BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1427


Chapter 1427 – Persuasion

Xu Wuzun felt that things were going bad. He was a high-level member of the Xu Race, so he knew that the Hundred Treasures Clan was going to deal with the World of Cultivation. Since he knew, then he understood why the higher-ups wanted to deal with the World of Cultivation. And he also knew that the Xu Race would have to follow this up to the end. The Hundred Treasures Realm weren’t people that the Xu Race could afford.

A Transcending Tribulation Expert of the Hundred Treasures Realm can deal with two to three Transcending Tribulation Expert from the Xu Race. And they could deal with even more people from the World of Cultivation.

It was precisely because he was very aware of the difference between the two realms that the Xu Race would rather fight the World of Cultivation than offend the Hundred Treasures Realm.

It’s a pity that when they tried to deal with the World of Cultivation, they were beaten back twice. They also lost troops in this process. This caused the people from the Hundred Treasures Realm to be very dissatisfied with them. Because of this, they sent a team of about a thousand people to come and help deal with the World of Cultivation.

The Xu Race would be responsible for reconnaissance as well as ambushes towards the World of Cultivation. After the World of Cultivation and the Hundred Treasures Realm clashed, the Xu Race would pick off stragglers left behind. When the time comes, the group from the World of Cultivation would certainly crumble to dust.

This was a perfect plan. Xu Wuzun was initially worried about the World of Cultivation’s large artifact. However, the people from the Hundred Treasures Realm told him to not worry about it. Naturally, Xu Wuzun had to comply. But just as the battle began and the Xu Race were about to mount a sneak attack, a sea of Undead suddenly appeared.

He only heard about these creatures but hasn’t seen any of them. He knew that the Undead were weak, not worth bothering about at all. However, once they reach a critical number, they aren’t easy to deal with.

Xu Wuzun was a Severed Soul Expert, so people in the Foundation Establishment Stage aren’t worth his attention. In his eyes, they were mere ants, not even worth looking at.

However, he soon discovered that he made a mistake. Several tens of millions of Undead, lined up properly, and coordinated in attacks was a terrifying sight to come upon. It was simply impossible to deal with them. In fact, Xu Wuzun found that escaping had become an issue.

What made Xu Wuzun terrified was the fact that the opponent was only using Undead to deal with them. If this was the case, then how much Undead was the other party using in order to deal with the people from the Hundred Treasures Realm? It must be known that the World of Cultivation doesn’t only have Undead, they also have about 1000 Transcending Tribulation Experts.

When he thought of this, Xu Wuzun felt his back turn cold. However, he knew that doing something about it right now was useless. The only thing they could do was to face the Undead and wait until the people from the Hundred Treasures Realm finish dealing with the World of Cultivation.

In the beginning, Xu Wuzun held this hope deep in his heart. But as time went on, the number of Undead didn’t dwindle, nor did their attacks weaken. This caused the ominous feeling in Xu Wuzun’s heart to get stronger and stronger.

As he began to think about what to do with the Undead, a path suddenly appeared and a huge ship went through it. Seeing this ship, Xu Wuzun’s heart sank.

He clearly knew this ship, it was Zhao Hai’s ship. Its appearance here only meant that the group from the Hundred Treasures Realm had been dealt with.

Seeing this scene, Xu Wuzun knew that he was done for. The Hundred Treasures Realm wouldn’t let the World of Cultivation off, and the same was true for the Xu Race. This was because high-grade realms showed no mercy to those who failed them. The Hundred Treasures Realm would definitely use this as an excuse to deal with them all.

At this moment, someone from the ship spoke, “Xu Race people, we’ve already dealt with the people behind you. We also know who they are. You should be aware of the current situation. Those people wouldn’t let you nor us go. Our two realms have no chance of winning against them. The only way for us to survive is if we work together!”

The Xu Race clansmen stared. They didn’t understand what the World of Cultivation was planning to do. However, they noticed that the Undead attacks had stopped.

The Xu Race didn’t attack either. They just lined up in a neat formation. Then the person on the boat continued, “You should also be aware of how strong the people behind you are. Now, they lost a thousand people while trying to help you. In this case, will they let you off? No. they won’t. Once the World of Cultivation gets destroyed, you will be next. We know that you have nothing to do with this, you’re just threatened by them. With our current strength, the World of Cultivation can easily wipe you out. However, that won’t do us any good. So I hope that we can cooperate. We also have our own backers. As long as we discuss this situation, those people above us would definitely look into it. When the time comes, our two realms can work together.”

Upon hearing this, Xu Wuzun stared. Naturally, he didn’t expect the other party to propose this. However, he could recognize that what they said was reasonable. With how the Xu Race allowed the 1000 masked people to die, the Hundred Treasures Realm would certainly hold them accountable. However, the World of Cultivation was in the same dangerous position as them. Once the people from the Hundred Treasures Realm arrive to wipe out the World of Cultivation, the Xu Race would be next.

But if the two realms cooperate, things would be different. The Xu Race and the World of Cultivation were both medium-grade realms. Although their combined strength couldn’t go against a high-grade realm, it still provided them with more chips to play with. Even if the Hundred Treasures Realm wants to deal with them, they would have to think about it.

If the two realms moved on their own, then they would both be extinguished! There was a chance of survival if they worked together. Now that this easy choice was presented to the Xu Race, what else could they choose?

Xu Wuzun was tempted. This was because the other party made it clear that they would be destroyed if they separated. Unfortunately, this decision wasn’t up to him. If Xu Wuzun could make the decisions, then he would no doubt accept immediately.

Just as Xu Wuzun was about to speak, the other party talked once more, “Xu Race, your leader is still Xu Wuzun right? Please tell your clan about this. This isn’t something that can be decided by one or two people. We will give you six hours. If there’s no reply in six hours, then we won’t be polite anymore. Countdown starts now.”

Hearing the other part, Xu Wuzun immediately wrote a letter to tell the higher-ups about the situation. Xu Wuzun didn’t notice it, but the Hell King’s ship also sent a jade sword message out.

Back to a few moments before. After the battle with the Hundred Treasures Realm, Kong Miao released a jade sword message and then proceeded to make a move on the Xu Race. But at this time, Zhao Hai suddenly stopped Kong Miao and said, “Grandmaster, it’s not the time to deal with the Xu Race.”

Kong Miao looked at Zhao Hai and asked, “Little Hai, what do you mean?”

Zhao Hai reapplied, “Grandmaster, now we know that we’re up against the Hundred Treasures Realm. We know that they wouldn’t let us off, but the Xu Race is now placed in the same position because of their failure. In this case, it’s better if we cooperate to face the Hundred Treasures Realm. If we don’t the Hundred Treasures Realm could just take us one by one. If we cooperate, we can at least reach the strength of a High-grade Realm. They would need to think a lot if they want to deal with us.”

Kong Miao nodded. He supported Zhao Hai’s plan to cooperate with the Xu Race. However, Kong Miao worriedly asked, “What if the Xu Race doesn’t agree?”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “They have no choice but to comply. They are now surrounded by Undead. Moreover, we’ll express our goodwill and make them feel that there’s a chance of survival. If we let them feel desperate, then they would fight us in the end. And even if they don’t agree, we can just wipe them out. Even if the higher-ups of the Xu Race won’t agree to surrender, the Xu Race members themselves are afraid of death.”

Hearing Zhao Hai, Kong Miao’s eyes shone. Then he said, “Alright, then I’ll hand this matter to you. Don’t worry, whatever you propose, I’ll agree. Just persuade the Xu Race to work with us through this situation. If you manage to do that, this will be a great contribution to the World of Cultivation. If the Xu Race decides to ask their higher-ups, then I’ll send one as well in order to make things clear. After all, this matter has no downsides to the World of Cultivation. However, they need to make a decision as soon as possible.”


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