BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1438


Chapter 1438 – Suspicious Point! Deceptive Battle!

Xia Baichuan didn’t decline and went along with Tang Jie’s arrangement. Looking at Xia Baichuan, Tang Jie let out a sigh.

Tang Jie has seen the Detective Race reconstruct a scenario before. Reconstruction wasn’t easy and needed a lot of preparatory work. This was especially true for a place with chaotic qi. All preparations needed to be completed otherwise the investigation would fail.

Although Tang Jie was worried, he also knew that he couldn’t rush the result. This was related to the lives of 1000 people.

Even if he was almost certain that his people suffered a misfortune, Tang Jie still wanted to see how they died. If only the World of Cultivation made a move, then he wouldn’t be afraid. The problem would be if the Giant Spirit Realm was somewhat involved.

Tang Jie has some understanding about the first group who came. Although they weren’t able to use their normal artifacts, these people still underwent training on handling glaives. Moreover, these people were selected for their strength. Even if there were 3000 people from the World of Cultivation, this group of 1000 from the Hundred Treasures Realm could still deal with them. This group shouldn’t have any problems dealing with the World of Cultivation.

Moreover, the Xu Race was there to provide help. Tang Jie didn’t think that the Xu Race had the guts to betray them from the beginning. The Xu Race were bandits and knew how to adjust to any situation. If they weren’t compelled, then they wouldn’t have betrayed the Hundred Treasures Realm. Was there anything that made the Xu Race bow their heads to the World of Cultivation? In fact, there was one thing, an immediate threat to their race. If that was the case, then there’s reason for the Xu Race to side with the World of Cultivation.

Tang Jie wasn’t a fool. In the beginning, he didn’t take his mission very seriously. But when he arrived at the Octopus Islands and saw the situation, he couldn’t help but be serious.

After taking this matter seriously, Tang Jie thought about the various details of the situation. And he could almost guess what happened. However, Tang Jie was still confused about the situation on Octopus Islands. So to be safe, he called over the Detective Race for help.

It was precisely because of these thoughts that Tang Jie didn’t think that the World of Cultivation was completely behind this matter. The World of Cultivation just wasn’t strong enough, so he suspected the involvement of the Giant Spirit Realm. If the Giant Spirit Realm was indeed involved, then this meant that the Giant Spirit Realm had long since known the plan of the Hundred Treasures Realm. If that was really the case, then that would be bad news for the Hundred Treasures Realm.

Although Tang Jie was arrogant and thought that he could be victorious against the Giant Spirit Realm, he still didn’t underestimate them. He was also a cultivator that crawled up into his position from being a low-level expert. It was impossible for people of his stature to be naive and clueless. Therefore, seeing the situation, Tang Jie wasn’t afraid and instead treated it as a smelting trial. He was confident in himself but still didn’t underestimate the Giant Spirit Realm. He was aware that underestimating an opponent would only lead to one’s death.

It was very important for Tang Jie and the Hundred Treasures Realm to find out whether the Giant Spirit Realm was involved in this matter or not. In order to deal with the Giant Spirit Realm, the Hundred Treasures Realm made a lot of preparations over a long time. If the death of the 1000 people was really related to the Giant Spirit Realm, then this meant that the Giant Spirit Realm had long known of their plan. But if the Giant Spirit Realm wasn’t involved, then this meant that the plan was still a secret. This information would be the basis of the Hundred Treasures Realm’s future actions.

Because of this, Tang Jie even invited someone from the Detective Race over. Now that someone from the Detective Race was here, Tang Jie’s mood calmed down. He understood that no matter if the Giant Spirit Realm was involved or not, the Hundred Treasures Realm would still fight them sooner or later.

Xia Baichuan could also understand the thoughts of the people from the Hundred Treasures Realm, so he didn’t rest for a long time. After eating a pill and adjusting his breathing, he went out of his room.

Tang Jie has been paying attention to Xia Baichuan’s room all this time. As soon as Xia Baichuan came out, he immediately greeted Tang Jie, “Senior, Baichuan is ready.”

Tang Jie nodded and said, “Alright, do we need to prepare anything?”

Xia Baichuan looked all around, then he said, “I’ll have to look around first.” Tang Jie nodded and waved his hand.

Xia Baichuan flew all around Octopus Islands. He moved slowly and would sometimes stop. He conducted a careful investigation of the island. The more Xia Baichuan observed, the more serious his face became.

Xia Baichuan felt that the spiritual qi and the traces of battle on the island were very strange. He couldn’t make any sense of it. From the traces of battle, he knew that a fight happened here and both sides used large artifacts. Moreover, Xia Baichuan could feel the spiritual qi coming from the people of the Hundred Treasures Realm, Xu Race, and the World of Cultivation.

The Detective Race no longer focused on getting stronger combat power and instead they focused on restoring the scenario and finding the truth. Because of this, they had a deep understanding of the aura of various realms. Naturally, it was impossible for them to know the aura of the various realms in the Ten-thousand Realm Battlefield. Therefore, the Detective Race divided regions into their members. So when a request comes, someone assigned to the area could take action.

Xia Baichuan happens to be the person assigned to this specific region. Therefore, he has some understanding regarding the World of Cultivation as well as the Xu Race.

Xia Baichuan felt really puzzled. The fighting on the island seemed very fierce at first look, but once you look into it, it was far from fierce. The reason for the damage was the fact that the battle happened close to the ground.

Most people might not be able to detect the difference, but Xia Baichuan could. He underwent specialized training for things like these. 

Although has a faint understanding as to how these traces happened, Xia Baichuan didn’t dare come to a conclusion early. This was because it was related to the Hundred Treasures Realm.

The Detective Race held a high position in the Ten-thousand Realm Battlefield, but they had always been humble. Whether they were in front of a high-grade realm or a low-grade realm, they always position themselves in a lower position. It was precisely because of this attitude that they became the most popular group in the Ten-thousand Realm Battlefield. Even a Nascent Soul Expert like Xia Baichuan wouldn’t be robbed if he walked alone in the battlefield. People gave him face because he was from the Detective Race.

The reason why the Detective Race had this attitude was because they were aware of their history. They acquired their present status not through combat power but because of their usefulness to the other realms in the battlefield. Those people pushed them up to where they were now. If they showed a bit of arrogance, then those people would be offended and the Detective Race would fall from grace. When that happens, the Detective Race’s fate wouldn’t be good.

After carefully assessing the situation of the island, Xia Baichuan went to Tang Jie. Seeing Xia Baichuan’s expression, Tang Jie asked, “Baichuan, did you manage to find anything?”

Xia Baichuan nodded and said, “I have something. I found out that the fierceness of the battle is far from what we imagined. Although there are traces of heavy battle, this was because the fight happened near the ground, not because the fight was intense. However, this is only my initial judgement. We still need to reconstruct the scene in order to see more.”

Tang Jie nodded, his complexion sunk. He knew what Xia Baichuan’s words meant. Xia Baichuan suspected the battle to happen close to the ground which meant that there were two possibilities to this. First, they were truly close to the ground when they fought. However, the possibility for this to be true was very low. Almost all of the battles between cultivators happen far from the ground. This was a habit that formed after multiple years, especially in the Ten-thousand Realm Battlefield.

The Ten-thousand Realm Battlefield was filled with treasure. Therefore, when two groups fight, they prefer it far from the ground so as to not damage the land. If the battle happens on land, then precious resources might be destroyed in the process. Although the Octopus Islands was a base in the Ten-thousand Realm Battlefield, it was still hard for a habit to be ignored. Therefore, Tang Jie didn’t believe that they just fought near the ground.

If this wasn’t the case, then there’s another possibility. Someone did this in order to make a fake battle scenario!

When he thought of this, Tang Jie’s complexion couldn’t help but turn ugly. If the situation in the Octopus Islands was truly a fake, then this meant that his guesses from before were wrong. 

Tang Jie was smart, so he immediately thought that he had fallen into a trap. He was certain that it was the World of Cultivation that did this. They arranged a fake scenario here in order to stall for time. Once this happens, then the Giant Spirit Realm might have enough time to send help.

The more he thought about it, the more reasonable it appeared. Tang Jie’s complexion turned uglier. But at this time, Xia Baichuan began to recreate the scenario.


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