BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1430


Chapter 1430  – Condition

The two chatted for quite some time until Zhao Hai’s expression suddenly changed. Then he looked at Kong Miao and said, “Grandmaster, the Xu Race’s response has arrived. How about we go and take a look?”

Hearing Zhao Hia, Kong Miao waved his hand and said, “Don’t worry about it. Let’s wait for the reply of the higher-ups first.”

Zhao Hai thought that this was reasonable, so he nodded and said, “Alright, then Grandmaster, I won’t be disturbing you any longer. If you want to contact me, just call my name.”

Kong Miao nodded. Then the light screen vanished. Kong Miao couldn’t help but sigh. These Undead were indeed quite good. He couldn’t help but feel envious of Zhao Hai.

Right after that, Kong Miao contacted Xu Ning and the other Severed Soul Experts. He told them that the Xu Race’s reply has arrived and to pay attention to their actions. If there’s anything strange going on, then there’s no need to be polite.

Just after contacting Xu Ning and the others, Kong Miao sensed that his jade sword message had come back. He immediately had the Undead open its mouth to let it in.

Upon receiving the jade sword message, Kong Miao read it using his spiritual force. After knowing the response of the higher-ups, Kong Miao contacted Xu Ning and the others once more. Then, he contacted Zhao Hai. However, Zhao Hai doesn’t need to be notified because he already listened to his conversation with the other Severed Soul Experts.

However, Zhao Hai immediately answered the call and said, “Grandmaster, you’re looking for me?”

Kong Miao nodded and said, “Go and prepare to see the Xu Race. The higher-ups agree to cooperate with them. We can even make concessions. However, the Xu Race needs to move to the World of Cultivation’s stronghold in order to deal with the enemy together.”

Being a medium-grade realm, the World of Cultivation holds several bases in the Ten-thousand Realm Battlefield. The newcomer’s area that Zhao Hai was in before was their smallest base. There were still several bases where veterans stayed.

But the World of Cultivation’s most important base in the Ten-thousand Realm Battlefield was inside an abandoned mine that once produced soft jade and jade marrow. Once the soft jade and jade marrow was completely dug up, the World of Cultivation spent 100 years in order to construct their stronghold.

Not only were 20 Severed Soul Experts stationed there all-year round, it also had a Great Guardian Formation. Besides the guardian formation, there were also other formations present. Even Immortal Stage Experts would find it hard to attack the stronghold. Most importantly, the stronghold has a transmission formation that directly led back to the World of Cultivation. When necessary, the people of the World of Cultivation from all around the Ten-thousand Realm Battlefield could return to this stronghold and return to the World of Cultivation.

When a time comes that the World of Cultivation gets in a very tight spot in the Ten-thousand Realm Battlefield, everyone can destroy the formations in their bases except one. Then they would teleport to the stronghold and then defend it. If the stronghold couldn’t be defended, then they would use the transmission formation to return back to the realm.

However, the World of Cultivation generally won’t use the stronghold as a base. This was because it would be a huge loss if they were to let go of the other bases they have.

This time, however, the stronghold needed to be utilized. Their opponent was the Hundred Treasures Realm, a high-grade realm. If the Hundred Treasures Realm really wanted to clean them up, then even the stronghold might not be able to hold up.

Fortunately, the World of Cultivation also had its own backer. If they couldn’t defend, then at least the World of Cultivation could hide inside their realm safely.

The higher-ups wanted the Xu Race to move to the stronghold and fight against the enemy together. This requirement was a bit excessive. This was because the Xu Race might not trust the World of Cultivation fully. After all, the two sides were hostile just recently.

However, Zhao Hai thinks that the Xu Race would still agree. They had already lost hundreds of experts before, and then there’s 1000 experts who were trapped by the Undead. If they don’t agree, then those 1000 people wouldn’t be able to survive. It must be known that for medium-grade realms, the loss of a thousand Transcending Tribulation Experts would be a huge blow to their foundation. They might even be demoted into a low-grade realm.

And once the Xu Race gets demoted into a low-grade realm, then that would spell their end. The Xu Race had been bandits for thousands of years. And through this period, they had offended an innumerable number of low-grade realms. Generally, offending these low-grade realms wasn’t anything worth worrying about. These realms were weak and were often preyed on by everyone.

However, if the Xu Race were to become weak. Then they would certainly go extinct. When the time comes, even without the Hundred Treasures Realm moving, the Xu Race would be attacked by all of the enemies they made through the years.

Additionally, the Hundred Treasures Realm had lost 1000 experts. They certainly wouldn’t let anyone involved go free. If the Xu Race decides to work with the World of Cultivation, then they would go under the umbrella of their backer. For the Xu Race, this was a very important matter.

Kong Miao and the others walked out of their respective beast-shaped Undead and then proceeded towards the encirclement. At this time, Xu Wuzun was nervously walking back and forth.

Seeing Kong Miao and the others, Xu Wuzun immediately stopped. When Kong Miao and the others were 100 meters away, Xu Wuzun said, “Grandmaster Kong, I received orders from the clan. The Xu Race is willing to cooperate with the World of Cultivation in order to guard against the Hundred Treasures Realm.”

Upon hearing Xu Wuzun, Kong Miao knew that the Xu Race were indeed willing to form an alliance. Back when Zhao Hai negotiated with them, he didn’t mention any names about the people behind the Xu Race. Xu Wuzun taking the initiative to reveal the Hundred Treasures Realm’s identity proves that they fully surrender to the World of Cultivation.

Kong Miao nodded and said, “You made the right decision. But if you want an alliance, you need to agree to some conditions. You need to leave Octopus Islands and move to the World of Cultivation’s stronghold. If we work together, then we need to be in the same place. Naturally, we’ve already reached out to the people behind us. I believe they will send people to help us out.”

When Xu Wuzun heard what Kong Miao said, he couldn’t help but frown. The Xu Clan has already given Xu Wuzun the authority to make the decisions. This way, they could coordinate with the World of Cultivation at the shortest time. And even if the World of Cultivation makes demands, they could still agree to them. However, Xu Wuzun was still a bit taken aback by Kong Miao’s requirement. The Xu Race were a race of bandits. And bandits were very fond of their lairs. Additionally, bandits won’t leave their lairs that easily. Moving everyone to the World of Cultivation’s stronghold seemed unacceptable to Xu Wuzun.

Seeing Xu Wuzun’s expression, Zhao Hai turned to look at Kong Miao. Seeing Zhao Hai’s gaze, Kong Miao gave a nod. He knew that he wasn’t very good at negotiations. If Zhao Hai were the one to speak, then Xu Wuzun might agree.

Zhao Hai lightly coughed and said, “I have seen Your Excellency Xu Wuzun. My name is Zhao Hai.”

Xu Wuzun was thinking about how to reject Kong Miao’s conditions, but he was interrupted by Zhao Hai. Although Xu Wuzun was annoyed by this, he didn’t show it on his face. He wasn’t an immature child to destroy the current atmosphere with his temper. Additionally, he knew that Zhao Hai was the reason why the Xu Race suffered multiple defeats. And it was also because of Zhao Hai that the group from the Hundred Treasures Realm were annihilated. Therefore, he politely cupped his fist and said, “I have seen Miser Zhao Hai. What advice does Mister want to give?”

If other people were to hear about a Severed Soul Expert being polite to a Nascent Soul, they certainly wouldn’t believe it. However, this was exactly what happened. And Xu Wuzun looked natural while doing it.

Zhao Hai quickly said, “I don’t dare. Your Excellency is too courteous. From what I can see, do you want to disagree with Grandmaster Kong Miao’s conditions? Actually, you don’t have to think about it too much. I know that you don’t want to leave the Octopus Islands. After all, it’s a place very important to the Xu Race. However, you should also understand that the World of Cultivation’s stronghold is equally as important to us. If you let your Xu Race enter the stronghold, then technically you would know the stronghold’s internal structure. For the both of us, the World of Cultivation is already giving you trust.”

Hearing Zhao Hai, Kong Miao couldn’t help but ponder over it. He never thought of it this way. If they brought Zhao Hai and the others to the Octopus Islands, then that would be detrimental to the Xu Race. This wasn’t something that anyone could agree on. Besides the Xu Race, nobody else was allowed to enter the Octopus Islands.

Zhao Hai looked at Xu Wuzun and said, “Presently, both of us have a common enemy. If we divide ourselves, then we would be easily defeated. But if we are together, we can overwhelm them with our numbers. Even if the enemy manages to kill us, they would have to sacrifice a lot. What do you think?”


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