BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1466


Chapter 1466 – Deviation?

Ba Li’s complexion was pale as he looked in front of him. He didn’t think that he would be bound by Tang Jie. He sent out two thousand people in order to deal with Tang Wen and the others, but they were instead driven to the Giant Spirit Treasure Ship by Tang Jie. They were sent to the path of the treasure ship, blocking the ship’s path.

Needless to say, the Giant Spirit Treasure Ship was very big, so shifting its direction would be difficult. It needs a large curve in order to change its direction.

Tang Jie and the others noticed this, so when the Giant Spirit Treasure Ship began to move, Tang Jie led his people out in order to force the people from the Giant Spirit Realm towards the ship’s route. Since it happened quickly, it became impossible for the treasure ship to shift its course. The people from the Giant Spirit Realm were so busy keeping Tang Jie and the others out that they failed to notice that they had been forced towards the Giant Spirit Treasure Ship’s path.

Ba Li’s position in the Giant Spirit Realm was high, so it’s impossible for him to ignore the death of 2000 of his people, especially when it’s the realm’s ship that would smash into them. So when he saw this, the Giant Spirit Treasure Ship had to slow down. Ba Li felt aggrieved, he was actually forced to stop the ship using this method. 

However, there’s nothing more to say about this, so he gave a command, “Send 2000 people to save the others.”

His people complied and immediately sent out 2000 people to rescue the others. Then they returned to the ship as it slowly retreated once more.

Seeing the Giant Spirit Treasure Ship retreating, Tang Wen immediately led his people forward. He also maintained a great distance between them and the ship.

When he saw Tang Wen’s action, Ba Li couldn’t help but clench his jaws. Tang Wen was like a gum stuck in their hair. It was very hard to get rid of them. If they back off, they would follow, but they always kept their distance. Even if Ba Li wanted to attack them, they would still have time to retreat. And behind Tang Wen, there was Tang Jie’s group. Ba Li was aware that if he sent everyone out, they would have a hard time defeating Tang Wen’s 20 thousand-man army. It’s possible for the Giant Spirit Treasure Ship to hit the octopus island’s formation on its own, but it was clear that Tang Jie and the others would have a way to deal with it. 

Tang Jie can battle it out with Ba Li’s group and still send people to use large artifacts in order to block the Giant Spirit Treasure Ship. As the matter stands, Ba Li has a hard time getting the advantage.

When he thought of this, Ba Li couldn’t help but develop a headache. He has no counter to Tang Jie’s tactics.

It would have been great if Tang Jie and the others didn’t have a way to block the Giant Spirit Treasure Ship. But the problem was that Tang Jie had the means to stop the ship. The Giant Spirit Treasure Ship was Ba Li’s greatest weapon in dealing with the Octopus Island’s guardian formation. Without the ship, it would be very hard for the Giant Spirit Realm to break through.

The Giant Spirit Treasure Ship kept retreating back. In fact, the Giant Spirit Treasure Ship already had enough distance in order to ram the Octopus Islands with full speed. However, Tang Wen and the others were following them. If the Giant Spirit Treasure Ship initiated its charge right now, then they would no doubt be blocked by Tang Wen. 

Ba Li clenched his teen and said, “Retreat to a safe distance. Let’s wait until they no longer follow us. I don’t believe they will follow us far back.”

Actually, the other people on the ship knew about this. They were also aware that it was impossible for the people of the Hundred Treasures Realm to follow them. However, they still felt aggrieved by the situation.

Sure enough, just like Ba Li thought, when they retreated a thousand li(500km) away, Tang Wen and the others no longer followed them. Ba Li saw this but didn’t stop the ship. They still kept retreating. Then they stopped and then began their fourth charge.

At this time, Tang Wen and the others were slowly retreating. In their retreat, they left people behind in certain intervals. These people weren’t from the Hundred Treasures Realm but instead were people from the Xu Race. Once they separated from the group, they immediately entered stealth.

Tang Wen stopped at about 500 li away from the Octopus Islands. This distance was enough for the people from the Octopus Islands to save them if a situation occurs. They would also have enough time to return to the Octopus Islands.

Ba Li was relieved when Tang Wen and the others retreated. He stood on the bow and then grit his teeth as he waved his hand and roared, “Charge!” He used his roar to remove the suffocating feeling in his heart.

The Giant Spirit Treasure Ship slowly moved forward. Its speed from the very beginning was slow and would pick up as time went by. When it traveled 300 li, the ship was already at its peak speed. To be honest, the time it took for the ship to wind up made Ba Li feel helpless. However, he knew that if the ship wasn’t as big as it was, it wouldn’t have as much power as it would have.

Before long, the Giant Spirit Treasure Ship entered the vicinity of the Octopus Islands. Seeing Tang Wen and the others, a smile appeared on Ba Li’s face.

When the treasure ship was 800 li away from the islands, a group of people suddenly appeared on its left side. This group of people belonged to the Xu Race. There were very few of them, about 10. When this group of people appeared, they immediately took out a huge needle that was 100 meters long. Then the flying needle flew straight towards the ship.

There was a bang as the needle hit the left side of the ship. The hull of the ship shook slightly but its speed didn’t decrease at all. The ship kept flying forward but the group from the Xu Race disappeared after taking the flying needle back.

Ba Li looked at the direction where the Xu Race people vanished. He frowned but didn’t say anything, the ship was still advancing forward.

With how fast the Giant Spirit Treasure Ship was, it was able to traverse more than ten li in a blink of an eye. At this time, another Xu Race team appeared and did the same as the group before them. Upon hitting the ship with their needle, they immediately disappeared. Ba Li’s brows wrinkled tighter. He wasn’t afraid that the ship would be destroyed. In fact, he had absolute confidence in the ship. He knit his brows not because he was worried but instead he was feeling impatient. The people from the Xu Race looked like flies as they continually bothered the Giant Spirit Treasure Ship.

However, it was also impossible for him to send people to deal with the Xu Race. This was because the treasure ship had reached its maximum speed. People couldn’t just leave the ship at this point. With the amount of air pressure present, leaving the ship had become dangerous.

If he wanted to send someone to deal with the Xu Race, then Ba Li would have to slow the treasure ship down. This was impossible for Ba Li to do. Even if someone had a knife on his neck, he still wouldn’t slow the treasure ship down. If Zhao Hai knew that Ba Li was talking about now, then he would be surprised. Ba Li seems to have turned into a terrorist who would crash his plane in a building no matter what. 

Ba Li not making the ship slow down didn’t surprise the other people on the ship. However, the Xu Race didn’t stop because of this. Small groups of Xu Race people appeared one after another, sending needles whenever they appeared. After ten groups of Xu Race people sent needles towards the ship, they could no longer be seen. Just when Ba Li let out a sigh of relief, three Eight Cyan Imperial Chariots appeared and crashed themselves into the ship one by one. Ba Li was so angry that smoke could almost be seen on the top of his head. Fortunately, the ship didn’t slow down. They were still crashing towards Tang Wen and the others in front of them.

Tang Wen calmly stood in place as he looked at the treasure ship getting closer and closer. Then he turned his head and said, “Are you ready?”

The people beside him nodded and said, “We’re ready!” Tang Wen nodded, then he waved his hand and said, “Disperse!”

Just as Tang Wen said that, the people beside him ran off in all directions. It doesn’t seem like they were retreating. Instead, they looked defeated as they scattered.

Seeing the actions of Tang Wen and the others, Ba Li couldn’t help but laugh. Then he turned to his aide and said, “See that? Those fellows are really cowards. They were immediately frightened and dispersed. Hahahaha. Too laughable.”

Ba Li’s aide hastily replied, “They’re truly cowards. Seeing my lord, they would naturally disperse.” Although he clearly knew that this wasn’t the case, Ba Li still patted his aide’s shoulder in praise.

However, Ba Li quickly discovered that something wasn’t right. Their route had deviated. According to their flight path, they would fly past the Octopus Islands!

Seeing this, Ba Li’s proud expression immediately turned dark. Then he angrily roared, “Do those idiots in the control room not know how to steer the ship! Why did our path change?”

Nobody replied, turned his head to his aide and said, “Ask those idiots in the control room what happened!”

The aide nodded and then immediately left. Actually, the aide already knew what happened, but he didn’t have any guts to express his thoughts or else he would bear Ba Li’s anger alone. Therefore, he ran towards the control room. But he didn’t ask why the path deviated, instead he asked, “Can we change directions?”

The person in the control room bitterly smiled and said, “We don’t have enough time. The other party has obviously included this in their calculations. After the last attack on the ship, we can no longer change back.”

The aide smiled bitterly as he turned around and returned to the bow. Ba Li’s eyes were spitting fire at the Octopus Islands as they passed right by it. However, there was no way to salvage the situation. He knew that the reason why the ship changed its path was because of the attacks made by the Xu Race along the way.


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