BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1459


Chapter 1459 – Formation Breaking Spirit Snake Needle, Get!

White light flashed as Zhao Hai, Tang Jie, and Tang Wen appeared on a Transmission Formation. They’re currently at the Octopus Islands. They were the last batch of people who came to the Island. Kong Miao, Xu Wuzun, and the other Severed Soul Experts already led the troops to the island. This made Tang Jie, Tang Wen, Zhao Hai, Mo Sheng, Li Zongdao, and the other Cultivators from the Hundred Treasures Realm the final batch to be sent here.

Since they’re the last, they were the ones to destroy the stronghold’s transmission formations. This time, it was a complete destruction, nothing was left.

This was something that Kong Maio and the others had firmly decided on. In any case, they have truly angered the Giant Spirit Realm. Later on, they would be the Giant Spirit Realm’s enemies. There’s no longer any amity between the two of them. Therefore, they had to give up on their stronghold.

And since they decided to give the stronghold up, they couldn’t leave a clue behind for the Giant Spirit Realm. Therefore, the World of Cultivation’s stronghold was completely destroyed. Naturally, this was also under the approval of the World of Cultivation’s Immortal Stage Experts.

Nobody liked giving up their home. But in order to maintain their livelihood, the World of Cultivation could only give up on their base. The World of Cultivation knew clearly that if they didn’t leave, they would only be pushed into a dead end. The World of Cultivation just couldn’t give up the Ten-thousand Realm Battlefield. Once they gave it up, their future development would be heavily affected.

Therefore, the World of Cultivation’s Immortal Stage Experts could only clench their teeth and agreed to Zhao Hai’s plan to destroy the entire stronghold. Another thing that urged the Immortal Stage Experts to make this decision was their hatred towards the Giant Spirit Realm.

The people from the World of Cultivation hated the Giant Spirit Realm more than the Hundred Treasures Realm. At first, they were enemies with the Hundred Treasures Realm, so they weren’t too surprised by the methods that the Hundred Treasures Realm used. After all, in order to deal with an enemy, one shouldn’t stop at anything.

But the Giant Spirit Realm was different. They had always treated the Giant Spirit Realm as their guardians, giving them tributes every year. However, the Giant Spirit Realm abandoned the World of Cultivation when they needed them the most. This caused the people from the World of Cultivation to feel that the Giant Spirit Realm had betrayed them.

Just as people hate traitors more than enemies, the same was true for the World of Cultivation. Compared to the Hundred Treasures Realm who had always been their enemy, the World of Cultivation hated the Giant Spirit Realm more.

Because of the destruction of their stronghold, the World of Cultivation hated the Giant Spirit Realm even more. Zhao Hai was also the same. He no longer looked at the Giant Spirit Realm as an enemy, they were now a target for destruction. He wanted the Giant Spirit Realm to fall.

As the group stepped out of the transmission formation, Kong Miao and Xu Wuzun walked forward and gave Tang Jie a salute. Tang Jie also returned the greeting. Then the group proceeded towards the Xu Race’s Great Hall.

Once everyone was settled inside the Great Hall, Tang Jie looked at Xu Wuzun and Kong Miao and said, “Grandmasters, how are the preparations on the Octopus Islands doing?”

Kong Miao nodded and said, “The preparations are almost complete. The defensive formations on the island have been restored. Right now, we’re currently arranging formations on the island. There’s also spirit formations being prepared.”

Tang Jie nodded and said, “That’s good. I think the Giant Spirit Realm would arrive soon. We need to make the best use of our time. Little Hai, do you still have some Undead for surveillance? Once the Giant Spirit Realm begins to move, they would certainly go to the stronghold first.”

Zhao Hai gave a nod, “It’s been arranged. If the Giant Spirit Realm goes to the stronghold, we will immediately know.”

Tang Jie said, “The people from the Giant Spirit Realm aren’t fools. They should quickly discover that they made the wrong move. They will certainly make up for their mistake. Their means would be as fast as a thunderbolt, erasing the World of Cultivation from the Ten-thousand Realm Battlefield. Therefore, as soon as they arrive, their attack would be fierce. Although the defenses of the Octopus Islands are good, it would still be difficult to prevent the attacks from the Giant Spirit Realm. The Giant Spirit Realm should also have their own Formation Breaking Spirit Snake Needle. If they use it, we would be in danger.”

Zhao Hai’s eyes shone, he turned to Tang Jie and said, “Brother Hai, can you let me borrow your Formation Breaking Spirit Snake Needle for research? I like crafting things. I want to take a look if I can make a counterfeit version of the spirit snake needle. If I succeed, it would be an additional ace in our hands.”

Hearing Zhao Hai, Tang Jie stared for a moment before nodding. Then he waved his hand and took out his Formation Breaking Spirit Snake Needle and handed it over to Zhao Hai.

Tang Jie wasn’t afraid of Zhao Hai copying the spirit snake needle. In fact, the process of making the spirit snake needle was widely known to the entire Ten-thousand Realm Battlefield. Even the World of Cultivation has the method of creating the Formation Breaking Spirit Snake Needle. However, the World of Cultivation didn’t have the means to make one.

Tang Jie didn’t think that Zhao Hai had the ability to make a Formation Breaking Spirit Snake needle. In Tang Jie’s mind, the World of Cultivation couldn’t make it, much less Zhao Hai. It’s for this reason that he handed the spirit snake over to Zhao Hai. In his opinion, it’s nothing more than Zhao Hai borrowing it, so it’s no big deal. He was fond of Zhao Hai and didn’t want him to be dissatisfied over a small thing.

Zhao Hai was excited. After receiving the Formation Breaking Spirit Snake Needle, he immediately cupped his fist and said, “Brother Tang, Grandmaster, Mister Xu Wuzun. I’ll be heading back to research this spirit snake needle. I won’t be accompanying you.”

The three waved their hands. When Zhao Hai left, Tang Jie looked at the door before turning to Kong Miao and saying, “Little Hai looks excited. Is his crafting skill very good?”

Kong Miao smiled faintly and said, “It’s very good. Back when we’re fighting the Xu Race, Little Hai developed a device that’s capable of seeing the stealthed Xu Race. This allowed us to have the upper hand against them. Unfortunately, it’s made from a special metal. Even in the Ten-thousand Realm Battlefield, we haven’t heard of its existence. However, this metal has a weak point, limiting its capabilities. It dissipates very quickly. No matter which environment, it would vanish as soon as it touches air. It can be said that it’s a disposable product. But we could see from this point how good Zhao Hai’s refining skill is.”

Upon hearing Kong Miao, Xu Wuzun couldn’t help but stare. Then his expression went through a huge change. It must be known that the Xu Race’s biggest advantage was their stealth robes. However, from what Kong Miao said, they have a way of detecting the robes? How could this not startle him?

The reason why Kong Miao revealed this was because they were already allies with the Xu Race. Also, they were inseparable allies. Moreover, Zhao Hai’s device could only be used for a year. After a year, the device would be a piece of scrap, so Kong Miao didn’t mind revealing it.

Seeing Xu Wuzun’s appearance, Kong Miao smiled faintly. Then he handed the searching device over to Xu Wuzun and said, “This is the device that Little Hai made. As long as there’s someone from the Xu Race within 10 thousand meters, they would be shown, even if they are stealthed. This was what we used to deal with your people. But it’s not needed now. Also, this device can only be used for one year before becoming scrap. And without the special metal, Little Hai can no longer make it. So you don’t have to worry.”

Xu Wuzun took the device and looked at it carefully. Using this device was very easy. Before long, he could see his location on the device. Then he immediately tried to use stealth, but it was useless. The red dot that represented him was still on. After Xu Wuzun reappeared, his expression was ugly to look at.

He now understood how the World of Cultivation gained the advantage during their fight. They actually had this kind of weapon in their hand. The World of Cultivation would always be one step ahead of the Xu Race. This was the most important reason for the Xu Race’s failure.

But what worried Xu Wuzun the most was this method being studied by others. That would be a disaster for the Xu Race.

Kong Miao could also see Xu Wuzun’s worries. He didn’t say anything and just took out a glass jar. Inside the jar was a small amount of liquid metal. Then he introduced the metal to Xu Wuzun and Tang Jie. Just like what Kong Miao said, even Xu Wuzun and Tang Jie haven’t heard of this metal.

In fact, it would be fishy if they heard of it. It’s because this material didn’t exist. This liquid metal was just liquid silver.

In the end, Kong Miao opened the glass jar. In almost no time, the liquid metal inside the jar vanished. Seeing this Xu Wuzun let out a relieved sigh.

Zhao Hai didn’t care much about what Kong Miao and the others were doing. Although he knew what they were talking about, it wasn’t worthy of his attention. Naturally, he didn’t care. At this moment, he was placing the Formation Breaking Spirit Snake Needle through the Universal Scanner.

What Zhao Hai needed to do right now was to decompose the Formation Breaking Spirit Snake Needle, have all of its materials, then reconstruct it. Then later on, he could make the Formation Breaking Spirit Snake Needle. Moreover, with Liquid Silver, he can make multiple needles that can break formations.

The offensive strength of the Formation Breaking Spirit Snake Needle was very good. It was specially used to break guardian formations, so how could it be weak? Moreover, not only can it break through guardian formations, it also had great power against defensive formations. It can be said that as long as Zhao Hai obtains it, his offensive strength would improve a lot.

Imagine having countless numbers of Formation Breaking Spirit Snake Needles, what would it be like? At that time, nobody would be able stop Zhao Hai.

As for the Universal Scanner, decomposing an artifact was a very easy matter. After the artifact was decomposed, the Space would create mineral lodes from its components. Formation would also be added to the database. Then the properties would be fused with Liquid Silver, making it even more powerful.


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