BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1420


Chapter 1420 – Absolutely Cannot Be Offended

In Kong Miao and Li Zongdao’s minds, Dark Mages were those who wore dark robes and had skull staff in their hands. They were skinny and commanded a legion of Undead. They would also have ice-cold expressions on their faces.

However, Zhao Hai was the complete opposite of this. Although his robes were also black, they were robes that fit a Cultivator. His temperament wasn’t ice-cold nor was it gloomy. It was sunny and warm. People gravitated towards him and wanted to be his friends. The fact that he was a Dark Mage was even forgotten.

After Zhao Hai spoke, it was only then that Kong Miao and Li Zongdao were reminded that he was a Dark Mage. Moreover, he was an extremely powerful Dark Mage. Some people said that he had an Undead army that numbered to the tens of thousands. If all of these Undead were killed by Zhao Hai, then he was qualified to be called a homicidal maniac.

What surprised them was Zhao Hai’s plan, it was too terrifying. If the Ten-thousand Realm Battlefield gets word that the Xu Race’s body parts could allow them to control magic artifacts better, then the extermination of the Xu Race would be certain.

The Xu Race weren’t the most friendly race in the Ten-thousand Realm Battlefield. And with their bandit lifestyle, a lot of people disliked them. It was just that they weren’t weak, so nobody provoked them.

However, getting stronger was a shared goal of all the realms in the Ten-thousand realm battlefield. Only through getting stronger could they get more benefits. Only through getting stronger could they gain a higher status. Only through getting stronger could they live longer. In order to serve this goal, they would do anything.

Someone who can control 5 artifacts was very different to someone controlling 10. One could see this from the previous battle between the World of Cultivation and the Xu Race.

The two sides had roughly the same number of troops and also the same level of strength. However, the Xu Race were able to wield a lot more artifacts than those from the World of Cultivation. Because of this, the World of Cultivation has been at a disadvantage. If it weren’t for Zhao Hai, then the World of Cultivation might have been placed in a very dangerous position.

Even without this, everyone in the Ten-thousand Realm Battlefield were eager to improve their strength. They would just give up on something that might make them stronger.

In the past, the Xu Race were able to be unfettered and free because they were strong and also because people didn’t have any strong motivation to deal with them. The Xu Race lived by robbing people, but they knew their limits. And after they robbed people, they would immediately get rid of the stolen items. Because of this, the Xu Race didn’t have a lot of resources in hand. All they had were a lot of artifacts. However, artifacts were very common in the Ten-thousand Realm Battlefield. So people wouldn’t hunt them down for that.

But once a method to utilize the Xu Race’s tentacle was found and proven that it could increase one’s strength, then everyone in the Ten-thousand Realm Battlefield would no doubt be compelled to make a move. By that time, the Xu Race would have to change their name. This was because they would become a huge meat that everyone would want to take a bite out of.

If the Xu Race were an extremely powerful presence in the Ten-thousand Realm Battlefield, then people might think twice. However, the Xu Race wasn’t. There were a lot of people that could deal with the Xu Race. When the time comes, it would be quite common for people to hunt down the Xu Race in the Ten-thousand Realm Battlefield. The Xu Race’s population in the battlefield might even be hunted to extinction.

One shouldn’t underestimate the strength of High-grade Realms. As long as they wanted too, they could eliminate the Xu Race with ease. They might even be able to hunt the Xu Race down up to their home realm.

Compared to the Xu Race’s plan of removing the fire from the pot by hunting the World of Cultivation’s rookies, then Zhao Hai’s plan was similar to destroying the entire house. Once he succeeds in his research, then the Xu Race would become like mice on the street. Once spotted, people would clamor and beat them down.

Thinking about this, Kong Miao and Li Zongdao’s vision about Zhao Hai changed. Although Zhao Hai currently had a smile on his face, the two felt cold air going through their necks. That smile looked very scary right now.

Looking at the two, Zhao Hai smiled and said, “There’s no reason to hold back in the Ten-thousand Realm Battlefield. We have truly offended the Xu Race this time. We can let the Xu Race off after finding out the main culprit, but the Xu Race would certainly keep this enmity in mind. When there’s an opportunity, they would definitely go against us. In order to ensure the safety of the World  of Cultivation, the Xu Race needed to be taken care of. Even if I can’t find a method to increase how many artifacts can be used, I can still say that I succeeded. In any case, the Xu Race will be hunted down. Of course, I can’t announce it right now, people wouldn’t believe me.”

Kong Miao let out a long breath. He looked at Zhao Hai and marked him down as someone he shouldn’t offend. It was laughable. A Severed Soul Expert was afraid of a Nascent Soul Expert. Even if he told other people about it, they wouldn’t believe him.

However, Kong Miao was truly afraid of offending Zhao Hai. Kong Miao discovered that he couldn’t see through Zhao Hai. Everything about him was a mystery. Even if he had a technique to project the future, Zhao Hai was still a blurry image.

A person who was sunny and warm during ordinary times could easily turn terrifying once confronting their enemy. Once one became his enemy, then there were only two outcomes, either you die or he dies.

If Zhao Hai was like any other Nascent Soul Experts, then Kong Miao might not care about him. For Kong Miao, Nascent Soul Experts weren’t a threat. He could win against these people with his own strength. Even if there were a lot of them, Nascent Soul Experts would still find it impossible to kill him. Plots and schemes, in front of absolute strength, were no bigger than children’s games.

However, Zhao Hai wasn’t an ordinary Nascent Soul Expert. He was terrifyingly strong. Even if he had the Ten Thousand Transformations Staff, Kong Miao was still not sure if he could kill Zhao Hai. In this case, Kong Miao needed to take Zhao Hai seriously. Moreover, he made sure to not offend Zhao Hai.

Li Zongdao had the same thought as Kong Miao. Although Li Zongdao was a straightforward person, he was a fool. He knew how strong Zhao Hai was and what kind of person he was. Naturally, Li Zongdao had no plans to offend Zhao Hai. After all, Zhao Hai was his good friend. Zhao Hai has no reason to deal with him.

Zhao Hai watched the two and knew what they were thinking about. However, he didn’t mind it. He welcomed these kinds of thoughts. It would be beneficial to him if these two had some fear of him inside their hearts.

While the three were talking, Zhao Hai noticed that the other teams were also beginning to meet the Xu Race. These clashes weren’t intense. And with the scanners, the World of Cultivators were able to easily deal with the Xu Race.

Although the Xu Race weren’t doing very well, Zhao Hai was still vigilant. They were still far from the Octopus Islands, but the Xu Race had begun attacking them. This came as a surprise to Zhao Hai. It seems like the Xu Race were anxious to attack.

Kong Miao didn’t know about Zhao Hai’s thoughts. He just discovered Zhao Hai resuming his contemplating state. This caused him to be puzzled. However, he didn’t say anything as he shifted his attention back to the scanner.

At this time, a messaging sword came flying towards him. Kong Miao received the flying sword and read the news. The other teams had met attacks by the Xu Race. But because of the scanners, they were able to prepare.

Seeing that there was nothing else inside the sword, Kong Miao let it go. Before long, numerous jade sword messages came in, all bearing the same information. He already expected this to happen, so he wasn’t very surprised.

Li Zongdao stood on the side as he watched Kong Miao busying himself. To be honest, he felt envious. Being busy meant power.

To be honest, Li Zongdao felt a bit of a loss when he came to the Ten-thousand Realm Battlefield. Back in the World of Cultivation, he was a heaven’s child. Everywhere he went, people would recognize him. And upon returning to the Profound Clear Sect, people would look at him as an idol. But after coming to the Ten-thousand Realm Battlefield, Li Zongdao discovered that he was nothing. Nobody turned their heads his way nor was he treated like a heaven’s chosen. In here, he was but a weed. A weed that anyone could step on.

Li Zongdao believed that if he hadn’t followed Zhao Hai, then he might have already been killed. The first time Li Zongdao discovered how strong the people in the Ten-thousand Realm Battlefield were, his scalp couldn’t help but tingle.

However, Li Zongdao was open-minded. He understood that the moment he stepped into the Ten-thousand Realm battlefield, he would have to let go of his identity back in the World of Cultivation. Whatever he was back in the World of Cultivation was of no use in the Ten-thousand Realm Battlefield. He understood that he was a rookie in this place.

Although he had adjusted his mentality, Li Zongdao still couldn’t help but feel envy as he looked at Kong Miao. This was because, strictly, Kong Miao was in the same generation as him. But Kong Miao was now at the head of an army of experts that was traversing through the Ten-thousand Realm battlefield. As for Li Zongdao, he was just a rookie that had been swept up by the events. There was a huge difference between the two.

When he thought of this, Li Zongdao clenched his fist. He pledged that he would become like Kong Miao one day. He also wanted to command thousands of experts in battle.

Zhao Hai could see Li Zongdao’s expression and understood his friend’s mood. After all, Li Zongdao already told him about Kong Miao.

At this time, Zhao Hai wasn’t only paying attention to the World of Cultivation troops. In fact, he already released silver needles to scout out the Octopus Islands!


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  1. Could Zhao Hai just capture the unique marine species through the remote use of liquid silver alone? Just quickly open a rift right in front of them, having them either accidentally fly in from the momentum of their movement, or throw them in themselves. Boom. New species for the space.

    1. There were somethings about intelligent creatures not being able to be forced into space in the first few arcs.
      Back when the mosquito Zhao Wen and Cai’Er got into space, Zhao Hai had to trick them to go in volutarily. Most of the creatures here are as strong as Tribulation experts so I think they’re pretty much considered intelligent.
      It works on creatures with low intelligent though, like when he opened up spacial rifts in rivers and oceans back when he was travelling by boat on the Ark continent.
      Most importantly of all though, the author just probably didn’t think about it. We all know he’s making things up as he goes and forgets things as soon as they pass. You can’t be arsed to remember things when you’re gonna write 3000+ more chapters for a novel.

      1. It’s clearly the author’s fault. As Underworld and Atlanta plane’s arcs (and common sense, really) showed, it’s not uncommon for intelligent creatures to become curious of portals appearing. Even if not everything would enter said portal, some things would certainly do so. This certainly counts as doing so out of their own volition.

        This isn’t really something that needs to be remembered, either. It’s impossible to forget about existence of curiosity. And with how hostile the world he wrote is, with how everything wants to conquer everything in sight (let’s ignore the fact that such a world would be impossible in reality), intelligent creatures knowing what a spatial rift is wanting to check what is on the other side of a ‘wild’ portal is simply an obvious thought.

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