BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1452


Chapter 1452 – Friends? Enemies?

Hearing Kong Miao, Zhao Hai couldn’t help but stare. He didn’t expect Kong Miao to hand all of these things over to him.

However, he changed his mind and felt relieved. The artifacts of the Hundred Treasures Realm were indeed very sophisticated. With the manufacturing methods of the World of Cultivation, it would be difficult to reforge them. Additionally, these artifacts are very small. There’s not much to gain when melting them down. Because of this, Kong Miao decided to hand them over to Zhao Hai. As the matter stands, Zhao Hai wouldn’t be able to acquire the ores and plants on the ground.

Zhao Hai didn’t object. He already had these ores and plants in the Space. To be honest, he wanted to have these artifacts, he was just too embarrassed to ask.

Now that Kong Miao handed them over to him, Zhao Hai got what he wanted. So he gave a bow and said, “I thank Grandmaster.”

Kong Miao waved his hand, then he turned his head to Ba Muer and said, “Mister Ba Muer, as you can see, our plans have been quite effective. Mister, please return. Our World of Cultivation and our friends from the Xu Race have confidence in dealing with the Hundred Treasures Realm.”

Kong Miao’s words might seem proper, but when you think about it, you would find some faults. The Xu Race and the World of Cultivation are confident in dealing with the Hundred Treasures Realm. This meant that they didn’t need the Giant Spirit Realm. This also told Ba Muer that even if their reinforcements didn’t arrive, they can still survive.

Although Ba Muer was arrogant, he wasn’t a fool. He could understand what Kong Miao wanted to express. His expression turned ugly, but he didn’t know what to say. It has been a long time since Yan Dong went back to ask for reinforcements. It has also been several hours since word about the attack was received. But even so, the Giant Spirit Realm didn’t send any reinforcements. Kong Maio and the others were dissatisfied with this. At the same time, Ba Muer was also surprised.

From Ba Muer’s experience, in these types of situations, the realm would immediately send reinforcements in order to attack the Hundred Treasures Realm. Not only could they deal damage to the Hundred Treasures Realm, they would also gain respect from Kong Miao and the others. It was essentially killing two birds with one stone.

However, the realm didn’t send any reinforcements. This caused Ba Muer to be surprised. Kong Miao and the others were giving Ba Muer a discontented look. But saying anything at this time was useless. After all, no reinforcements arrived.

To be honest, Ba Muer could understand Kong Miao’s dissatisfaction. He knew that the Giant Spirit Realm was being excessive this time. The World of Cultivation had been filial with their tributes every year. They did this so that the Giant Spirit Realm would provide them with help when the time comes. Now, not only did the World of Cultivation need their help, it was also to deal with their sworn enemies from the Hundred Treasures Realm. In this case, the Giant Spirit Realm should be sending people to help the World of Cultivation. But besides them, nobody else could be seen. This couldn’t be justified.

Although he could understand Kong Miao’s thoughts, Ba Muer wouldn’t allow them to be discontented with the Giant Spirit Realm. For Ba Muer, the Giant Spirit Realm was his home while the World of Cultivation was just a low-rank realm. If the Giant Spirit Realm wanted to rescue the World of Cultivation, then they would. If they don’t want to, then they wouldn’t. If the World of Cultivation is dissatisfied with this, then it would be disrespecting the Giant Spirit Realm.

Such overbearing ideas could only appear on those from high-grade realms. Therefore, hearing Kong Miao say such searing words, Ba Muer’s expression turned pale.

Kong Miao didn’t care about Ba Muer. To be honest, he was greatly disappointed with the Giant Spirit Realm. Not sending reinforcements up to this time meant that they wouldn’t send any at all. This caused Kong Miao’s expression to turn heavy.

Seeing Kong Miao’s expression, Ba Muer coldly snorted as he turned around and led the other people from the Giant Spirit Realm to leave. 

Kong Miao coldly snorted after Ba Muer left. Then he said, “If the Giant Spirit Realm is like this, then they could no longer guarantee their place as a high-grade realm.”

Zhao Hai also sighed and agreed to Kong Miao’s words. From the Undead, he knew the Hundred Treasures Realm’s plan on how to beat the Giant Spirit Realm. In order to fight against the Giant Spirit Realm, the Hundred Treasures Realm targeted their subordinate realms. Then the Hundred Treasures Realm take these subordinate realms under their banner, weakening the strength of the Giant Spirit Realm. After that, they would attack the Giant Spirit Realm itself.

Yan Dong knew about this, but when he went back to the Giant Spirit Realm, the Giant Spirit Realm didn’t send any reinforcements. This only explained that the Giant Spirit Realm was planning to give up on the World of Cultivation!

Zhao Hai couldn’t understand why the Giant Spirit Realm would do this. It was a serious blow to their reputation. It can be said that this doesn’t only mean that the Giant Spirit Realm has given up on the World of Cultivation and the Xu Race. This meant that the Giant Spirit Realm has given up on its subordinate realms.

The Giant Spirit Realm was like the Hundred Treasures Realm. Not only was their strength formidable, their influence was also very powerful. They had hundreds to thousands of subordinate realms below them. If they were to fight against another high-grade realm, then these subordinate realms would rally under their banner and fight.

It can be said that realms like the World of Cultivation were important components of a high-grade realm’s strength. If a high-grade realm’s subordinate realms disappear, then that high-grade realm’s strength would be critically affected. They might drop their title as a high-grade realm.

Xu Wuzun’s expression wasn’t attractive. Ba Muer was no more than a vice captain of the Giant Spirit Realm. Ba Muer being this overbearing in front of Xu Wuzun and the others made him uncomfortable.

Kong Miao no longer paid any attention to this matter. He turned his head to Zhao Hai and said, “Little Hai, our current situation isn’t going very well. If the Giant Spirit Realm has really given up on us, then our troubles would be huge. We’ve offended the Hundred Treasures Realm and now we’re all alone.”

Xu Wuzun also knit his brows. The Xu Race was willing to cooperate with the World of Cultivation because they had the Giant Spirit Realm as a backer. The Giant Spirit Realm could help them deal with the Hundred Treasures Realm. But now, the Giant Spirit Realm had given up on them. They’re in deep trouble.

Zhao Hai frowned, he looked at Kong Miao and said, “Grandmaster, if you allow it, I want to meet the people from the Hundred Treasures Realm.”

Kong Miao stared, he looked at Zhao Hai in confusion. Then he asked, “Meet the Hundred Treasures Realm? Why? You think they will take us in?”

Zhao Hai forced a smile as he answered, “We’ll never know if we don’t try. You should be aware of our current situation. Without the Giant Spirit Realm, we have to find another way. We have a grudge with the Hundred Treasures Realm, but if we give them greater benefits, they might forget it. Naturally, they may retaliate in the future. But as long as we bring them even greater benefits, then we might be saved.”

Kong Miao couldn’t quite understand zhao Hai’s plan. But he also had to recognize that this was the safest way for them at this time. Then suddenly, Zhao Hai’s expression changed as he disappeared. Zhao Hai reparred on the stronghold’s transmission formations. He waved his hand and sealed the formations. After he did that, he returned to Kong Miao and the others.

Kong Miao was just wondering about what Zhao Hai said when Zhao Hai vanished. When he reappeared again, he couldn’t help but ask, “Little Hai, what happened?” Kong Miao asked because he discovered that Zhao Hai’s expression wasn’t good to look at.

Zhao Hai looked at Kong Miao and said, “Grandmaster, just after Ba Muer left, he received a jade sword message. When he read its contents, he suddenly rushed towards the transmission formation. I think they want to escape towards the Giant Spirit Realm. I just went to the transmission formations and sealed them all up. I’ll go talk with the Hundred Treasures Realm now. We can’t let Ba Muer and his people leave. Perhaps they might become a bargaining chip!”

Hearing Zhao Hai, Kong Miao’s expression couldn’t help but change. He understood what Zhao Hai meant. Ba Muer rushing towards the transmission formation after receiving a jade sword message meant that the Giant Spirit Realm had truly given up on the World of Cultivation. 

Zhao Hai sealed the transmission formations because he didn’t want Ba Muer and his people to return. If Zhao Hai was really able to negotiate with the Hundred Treasures Realm, they can offer Ba Muer and the others to them. Perhaps they might be able to gain something in return.

Xu Wuzun also understood what Zhao Hai wanted. But before they could say anything, Zhao hai already vanished. Xu Wuzun looked at the spot where Zhao Hai disappeared as he turned his head to Kong Miao and said, “Do you think he would succeed? If he did, will the Immortal Stage Experts agree?”

Kong Miao shook his head as he sighed and said, “I don’t know. But this is our final chance. If the Hundred Treasures Realm doesn’t accept us, then I’m afraid we wouldn’t have a place in the Ten-thousand Realm Battlefield.”

Xu Wuzun stared, then in the end he sighed. At this time, a voice was heard inside their heads, “If Zhao Hai can convince the Hundred Treasures Realm, then we agree to this decision.” This voice resounded inside their heads, but it sounded ancient.

Kong Miao and Zu Wuzun understood that this was the voice of an Immortal Stage Expert. The two didn’t expect the Immortal Experts to say such words. It seems like they were also disappointed with the Giant Spirit Realm.


Tang Jie’s mood wasn’t very good. Now that everyone has gathered together, they only numbered less than 2000. They had actually lost more than a thousand people. Tang Jie didn’t think this would happen.

Tang Jie was certain that the World of Cultivation’s Immortal Stage Experts haven’t made any moves. This was because they wouldn’t dare do so. Since he was aware of this, then Tang Jie was even more aggrieved. He didn’t expect the World of Cultivation and the Xu Race to cause such heavy losses to the Hundred Treasures Realm. Most importantly, they weren’t even able to cause heavy losses to the enemy. 

The loss of more than 1000 people was beyond the estimates of the Hundred Treasures Realm. This wasn’t good. Because the mines were small, Tang Jie decided to separate his men into groups. Now that they’re together, there were just too many. Fighting will become very inconvenient.

Just as Tang Jie was prepared to give the order to traverse the mines, a person suddenly appeared in front of them. When Tang Jie saw this person, his pupils shrank. This was because he could recognize this person, it was Zhao Hai!

Tang Jie’s most important target when coming here was Zhao Hai. Therefore, he was very familiar with him. Seeing Zhao Hai coming alone, Tang Jie couldn’t help but be curious. Zhao Hai doesn’t look like he was here to fight them. This caused Tang Jie to be puzzled. Because of this, he didn’t speak and just looked at Zhao Hai.

Tang Jie didn’t speak, but the people behind him could no longer bear it. This was because Zhao hai already fought against them. They all knew that he was a dangerous enemy. Some of them were already getting ready.

Zhao Hai didn’t mind as he looked at everyone. In the end, his vision turned towards Tang Jie. He cupped his fist and said, “Zhao Hai has seen Captain Tang Jie.”

Zhao Hai’s words caused Tang Jie to stare. He looked at Zhao Hai and said, “Mister Zhao Hai’s information gathering is truly fast. You were actually able to know my name.”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “I am a Dark Mage, so I can turn corpses into Undead. I can also command my undead to tell me everything they know.”

Hearing Zhao Hai, Tang Jie’s eyes shrank. With a cold voice, he said, “Did you turn our people into your Undead?”

Zhao Hai nodded and said, “Correct. We are enemies, naturally I wouldn’t be lenient towards you. I believe Captain Tang Jie is the same person, are you not?”

Tang Jie suddenly smiled, he looked at Zhao Hai and said, “What you said is correct. I will never be lenient towards the enemy. I appreciate your honesty. I really don’t want to be enemies with you. But now it seems like we can no longer be friends.”

Zhao Hai looked at Tang Jie and said, “That’s not for certain. Sometimes enemies can become friends and friends can be enemies. It just depends on whether there’s a need to do so. What do you think?”


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