BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1437


Chapter 1437 – Detective Race Xia Baichuan[1]

After Zhao Hai went out, the monk that urged Zhao Hai said, “Senior Brother, what do you think of him? Do you think that he’s lying?”

The old monk shook his head and said, “This old monk could see that he’s not acting strange. After all, he’s under Junior Brother’s Mischievous Rock Technique.”

As soon as the others heard the old monk, their shut eyes relaxed. The monk that urged Zhao Hai studied the Mischievous Rock Technique. Its name didn’t mean that it was a defensive method. Instead, it was a spiritual attack that made the target agree easily. It was similar to Zhao Hai’s enlightenment technique but was a few levels lower.

The monk who talked to Zhao Hai said, “If this is the case, then there’s nothing else to investigate about this person. He might just be fortunate to obtain several Buddhist Techniques. Moreover, we gained a special technique to help us control large artifacts.”

The other monks nodded, then one of them said, “It seems like he’s a very lucky person. Have Kong Miao be friends with him.” The other monks nodded, then silence returned to the room once more.

When Zhao Hai returned to his residence, he couldn’t help but wipe a cold seat from his forehead. Naturally, he didn’t get affected by the Mischievous Rock Technique. He has a much more formidable technique in hand, so how could he be affected by a lower-level technique?

Actually, Zhao Hai gambled that the old monks wouldn’t kill him. After all, if he was killed, then the World of Cultivation’s troops would erupt.

He was now a man of merit in the World of Cultivation. If these monks disregarded his contributions, then the World of Cultivation’s foundation would crumble. The realm would crumble even without the Hundred Treasures Realm.

Zhao Hai discovered that the grievances between the Buddhists and the Daoists in the World of Cultivation wasn’t small at all. Although Jianyi was cooperating with Kong Miao, it was impossible for Kong Miao to order him. Meanwhile, Jianyi took very good care of Zhao Hai not only because of his connection to the Profound Clear Sect, but also the fact that he was considered part of the sect here in the Ten-thousand Realm Battlefield.

Zhao Hai understood that Jianyi already treats him as the representative of the Profound Clear Sect’s younger generation in the Ten-thousand Realm Battlefield. If he suddenly dies, then Jianyi would definitely do something.

Although Jianyi was only at the Severed Soul Stage and the Profound Clear Sect doesn’t have any Immortal Stage Experts in the Ten-thousand Realm battlefield, once Jianyi reports that something happened to Zhao Hai, the Profound Clear Sect would certainly hold the Buddhists accountable. When that time comes, for the Profound Clear Sect, instead of letting the Buddhists get a lot of benefits in the Ten-thousand Realm Battlefield, they might as well have everyone not get anything at all.

Because of this, Zhao Hai dared to use his palm to strike his head. He bet that the old monks wouldn’t allow him to die. If he bet correctly, then all suspicious about him would disappear. And if he doesn’t die, he could only benefit the World of Cultivation in the Ten-thousand Realm Battlefield.

And he bet correctly. The old monks didn’t allow him to die and prevented him from striking his head. Moreover, it eliminated any suspicion towards him. This was the result that Zhao Hai wanted to see.

What just happened was Zhao Hai’s battle of wits against the old Buddhist monks. To be honest, although there really wasn’t any fighting involved, it was the most dangerous thing that happened to him lately. If things didn’t go well, then the monks might suddenly attack him. If he wasn’t killed, then he would be imprisoned. Even if he escaped using the Space, then he would no longer have any place in the World of Cultivation. All of his preparations in the World of Cultivation would vanish. It was for this reason that Zhao Hai didn’t hesitate to hand over the modified version of the Pagoda Technique.

Although the Pagoda Technique was a simplified version of the original and wasn’t as powerful, it could be considered to be a rare technique in the World of Cultivation. Normally, Zhao Hai wouldn’t take it out.

But this time, the situation was different. Zhao Hai knew clearly that if he didn’t dispel the monks’ suspicions, he would suffer troubles in the future. So he had to hand it over.

Sure enough, by doing this, Zhao Hai dispelled the suspicions of the old monks. Instead, the monks thought that he was followed by luck, so they would be good to him in the future.

Luck was intangible and couldn’t be willingly acquired. It was much more mysterious than faith power. However, Cultivators regarded it with great importance. If one wasn’t lucky, then they wouldn’t be able to progress far even if they were talented.

Zhao Hai displayed his luck, which not only made the monks not offend him, but also look at him with importance. This was the result Zhao Hai wanted.

After listening to the last words of the monks, Zhao Hai calmed down. He knew that this case was closed. But he was also curious about what plans the old monks had for the current situation.

But unfortunately, after dealing with Zhao Hai, the old monks no longer conversed. This caused Zhao Hai to be disappointed. He couldn’t understand why these monks were silent about the World of Cultivation’s life and death.

Actually, what Zhao Hai doesn’t know was that these Immortal Stage Experts had the same situation as Transcending Tribulation Experts back in the Six Realms Battlefield. As long as the situation doesn’t threaten extermination, they wouldn’t step in to act. The Hundred Treasures Realm had yet to arrive, naturally these old monks wouldn’t make any pre-emptive moves. This was because Immortal Stage Experts weren’t usually permitted to make moves in the Ten-thousand Realm Battlefield. 

When Zhao Hai and the others passed information about the Hundred Treasures Realm, these old monks already made the proper arrangements. Naturally, they no longer need to plan anything at this point.

Seeing that the old monks were doing nothing, Zhao Hai shifted his attention to the Octopus Islands. He wanted to see what the Hundred Treasures Realm would do.

Tang Jie was currently having a headache. Although he stabilized everyone’s mood and boosted everyone’s morale, the situation with the Octopus Islands remained unsolved.

However, Tang Jie didn’t wait too long. Four hours after they settled into the islands, the people from the Detective Race arrived. Speaking of which, the Detective Race was a legendary existence in the Ten-thousand Realm Battlefield.

The Detective Race wasn’t a strong group. When they first entered the Ten-thousand Realm Battlefield, they were just a low-grade realm. They were often robbed by other people. It could be said that it was the Detective Race’s lowest point.

But later on, the ability of the Detective Race became valuable to the high-grade realms. There was an Immortal Stage Expert whose direct descendant was killed in the Ten-thousand Realm Battlefield and he couldn’t find out who did it. In the end, he heard about the ability of the Detective Race and had them find out how their descendant died.

And the Detective Race didn’t disappoint the Immortal Stage Expert. They used their divergent technique and found the killer. The Immortal Expert was enraged and destroyed the realm where the killer was in. This realm was a lower-grade realm that was under a high-grade realm. Generally, these kinds of realms don’t have any Immortal Realm Experts to protect them. It was because of this that the Immortal Expert was able to eradicate the realm.

The consequence of this matter resulted in a discussion banning Immortal Stage Experts from leaving their realm’s territories. This custom has been studied by the World of Cultivation and applied into the Six Realms Battlefield.

The influence of this matter was big, but its effect on the Detective Race was profound. The ability of the Detective Race was finally revealed and high-grade realms began to approach them for their services. This was because all realms had their own disciples training in the Ten-thousand Realm Battlefield. If those disciples die, then the loss to these realms wouldn’t be small. Therefore, realms began to protect the Detective Race in order to use their abilities. Because of this, the status of the Detective Race in the Ten-thousand Realm Battlefield rose. It was no longer bullied by other medium and low-grade realms.

As time went on, the Detective Race formed many connections and became an aloof group in the Ten-thousand Realm Battlefield. There were no groups who didn’t ask the Detective Race for help whenever something happened. Because of this, they became respected by everyone. Although they were weak, their ability to recreate events was something that everyone needed.

The Detective Race was also aware that their ability allowed them to take root in the Ten-thousand Realm Battlefield. With this ability, they simply don’t need to collect any resources. As long as they need something, others would give it in exchange for their services. With their ability, they were able to get benefits with little to no danger.

Once they discovered this, the Detective Race made full use of their ability. At this time, in addition to their ability, the Detective Race developed a system of interrogation, evidence gathering, and other actions that could help in finding out the truth of what happened. With this, the Detective Race became known for their investigation rate of 100%

Because of this, when the Detective Race representative arrived, Tang Jie and the others didn’t dare neglect the treatment towards them. They immediately welcomed him into the island. The person was a middle-aged man wearing a hat, glasses, a tailcoat, and a walking stick.

Although this man looked quite old, he still appeared charming. The traces left by time could be seen on his face, which looked appealing.

Besides this person, there’s also several people wearing masks and black clothing. Naturally, these were the people sent by the Hundred Treasures Realm to be bodyguards.

Tang Jie bowed to the middle-aged man and said, “Friend, please come in.” The strength of this Detective Race gentleman was only at the Nascent Soul level. Normally, Tang Jie wouldn’t greet people at this stage. However, Tang Jie was polite to this man. This showed how much prestige the Detective Race had in the Ten-thousand Realm Battlefield.

The Detective Race gentleman was polite as well as he bowed and said, “Xia Baichuan as seen Senior Tang Jie. Senior is too polite, this Baichuan is merely a commoner. I wouldn’t dare become Senior’s friend. Senior, just call me Baichuan.”

Tang Jie appreciated Xia Baichuan’s politeness, he smiled and said, “Then let me be impolite, I’ll call you Baichuan from now on.”

A young man looking like he was 20 years old was being treated as an elder by a middle-aged man. This situation might look strange, but it was very common among Cultivators. Cultivators speak with their strength. Even if you entered a sect early, but if you weren’t strong, then nobody would treat you as an elder. At the same time, even if you entered the sect late, but was able to cultivate quickly and become strong, then you could become an elder. Even Sect Masters would bow down to stronger elders. This was the realm of strength and brutality.

Xia Baichuan followed Tang Jie into the Octopus Islands. The instant he entered the Octopus Islands, Xia Baichuan frowned. The aura around Octopus Islands was very chaotic. This would be a difficult case to solve.

Tang Jie has been paying attention to Xia Baichuan’s reaction. Seeing him knit his brows, Tang Jie quickly asked, “Baichuan, is there something wrong?”

Hearing Tang Jie’s words, Xia Baichuan immediately replied, “Replying to Senior’s words, this one felt that the spiritual qi in the Octopus Island is very chaotic. Moreover, it seems like a battle happened here. This situation would be quite difficult to process.”

Tang Jie couldn’t help but frown as he asked, “Will this affect your investigation?”

Xia Baichuan nodded and said, “Having a chaotic environment would greatly affect our ability. Sometimes, we might not be able to reconstruct the proper scenario. However, Senior can rest assured. Even if some mistakes appear in the scenario, it’s impossible for it to be very far from the truth.”

Hearing Xia Baichuan, Tang Jie nodded and said, “Alright, there’s no need to hurry. You should take a rest first. It’s not too late for you to investigate later.”

  1. I decided to change Scouting Race  -> Detective Race since it seemed more accurate


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