ships. Meanwhile, the army was at the back.

At this time, Ba Li and the others were almost a thousand li away from the Octopus Islands. Such distance was enough for the Giant Spirit Treasure Ships to gain their full speed. Ba Li then waved his hand and shouted, “Charge!”

Along with Ba Li’s order, the three Giant Spirit Treasure Ships began to slowly accelerate. As for the 20 Eight Cyan Imperial Chariots, they sped away, surpassing the treasure ships.

Ba Li wasn’t angered by this. This was also approved by him. The reason for this was the difference of acceleration between the treasure ship and the chariots. The treasure ship was large, so it’s initial startup was very slow. But this doesn’t mean that its peak speed was low. On the contrary, the treasure ship’s peak speed was very fast. Compared to the Giant Spirit Treasure Ship, the Eight Cyan Imperial Chariot was smaller and would naturally be faster at the start. However, the peak speed of the chariots couldn’t compare to the Giant Spirit Treasure Ship.

The Giant Spirit Treasures Ship doesn’t need protection when it just first started. After all, things went slowly during this time. Even if Zhao Hai and the others wanted to make the treasure ship veer from its course, the ship could still adjust it in time. Once the treasure ships get faster, it would be able to catch up to the Eight Cyan Imperial Chariots. As long as they bridge the gap, it would be too late for Zhao Hai and the others to deal a blow to the treasure ships.

It was because of this that the 20 chariots were allowed to go ahead of the Giant Spirit Treasure Ships. After a while, the treasure ships also picked up some speed. The distance between the ship and the chariots decreased and before long they were side by side. At this time, they were now less than 500 li away from the Octopus Islands.

The Giant Spirit Treasure Ships began to inch away from the Eight Cyan Imperial Chariots. They were now 300 li away from the Octopus Islands. In such a distance, the treasure ships would arrive in no time.

Ba Li clenched his jaws as the Giant Spirit Treasure Ships drew closer and closer to the Octopus Islands. He really wants to see how Mu Yu and the others would react once the ships smash through the guardian formation. However, Ba Li was also feeling a bit strange. He couldn’t understand why the Hundred Treasures Realm didn’t do anything as the treasure ship approached.

Just as Ba Li was feeling that something was strange, several large artifacts appeared out of the islands. Seeing these artifacts, Ba Li couldn’t help but sneer. The artifacts that came out were the ship and the chariots that he fought before. The last time that Zhao Hai used them, they were easily knocked away by the Giant Spirit Treasure Ship. So Ba Li didn’t take them seriously.

Ba Li quickly noticed that something wasn’t right. He discovered that there were a lot of needle-shaped artifacts behind the ship and the chariots.

These needle-shaped artifacts left a deep mark in Ba Li’s mind. In the last fight, it was these needles that knocked the Giant Spirit Treasure Ship off its course, causing Ba Li to retreat.

Back then, the Hundred Treasures Realm only revealed ten of these needle-shaped artifacts. Ba Li knew that these needle-shaped artifacts weren’t weak. This time, he counted more than a hundred needle-shaped artifacts. This caused Ba Li to feel bad.

However, even if he had a plan, it was already too late. The Giant Spirit Treasure Ship was now less than a hundred li from the Octopus Islands. He no longer has any time to make a turn.

At this time, Zhao Hai controlled the Hell King’s ship and the Eight Cyan Imperial Chariots to charge along with the fake spirit snake needles. Mu Yu and the others were all standing inside the island, looking outside with nervous expressions. The Hell King’s Ship, Eight Cyan Imperial Chariots, and the needles didn’t look as big as the Giant Spirit Treasure Ship. This lineup looks like Zhao Hai was staging a suicidal attack against the treasure ship.

Both sides got closer and closer before they finally hit each other.

‘Bang’ ‘Bang’ ‘Bang’ ‘Bang’ 

A continuous sound of collision was heard as the Hell King’s ship and the other artifacts hit the middle Giant Spirit Treasure Ship, the one Ba Li was on.

Mu Yu and the others didn’t see the impact, but Ba Li did. He didn’t pay much attention to the Hell King’s Ship, and this was where he was wrong. Just as the Hell King’s ship was one li away, the battering ram on its helm flew out and became a snake-like thing. This caused Ba Li to be stunned.

Just as Ba Li was stunned, the battering ram hit the treasure ship that he was on. Ba Li felt the ship lightly shake, then there was nothing. He thought that the Giant Spirit Treasure Ship was just shaken. However, he suddenly felt that something wasn’t right. The treasure ship was beginning to act strange.

Then when Ba Li lowered his head, his jaw couldn’t help but drop. This was because a large hole appeared on the ship. Something was actually able to breach a large hole on the Giant Spirit Treasure Ship!

Ba Li’s mind turned blank. He couldn’t understand how this could happen. A seemingly ordinary battering ram was actually able to blow a hole on the ship?

Before Ba Li could recover, the Hell King’s Ship already crashed into the Giant Spirit Treasure Ship. This time, Zhao Hai used all of his strength. By integrating the energy-collection formation on the spirit snake needle, not only did the Hell King’s ship take Zhao Hai’s spiritual qi, it also included the spiritual qi of the Undead and everyone inside Zhao Hai’s strength. It can be said that the current Hell King’s Ship was a ship-breaking artifact. The formation inside the Hell King’s Ship was much more powerful than the formation inside Tang Jie’s Formation Breaking Spirit Snake Needle. Although Zhao Hai doesn’t have a lot of Transcending Tribulation Experts, the number of people that could provide energy for Zhao Hai exceeded a billion. Faced with such overwhelming strength, the Giant Spirit Treasure Ship had no chance.


A large sound was heard as Ba Li could feel himself flying. Moreover, he could feel his internal organs shaking before he vomited blood. His face revealed the shock he felt about the current situation.

The Giant Spirit Treasure Ship that Ba Li was on was finished. It was completely crushed by the Hell King’s Ship. Ba Li was fortunate enough to be thrown away. There were a lot of people that were directly killed by the collision!


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