BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1465


Chapter 1465 – Block

Ba Li felt a bit complacent right now. Nothing makes him happier than stepping on an enemy who had always been on the same level as himself. At this point, the people from the Hundred Treasures Realm have retreated to the Octopus Islands. But to Ba Li, this didn’t matter. The Octopus Islands was now a tortoise shell. However, a hard shell can always be broken.

The Giant Spirit Treasure Ship had fallen back an appropriate distance and was now ready for a second charge. Ba Li was very unsatisfied about how slow the treasure ship was. In his opinion, the ship should be swift, charging repeatedly in rapid successions. He wanted to break the shield of the Octopus Islands in order to teach those who dared to fight the Giant Spirit Realm a lesson. And also destroy those who betray the realm.

With this thought in mind, Ba Li couldn’t help but get excited. Seeing that the treasure ship was ready, he immediately ordered, “Charge, destroy that guardian formation!”

The Giant Spirit Treasure Ship began to slowly accelerate. Everyone from the Giant Spirit Realm took out their weapons. As soon as the treasure ship breaks through the guardian formation, they would immediately begin their slaughter.

Naturally, this doesn’t mean that they would break through the enemy’s formation in one attack. Apart from the Formation Breaking Spirit Snake Needle, there were a few things that could break through the enemy’s formation in one strike. Even the Giant Spirit Treasure Realm couldn’t do it.

However, the people from the Giant Spirit Realm were feeling very lucky. In their opinion, Tang Jie’s defeat would affect the morale of the three groups inside the Octopus Islands. Once their morale was affected, it would be easier to break through the island.

Just as the Giant Spirit Treasure Ship accelerated, a group of people suddenly went out of the Octopus Island. There were more than 2000 people and three Eight Cyan Imperial Chariots. 

Among the 2000 people, ten of them showed huge needle-shaped artifacts. This kind of artifact couldn’t be classified as a weapon. It looked huge and unwieldy.

In order to keep the imitation spirit snake needles a mystery, the needles were kept straight and unmoving. This way, all of them would look like needle-shaped weapons.

The group didn’t divide themselves into three. Instead, they arranged themselves in a battle formation led by Tang Wen. The three Eight Cyan Imperial Chariots were in front of them.

Tang Wen looked on as the Giant Spirit Treasure Ship got faster and faster. Just as he was wondering how to command the Eight Cyan Imperial Chariots, the three chariots moved and lined up in front of the treasure ship. Then they all charged forward without any hesitation.

Ba Li stood on the bow of the ship and looked at the charging Eight Cyan Imperial Chariots with disdain. He recognized the Eight Cyan Imperial Chariots very well. The Giant Spirit Realm has a couple of them. To be honest, although it was a large artifact, it was among the weakest of them. If it was attacked by enough normal artifacts, it would be destroyed, let alone other large artifacts. If the Eight Cyan Imperial Chariots go head to head against other large artifacts, it would no doubt be destroyed.

In Ba Li’s mind, Tang Jie’s move to attack the Giant Spirit Treasure Ship with the Eight Cyan Imperial Chariots was done so in an act of desperation. The Giant Treasure Ship would eradicate the chariots in a blink of an eye.

Seeing the three Eight Cyan Imperial Chariots beginning to charge, Tang Wen immediately commanded the ten Cultivators that had the imitation spirit snake needles to divide into groups and follow the charge of the chariots. Behind the chariots, the fake spirit snake needles followed one by one. After so many impacts, the Giant Spirit Treasure Ship’s momentum should have decreased by a lot.

‘Bang’ An Eight Cyan Imperial Chariots collided with the Giant Spirit Treasure Realm. However, contrary to what Ba Li thought, the chariot didn’t break and was instead just thrown away.

Just as Ba Li looked at the chariot that was flung away, the second chariot crashed into the treasure ship. And just like the first one, it was just thrown away. Then soon it was followed by the third chariot. After hitting three Eight Cyan Imperial Chariots, the speed of the Giant Spirit Treasure Ship was somewhat reduced.

Ba Li was able to notice this, he frowned slightly as he turned to the person beside him and said, “What’s happening? It’s just three Eight Cyan Imperial Chariots. Why did the ship slow down?”

The person beside Ba Li was his aide. This person was only at the Transcending Tribulation Stage and wasn’t the strongest among his peers. However, he was very good at pleasing Ba Li so he became his assistant. Among the Giant Spirit Realm, there were many there were a lot of foxes wearing a tiger’s skin around Ba Li.

However, this person was indeed smart. Upon hearing Ba Li, he immediately said, “I’ll immediately ask.  My lord, please wait for a moment.” Then he turned around and went towards the ship’s control room.

The Giant Spirit Treasure Ship has a control room. Inside it were plenty of formations being controlled by about a hundred Transcending Tribulation Experts. These people mainly operate the ship, making sure that it runs smoothly. They also provide energy to the ship occasionally. Also, there’s a huge formation that burns spirit stones for the ship. It can be said that this magic circle was the true power source of the ship.

Ba Li’s trusted aide arrived at the control room and immediately shouted, “What’s the matter? My lord asks why the ship slowed down just after three attacks from Eight Cyan Imperial Chariots.”

Although the people in the control room look down on this person, they didn’t express their discontent lest they offend Ba Li. One of them replied, “Please tell Sir Ba Li that the ship has yet to arrive at its full speed before it got hit by the other party, so it could only slow down. If the other party keeps attacking, the treasure ship would stop soon.”

When the aide heard this, he quickly got out of the room and returned to Ba Li’s side to give his report, “My lord, the people in the control room said that the treasure ship had yet to reach its maximum speed before it hit the chariots. Also, if the other party keeps things this way, then the ship would stop before long.”

As soon as Ba Li heard this, his complexion couldn’t help but sink. He looked at the mana and said, “Tell them that if the treasure ship gets stopped, retreat once more. But they need to make sure that the ship doesn’t get stopped the third time.” The reason why Ba Li didn’t blame the people from the control room was because he discovered that the needle-shaped artifacts from the Hundred Treasures Realm were now heading towards the ship.

With a barrage of rumbling noise, the treasure ship did indeed stop. Then it promptly retreated. But at this moment, Ba Li’s aide delivered his order to the control room.

This time, the treasure ship retreated much farther. Tang Wen also noticed this and his expression couldn’t help but change. He knew what the other part was doing, so he immediately commanded his men to run forward.

Seeing the people from the Hundred Treasures Realm chasing them, Ba Li’s expression turned ugly. He immediately commanded, “Send out 2000 people to block them!”

Ba Li’s order was immediately passed and 2000 people disembarked from the Treasure Ship to intercept Tang Wen and the others. Seeing this, Tang Wen knit his brows. If they were restrained by the other party, then they wouldn’t have any means to tail the Giant Spirit Treasure Ship. This will allow the ship to have enough room to speed up. The greater momentum the ship has, the harder it would be to block.

Just as Tang Wen was wondering what to do, Tang Jie’s voice was heard, “Little Wen, stop chasing and head back. Don’t go too far from the Octopus Islands.”

Although Tang Wen didn’t understand why, he still directed the group back to the Octopus Islands. They stopped where they were before. There’s still some distance from the Octopus Islands, but it’s not very far. It’s still possible for the Octopus Islands to help them.

When the people from the Giant Spirit Realm saw that Tang Wen and the others had retreated, they thought that they were afraid. So they got excited and charged immediately. Seeing this, Tang Wen frowned but he arranged his people to defend. It must be known that there were only 500 people from the Hundred Treasures Realm and 2000 people from the World of Cultivation and the Xu Race. In this case, it would be impossible for them to face the 2000 people from the Giant Spirit Realm head on. Because of this, they can only take the defensive position right now.

At this time, Tang Wen saw the Giant Spirit Treasure Ship stopping. This meant that the ship was about to begin its third charge. However, they were tied down right now, so it was already impossible for them to block the ship.

Tang Wen couldn’t help but be secretly anxious. However, it was useless for him to worry. Now that they had been entangled by the people from the Giant Spirit Realm, they could no longer block the Giant Spirit Treasure Ship. If the treasure ship hits the guardian formation of the Octopus Islands, then it would definitely cause heavy damage to the formation.

At this moment, the Giant Spirit Treasure Ship fully stopped. Then it slowly began to accelerate. Its third charge has begun!

Just as the Giant Spirit Treasure Ship began its third charge, a large crowd of people suddenly came out of the Octopus Islands, commanded by Tang Jie. They formed a huge human net as they killed their way towards the people of the Giant Spirit Realm. Tang Jie brought no less than 2 thousand people with him, 1000 of them from the Hundred Treasures Realm. This caused the people from the Giant Spirit Realm to be held back.

Moreover, the people from the Giant Spirit Realm found that they had been surrounded by all sides. They only have one way to move into, and that was behind them.

The people from the Giant Spirit Realm didn’t think much about their situation as they began to organize themselves and slowly retreat. It could be seen from this that the Giant Spirit Realm had high combat literacy. They retreated in an orderly manner without suffering any losses. 

Because of the assault from Tang Jie and the others, the people from the Giant Spirit Realm were too focused that they failed to notice what was behind them. The Giant Spirit Treasure Ship was slowly decelerating, on its bow was a pale faced Ba Li!


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