BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1463


Chapter 1463 – Attracting Hate

Zhao Hai stood there with his own sword in his hand. His sword blade was a meter long and was held with two hands. It looked like a glaive with a shorter shaft and longer blade.

Naturally, it was Zhao Hai who dispelled Ba Li’s attack just now. But Zhao Hai’s face was pale, as if he had suffered serious injuries.

Everyone’s eyes were on Zhao Hai. It must be known that Ba Li was an expert at the Severed Soul Stage while Zhao Hai was just at Nascent Soul. With such a difference between them, Zhao hai was still able to block Ba Li’s blow. This was beyond everyone’s imagination.

Before this, Tang Jie and the others already had a very high estimate of Zhao Hai’s strength. But Tang Jie discovered that he was still underestimating Zhao Hai. Zhao Hai’s strength was actually this formidable.

Zhao Hai looked at Ba Li, then he coldly snorted and said, “Are all the people from the Giant Spirit Realm as shameless as you? To actually dare make a sneak attack.”

Actually, Ba Li didn’t make a sneak attack. However, Zhao Hai insisted on saying that because it was convenient to do so since Kong Miao didn’t make a move. Kong Miao and Zhao Hai planned this. They would have Kong Miao irritate Ba Li only for Zhao Hai to block the attack. Ba Li’s attack was blocked by a Nascent Soul Expert, if this goes out, then Ba Li wouldn’t have any face left to go out with. And then Ba Li would definitely want to get rid of Zhao Hai.

What can make people make careless mistakes? The answer is anger. Zhao Hai and the others wanted Ba Li to hate them and be careless. If everything goes according to plan, then Ba Li wouldn’t retreat and would continue attacking the Octopus Islands. This would give the Hundred Treasures Realm enough time to go through with their plan.

Sure enough, when he heard Zhao Hai, Ba Li’s complexion turned blue. He looked at Zhao Hai and said through clenched teeth, “You are Zhao Hai?”

Zhao Hai snorted and said, “Correct, it’s this Young Master.”

Ba Li exclaimed, “Looking for death!” Then he waved his hand, sending an attack using his sword. Although his sword looked very unwieldy, it looked very light in Ba Li’s hand. It sealed all of the opponent’s retreat, so the opponent can only take it head on.

Of course, this was relatively speaking. If it was Tang Jie, then he would have many ways to avoid Ba Li’s attack. Naturally, Zhao Hai can also avoid it. However, he didn’t dodge. This was because he wanted Ba Li to hate him even more. So he chose to take the attack once more.

Zhao Hai waved his hand as the Hell King’s ship  appeared on his side. He didn’t embark but just used the ship to deal with Ba Li’s attack. 

With Zhao Hai’s present strength, he doesn’t need to use the Hell King’s Ship in order to deal with Ba Li’s attack. However, since he didn’t want the Giant Spirit Realm to know his true strength, he can only use this method.

The Hell King’s ship rushed out and clashed with Ba Li’s sword. Although the sword was very big, it was still smaller when compared to the Hell King’s ship. A bang was heard before the sword slashed the hull of the Hell King’s Ship. The hull of the ship was slammed back but it was able to repel the sword.

Zhao Hai stood behind the Hell King’s Ship. As the ship repelled Ba Li’s sword, his face was flushed. Then he looked like he was about to spit out something. His face was as pale as paper.

Bystanders might see that Zhao Hai was about to spit blood after receiving Ba Li’s attack. However, he swallowed the blood down.

Actually, Zhao Hai wasn’t really injured. He just swallowed his saliva and deliberately changed his complexion. With his current level, changing the color of his skin was very easy. It was just that nobody would be so bored as to change their complexion all of a sudden.

Seeing two of his attacks being blocked by Zhao Hai, Ba Li couldn’t help but feel ashamed. Just as he was prepared to attack Zhao Hai once more, a wailing sound was heard. Then Ba Li felt something puncture his left arm.

Ba Li knew that this wasn’t because he was hit, but because someone locked his left arm. And it was obviously a warning.

With his current strength, Ba Li was very keen about this thing. If a part of his body was being targeted, he would certainly feel it coming.

This also depends on the person. If he was attacked by someone lower level than him, then Ba Li would detect it coming. But if they had the same strength, he would fail to see it.

Being able to hit Ba Li’s arm, this meant that they were matched in strength. Ba Li turned his head to look and discovered that it was Tang Jie. Tang Jie was an expert in sneak attacks. If he really wanted to attack, then things wouldn’t have been this simple. This kind of stinging attack meant that Tang Jie wanted to give a warning not an attack.

Ba Li received his greatsword and as he looked at Tang Jie and said, “Tang Jie, what are you planning to do? You want to fight with me now?”

Tang Jie looked at Ba Li’s eyes, then he coldly snorted and said, “Ba Li, you’re audacious enough to repeatedly attack a Nascent Soul Expert. If you have the ability, then fight me.”

Ba Li squinted his eyes as he stared at Tang Jie, then he sneered and said, “I heard people say that your reputation in the Hundred Treasures Realm is at the same level as mine. I wanted to fight you for a long time. However, you people from the Hundred Treasure Realm are like rats, afraid of going out of your base. Since you came out of your rat hole, it’s just the right time to fight.”

Tang Jie laughed at Ba Li and said, “Ba Li, are you talking about your people? In the past few years, the only ones who rarely come out are the people from the Giant Spirit Realm. I hear that the Giant Spirit Realm is short of people right now? Is it because of this that you would rather abandon the World of Cultivation than fight against us? So pitiful. A high-grade realm actually succumbed to this level.”

Ba Li coldly snorted and said, “Stop wasting breath. Tang Jie, are you just good at flapping your mouth? Don’t you want to fight or not? Or would you rather us keep talking like this?”

Tang Jie sneered and said, “If I don’t fight you, you might think that I’m afraid. Let’ go.” Then Tang Jie waved his hand, then the people from the Hundred Treasures Realm behind him took several steps back. The people from the World of Cultivation and the Xu Race also took a few steps back.

Ba Li also waved his hand and the Giant Spirit Treasure Ship went back some distance. This left the two with enough space. The two stared at each other, looking for an opening they can use.

Both of them knew that the other had extraordinary strength given by their reputations. Neither of them wanted to take the other lightly.

Originally, Tang Jie wasn’t planning on fighting Ba Li. But in order to keep him here, he would need to fight him. But this time, he wasn’t fighting to defeat Ba Li. Instead, he wanted to lose to Ba Li without being seriously injured. This way, Ba Li’s ego would increase, urging him to stay here to fight Tang Jie and the others.

Because of this, Tang Jie agreed to fight Ba Li one-on-one. However, despite his underlying plans for the battle, Tang Jie didn’t dare treat it lightly. The Hundred Treasures Realm fought against the Giant Spirit Realm for many years without gaining any advantage. This was a huge evidence for the ability of the Giant Spirit Realm. So Tang Jie had no other choice but to be extremely cautious.

Ba Li didn’t think too much as he paid attention to Tang Jie’s movements. Although Tang Jie was just standing there and looking at him, Ba Li knew that Tang Jie was primed for battle. No matter which angle he looked at, it was impossible to kill Tang Jie with a single strike. In other words, Tang Jie has no openings at this time.

The absence of any openings doesn’t mean that they cannot be attacked. Most Cultivators would have no openings at the beginning of a battle, much less a Severed Soul Expert like Tang jie. But as long as blows begin to be exchanged, an opening would naturally reveal itself.

Thinking of this, Ba Li couldn’t help but snort coldly. Then he began to wave his sword towards Tang Jie’s location. The attack that he sent out was similar to the one he used on Zhao Hai. It was overbearing and it locked all of Tang Jie’s escape routes.

Tang Jie huffed as he moved to the left. Under the guidance of spiritual force, the sword attack also swayed leftwards. Then at this moment, Tang Jie changed direction rightwards, separating himself from the sword attack. At the same time, he raised his hand and sent five throwing knives towards Ba Li.

Tang Jie’s throwing knives were in five colors; gold, green, blue, red, and yellow. These five throwing knives were known in the Ten-thousand Realm Battlefield as the Five Elements Throwing Knives.

The color of the throwing knives weren’t only made for appearance. When these flying knives were forged, each one of them were made of materials that corresponded to the five elements. And all five knives were also infused with  elemental poison. 

The five elements were provided by materials that contained them. For example, metals were used for the gold element, while wood was used for the wood element. 

As for the elemental poison, weapons with it were very rare. Elemental poison was a very special poison that corresponded to each element. For example, a weapon infused with wood element poison would produce poison of the wood attribute whenever it stabbed the enemy. This type of poison would latch on the wood element of the body and use it to produce poison. It can be said that it was an invasive poison that uses your own body to destroy itself. It was an overbearing poison.

Ordinary people have the five elements in their body. The five elements would balance each other out. But if one of these elements were unbalanced, then the person would become sick.

Things were different for practitioners. A practitioner cultivated their spiritual roots. This so-called spiritual root was in fact a type of five element qi. Most practitioners have an imbalance in the five elements in their body. If a person has a gold spiritual root, then this meant that the gold/metal element in their body was in a larger proportion. The same applied for people who had other types of spiritual roots.

If such a person doesn’t cultivate, then they would possess this flaw when they grow up and would repeatedly be sick. Moreover, their lifespan would be considerably shortened.


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