BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1423


Chapter 1423 – Impact!

When the masked individuals were about to attack the people from the World of Cultivation, walnut-sized balls suddenly came flying towards them. The masked individuals were stunned, this was because they could recognize that these were yin lighting bombs.

The reason they were shocked wasn’t because of the yin lighting bombs’ power. Actually, they were shocked because there were still people who would use Yin lightning mines in the Ten-thousand Realm Battlefield.

To ordinary Cultivators, yin lightning mines were ultimate weapons. After all, yin lightning mines were indeed lethal.

However, in the Ten-thousand Realm Battlefield? This was a place where experts from more than 30 thousand Realms fought each other. There were experts here who could rip an expert apart with their bare hands. Yin lightning mines had low range and might not even injure their targets. It can be said that yin lightning mines were useless in this place.

Just as the masked individuals were stunned, the yin lightning mines exploded. All the mines exploded at the exact same time.

These masked individuals forgot about one thing. When a certain quantity was reached, yin lightning mines would become extremely destructive. 

They might not be injured by one yin lightning mine. But 100, 1000, 10,000, or even 100,000? When this number of mines explode at the same time, their power would certainly reach another level.

Naturally, common yin lightning mines wouldn’t be able to reach this point. Common yin lightning mines needed to reach their target or else they wouldn’t explode. However, Zhao Hai’s yin lightning mines could be activated at any time. Without its user’s trigger, then the mines wouldn’t explode. 

With the Undead listening to Lizzy and the others, the yin lightning mines exploded at the same time. The might of this explosion caused 50 masked individuals to love their lives on the spot. More than 30 were critically injured. Almost a hundred people were rendered unable to fight just like that.

The other masked individuals were shocked. They didn’t expect to receive this much damage from yin lightning mines. The commander immediately commanded everyone to disperse and deal with the Undead.

These masked individuals suddenly discovered that although the individual strength of the Undead wasn’t much, they were extremely unified in their actions. They also discovered that all the Undead were using magic artifacts. What’s more terrifying was the fact that these artifacts were quite similar to the blood red glaives, albeit not as powerful.

Besides artifacts, the Undead also have magic cannons. These masked individuals might not care about one or two cannons. However, the Undead have about ten thousand magic cannons. Such an attack could take out a Transcending Tribulation Expert.

It didn’t take long for the masked individuals to find out how difficult the Undead were to deal with. It was now impossible for them to focus their attention on the World of Cultivation. Now, the masked individuals were divided into two. About 300 of them were dealing with the Undead. Before they can deal with the Undead, they wouldn’t be able to help with the battle against Kong Miao and the others.

Although the remaining 600 or so individuals that were fighting against Kong Miao and the others were strong, it would still be impossible for them to cause huge losses for the World of Cultivation.

However, these masked individuals weren’t discouraged. Conversely, each one of them were burning with anger. They were thinking about how to dismantle the corpses when they’re finished.

These masked individuals were confident because they have reinforcements coming over. The Xu Race were just behind. As long as the Xu Race arrives, the Undead would be dealt with. When the time comes, the Undead would be sandwiched between two forces.

From what these masked individuals could see, the Undead’s fighting abilities weren’t that great. What the Undead depended on was their numbers. Once they become surrounded, the Undead would certainly have a hard time. Once this happens they would no longer be frightening. Therefore, the only thing that these masked individuals could do right now was to maintain their current situation and wait for the Xu Race.

However, it was clear that they had underestimated Zhao Hai’s strength. If in the past Zhao Hai needed to allocate his spiritual force in order to control the twelve metal beasts, after gaining faith power, he no longer needed to. Additionally, since then, the 12 metal beasts have become even more powerful.

The 12 metal beasts, along with the Hell King’s ship and the four instruments, were certainly enough to deal with the three Eight Cyan Imperial Chariots. If it weren’t for the Eight Cyan Imperial Chariots, then the 30 Transcending Tribulation Experts would have already been ripped to pieces by now.

Also, the masked group underestimated the number of Undead in Zhao Hai’s hands. Ten million? This wasn’t even a fraction of the Undead in the Space. Because of Zhao Hai’s relationship with the huge netherworld heart, the Undead in the Underworld all entered the Space. Even Zhao Hai himself couldn’t tell how many Undead he has. In any case, Zhao Hai knew that his Undead numbered more than the population of the entire Cultivation Realm.

This was a terrifying number. However, these masked individuals were unaware of this. The remaining Undead haven’t moved yet. Zhao Hai could block the Xu Race with just a wave of a hand.

Since it’s impossible for these masked individuals to know about this, they were all waiting for the Xu Race reinforcements. Only then could they deal with the Undead.

These masks individuals thought that once they reach their current level, then numbers would no longer affect them. But after this incident, they found that they were wrong. Sometimes, when it reached a certain point, numbers are terrifying.

On the other hand, Zhao Hai didn’t have many thoughts running through his mind. The only thing in his mind was how powerful the Eight Cyan Imperial Chariots were, especially when controlled by Transcending Tribulation Experts. The three chariots were like three tanks that could move unhindered in the battlefield. Zhao Hai wasn’t able to do anything to them for a while.

However, by this point, Zhao Hai already grasped the attack patterns of the chariots. It must be said that large artifacts were more monotonous in the movements compared to other artifacts. Because of their size, large artifacts didn’t have the same freedom of movement as smaller artifacts. To contrast this, each attack made by large artifacts were incomparably powerful. They were basically like the all-in attacks of a heavy sword.

But going against a large artifact using the dexterity of a small artifact would be courting death. A tank cannot drift like a sports car. But if a sports car crashes into a tank, then the car would certainly be crushed.

The Eight Cyan Imperial Chariots had the same attacking style. Their impact force was very strong. Even the twelve metal beasts couldn’t clash with them head-on.

However, their attacking patterns were only at this level. Now that Zhao Hai knew about this, he would have a plan to deal with them. Normally, the chariots would line up in a row and then charge forward. Once they charged, their power was thunderous. It was impossible to block them.

What surprised Zhao Hai was that these three chariots seem to have a connected energy system. ONce the the three chariots attack, if Zhao Hai targets the left chariot, the energy of the other two would gather to the left chariots. Because of this, Zhao Hai had difficulty dealing with the chariots. 

After Zhao Hai listed out the attacking patterns of the Eight Cyan Imperial Chariots, he began to formulate a plan. Meanwhile, the chariots began to line up once more. Their horses held up their heads and began to scratch the ground. They were prepared to charge at any moment. 

Zhao Hai snorted, then the four instruments attacked the left chariot. At the same time, the 12 metal beasts moved along with the Hell King’s ship. Everything was focused on the left chariot.

Bang, bang, bang, bang, the sounds of collision were heard. The three chariots’ energy was already centralized on the left chariot. Because of this, Zhao Hai’s attack didn’t cause any damage.

However, Zhao Hai didn’t give up. He gathered all his strength and continued to attack the left chariot.

The opposite party understood Zhao Hai’s intention. Zhao Hai wanted to crush the left chariot through repeated attacks. After dealing with the left chariot, Zhao Hai would defeat the other two.

Despite this, the masked individuals didn’t worry. They knew that the Eight Cyan Imperial Chariots weren’t easy to break. If the chariots were that useless, then they would have been eliminated from existence a long time ago.

The masked individuals continued to line up and charged once more. Zhao Hai continued his actions. But this time, it seems like Zhao Hai was enraged as he attacked the chariots the same way as before.

Both sides seem to have an agreement that they would compete this way. Seeing that he couldn’t do anything, it seemed like Zhao Hai was at a loss. However, don’t forget that Zhao Hai’s Hell King’s ship, instruments, and 12 metal beasts all had faith power. This increased their offensive power, allowing Zhao Hai to clash with the enemy dozens of times.


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