BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1434


Chapter 1434 – Bizarre Octopus Islands

Tang Jie flew straight forward. To be honest, he was really angry right now. Not to the others, but to the higher-ups. Tang Jie was a well-known expert among the younger generation from the Hundred Treasures Realm. He was a powerful expert in the Severed Soul Stage. But now, he was given such a task? Attacking a lower realm’s base already made him lose face. Were the higher-ups looking down on him?

In Tang Jie’s mind, those old fogies from high up had gone stagnant. They no longer have ambitions. So how could they achieve great things?

They made the Xu Race deal with the World of Cultivation. The World of Cultivation was just a rank 5 realm under the Giant Spirit Realm, and it was even one of the weaker ones. What’s the point in dealing with a realm like that? If they want to do something, then they need to do it big. Just go to the Giant Spirit World and battle it out. Then everything would be solved. Dealing with smaller realms like the World of Cultivation gave no sense of achievement.

Tang Jie’s assignment this time contained several orders. First, he was to find out about the 1000-man team that came before and see if they were still alive or dead. 

Second, he needs to clean up the Xu Race. The 1000-man group went missing because of the Xu Race. Also, the Xu Race knew the identity of the masked group. Therefore, the Xu Race couldn’t continue to survive.

Third, eliminated the World of Cultivation. The World of Cultivation dared to fight them, this was something the Hundred Treasures Realm couldn’t allow. Doing so would establish prestige for the Hundred Treasures Realm as well as prevent the World of Cultivation from investigating the matter and reporting to the Giant Spirit Realm. If that happens, then it would have a great effect on the Hundred Treasures Realm’s further plans.

Actually, there’s a purpose in the Hundred Treasures Realm’s plan in dealing with the World of Cultivation. They would have the Xu Race eliminated the World of Cultivation and then the Hundred Treasures Realm would eliminate the Xu Race. And as long as the World of Cultivation suffers damage, the Hundred Treasures Realm would release rumors that the Giant Spirit Realm didn’t save the World of Cultivation. This was a plan that would dirty the name of the Giant Spirit Realm.

When the time comes, the subordinate realms of the Giant Spirit Realm would have doubts. If a high-grade realm couldn’t protect them, then what’s the point of being their subordinate?

To put it bluntly, the World of Cultivation was just an unlucky realm that was chosen by the Hundred Treasures Realm to besmirch the name of the Giant Spirit Realm. The Hundred Treasures Realm already has a step-by-step plan after this. As long as this stage becomes successful, subordinate realms of the Giant Spirit Realm would no doubt surrender to the Hundred Spirits Realm. Even the World of Cultivation might submit. It was for this reason that the masked group used glaives when fighting the World of Cultivation.

Glaives were heavy weapons, a type of weapon that the Giant Spirit Realm liked to use. The Hundred Treasures Realm had their people use glaives in order to plant disaster on the Giant Spirit Realm’s side.

Originally, this plan was going smoothly. The World of Cultivation wasn’t prepared for it. And with the Xu Race taking action, damaging the World of Cultivation was practically certain. The Hundred Treasures Realm was even willing to send people in order to help clean up the remnants of the World of Cultivation.

After that, they would reach out to the World of Cultivation and help in eliminating the Xu Race. Doing so would make the Xu Race a scapegoat while also removing a potential informant. Then they would start a rumor to group up the low and medium-grade realms. Although these realms didn’t seem strong, they were very powerful when united.

Most importantly, through this matter, the prestige of the Giant Spirit Realm would be damaged. When the time comes, the subordinate realms of the Giant Spirit Realm would be in disunity. This would be the time to attack the Giant Spirit Realm.

For many years, the Hundred Treasures Realm and the Giant Spirit Realm had been fighting. Throughout this period, the Hundred Treasures Realm hadn’t been able to take any advantages. They even suffered heavy casualties. The grudge between these two realms run deep to the bones. It was simply impossible for the two to reconcile. The Hundred Treasures Realm crafted this plan for many years in order to deal great damage to the Giant Spirit Realm.

But how could the Hundred Treasures Realm expect their plan to be ruined by Zhao Hai. This never crossed the minds of the people from the Hundred Treasures Realm.

Because their plan was derailed, they need to change it. They sent out 3000 experts led by about 50 Severed Soul Experts in order to eliminate the Xu Race and then the World of Cultivation. After that, they would continue on spreading rumors.

And this time they sent Tang Jie in order to complete his mission. Tang Jie was angered by this assignment, not knowing that it was because the higher-ups were expecting great things from him. This was a very important mission. 

Tang Jie didn’t make any investigations and just immediately charged towards the Octopus Islands. Tang Jie waved his hand as his men immediately dispersed and surrounded the island.

However, the region was eerily peaceful. Not a person’s shadow could be seen. Tang Jie didn’t dare treat this lightly. They were aware of who they’re dealing with. What was the Xu Race most known about? It was their stealth. Since the Xu Race were very good at hiding themselves, Tang Jie needed to be careful.

Since Tang Jie knew about the Xu Race’s stealth, he chose to immediately head towards the Octopus Islands. Tang Jie knew that this place was something that the Xu Race couldn’t give up. It doesn’t matter if the Xu Race were good at hiding themselves. As long as the Octopus Islands was in danger, the Xu Race would certainly appear.

Although the Hundred Treasures Realm was being careful, they didn’t care about the Xu Race’s strength. They knew clearly that the other party was lacking compared to them.

This was also the difference between a high-grade realm and a lower-grade realm. High-grade realms were better in all aspects. They had the best cultivation methods, defensive equipment, weapons, pills, and so on. This caused the combat strength of people from high-grade realms to be greater than those from lower-grade realms. A Transcending Tribulation Expert of the Xu Race wouldn’t be able to face a Transcending Tribulation Expert from the Hundred Treasures Realm.

Back when they were heading towards the Octopus Islands, the Hundred Treasures Realm didn’t suffer any attacks. This caused Tang Jie to be anxious.

And now that they reached the islands, the Xu Race couldn’t be seen. This caused Tang Jie and his group to be surprised. Was the Xu Race planning to use their guardian formation to trap them inside? Impossible. Guardian formations usually keep most people out. With the Xu Race only being a medium-grade realm, they should have activated their guardian formation by now. It’s impossible for the Xu Race to lure Tang Jie and the others in and then trap them inside. The Xu Race didn’t possess the strength to do it.

Although he was thinking about this, Tang Jie’s speed didn’t decrease. Before long, the group was about to reach the island. Tang Jie kept his vigilance. He looked around and found that if the island had a guardian formation, then its scope should be around here.

Tang Jie was disappointed that they still hadn’t met any attacks. The entire Octopus Islands looked like an undefended city that they could easily go in and out.

However, upon entering the main island, the people from the Hundred Treasures Realm were met with shock. This was because traces of battle could be seen on the island. This caused Tang Jie and the others to be puzzled.

From the information they received, there was a huge battle that happened not far from the islands. This was where the 1000 masked individuals participated. After the battle ended, the Xu Race entered the large ship artifact of the World of Cultivation and then they flew to the Octopus Islands. But then, the 1000 masked individuals disappeared. This was the reason why Tang Jie and the others were sent over. 

The Xu Race returned to the Octopus Islands along with the World of Cultivation. This meant that the Xu Race had sold the Hundred Treasures Realm out. But from what Tang Jie and the others could see, a fight happened on the island. 

If the World of Cultivation and the Xu Race were indeed in an alliance, then there’s no need for the two realms to fight. Moreover, was the World of Cultivation that strong to bring the fight to the Octopus Islands?

Tang Jie looked around carefully. The destruction towards the islands wasn’t very serious. However, it could be seen that large artifacts clashed here. This caused Tang Jie to be even more puzzled.

Before using the Xu Race, the Hundred Treasures Realm did an investigation on their strength. They found out that the Xu Race wasn’t that strong, nor did they have any large artifacts in hand. It was because of this lack of large artifacts that the Xu Race lose against the World of Cultivation.

In order to deal with the World of Cultivation, the Hundred Treasures realm took out three Eight Cyan Imperial Chariots. If the World of Cultivation eliminated the 1000 masked group, then the chariots would be in their hands. In this case, how would traces of collision between large artifacts appear here? What was going on?

Tang Jie didn’t know what was going on. In fact, it wasn’t only him that was confused. Everyone one his team couldn’t make sense of what they were seeing.

While Tang Jie was wondering, a voice was heard on his side, “Senior Brother, the situation here is extremely strange. I reckon we should report it to the higher-ups and wait for their decision. At most we would waste a couple hours. What do you think?”

Tang Jie sobered up as he nodded. Then he looked around and took out a jade sword message to write his report in. He wrote about the situation of the island as well as the lack of Xu Race members. He also asked if they need the Scouting Race to help. Then he released the jade sword message.

After releasing the jade sword message, Tang Jie turned to his junior and said, “Tang Wen, have everyone check around the Octopus Islands to search for clues. Get a team of 500 people to see if they can find the battlefield not far from here. It’s strange, when we were heading here, we should have passed through that battlefield. But why didn’t we detect any traces of battle on the way here?

Tang Wen nodded and said, “It is indeed strange. There’s something fishy going on. I’ll take care of it.” Tang Jie nodded, then he slowly flew towards the main island to look for clues.

After looking around for some time, Tang Jie was certain that a massive battle had occured in the Octopus Islands.

But besides this, he didn’t couldn’t find anything else. This made Tang Jie very worried. He felt the surroundings. He was a Severed Soul Expert, so his spiritual force was formidable. Mostly, even without the help of his people, as long as he scanned an area with his spiritual force, he would be able to gain a lot of information.

But this time, this move didn’t work. There were traces of a large battle in the Octopus Islands. There were energy fluctuations caused by magic artifacts used by the Xu Race, World of Cultivation, and the Hundred Treasures Realm. All of these fluctuations caused a chaotic mark on the surroundings. Therefore, it became impossible to find anything out.

Tang Jie couldn’t help but curse. Although he came out this time to deal with the Xu Race and the World of Cultivation, finding the missing 1000 people was also an important assignment. They thought that the 1000 people have already been killed. However, there were signs of them in the Octopus Islands. This caused Tang Jin and the others to be stuck here looking for clues.

Tang Jie calmed himself down. He knew that the only thing to do right now was to wait for the Scouting Race to arrive. Once they arrive, things would start to make sense.

Before long, Tang Wen arrived by Tang Jie’s side and reported, “Senior Brother, 500 people have already been sent out but they don’t have any harvests. They still haven’t found the battlefield. They retraced the road we came from, but there really are no fluctuations present.”

Tang Jie nodded, then he knit his brows and said, “Things don’t add up. The information we received was that the Xu Race worked together with the World of Cultivation. Moreover, our people fought outside the island. There should be no traces of fight here. Yet there’s traces of our artifacts being used in this place. This is too suspicious.”

Tang Wen agreed, “It’s not normal. The aura here is very strange. Senior Brother, we should make everyone stay vigilant. The best thing to do is to have people guard the surroundings and also set up a defensive formation. This was, even if people came to deal with us, it wouldn’t be easy.”


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