BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1429


Chapter 1429 – Giant Spirit Race

Hearing what Laura said, Zhao Hai couldn’t help but look at her and said, “What? How did you know about the people standing behind the World of Cultivation?”

Laura smiled faintly and said, “Even if we don’t know, how could the people from the Hundred Treasures Realm not know? After fighting for a long time, they naturally know who their opponent was.”

Zhao Hai nodded and said, “So which realm is the opponent of the Hundred Treasures Realm? Why have we never heard of it before?”

Laura smiled and said, “Actually, there’s some traces about them here and there. The Hundred Treasures Realm’s enemy is the Giant Spirit Realm!”

Upon hearing this, ZhaoHai nodded. It could be said that the Giant Spirit Realm was indeed on the opposite side of the Hundred Treasures Realm. This was because the methods of the two realms were almost at the extreme opposites.

The Giant Spirit Realm was called this because: One, it was the home of the Giant Spirit Race. Naturally, they were giants. The average height of the people from the Giant Spirit Racef was about two meters tall. But even this height was taller than an average practitioner.

Besides being tall, the Giant Spirit Realm gave priority to physical strength. Therefore, they strived to have as large weapons as possible.

In the eyes of the people from the Giant Spirit Realm, the larger and heavier the weapon, the better. Moreover, the Giant Spirit Realm was said to have the most large artifacts in hand.

With the extreme differences between the Giant Spirit Realm and the Hundred Treasures Realm, their people naturally weren’t compatible with each other. Small and large battles between these two realms in the past. But recently, these conflicts have decreased. However, it seems like the Hundred Treasures Realm was beginning to stir things up once more.

Zhao Hai nodded and said, “So it’s the Giant Spirit Realm. This makes things more interesting. The Giant Spirit Realm is also a high-grade realm like the Hundred Treasures Realm. I didn’t expect the World of Cultivation to have a large backing.”

Laura smiled and said, “The World of Cultivation can only be classified as a medium-grade realm, so a high-grade realm like the Giant Spirit Realm needed to shelter it. However, being known to back a medium-grade was a loss of face for the Giant Spirit Realm. This time it’s different. The one who made the first move was the Hundred Treasures Realm. Once the Giant Spirit Realm knows about this, they would certainly make a move.”

Zhao Hai nodded, “Good, then maybe I’ll have a chance to meet these people. I want to see if they’re as strong as the people from the Hundred Treasures Realm.”

Laura smiled and said, “Brother Hai, you should look at the Hundred Treasures Realm’s method of controlling artifacts. I must say, it’s quite good.”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “Don’t worry, there’s still much to do. It wouldn’t be too late to study them after.” Laura no longer persuaded Zhao Hai. She knew that Zhao Hai had a lot of things in his mind.

Actually, Zhao Hai might be able to get along well with the people from the Giant Spirit Realm. This was because of Zhao Hai’s Buddhist Techniques. The special methods of the Giant Spirit Realm included training their strength to a mindblowing level.

Moreover, after this matter, Zhao Hai’s name should have spread. Zhao Hai’s feat of controlling large artifacts would also be known. This was very much in line with the Giant Spirit Realm’s liking.

The Giant Spirit Realm was home to a very formidable race. Moreover, these people all had robust bodies that exuded strength. Therefore, in the Ten-thousand Realm Battlefield, the people from the Giant Spirit Realm were also called the Strongman Race.

Knowing the World of Cultivation’s backer, Zhao Hai couldn’t help but feel relieved. In the past, he was worried that the people behind the World of Cultivation would have covetous personalities. Now that he knew about the Giant Spirit Realm, he knew that this wouldn’t be a problem.

Zhao Hai observed the state of Yalei 2. Fortunately, Yalei 2 has already been designated as a protected area by the Machine Field. Everything was developing smoothly. The same was true for the Pirate Paradise. The Cross Sword Pirate Group was still the strongest pirate group there, and their momentum was even greater than before.

The reason the Cross Sword Pirate Group was able to gain such power and influence was largely due to its relationship with the Undead. The Undead had already learned to drive mechs. And adding their formidable strength, they doubled the strength of the pirate group. It was natural for the Cross Sword Pirate group’s strength to skyrocket.

After looking into the state of Yalei 2 and the Cross Sword Pirate Group, Zhao Hai took Laura and the others out of the villa.

By this point, the Xu Race were surrounded by the Undead, so nothing should change soon. The Xu Race wouldn’t dare make a move lest they be annihilated by the Undead. There’s also the people from the World of Cultivation close by. The thoughts of escaping were no longer in the minds of the Xu Race group.

At the same time, the Xu Race discovered that their stealth doesn’t work on the Undead. Their stealth was their biggest source of confidence. Now that their stealth became useless, they naturally behaved.

Zhao Hai looked and saw that the Eight Cyan Imperial Chariots had already vanished from sight. What was left floating in the air was a bronze magic staff.

Naturally, Zhao Hai knew that the bronze staff was liquid silver. He just didn’t expect Liquid Silver to change its color.

Zhao Hai waved his hand, calling Liquid Silver over. He couldn’t see any other differences on the staff. But when he waved his hand, an Eight Cyan Imperial Chariot appeared in front of him. The imposing aura of this chariot made its previous form pale in comparison. One could tell at a single glance that it wasn’t an ordinary artifact.

Zhao Hai nodded with approval. Although Liquid Silver changed its color, he didn’t mind it. Even if Kong Miao and the others noticed, with Zhao Hai’s present strength, he wasn’t afraid.

After resting for a while inside the Space, Zhao Hai returned to Alien’s body. Then he said, “Contact Grandmaster Kong Miao.” 

All the Undead have communication systems installed inside them. As long as he said the name, a light curtain would appear in front of him. And if the other party agrees to the connection, then they would be able to see each other through the light curtain.

Kong Miao was currently sitting inside his room within the Undead. This room wasn’t very big, only about ten square meters or so. However, Kong Miao was still quite satisfied with it.

As he sat in the room, Kong Miao recalled the day’s events. He began to discover that everything that happened was largely because of Zhao Hai. If it weren’t for Zhao Hai, then everyone from the World of Cultivation might have perished.

At the same time, he gained another understanding about Zhao Hai’s strength. At first, Zhao Hai was able to deal with three Eight Cyan Imperial Chariots while releasing a large number of Undead. Kong Miao also noticed that the Undead knew when to retreat and advance. Kong Miao thought that even if he used the Ten Thousand Transformations Staff, it would still be very difficult for him to deal with the Undead. The key to this was the fact that there were too many Undead. Their sheer quantity alone made them very hard to deal with.

It shouldn’t be a problem for Zhao Hai to deal with the Xu Race using the Undead alone. When he thought of this, Kong Miao couldn’t help but feel depressed. He couldn’t understand how Zhao Hai was able to grow this rapidly.

Suddenly, there was a beep in the room. Kong Miao didn’t know what was going on. Then at this moment, a woman’s voice was heard, “Mister Zhao Hai asks to talk to you. Asking for permission to connect.” After that, a light screen appeared in front of him. There was nothing yet on the screen.

Kong Miao was initially puzzled. But he was a smart person, so he answered, “Connect.” Just as his voice fell, Zhao Hai’s face appeared on the screen. Kong Miao could see Zhao Hai sitting inside his own room.

Zhao Hai looked at Kong Miao, then he smiled and said, “Grandmaster, I hope you’re doing well. Do you want to head back to the ship, or do you want to stay there for a while?”

Hearing what Zhao Hai said, Kong Miao hurriedly waved his hand and said, “Staying here is fine. I must say, Little Hai, I didn’t expect the Undead to have these kinds of things. Can I use this thing to contact anyone?”

Zhao Hai smiled and said, “Of course. I apologize for not telling you this in advance. With this thing, you can talk to anyone as long as you say their name. Naturally, that person needed to be inside an Undead. This is a function related to the Undead’s internal space.”

Kong Maio nodded, “Alright, this thing is really convenient. I reckon you won’t need to take the ship out anymore. Everyone likes to have their own space. How was your rest?”

Zhao Hai nodded, “I’m alright. But Grandmaster, I need to say something. The three Eight Cyan Imperial Chariots that I wrecked have already been fused to my artifact. I hope you won’t blame me for this.”

Kong Miao stared, then he asked, “Fuse with your artifact? How did you do that?”

Zhao Hai smiled and said, “Back when I completed my artifact, I discovered an integration formation inside it. This allowed me to fuse my other artifacts into it. This is the most brilliant work of Senior Leng Wuyang. This time, I fused the Eight Cyan Imperial Chariots to it. So from now on, I can use the chariots to fight.”

Kong Miao couldn’t help but sigh as he said, “Senior Leng Wuyeng is truly talented. He was able to make such an artifact. Also, the Eight Cyam Imperial Chariots are your spoils anyway, so nobody will say anything. Additionally, you’ve contributed greatly to the battle, so it’s a fitting reward.”

Zhao Hai gave a smiling nod. He told Kong Miao about this so that he could use the Eight Cyan Imperial Chariots later. This way, Kong Miao and the others wouldn’t be too surprised. 


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    1. You forget this is a chinese novel, there only about 4 feet on average so of course they think 2 meters is giant

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