BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1470


Chapter 1470 – Furnace Formation

Mu Yu looked at Zhao Hai as he chuckled and said, “Little Hai, there are a few refining masters among the reinforcements this time. I’ll have to ask you to teach them how to make the fake spirit snake needles.”

At this time, Kong Miao and Xu Wuzun already left the room to take care of things. The only people left were Mu Yu, Tang Jie, Tang Wen, and Zhao Hai. Therefore, Mu Yu didn’t hesitate to tell this to Zhao Hai.

Zhao Hai smiled and said, “Big Brother Mu, rest assured. I won’t omit any details.” Mu Yu gave a satisfied nod. Then he replied, “We will not make you suffer a loss.”

Without waiting for Zhao Hai to speak, Tang Jie smiled faintly and told Mu Yu about Zhao Hai’s ability. Hearing Tang Jie, Mu Yu stared for a moment before a flash of glee appeared on his face. He didn’t expect Zhao Hai to have such an ability. He immediately turned to Zhao Hai and said, “Little Hai, is Little Jie telling the truth?”

Zhao Hai replied, “It’s true.”

Mu Yu laughed and said, “Good! The heavens are really helping my Hundred Treasures Realm. Those Giant Spirit Realm fools actually gave you to us. Hahaha. They got what they deserved!”

Zhao Hai chuckled and didn’t say anything. Mu Yu turned his head to Zhao Hai and said, “Little Hai, let’s go meet those refining masters right now so that you can teach them how to make the fake spirit snake needles. I hope that we can make a hundred spirit snake needles before the Giant Spirit Realm attacks.”

Zhao Hai reacted, “100? In just a few days?”

Mu Yu looked at Zhao Hai and said, “Try the best you can. I won’t let you do it alone. Those refining masters will help. Moreover, all the materials will be provided by us. You don’t have to worry about it.”

Zhao Hai was puzzled as he looked at Mu Yu and asked, “Big Brother Mu, why do we need to prepare so many spirit snake needles? Although they are large, they’re smaller compared to most large artifacts. When faced with large artifacts, the needles wouldn’t be able to do much.”

Mu Yu forced a smile and said, “You might now know, but the main reason why the Giant Spirit Realm can draw out the war against the Hundred Treasures Realm was because they have a lot of large artifacts. At any critical moment, they can use large artifacts in order to charge at us. Causing us to have a hard time.”

Zhao Hai stared, then he immediately understood Mu Yu’s plan. He looked at Mu Yu and said, “You mean you want to use the fake spirit snake needles in order to deal with the Giant Spirit Realm’s large artifacts?”

Mu Yu nodded and said, “Correct. The Giant Spirit Realm wins over us using their large artifacts. If we destroy their large artifacts, I reckon we can win against them. Although the fake spirit snake needles aren’t stronger than large artifacts, we can still use them against the large artifacts, right? What do you think?”

Zhao Hai nodded and said, “He has to agree that Mu Yu was correct. The offensive strength of the fake spirit snake needles is very strong. But because of its shape, it couldn’t face large numbers of people on their own. It’s impact area was just too small. It might be weaker against armies of people, but it could be said to be a nemesis of large artifacts.

Moreover, the fake spirit snake needles greatest advantage was how cheap it was to make. Although the fake spirit snake needles were still made with good materials, it was a fraction of the materials needed to make the real one. For a high-grade realm like the Hundred Treasures Realm, finding materials for the fake spirit snake needles was really easy.

The spirit snake needles were rocket launchers while large artifacts were like tanks. A tank can trample on the enemy’s position with its powerful impact, but a rocket launcher can still render it useless. On the other hand, it would be hard for a rocket launcher to deal with an enemy group.

Moreover, like rocket launchers, the fake spirit snake needles weren’t as expensive as tanks. Because of this, it’s best to use the fake spirit snake needles against tanks like large artifacts.

Mu Yu’s eyes gazed at the distance as he said, “The hatred between the Hundred Treasures Realm and the Giant Spirit Realm has gone on for too long. It’s time to end it.”

Zhao Hai looked at Mu Yu’s expression and didn’t interrupt. Although he was now partly someone from the Hundred Treasures Realm, he couldn’t just ask things randomly. If he asked into things, then the people from the Hundred Treasures Realm might think that he was going too far. Therefore, Zhao Hai didn’t talk too much right now.

Mu Yu blanked out for a moment before he recovered. Then he took Zhao Hai towards a door of a cave residence. He specially requested Xu Wuzun for a cave like this. This cave residence wasn’t used to house people but instead prepared for refiners. All of these master refiners would stay here for work.

It must be said that refiners need peace in order to work. If they were to make a mistake, it’s possible that they would ruin an artifact.

But sometimes, the situation called for a change in how things were done. For example, refining artifacts like the fake spirit snake needles. If only one refiner refines a fake spirit snake needle, then not to say three days, they wouldn’t be able to finish in three months.

Therefore, refiners had to cooperate with each other. Generally, refining had three methods. The first method was when the refiner only used their own spiritual fire in order to refine. However, it’s impossible to achieve much with such a method. Its energy consumption was too big so refiners only used this method when refining basic items.

The second method was refining using furnaces. The furnace was a special tool for refining. It uses the energy of the refiner for control but not for refining. Instead, a furnace makes use of crystal stones for energy. The crystal stones pass through the furnace to generate spiritual fire and then refine the material inside it. During the whole process, the refiner only needed to control the fire, shape the artifact, and inscribe formations.

However, this method only worked on small and normal sized artifacts. This method couldn’t be used to make large artifacts. Firstly, the furnaces weren’t very big. Secondly, refiners couldn’t make large artifacts with just furnaces. In this case, refiners needed more refiners to complete the task.

When refiners cooperate, they don’t use furnaces. Instead, what they use was called a furnace formation. This furnace formation was different from normal furnaces. It’s shaped like a furnace but it was much bigger. Normal furnaces could be as small as a person’s hand while the smaller furnace formation could be as tall as one person and as wide as three meters.

Normally, furnace formations would take up an area of ten meters across.

Nevertheless, how could a furnace formation refine a 100-meter long fake spirit snake needle when it was just ten meters across?

This was where another characteristic of a furnace formation takes place. Furnace formations have their own internal space. What was an internal space? It was similar to what Zhao Hai’s Hell King’s Ship had. Once the Hell King’s ship increases its size, it would turn into a huge warship. However, how could a hundred thousand people fit inside such a ship? In order to do so, the Hell King’s Ship had its own internal space that was bigger than its actual volume.

After multiple experiments, some high-grade realms were able to accomplish the same thing. One shouldn’t look down on a furnace formation that was ten meters across. Inside it was a space that was very large. Not to mention refining a spirit snake needle, it can even refine a Highcloud Flying Shuttle.

However, furnace formations also have their limits. The biggest artifacts it could refine could only be as large as a Highcloud Flying Shuttle. If one wanted to refine something like the Giant Spirit Treasure Ship, then it would definitely be impossible. In fact, the Giant Spirit Treasure Ship wasn’t a single entity. It was a large assembly from multiple parts that had been refined separately.

This time, the Hundred Treasures Realm could only refine a fake Formation breaking Spirit Snake needle using a furnace formation. Their furnace formation was circular. A circular furnace formation isn’t anything special. Plenty of furnace formations were circular. However, the Hundred Treasures Realm’s furnace formation was a bit special. There are eight points on the formation that a person could stand on. Each person operating the formation would be assigned different tasks. One person would be responsible for the crystal stones and controlling the heat, another would add the materials, another would shape the artifact, two would be in-charge for inscribing formations, two would temper the artifact, and then the last person would lead the team. As long as these people could cooperate well with each other, they would be able to make a large artifact.

Mu Yu brought 160 refiners with him along with ten furnace formations. This meant that Mu Yu wanted the furnace formations to work all the time in order to make a sufficient amount of fake spirit snake needles.

Ten furnace formations would need a very big place. And with the substitutes present, the area needed would be bigger. After vacating several residences, Xu Wuzun and the others were finally able to secure a place that fits the description.

When Zhao Hai was brought to the place by Mu Yu, he couldn’t help but be stunned. There were ten large metallic artifacts on the ground. The build of the artifact was very complex. Outside the artifacts were unclear and complicated patterns. Trying to understand it would make one’s head hurt.

Outside this formation were eight platforms which would be used by one person. Sixteen refiners were responsible for one furnace formation.

All of the people present immediately bowed to Mu Yu and said, “We have seen Mister.”

Mu Yu waved his hand and the turned to Zhao Hai and said, “Little Hai, from now on, these people will listen to you. Tell them how to make the fake spirit snake needles. You can direct them from the side and observe the entire refining process.”

The furnace formations were transparent. Just by standing outside, one could see the progress of refinement. Its design was very good.

When Zhao Hai ran the Formation Breaking Spirit Snake Needle through the Universal Scanner, he also gained the method on how to use the furnace formation in order to make it. Moreover, the explanation was very detailed.

Therefore, when Zhao Hai heard Mu Yu he smiled bitterly and said, “Big Brother Mu, they are refining experts. They have more understanding than I have. Moreover, my refining technique is somewhat special. Therefore, I don’t need to do anything. I have the refining method in this jade slip. I reckon these seniors can understand the steps at one glance.”

Hearing Zhao Hai, Mu Yu nodded. To be honest, Mu Yu was wondering how could Zhao Hai make something as large as the fake spirit snake needle on his own? Now that he heard Zhao Hai, he understood that it was made with a different ability, not a refining technique.

When he heard that Zhao Hai used a divergent ability in order to make the spirit snake needles, Mu Yu was a little bit worried. He was afraid that Zhao Hai doesn’t know how to refine the fake spirit snake needle normally. So he was relieved when Zhao Hai said that he had a jade slip with the refining method.

Zhao Hai waved his hand, took out a jade slip and handed it over to Mu Yu, “Big Brother, the refining method is here. Take a look.”

Mu Yu nodded and received the jade slip. He scanned the jade slip with his spiritual force. He was also worried that the instructions that Zhao Hai gave were incomplete. Then all of the artifacts would be failures, hampering the progress of the war. However, as soon as he scanned the contents of the jade slip, Mu Yu’s worries went away. The process of making the artifact was written clearly. What kind of head, when to add the materials, when to shape it, when to add crystal stones, all were written. Not to say these expert refiners, even novices would be able to follow the instructions given.

Mu Yu nodded as he gave the jade slip over to a refiner and said, “Copy the method on your own jade slip, then pass it to the others.” The refiner nodded before he took his own jade slip and copied the contents. Then he gave Zhao Hai’s jade slip to the others before studying the method he just copied.

Before long, more than 100 copies were made. Mu Yu took back the jade slip and gave it to Zhao Hai. However, Zhao Hai waved his hand and said, “Big Brother Mu, you take it. I have no need for it.”

Mu Yu was not polite as he nodded and stored the jade slip. Then he turned his head towards the refiners and said, “Study the jade slip and divide the responsibilities among yourselves. I can give you an opportunity to study the method later, but for now, I want you to make as many fake spirit snake needles as you can.”

The refiners complied as they continued reading their jade slips. Mu Yu looked at them and didn’t say anything. He just looked from the side. Seeing this Zhao Hai turned his head to Mu Yu and said, “Big Brother Mu, I’ll also return to my residence and refine. It’s always good to have more.” Mu Yu nodded. Then Zhao Hai returned to his residence and went to the Space.


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