BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1439


Chapter 1439 – Yan Dong

Naturally, Zhao Hai was aware of the events in the Octopus Islands. However, he doesn’t have any time to care about it right now. This was because Kong Miao was looking for him in order to meet a person, someone from the Giant Spirit Realm.

It has already been several hours since the attack by the Hundred Spirits Realm was passed over to the Giant Spirit Realm. A Giant Spirit Realm base wasn’t far from this area, so it only took a few hours for a response to be made. Kong Miao received word from the higher-ups that the Giant Spirit Realm wants the transmission formation opened so that they could send someone over.

The higher-ups had Kong Miao arrange the reception of the Giant Spirit Realm. This furthermore showed how much importance Kong Miao had in their minds. Kong Miao understood what the higher-ups wanted but he wasn’t experienced in these types of things. Then he remembered Zhao Hai. With how Zhao Hai dealt with the Xu Race, he should know about these kinds of things. Because of this, he had Zhao Hai receive the people from the Giant Spirit Realm alongside him.

Naturally, Zhao Hai agreed. He also wanted to take a look at the Giant Spirit Realm. Zhao Hai already experienced the strength of the Hundred Treasures Realm. Therefore, he was curious about the Hundred Treasures Realm’s enemy.

As Zhao Hai headed out, Mo Sheng followed behind him. In any case, Mo Sheng wouldn’t carelessly speak, so Zhao Hai didn’t mind and allowed him to follow. The three went out of the cave residence and then flew towards the place where the transmission formations were.

Before long, the three arrived at the cave. A lot of people were already inside. The majority of them were Severed Soul Experts of the World of Cultivation. There are also experts from the Xu Race. Altogether, they numbered close to 40 people.

Zhao Hai stared, this was because he knew that all of these Severed Soul Experts were essentially the bulk of the strength of the two realms here in the Ten-thousand Realm Battlefield. All of them were here to greet the Giant Spirit Realm.

Zhao Hai didn’t really think that the World of Cultivation and the Xu Race would attach great importance to the arrival of the Giant Spirit Realm. So many Severed Soul Experts were here to receive them.

When these Severed Soul Experts saw Kong Miao, they immediately greeted him. Then when they noticed Zhao Hai’s group, they couldn’t help but become confused. These Severed Soul Experts naturally knew Zhao Hai, but they didn’t think that Kong Miao would bring him this time. Among the Severed Soul Experts present, only Zhao Hai and the others were at the Nascent Soul Stage, this made them look like chickens among cranes.

Zhao Hai didn’t say anything and just smiled faintly and gave the Severed Soul Experts a salute. There were also a large number of Severed Soul Experts who returned the salute. Most of them were from the Xu Race while there were also a few from the World of Cultivation.

These people didn’t dare ignore Zhao Hai due to the fact that they were able to witness his strength. Zhao Hai showed abilities that Severed Soul Experts don’t have, so he earned the respect of these experts.

On the other hand, those who didn’t participate in the battle were somewhat confused. They don’t understand how Zhao Hai was able to gain the respect of all these experts.

Zhao Hai didn’t care about these. After giving a salute to these experts, he silently stood behind Kong Miao while Mo Sheng stood further behind. Mo Sheng seems like he didn’t notice that there were other people present.

Not long after Kong Miao arrived, the large transmission formation in front of them lit up. Then the figures of people began to appear.

These people weren’t wearing robes but instead plate amor. They had iron headbands as well as iron gauntlets. They towered over two meters in height and each one had muscles that looked like cast iron.

These people looked very similar to Mo Sheng. One could see at first glance that they were outstanding body cultivators. There were 50 people altogether led by a Severed Soul Expert.

The Severed Soul Expert looked like Zhang Fei with his iron coronet. His face is as rigid as the bottom of a pot. He had a rich beard and his eyes were like copper bells.[1]

At this moment, Kong Miao stepped forward as he gave a bow and said, “Kong Miao has seen the great people from the Giant Spirit Realm. Seniors, welcome.” As soon as they heard Kong Miao, everyone else followed, “Seniors, welcome.”

Contrary to what Zhao Hai imagined, the people from the Giant Spirit Realm weren’t arrogant. Their leader immediately returned the greeting and said, “Grandmaster Kong Miao is too polite. I’ve heard of your name before. I am Giant Spirit Realm’s Yan Dong. I have seen everyone.” Although his speech was very polite, his voice boomed inside the ears of everyone present.

He didn’t intentionally enhance his voice nor shouted, his voice was just this loud. After both sides exchanged greetings, Yan Dong’s group got out of the transmission formation. Then Kong Miao arranged them places to rest in. At the same time, Kong Miao took Yan Dong to the stronghold’s great hall.

This hall was a place to receive honored guests. However, Zhao Hai and Mo Sheng also followed behind. Yan Dong was also paying attention to Zhao Hai. It’s possible that he recognized him so he was sizing Zhao Hai up.

Before long, the group arrived at the great hall. In addition to Kong Miao, there was also Xu Ning and Jianyi as well as other Severed Soul Experts. Among these people were experts from the Devil Realm, Spirit Realm, Elven Realm, and Demon Realm. If Zhao Hai was included as someone from the Machine Field, then all realms in the World of Cultivation were present. Besides the World of Cultivation, Xu Wuzun was also present as the representative of the Xu Race.

Everyone took a seat. Zhao Hai sat on the last seat while Mo Sheng stood behind him. Yan Dong couldn’t help but take a look at Mo Sheng. Mo Sheng’s body was able to attract his attention, giving him a good impression of Mo Sheng.

After the group sat down, Kong Miao turned to Yan Dong and said, “Senior, you should already have a general understanding of the situation. Do you have any questions?”

Kong Miao went straight to the point, which was to Yan Dong’s liking. Yan Dong smiled and said, “I have a gist of the matter, but I need further details.”

Kong Miao turned to Zhao Hai. Zhao Hai bowed towards Yan Dong and said, “Senior, this Zhao Hai will be impolite.” Then after he said that, Zhao Hai waves his hand as he took out an Undead with black clothing. This Undead was naturally from the Hundred Treasures Realm.

After taking out the Undead, Zhao Hai commanded, “Introduce yourself and your plan.” The Undead complied and immediately introduced itself as well as elaborating on the Hundred Treasures Realm’s plan.

The Undead that Zhao Hai released wasn’t an ordinary soldier but instead the leader of the group. Because of its rank, it was aware of the Hundred Treasures Realm’s plans. Although he wasn’t aware of the specific detail, he could still give a general idea of the plan.

Once the Undead finished talking, Yan Dong’s expression sank. Anger could be seen in his eyes. He didn’t expect the Hundred Treasures Realm to make a move at this time. Just as the Hundred Treasures Realm expected, the Giant Spirit Realm was experiencing problems with their manpower. They had a shortage of strong experts from the younger generation. Although it wasn’t a huge problem at this time, it would surely affect their strength in the future.

The Hundred Treasures Realm wanted to kick them while they were having problems, so how could Yan Dong not be angry? When the Undead finished talking, Yan Dong asked further questions and then stopped. Then Zhao Hai received the Undead.

Yan Dong looked at Zhao Hai and then smiled as he said, “You’re Zhao Hai? I heard that you’re very good at controlling large artifacts. Good, a realm man should use large artifacts unlike those fellows from the Hundred Treasures Realm. Every one of them use embroidery needles like their grandmothers. They’re annoying to look at.”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and replied, “This Zhao Hai is honored that the Senior knows my name.”

Yan Dong laughed and said, “Your name isn’t common here in the Ten-thousand Realm Battlefield. People who use large artifacts are also rare. You actually made a name for yourself by using large artifacts, that isn’t easy to do.”

Zhao Hai smiled and said, “I am just taking advantage of large artifacts. It’s nothing to be proud of.”

Yan Dong waved his hand and no longer continued to batner. He turned to Kong Miao and said, “Grandmaster Kong Miao, this discovery is very important to the Giant Spirit Realm. Let this Yan Dong offer you our thanks.”

Kong Miao smiled and immediately said, “Senior is too polite. The World of Cultivation relies on the Giant Spirit Realm for protection. It’s natural for us to report this matter after finding out about it.”

Yan Dong nodded and said, “This is something that I need to report back personally. I cannot delay here. Grandmaster Kong Miao, I’ll have to ask to be excused.”

Kong Miao smiled and said, “No problem, it’s as it should be. However, I’ll have to ask Senior for help. The World of Cultivation and the Xu Race offended the Hundred Treasures Realm, and now there are 3000 people sent after us. They’re currently on the Octopus Islands. I’m afraid it wouldn’t be long before they attack us. We can’t defend with just our strength, so I hope that Senior could help us ask for reinforcements from the Giant Spirit Realm.”

Upon hearing Kong Miao, Yan Dong couldn’t help but stare. He looked at Kong Miao and asked, “Where did you obtain this information? Are they really at Octopus Islands?”

Kong Miao nodded and said, “It’s true. We just came back from the Octopus Islands. And not long after we left, the people from the Hundred Treasures Realm arrived. I don’t know when they’ll come here, but I’m afraid it won’t be long until they arrive here.”

Without waiting for Yan Dong to reply, Zhao Hai stood up and bowed towards Kong Miao before saying, “Grandmaster, I have something to say.”

Kong Miao stared, but he immediately said, “Little Hai? Did you discover something? Are the people from the Hundred Treasures Realm here?”

  1. Zhang Fei was a military general under Liu Bei, brother of Guan Yu. 


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