BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1424


Chapter 1424 – Stellar Transformations Art, Homing Star Sword!

Both sides lined up, Zhao Hai was still targeting the leftmost chariot. Then the two charged in once more.

The two parties were already accustomed to this clash. To them both, it felt like a meaningless struggle, because they couldn’t do anything to each other.

To be honest, these masked people were feeling depressed. They expected their chariots to easily be able to deal with Zhao Hai. They didn’t think that Zhao Hai would match them instead.

They didn’t know how Zhao Hai was able to fight against them for so long. However, they didn’t think of it too much. All they wanted to do was to tie Zhao Hai down. If Zhao Hai turned around and attacked other people, then that would be a disaster.

The distance between the two decreased. When they were about 100 meters away from each other, the people in the Eight Cyan Imperial Chariots suddenly discovered that Zhao Hai and his artifacts had vanished from sight.

As the masked individuals were stunned, Zhao Hai appeared on their right side. In a blink of an eye, Zhao Hai traversed 100 meters without anyone noticing.

The masked individuals panicked once they saw Zhao Hai appearing on their right side. The Eight Cyan Imperial Chariots have connected energy. Since Zhao Hai has been attacking the left side for more than a dozen times, they were already used to transfer the energy to the left chariot. So at this moment, the right chariot was almost undefended. If their right side was attacked right now, it would spell trouble for them.

With a bang, both sides hit each other. It was at this point that the masked people discovered that they were truly in trouble. This was because Zhao Hai’s collision point wasn’t the rightmost chariot. Instead, he attacked the area in between the center chariot and the right chariot!

The masked individuals have three directions to attack Zhao Hai from. They could gather their energy on the leftmost, center, and rightmost chariot. However, in their previous clashes, Zhao Hai only attacked the leftmost chariot. This caused the masked individuals to think that Zhao Hai would always attack the left chariot all the time.

Because of this, they didn’t expect Zhao Hai to suddenly change his attack. Moreover, it attacked in between two points. It was like a person holding two knives piercing through two people. Both sides would inevitably be damaged.

Zhao Hai wasn’t repelled by the collision. Instead, the right and the center chariot were impacted by Zhao Hai’s attacks.

The masked people let out a miserably grunt. They had been seriously injured. Without the support of the center and right chariot, the left chariot’s strength was soon reduced.

And how could Zhao Hai let this opportunity go. As the other party was flustered, he commanded his artifacts to charge towards the leftmost Eight Cyan Imperial Chariot.

The masked individuals didn’t expect Zhao Hai to make another attack this soon. Naturally, they were unprepared. In addition to the shock they just experienced, the left Eight Cyan Imperial Chariot was severely damaged by Zhao Hai’s attack. The people on the chariot were also injured.

The three Eight Cyan Imperial Chariots suffered varying degrees of damage. All of their capabilities have been severely affected. At this time, Zhao Hai attacked once more as he shot numerous flying swords towards the three chariots.

The masked people inside the chariots knew that if they stayed inside the dysfunctional chariots, then they would be waiting for their death in a steel coffin.

With this thought in mind, the masked individuals immediately moved and flew out of the chariots. The moment they came out, they were greeted by flying swords. Although they suffered injuries, they weren’t weak at all. They took out their blood red glaives and defended themselves.

Zhao Hai looked at them, then his eyes turned cold as he said, “Stellar Transformations Art, Homing Star Sword. Fly!”

Following Zhao Hai’s words, the 12 metal beasts roared to the skies as their body slowly disappeared. Then on the bodies of the silver swords, stellar patterns were found. The surroundings became like a universe as images  of countless planets and meteorites appeared.

Seeing this, the 30 masked individuals’ complexions underwent a huge change. Then they gathered together and formed a large glaive. From their appearance, it seems like they were using a weapon formation.

However, they were too late. Zhao Hai’s Homing Star Sword has already reached its peak strength. Additionally, the 12 metal beasts integrated themselves into the flying swords. It was now impossible for these 30 individuals to survive.

Seeing the other party’s action, Zhao Hai coldly snorted before waving his hand. He took the damaged Eight Cyan Imperial Chariots and sent them to the Space. Not even a small fragment remained.

By taking the Eight Cyan Imperial Chariots to the Space, Zhao Hai was able to obtain the materials that they were made of as well as fix them for later use. At the same time, Zhao Hai wanted to see if the chariots could integrate with Liquid Silver.

After the three chariots were sent to the Space, Zhao Hai no longer cared about them. From now on, Cai’er would be the one to take care of them. What he needed to do right now was to deal with the 30 masked individuals in the sword formation.

It didn’t take long before the 30 masked individuals noticed that they couldn’t escape the formation. They could no longer see the silver swords from before. They were now surrounded by planets and meteors, no swords. This was the first time they encountered a sword formation like this.

Suddenly, a beast’s roar was heard. Then 12 wild beasts appeared around them, who proceeded to pounce.

The 30 people stared. Then they immediately lined up to attack the wild beasts. However, it seems like these beasts were very hard to kill. No matter how they were hit, the wounds would heal immediately.

The masked people also didn’t underestimate the strength of these beasts. Although the beasts looked ordinary, their offensive strength wasn’t normal. One hit would heavily wound a person, two would directly kill them.

The masked people began to understand that they were really trapped and couldn’t go out. They felt frustrated. Now they can only defend as long as possible and hope that people outside would save them.

However, Zhao Hai wouldn’t allow them such an opportunity. He strengthened his offensive and pressured the trapped masked people. Then at this time, the Xu Race arrived.

The Xu Rave have been monitoring Zhao Hai and the others from far away. Although they made this plan a long time ago, the Xu Race were very far from the battlefield. This was because they were afraid of being discovered by the World of Cultivation. Moreover, the masked people didn’t want the Xu Race too close to them. Because of this, it took a while for the Xu Race to arrive at the battlefield.

The Xu Race expected the masked people to easily break the World of Cultivation. As soon as that was done, everything would be easy. However, they quickly discovered their mistake. Because when they arrived, they were immediately surrounded by a countless amount of Undead. Just by looks alone, they seemed to number several tens of millison.

Although the Xu Race were formidable, they numbered a bit more than 1000 people. They were surrounded by several tens of millions of Undead. Even if the Undead weren’t strong, their yin lightning mines and the magic cannons could cause heavy damage. Additionally, the Undead were able to pinpoint their location accurately. This immediately caused the Xu Race to be in a passive position.

By this time, the 30 masked people that Zhao Hai trapped could barely hold on. They were already injured when they escaped the chariots. They had been suppressing their injuries and waited until people rescued them. However, they quickly discovered that rescue was impossible. Zhao Hai had been attacking them fiercely. Although they defended, they could no longer hide their injuries. Moreover, their wounds were beginning to become more and more serious.

The trapped masked individuals were beginning to be killed and turned into Undead by Zhao Hai. However, Zhao Hai didn’t release them back to deal with the others. Doing that would be too conspicuous. Moreover, once the Homing Star Sword was summoned, it would become a domain of its own. If the Undead joined in, then it would only drop the power of the formation.

The Homing Star Sword Formation can absorb star power and transform it into offensive strength. The longer one stays inside the formation, the more they would suffer. This was because as the sword formation absorbs star power, the more power it would get. 

Although the Ten-thousand Realm Battlefield was its own independent realm, it was still part of the Greater Universe. So no matter where, the Stellar Transformations Technique could absorb star power.

Before long, only ten people remained of the 30. Moreover, these 10 people were all severely wounded. They wouldn’t be able to hold out for long.

However, the other masked individuals didn’t have the time to think about them. The majority of them had been tied up by Kong Miao and the others, they simply cannot divert their attention elsewhere. The strength of Kong Miao and the others surpassed their expectations. In fact, they were being tied down by Kong Miao and the others. 

In the beginning, Kong Miao and the others weren’t too accustomed to the offensive methods of the other party. Their offense was fierce and violent, like a storm. This kind of fighting style made Kong Miao and the others feel awkward. Fortunately, the undead were able to separate a fraction of the masked group. This lessened the pressure on Kong Miao and the others and allowed them to get accustomed to the attacking patterns of the enemy.


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