BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1419


Chapter 1419 – Shiver

Hearing Zhao Hai, Kong Miao couldn’t help but stare. This was because Zhao Hai’s experience was similar to his, it was exactly the same. This made Kong Miao look strangely towards Zhao Hai.

Zhao Hai also noticed Kong Miao’s look, but he didn’t understand the meaning behind it. What he told just now was obviously a lie, something he made up. He wrote stories with the same premise back on earth, so it was natural for him to think about it.

However, Zhao Hai was unaware that Kong Miao had experienced such a story plot. It can be said that Kong Miao was able to reach his current state because he experienced the same things as Zhao Hai’s story. Zhao Hai never expected that his lie would make Kong Miao look even more favorably towards him.

People who experienced the same things would naturally be favorable towards each other. It was for this reason that Kong Miao’s impression of Zhao Hai had increased by a lot.

Naturally, Kong Miao wouldn’t reveal that he had the same experience. He just looked at Zhao Hai, then he smiled and said, “You’re very lucky. But there are a lot of people in the World of Cultivation that’s as fortunate as you are. Everyone has their own fortuitous opportunities.”

Zhao Hai nodded and said, “There are indeed a lot. I’m just one of the lucky ones.”

Kong Miao smiled faintly, then he turned his head towards the front. Actually, he wanted to take Zhao Hai under his wing. Zhao Hai was strong and also lucky. Having such a person on your side would be beneficial.

Cultivators tend to believe in luck more than the average person. This was because they tackled danger all the time. And when facing danger, luck was a great factor in life and death. If one had luck, then they would pass obstacles smoothly and would reap a lot of benefits.

Because of this, Cultivators liked to stay close to lucky people. They believed that doing so would pass some luck onto themselves.

Kong Miao was already quite a lucky person. But he was aware that he wasn’t the only lucky person in this world. Zhao Hai’s luck was also good. If he took Zhao Hai under his wing, then Zhao Hai’s luck might bring more benefits.

Zhao Hai was unaware about Kong Miao’s thoughts. He was currently observing the actions of the others through the space. 

Since the scanners had the silver needles inside them, those who held them would map their location inside the Space. Because of this, Zhao Hai could use the Space to see them.

Now that the Space was providing for more than 100 scanners, although he believed in Cai’er, Zhao Hai still wanted to look at the situation.

Everything was going well with the Space. Cai’er was able to easily provide information to more than 100 scanning devices. In the past, Zhao Hai would release tens of thousands of silver needles, and there were no problems then.

Seeing everyone’s path, Zhao Hai couldn’t help but nod. Each group had about ten people. Their direction was also arranged well. Their path looked like a net being cast out to the sea. As long as a Xu Race person was in this net, they wouldn’t be able to get away.

These people weren’t far away from each other. This way, almost every inch of space was scanned by the device.

Zhao Hai understood why the people from the World of Cultivation did this. This was because they were currently heading towards the lair of the Xu Race.

Begin bandits, the Xu Race should have hidden their lair from other people. However, almost everyone knew where the Xu Race’s lair was. Nevertheless, their lair had never been captured.

Zhao Hai and the others were currently heading towards the Octopus Islands. The Octopus Islands consisted of a main island and several hundred large and small islands around it. When viewed from above, these islands form the shape of an octopus, thus their name.

 The reason why the Xu Race chose the Octopus Islands as their lar was because the totem of the Xu Race was the octopus! Such a powerful race, but they worshipped the octopus. The Xu Race don’t eat octopus, let alone kill them. And if they knew that someone killed an octopus, then they would hunt that person down and kill them.

With how large the Ten-thousand Realm Battlefield was, its ocean was enormous. And it wasn’t occupied by anyone. The ocean of the battlefield was a very dangerous place. Energy storms were quite common. Even Immortal Experts would perish when they encounter these energy storms.

Besides energy storms, dark clouds and toxic fog could also be encountered. Black clouds looked similar to storm clouds. However, once it rained, they would isolate all energy. Once a person enters this cloud, they would find it very hard to come out. Not only could the rain isolate energy, it would also suck up the energy inside a person’s body.

As for the toxic fog, it would appear sometimes. This fog contained strong poisons. These poisons were so strong that even Immortals couldn’t guarantee their immunity against it. Because of this, the ocean became one of the forbidden zones in the Ten-thousand Realm Battlefield. Only a few people would dare enter the ocean. Naturally, only one in a hundred would come back alive.

Although Octopus Islands was in the ocean, it wasn’t in the deep parts, just a bit offshore. Dark clouds, toxic fog, and energy storms were rare in these areas. This allowed the Xu Race to survive.

The target of the World of Cultivation this time was this place. Although the Xu Race lived bandit lifestyles, they regard the Octopus Islands with deep sentiment. This time, Zhao Hai and the others didn’t hide their actions. If the Xu Race were still unaware of their actions, then they were blind.

Once they discover the World of Cultivation’s move, they would certainly take action and send attacks. But this was what Zhao Hai and the others wanted to happen. If they wanted to send stealth attacks, then Zhao Hai and the others could just use the scanners and kill the Xu Race.

Kong Miao’s plan was the same thing that Zhao Hai had in mind. What was the World of Cultivation? It was a place that followed the law of the jungle. Before this, the Xu Race was able to stand equally with the World of Cultivation, they might even be stronger. But after losing two huge battles, the situation has changed. After Zhao Hai and the others killed hundreds of Xu Race experts, the Xu Race were in a very weak position.

If the Xu Race’s previous attack on the rookies of the World of Cultivation was akin to destroying the World of Cultivation’s foundation, then after the two battles, it can be said that the World of Cultivation had directly cut off one arm of the Xu Race. This reduced the Xu Race’s strength by a lot.

In their heyday, the Xu Race was a head higher than the World of Cultivation. If they were two people, they would have the same strength but the Xu Race would be taller. Now, the tall one had their arms cut off. They could no longer go against the shorter person.

At this time, the shorter person wouldn’t even need a lot of skill in order to fight the taller person. He only needed to walk steadily without giving the taller person the chance to counterattack. When the time comes, he would be able to knock the taller person to the ground with ease.

The World of Cultivation and the Xu Race’s situation was similar to this. The Xu Race’s arm had been broken by Kong Miao and the others. Right now, the World of Cultivation doesn’t need to do anything else. As long as they defend their rear and move steadily forward, without giving the Xu Race a chance to sneak attack, then they would be able to reach Octopus Islands. Even if they weren’t able to reach the islands, they could still compel the Xu Race to fight a decisive battle.

The World of Cultivation wasn’t intending to wipe out the Xu Race with this move. What they wanted was information regarding their real foe. They needed to frighten the Xu Race into opening their mouths. 

Kong Miao discovered that Zhao Hai has been silent for some time. He couldn’t help but look at Zhao Hai. Zhao Hai seems to be thinking about something as he closed his eyes. 

Zhao Hai was able to notice Kong Miao looking at him. He immediately opened his eyes. Kong Miao looked at Zhao Hai and asked, “What are you thinking about? Did you get tired controlling the ship?”

Zhao Hai shook his head and said, “No, I’m not tired at all. I’m just thinking about the current situation. Now that we are heading towards Octopus Island in a blatant manner, the Xu Race surely wouldn’t be able to sit still and would go out and attack us. I’m just wondering how the others are doing right now.”

Kong Miao smiled and said, “Don’t worry, nothing will go wrong.” At this time, Kong Miao suddenly looked at the scanner in his hand, then he smiled and said, “Good, they’re quite early.”

Zhao Hai also discovered two Xu Race people heading towards the Hell King’s ship. They really don’t know how to write the word ‘death’. These two intended to make a surprise attack. They weren’t aware that they were just courting death.

Zhao Hai thought of this because the other groups didn’t encounter any Xu Race people. Only Zhao Hai and Kong Miao had two people attacking them.

Glancing at the scanner, Zhao Hai coldly snorted and said, “Courting death!” 

At this time, Kong Miao waved his hand and said, “Continue going forward, let those two approach.” After he said that, Kong Miao transformed the Ten Thousand Transformations Staff into two huge axes and cut towards the two Xu Race people.

The two Xu Race individuals immediately understood that they had been discovered by Kong Miao. They made a strange cry before removing their stealth. Then they took out their weapons in order to receive Kong Miao’s axes.

However, only being Transcending Tribulation Experts, how could they possibly do anything to Kong Miao. And with the Ten Thousand Transformations Staff doing the attack, the incoming attack was very powerful.

The two axes broke through the artifacts of the two Xu Race individuals, it was as if the axes were cutting through paper. The Xu Race attackers were immediately beheaded. Kong Miao waved his hand to retrieve the Ten Thousand Transformations Staff. Meanwhile, Zhao Hai wasn’t polite as he immediately turned the two Xu Race individuals into Undead.

The reason why Kong Miao rushed to attack was because he wanted to see if Zhao Ha’s scanners were working well. As it turns out, Zhao Hai’s scanner was very good, there was no single point of error.

As for Zhao Hai taking the corpses of the Xu Race, Kong Miao didn’t care. He was aware that Zhao Hai was a Dark Mage, so it’s natural for him to collect corpses and turn them into Undead. Because of this, Zhao Hai has been called the Hell King in the Six Realms Battlefield. 

When he thought of this, Kong Miao couldn’t help but ask Zhao Hai, “Little Hai, how many Undead do you currently have? I heard that you used a lot of Undead back when you fought your master.”

Zhao Hai smiled and said, “I have a lot. However, most of them aren’t strong. They aren’t very useful in the Ten-thousand Realm Battlefield. Because of this, I hardly use my Undead here. I intend to collect Xu Race corpses in order to study them.”

Kong Miao replied, “Study? Study the corpses? What could you get from studying corpses”

Zhao Hai smiled and said, “I want to see whether the Xu Race’s tentacles could help us control artifacts better. If I succeed, perhaps I can come up with a better method of controlling artifacts. This would allow us to control more artifacts like the Xu Race. If I succeed and spread this information, then we might have a way to annihilate the Xu Race. This would also count as revenge.”

When Kong Miao and Li Zongdao heard this, they couldn’t help but shiver. They looked at Zhao Hai as though he was a ghost. It must be said that ghosts weren’t extraordinary in the World of Cultivator. In fact, there were Ghost Cultivators in the World of Cultivation. However, even these two who were used to ghosts still gave Zhao Hai a look of fright.

Both Kong Miao and Li Zongdao had read information about Zhao Hai. Zhao Hai was a Dark Mage. Dark Mages weren’t very famous among Mages, but they were infamous in the World of Cultivation. Even Ghost Cultivators weren’t as famous as Dark Mages. This was because Dark Mages use corpses and make Undead out of them in order to aid them in battles. Meanwhile, Ghost Cultivators use ghosts and refine them in order to make more powerful ghosts. Essentially, undead made by Dark Mages were just bones and corpses of other beings.


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