BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1462


Chapter 1462 – Face-slapping

Hearing the decision, Yan Dong didn’t know what to say. Once the realm gives up on the World of Cultivation, what would the subordinate realms think about the Giant Spirit Realm? This was equal to ruining the reputation that the Giant Spirit Realm has built up over the years.

Yan Dong wanted to urge the higher-ups to change their minds. However, he was just a Captain, his words simply couldn’t be heard. Ba Li was the only person in the eyes of the Elders. Ba Li knew how to handle those old fogies. When he thought of this, Yan Dong couldn’t help but feel frustrated once more. In his mind, if they had sent troops to the World of Cultivation earlier on, then all of this wouldn’t have happened.

Yan Dong still remembered how the Elders seem to not care at all when they sent a letter for Ba Muer and the others to come back. But almost a day after the letter was sent, Ba Muer and the others still haven’t returned. This made those Elders feel that something was off.

They wanted to send another message, but it couldn’t be sent through the World of Cultivation’s transmission formation. The Elders finally felt that something was wrong. The answer they got from their people that went to the World of Cultivation’s stronghold was that the base has been completely destroyed. These Elders couldn’t sit still and sent Ba Li along with 5000 people to see what was going on.

Yan Dong was also among these 5000 people. As soon as he saw the assignment, Yan Dong understood what was going on. Those old guys must have thought that something happened to the World of Cultivation. Otherwise, they wouldn’t have sent Ba Li and 5000 other people to check. This group was enough to wipe out the World of Cultivation.

When Yan Dong followed the group back to the World of Cultivation’s stronghold, what was left for them was a stretch of ruins. However, Yan Dong could see that the destruction was done deliberately. If it was only a battle, then the destruction wouldn’t have been to this state.

When they examined the area with a technique, they discovered that there were no corpses present. Yan Dong and the others knew that something was wrong. This place must have been abandoned, and the matter has turned to the worst outcome.

Although Ba Li wouldn’t care about these things, he immediately gave the order to go to the Octopus Islands to see upon hearing the result. If the people from the World of Cultivation were in the Octopus Islands, then they were to destroy them directly.

At this moment, they were still in transit towards the Octopus Islands. But Yan Dong still blamed this situation on Ba Li. If it weren’t for Ba Li’s interference, then things would have been different.

Unlike Yan Dong, Ba Li has never seen Zhao Hai and the others. Because of this, he didn’t put the people from the World of Cultivation in his eyes at all. On the other hand, Yan Dong has met Kong Miao, Xu Wuzun, and Zhao Hai. These three were true experts, especially Zhao Hai. Yan Dong has developed a profound impression of Zhao Hai.

Although Zhao Hai was just at the Nascent Soul Stage, he was neither arrogant nor servile in front of Yan Dong. His speech was well-prepared and the impression he gave out was very good.

Yan Dong knew clearly that there’s no such thing as no geniuses in lower-grade realms. On the contrary, the geniuses that came from lower-grade realms were the real deal. This was because lower-grade realms have very little resources  to cultivate powerful experts. 

Yan Dong doesn’t look down on people from lower-grade realms, but this doesn’t mean that the others were like him. In fact, most of his people look down on lower-grade realms. They couldn’t be blamed, they grew up with rich resources. There simply wasn’t any comparison. It’s like a person holding a knife being compared to someone with a powerful gun. Sometimes, weapons can determine victory and loss.

This was especially true for battles between cultivators. For cultivators, weapons are very important. A good weapon can determine between survival and death.

Weapons are the main reason why people from high-grade realms defeat people from lower-grade realms even though they have the same level of strength. There’s also their more advanced techniques and spells. Therefore, a lower-grade realm’s genius couldn’t defeat experts from high-grade realms.

It was precisely for these reasons that Yan Dong believed that people from high-grade have no reason to look down on people from lower-grade realms. It was also because of this that he was polite towards Kong Miao and the others.

Due to this mindset, Yan Dong felt very uncomfortable when looking at Ba Li. Yan Dong knows that he wouldn’t see eye to eye with Ba Li. In Ba Li’s view, Yan Dang didn’t have the pride of someone from the Giant Spirit Realm. He was an embarrassment of the realm.

Since he was aware of this, Yan Dong hid as far back from Ba Li as possible. Even now, as they rode on the Giant Spirit Treasures Ship, Yan Dong hid in the corner so that he wouldn’t be seen by Ba Li.

The Giant Spirit Treasure Ship wasn’t very fast. It would take several days before they reached the Octopus Islands from the World of Cultivation’s stronghold. These several days were very calm. Everyone who spotted the Giant Spirit Treasure Ship would get out of the way.

For practitioners, a few days were nothing. Before long, the Giant Spirit Treasure Ship arrived outside the Octopus Islands. But when the ship arrived, Yan Dong and the others couldn’t help but be stunned. This was because people were waiting for them just outside the islands.

Outside were three groups of people. The middle group is composed of people from the Hundred Treasures Realm. They all wore black robes and were very easy to recognie. On the left were people from the World of Cultivation. Some of these people wore Cultivator clothes while the others wore Buddhist robes. They were also easy to recognize. On the right were the people from the Xu Race. Altogether, these three groups of people numbered 10 thousand.

As soon as he saw this, Ba Li understood what was going on. He stopped the Giant Spirit Treasure Ship. As he stood on the bow, he looked at the people from the Hundred Treasures Realm with a cold gaze. In fact, in Ba Li’s eyes, there were only the people from the Hundred Treasures Realm. He didn’t care about the others at all.

Ba Li looked at Tang Jie. Naturally, he knew who Tang Jie was. This was because Tang Jie was also a famous genius of the Hundred Treasures Realm. It can be said that the two were natural enemies. It was impossible for the two to not know each other.

Ba Li coldly snorted and said, “Tang Jie, what are you planning to do? Are you sheltering a traitor of the Giant Spirit Realm?”

Tang Jie looked at Ba Li, then he smiled faintly and said, “Ba Li, you look too highly on yourself. Traitor? Aren’t you the ones who abandoned the World of Cultivators? When did they become traitors?”

Ba Li coldly snorted and said, “The day someone becomes a subordinate to the Giant Spirit Realm, they will belong to the Giant Spirit Realm forever. Anyone who thinks of separating from the Giant Spirit Realm are traitors.”

Tang Jie just smiled when he heard this. Then he said, “Ba Li, you abandoned the World of Cultivation and the Xu Race. Now, they voluntarily joined the Hundred Treasures Realm. What does it have to do with you? You came here with an aggressive stance, are you here to find faults?”

The two of them were talking nonsense to each other. But this was a matter of face so they had to do it. Undeclared wars were rarely seen in the Ten-thousand Realm Battlefield. 

Ba Li looked at Tang Jie and said, “Tang Jie, stop talking nonsense. Your Hundred Treasures Realm have been provoking the Giant Spirit Realm for some time now. It’s time to settle accounts. Unfortunately for you, you only have more than a thousand people, and a few trash experts on your side. Do you think you can stop the Giant Spirit Treasure Ship with only that?”

Tang Jie chuckled and said, “If we can’t stop it, then we can’t stop it. We aren’t the type of people who would give up on their subordinates when they are in danger.”

Upon hearing Tang Jie, Ba Li’s expression turned pale. Ba Li knew that he really made a mistake. He didn’t expect the World of Cultivation to be so bold as to change sides to the Hundred Treasures Realm. They were essentially slapping his face. Now that Tang Jie blamed him, Ba Li’s expression changed.

Ba Li looked at the group from the World of Cultivation, then he coldly snorted and said, “World of Cultivation, you actually dared to betray the Giant Spirit Realm. Where are the people from my Giant Spirit Realm?”

Kong Miao stood in front of the World of Cultivation with Zhao Hai beside him. Looking straight at Ba Li’s eyes, Kong Miao calmly replied, “They’re dead!”

Although the two words were simple and Kong Miao’s tone was superficial, the impact of his words was powerful. Ba Li felt his blood rushing upward as he looked at Kong Miao and said, “World of Cultivation, you’re really dared. Today, I’ll eliminate every single one of you.”

With a calm expression, Kong Miao looked at Ba Li and replied, “Then please!”

Ba Li’s complexion reddened, he could feel himself about to spit blood. Kong Miao’s simple replies seemed like he didn’t care about him. This was another slap to his face. Moreover, it was a resounding slap.

No only was Ba Li’s expression ugly, the others from the Giant Spirit Realm also had ugly expressions on their faces. After all, Ba Li was the representative of the Giant Spirit realm. Hitting Ba Li’s face was equal to hitting the face of the Giant Spirit Realm.

A laugh was heard from the Hundred Treasures Realm’s side. Tang jie didn’t expect Kong Miao to have such a side to him. Those 4 words were enough to cause the blood of the people from the Giant Spirit Realm to boil.

When Ba Li heard this laugh, he could no longer stop himself as he angrily roared and took out his huge sword. Then he sent an attack towards Kong Miao.

The sword was more than 30 meters long, it was considerably large. It was silver-white and the body was very thick. One could see at a glance how heavy it was. As it was waved around, wailing could be heard from the air tearing. It’s aura was astonishing.

Kong Miao just stood there as the attack headed his way. He didn’t move, looking as though he was frozen with fear. His eyes were stuck on the attack as it headed to his head. Seeing this, Ba Li couldn’t help but feel a touch of glee, but also a hint of confusion.

At this moment, a shadow appeared in front of Kong Miao. Then a flash of white light appeared before the sword’s attack was pushed away.

Everyone who saw this couldn’t help but be stunned. Ba Li’s strength was very well known in the Ten-thousand Realm Battlefield. Only a few people could meet his attack head-on. An attack from an outstanding expert of the Giant Spirit Realm was actually destroyed like that? It was astonishing!


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