BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1435


Chapter 1435 – Proof of Allegiance

Tang Jie nodded. The situation in the Octopus Islands was indeed strange. He was beginning to be confused. Was this a trap? It was better to be more careful.

Seeing Tang Jie nod, Tang Wen said, “I’ll go arrange it.” Tang Jie waved his hand. The relationship between the two was very good. They were both disciples under the same Master. Moreover, back when he was little, Tang Wen has always been defended by Tang Jie whenever he was bullied. Because of this, the two grew up quite close.

Tang Jie was quite an arrogant person, but his commanding ability was actually very good. He was also very strong. Tang Wen was intelligent and wise. His thoughts were prudent and meticulous. However, he was lacking in aggressiveness. He was well suited to be a strategist. Because of this, as Tang Wen followed Tang Jie, he was the one offering advice on how to go through with the operation.

It didn’t take long before Tang Wenreturned to Tang Jie’s side. Then he said, “Senior Brother, I have good news. The damage to the island’s guardian formation wasn’t serious. We can make use of it as long as we do simple repairs. Should we fix it? We can use this place as a temporary base.”

Hearing Tang Wen, Tang Jie couldn’t help but stare. Then he frowned and said, “The guardian formation wasn’t seriously damaged? Does that mean that the Xu Race fought our people and then battled again here? How can that be? That’s strange. Little Wen, go fix the guardian formation first. Let’s make the islands a temporary base.”

Tang Wen nodded, then he turned around and left. Tang Jie continued exploring the island but still didn’t find anything. He could only give up. At this point, he hoped that the Scouting Race would arrive sooner. He wanted to find out what exactly happened in the Octopus Islands.

In fact, it wasn’t only Tang Jie and Tang Wen who found the situation with the island to be somewhat strange. The others also sense something wrong. Don’t forget that most of these people were Transcending Tribulation Experts that had strong spiritual force as well as rich experience. With their spiritual force, they knew that something happened on the island and were as puzzled as Tang Jie when they arrived.

Before long, the island’s guardian formation was repaired. But this time, the formation needed people manually controlling it. Unlike when the Xu Race set it up where it allowed people with identification to come in and out at any time.

However, Tang Jie was still satisfied with this. He gave another order for people to stand guard while others find a place to rest.

Although Zhao Hai altered the island by performing a fake battle, the destruction caused wasn’t that heavy. Most buildings were still usable. And with cave residences already sturdy, it wasn’t hard for Tang Jie’s team to find a place to stay in.

It didn’t take long for the Octopus Islands to become peaceful. Besides the patrol, nobody else could be seen.

At this time, Tang Jie gathered together with Tang Wen and the other high ranking members of the team. It was here that people could see how stronger the Hundred Treasures Realm was compared to the World of Cultivation. The 3000-man group from the Hundred Treasured Realm was organized like an army led by captains. It was unlike the World of Cultivation and the Xu Race where their army was composed of a rag-tag group of fighters that was hastily summoned. They don’t even have captains in charge of groups.

Tang Jie sat on a mat as he looked at everyone present. Then he said, “Everyone should already be aware of the current situation. From what we can sense, a battle happened here. However, this doesn’t come in line with the information we received. I asked people from the Scouting Race to come over. But before they arrive, everyone needs to defend this island. Perhaps we can find clues about what happened to the first team that came here.”

Everyone nodded. At this time, Tang Wen looked at Tang Jie and said, “Senior Brother, what do we do about the World of Cultivation? One of our missions this time is to prevent the World of Cultivation from sending word to the Giant Spirit Realm. If those fellows respond, then we would be in a disadvantageous position.”

Tang Jie sighed and said, “I’m afraid the Giant Spirit Realm is already aware. The moment the Xu Race and the World of Cultivation cooperated, our identity has already been revealed. Knowing this, the World of Cultivation would certainly report it as soon as possible. It’s already too late for us to do anything.”

Hearing Tang Jie, Tang Wen kept quiet. He wasn’t a fool. Conversely, he was very intelligent. He was aware that Tang Jie was speaking reality. The moment the World of Cultivation came in contact with the Xu Race, they would immediately ask about their backing. The Xu Race were people with little to no morals, so they wouldn’t mind selling the Hundred Treasures Realm out.

And once the World of Cultivation gets the information they want, they would immediately report it. It’s impossible for the Giant Spirit Realm to be unaware of this. It wasn’t news in the Ten-thousand Realm Battlefield that the Hundred Treasures Realm wasn’t fond of the Giant Spirit Realm.

Tang Wen thought about this before, but he was hoping that the World of Cultivation was still unaware of this matter. This was where Tang Wen and Tang Jie differed. A military strategist might gamble on luck, but a commander couldn’t be like this. A commander needed to consider the worst possible outcome.

Hearing what Tang Jie said, the mood of the entire room sank. Everyone’s expressions weren’t attractive to look at. Tang Jie looked at everyone and then coldly snorted as he said, “So what if the Giant Spirit Realm knows? We’ve fought against the Giant Spirit Realm many times. I heard that the situation in the Giant Spirit Realm isn’t very good right now. They seem to be short on manpower. So what are you afraid of?”

Tang Jie’s words woke everyone up. They weren’t that old and still had vigor. So when they heard Tang Jie, their blood began to burn with fire.

If it was any other realm, then they wouldn’t have been this careful. But this time, they’re against their bitter enemy, the Giant Spirit Realm. They suffered many losses during their battles. If they could rout the Giant Spirit Realm this time, then they would be making history.

Seeing everyone’s reaction, Tang Jie smiled faintly. He knew that his plan had become a success. He managed to raise their morale. During battle, especially against the Giant Spirit Realm, a change in morale could mean a tragic loss or an overwhelming victory.

Although it was said that the Giant Spirit Realm was lacking in manpower, a starved camel was still larger than a horse. One shouldn’t tread lightly when faced with an enemy like that.

Seeing that morale was no longer a problem, Tang Jie said, “The World of Cultivation is no more than a pebble in the road we chose. They’re not a big deal. So there’s no need to worry about them. What’s important right now was to find out what happened to the group that came before us. We can destroy the World of Cultivation whenever we can. So it won’t be too late if we do it after. If they really dared to face us, then they would just be courting death.”

Everyone nodded. To be honest, they didn’t think much about the World of Cultivation. Although they knew about Zhao Hai’s large artifacts, those things weren’t uncommon in high-grade realms. Zhao Hai was just able to control them much better.

For a high-grade realm like the Hundred Treasures Realm, the World of Cultivation was the same as a basket full of rabbits. When they have time, they could kill these rabbits. Although rabbits might bite back, it was impossible for them to kill a person.

Tang Jie looked at everyone and said, “After what happened, the Giant Spirit Realm should be aware of our actions. Everyone has to get ready to fight at any time. We might be facing a difficult battle, so we need to prepare the Octopus Island as a temporary base.”

The people nodded. Tang Jie waved his hand and said, “Alright, everyone should take a rest. Arrange people to patrol the area and wait for the Scouting Race to arrive. Until then, we’ll study what actions to do next.” Everyone nodded and then proceeded to leave. Meanwhile, Tang Wen was kept back by Tang Jie.

Once only the two of them were left, Tang Jie’s expression turned solemn, he looked at Tang Wen and said, “Little Wen, after a while, go out and construct a transmission formation. Remember to place it in a hidden area. This will be our escape route.”

When he heard what Tang Jie said, Tang Wen couldn’t help but stare. He looked at Tang Jie and said, “Senior Brother, are you saying that we’ve stepped on a trap?”

Tang Jie let out a long breath and said, “I’m not sure, but things are becoming very strange. However, I’m certain that it has something to do with the World of Cultivation. I don’t know what goal they have in mind, but we’d rather prepare for the worst. There are no free meals in the Ten-thousand Realm Battlefield. I believe the group before us has gotten into a great trouble. If the World of Cultivation intends to side with the Giant Spirit Realm, then they could use our people as a proof of allegiance. Therefore, we need to be careful.”

Tang Wen knit his brows and said, “Would they dare? We have 3000 people, I can’t imagine them attacking the Octopus Islands at this time.”

Tang Jie shook his head, then he sighed and said, “People pushed to the corner would do anything to survive.”