BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1446


Chapter 1446 – Guerilla Tactics

Zhao Hai made the correct decision. Releasing the flying swords and metal beasts tied down the people coming after him. Meanwhile, the three Eight Cyan Imperial Chariots continued on their charge and smashed into the people that were fighting the Xu Race. These people didn’t expect Zhao Hai’s attack to come their way. They always thought that he would be blocked by the others. Because of this, they weren’t prepared for this attack. This caused the impact of the Eight Cyan Imperial Chariots to break their formation.

The Xu Race also noticed that Zhao Hai brough large artifacts to the battle. They immediately reinforced their offensive. They wouldn’t let go of the opportunity to attack while the Hundred Treasures Realm’s line was in chaos. 

Once the Xu Race strengthened their attack, the Hundred Treasures Realm could no longer stop them. With their chaotic lineup, they weren’t able to form an effective defense. And with the Xu Race’s numerical advantage, it became impossible for the Hundred Treasures Realm to stop them.

However, even if the formation of the Hundred Treasures Realm appeared chaotic, it wasn’t to a severe extent. Instead, they used this chaos to slowly surround Zhao Hai.

It wasn’t only Zhao Hai who noticed this, the Xu Race could see it as well. The Xu Race’s leader immediately issued an order to speed up in order to meet with Zhao Hai as soon as possible.

When Zhao Hai noticed this, he put away the lotus as well as the Eight Cyan Imperial Chariots. After that, the flying swords that he released decreased in size and turned into small needles. Although the swords became smaller, their power didn’t decrease. Additionally, it became harder to deal with them because of their number.

It was important to note that recently Zhao Hai discovered that he could arrange an even bigger Stellar Transformations Sword Formation. It must be known due to their size, there were more needles compared to flying swords. With how the needles had been used extensively to explore the world, Zhao Hai’s control over them had reached a very high degree.

The people from the Hundred Treasures Realm discovered that they had kicked an iron plate this time. They gained their fame by using small artifacts. With their formidable offensive strength, people found it hard to defend against them.

However, there weren’t a lot of people from the Hundred Treasures Realm who used needles as their artifacts. This was caused by several factors. One of which was the fact that needles were just too small. Another was that forging good needles was difficult.

And because of how small flying needles were, their lethality was inferior to other bigger artifacts. Although a large number of needles was powerful, it also consumed a lot of spiritual force to control. With the amount of spiritual force an average practitioner could use, they wouldn’t be able to control a lot of needles.

Lastly, because of their size, making powerful needle artifacts would need high-grade materials as well as formidable refining methods. However, even high-grade realms like the Hundred Treasures Realm lacked these materials.

For these reasons, flying needles didn’t become mainstream weapons in the Hundred Treasures Realm. Although there were still those who used them, they only numbered a few. Moreover, these people didn’t use flying needles as their main weapon. Instead, they use it for making sneak attacks on the enemy.

On the other hand, Zhao Hai’s flying needles were numerous and lethal. And with them being made out of Liquid Silver, their tenacity was assured. They were very malleable as well, able to b;ecome as soft as silk. Destroying these needles would be close to impossible.

Because of Zhao Hai’s change in method, the people from the Hundred Treasures Realm couldn’t help but panic. Several people were stabbed by the flying needles, losing combat effectiveness and eventually dying to the assault.

Naturally, Zhao Hai wouldn’t be polite as he took the corpses in and turned them into Undead. However, he didn’t make these Undead enter the battle.

This development helped the Xu Race strengthen their position against the Hundred Treasures Realm. It didn’t take long before they were also beginning to kill their enemies.

However, Zhao Hai has to admit that he underestimated the willpower of the Hundred Treasures Realm. Among the 500 people in this group, 100 of them had already been killed. Despite losing a fifth of their numbers, there were no signs that the group would collapse. They still resisted with all their strength.

What Zhao Hai didn’t know was that people from high-grade realms were very hard to subjugate. This was because these people were very proud. Due to their pride, a defeat in the hands of the World of Cultivation would be shameful. Even if they escaped with their lives, they would no longer be able to lift their heads. Because of this, they went all out in resisting. They would rather die in battle than retreat.

Since they had no intentions of retreating, Zhao Hai killed his way through their numbers. However, he didn’t use any Buddhist Techniques. He was afraid that the Hundred Treasures Realm might see the faith power contained in each technique.

But even if Zhao Hai didn’t use his Buddhist Techniques, his offense was still formidable. He has the 12 metal beasts and silver needles. Even if the people from the Hundred Treasures Realm were getting used to the needles, they still weren’t able to form a large-scale resistance against it. This was largely due to the metal beasts. As long as people began to group up, the 12 metal beasts would immediately attack them, destroying their formation.

The Xu Race didn’t idle as well as they continued their assault on the people from the Hundred Treasures Realm. It must be said that only around 100 people were tied down by Zhao Hai. This was Zhao Hai’s limit with the help of the metal beasts. 

Even with this, the Xu Race was still able to recover their momentum. There were about 1000 Xu Race members present. If they were against 500 people from the Hundred Treasures Realm, then they might be pushed back. But with Zhao Hai causing chaos, eliminating a hundred people and tying down a hundred more, the remaining group weren’t no longer holding any advantageous position against the Xu Race. Before long, the Xu Race gained the upper hand and began cutting down their enemies.

Although Zhao Hai was continuously fighting against the Hundred Treasures Realm, he was also paying attention to the situation of the others. If there were people who couldn’t defend, then he would try to lend them a hand. In any case, then with how many they were, the Xu Race could still deal with the Hundred Treasures Realm on their own.

But after looking, Zhao Hai discovered the situation was good. Although the Hundred Treasures Realm was strong, they were still unfamiliar with the environment. The World of Cultivation’s stronghold was originally an abandoned mine with numerous tunnels dug into it. There were also the years of development that the World of Cultivation did to it. These tunnels might be destroyed and the formations broken, but what the Hundred Treasures Realm had a hard time dealing with were the spirit formations.

These spirit formations weren’t formations that isolated spiritual qi, instead it prevented the use of spiritual force. This was a method the World of Cultivation learned from the Bug Race. The Bug Race used their saliva in order to cover their tunnels with a spiritual force-blocking layer.

The World of Cultivation didn’t have a lot of things like the Bug Race saliva, so they can only install the tunnels with these spirit formations, allowing the tunnels to block the use of spiritual force.

However, this wasn’t a task that can be finished in a day or two. So this became a consistent task for the stronghold. By this point, all of the stronghold’s tunnels were engraved with spirit formations. This caused headaches to the Hundred Treasures Realm.

Because of the spirit formations, the people from the Hundred Treasures Realm couldn’t sense the World of Cultivation. Therefore, they can only scour each tunnel one by one. But since the stronghold was very big, it had a large number of tunnels that made it a honeycomb. Wanting to scour these tunnels in order to find the Xu Race and the World of Cultivation was very difficult.

Kong Miao initially wanted to group everyone and fight a decisive battle. But he quickly discovered that he couldn’t do this. The people from the Hundred Treasures Realm separated themselves into groups of 500 people. A hundred people already made the tunnels a bit crowded. If he gathered everyone to fight, then he wouldn’t be able to use numbers to his advantage. In the end, they would be eaten by the Hundred Treasures Realm bit by bit. Fighting one big decisive battle wouldn’t work.

Since fighting a large battle was impossible, then there’s only one other method they could use. After discussing with the Xu Race, combat formations were spread out into more tunnels. Once the Hundred Treasures Realm fall into them, then they would be ambushed. This would buy the World of Cultivation some time.

Kong Miao understood that they needed to fight a protracted battle right now and wait for the reinforcements from the Giant Spirit Realm. As long as the Giant Spirit Realm’s reinforcements arrive, they would no longer be in danger. He also believes that the reinforcements would arrive. This was because it was the Hundred Treasures Realm who attacked. They didn’t send a lot of people before because they didn’t believe that the Hundred Treasures Realm would attack the World of Cultivation. But now that people from the Giant Spirit Realm were the ones asking for reinforcements, their realm would certainly send people.

Kong Miao’s approach was very effective. Now, the people from the Hundred Treasures Realm couldn’t see any shadows of the World of Cultivation and the Xu Race. The only thing they could so now was break formations after formations.

Kong Miao also came up with another plan. When they set up formation, they would also include a small alarm formation inside. As soon as the formation was broken, the alarm formation would alert the people who arranged the formation. This was, Kong Miao and the others had a grasp on the location of the people from the Hundred Treasures Realm.

Knowing the location of the Hundred Treasures Realm through this method demonstrated Kong Miao’s talent. However, this didn’t stop at knowing the whereabouts of the Hundred Treasures Realm. Once they knew where their opponents were, Kong Miao and the others would take advantage of the terrain and then arrange more formations behind the Hundred Treasures realm. This way, even if the Hundred Treasures Realm were to break formations along their way, they would still be trapped inside numerous amounts of formations.

This can be considered guerilla tactics. In fact, it wasn’t Kong Miao who thought of this approach. Instead, it was the Xu Race who proposed it. Kong Miao was prideful and didn’t want to use this method. But after thinking it through, he discovered that this method was the most suitable for their current situation.

Despite his pride, Kong Miao wasn’t an inflexible person. In the end, he agreed to this method and began sending people to lure the Hundred Treasures Realm into regions where they would be tied down. This way, they can delay as much time as possible.

Seeing Kong Miao and the others use this method effectively, Zhao Hai couldn’t help but give them an approving nod. Now, he focused on dealing with the group in front of him.

On the other hand, Zhao Hai felt disappointed at the Giant Spirit Realm. It had already been two hours since someone went back to ask for reinforcements. However, there had yet to be anyone coming over. 

Although Zhao Hai didn’t know how much tribute the World of Cultivation gave the Giant Spirit Realm each year, he was sure that they weren’t lacking. They provided the Giant Realm with respect in return for protection. But now that the World of Cultivation was being attacked, by the enemy of the Giant Spirit Realm no less, the Giant Spirit Realm was actually late in sending help. This was unreasonable for Zhao Hai.

However, Zhao Hai could do nothing about it right now. So he could only deal with the situation in front of him. He’ll clean this first group for now before going into the tunnels and dealing with the groups there.

By this point, the people from the Hundred Treasures Realm that fought against the Xu Race numbered less than 300. Almost half of the original number had perished. Those who remained were beginning to lose strength in defending. They tried to get away from Zhao Hai’s entanglement time and time again, but they still failed.

And how could Zhao Hai let them go. For Zhao Hai these people were potential manpower. As long as he turned them into Undead, not only would his strength increase, he could also obtain a lot of faith power. This was what attracted Zhao Hai the most.

At the same time, the Xu Race began to be excited as they cut down the Hundred Treasures Realm. The Xu Race had been chased all over the Ten-thousand Realm Battlefield. No high-grade realm took a liking to them. Even if they offer tribute, they would be turned away. This caused the Xu Race to be resentful towards the high-grade realms.

But even if they had grievances, the Xu Race couldn’t do anything to these high-grade realms. A simple action of these high-grade realms was enough to erase the Xu Race. Because of this, the Xu Race could only endure.

This time, they were allowed to vent their grievances. It was also their dream to beat down people from high-grade realms. Now, this dream has been realized. It’s no wonder that each one of them were very excited.


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