BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1418


Chapter 1418 – Follow Me

Five days later, Zhao Hai walked out of the crafting room. In these five days, Li Zongdao and Mo Sheng made sure that nobody disturbed him.

Although Mo Sheng was simple-minded, he was very loyal towards Zhao Hai. Even if others gave him things to eat, he still wouldn’t treat them the same way he treats Zhao Hai.

People like Mo Sheng were sometimes very sensitive. They had pure thoughts, so sometimes they would depend on their senses. And Mo Sheng could feel that Zhao Hai was truly good to him.

Two people were defending the crafting room. But outside Zhao Hai’s cave residence, there were even more people guarding. These people were Transcending Tribulation Experts, one of them was even a Severed Soul Expert, Xu Ning!

Xu Ning personally guarded Zhao Hai’s cave. Anyone who dared to approach the cave were warned. If they didn’t heed the warning, then they would be killed! This situation hasn’t happened before. By this point, everyone knew that the vicinity of Zhao Hai’s cave had become a restricted area.

Zhao Hai was aware of this. But he didn’t expect the World of Cultivation to be this serious regarding the scanners.

Five days wasn’t long for cultivators. When five days passed, Zhao Hai went out of the crafting room.

Seeing Zhao Hai come out, Li Zongdao immediately asked him, “Little Hai, how was it?” He knew that Zhao Hai was refining something important since Kong Miao told them. It was also Kong Miao who told them to guard the crafting room.

Seeing Li Zongdao, Zhao Hai smiled and said, “Don’t worry, it’s done.” Upon hearing Zhao Hai, Li Zongdao let out a long breath.

At this time, a person appeared in front of Zhao Hai. Zhao Hai immediately gave the person a salute as he said, “Zhao Hai has seen Grandmaster Xu Ning.”

Xu Ning nodded, then with hopeful eyes he asked, “How is it?”

Zhao Hai smiled and said, “Fortunately, I succeeded. The devices have been made.” Then he took out a scanner and handed it over to Xu Ning.

Xu Ning looked at the scanner and couldn’t help but show a hint of amazement on his face. The device was beautiful. It was at the size of a palm and had a crystal screen on the front. It displayed the surrounding terrain with a range of 10 thousand meters. At this time, there was nothing on the screen. It’s body was silver-white, very beautiful.

Xu Ning looked at Zhao Hai and said, “Are you sure it’ll work?”

Zhao Hai nodded and said, “Grandmaster, feel relieved. There wouldn’t be any problems. However, this device could only last for a year. Moreover, it could only detect the Xu Race, not people from other races.”

Xu Ning stared, then he knit his brows as he asked, “What’s wrong? Why does it only last for a year?”

Zhao Hai smiled bitterly and said, “Grandmaster, besides the materials I was provided, I also added something else. This is the secret to detecting the Xu Race. It’s a type of bright metal that’s quite volatile. A fist-sized piece of this metal would evaporate in less than one day if it’s placed outside. I obtained this metal in the past and discovered that it would glow red whenever the Xu Race came close. Therefore, I used it as a base to make this device. This device can seal the metal inside for a year. After that, it could last for another year at most if we’re lucky. Without the bright metal, this device might as well be scrap metal. Besides showing the surrounding terrain, it doesn’t have any other use.”

Xu Ning replied, “Oh, it’s like that? Do you still have more of this metal? Can I bring some back to study? If we can find this metal, we’ll be able to mass-produce this device.”

Zhao Hai smiled bitterly. Then he took out a large glass jar. This jar was also sealed with no point of opening. Inside this glass jar was a liquid metal not larger than a nail.

Zhao Hai swung the glass jar gently, making the metal inside flow like water. However, the metal didn’t make the jar wet.

Zhao Hai turned to Xu Ning and said, “Grandmaster, I like to collect unique things. I accidentally got this from the Six Realm Battlefield’s soft gold mine. I filled a bottle full of this metal, but later discovered that it would evaporate very fast. I tried a lot of things and found out that I needed to seal the bottle. In addition to being volatile, this metal also had another feature. It can dissolve other metals. Once it dissolves the metal, it can embody the metal’s characteristics. The only exception to this is Century-old Ironwood. Once this thing is dropped into a century-old ironwood and sealed in glass, then it would be preserved for much longer. I use this principle in order to create the scanner. This is the remaining metal after creating the devices. If the Grandmaster wants it, you can take it away. However, you should never make it come in contact with air. Or else it would evaporate in an instant.”

Hearing Zhao Hai, Xu Ning couldn’t help but look at the droplet of molten metal inside the glass jar. He received the jar and placed it in his spatial item. Then he looked at Zhao Hai and said, “Alright, let’s head on.” Zhao Hai nodded and then flew out with Xu Ning.

As they headed out of the cave, they quickly discovered Kong Miao. Zhao Hai immediately gave Kong Miao a salute. Kong miao looked at Zhao Hai and said, “How is it?”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly. Then Xu Ning went to Kong Miao and handed the device over. Then he told Kong Miao that the device only had one year of service life. He also took out the glass jar.

Hearing Xu Ning’s explanation, Kong Miao knit his brows, then he looked at Xu Ning and said, “Grandmaster, make sure to keep this safe. Immediately go back to the headquarters and have people study it. See if they can find anything or heard about anything like it. Also, have people investigate the soft gold mine and see if we can find more.”

Xu Ning nodded and then turned around to leave. Kong Miao carefully scrutinized the scanner, then he looked at Zhao Hai and said, “Where are the others?”

Zhao Hai took out a spatial bag and said, “Everything is here. All in all, I was able to make 112 devices.”

Kong Miao received the spatial bag. Seeing that everything was inside, he nodded and said, “Very good. Zhao Hai, you did a great job. How about you follow me for this period of time and after that you can leave the newcomer’s area. What do you think?”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “Being able to assist Grandmaster is a great honor.”

Kong Miao laughed, he patted Zhao Hai’s shoulder and said, “Alright, good. I got word from the higher-ups to go along with your plan. We’ll make the Xu Race feel pain before we talk to them. It’s time to head out, you three, follow me.”

Zhao Hai and the others nodded. Kong Miao waved his hand and the spatial bag flew towards Yuan Ding. Then he said, “Distribute these devices to everyone. Have everyone go into groups of ten. All Severed Soul Experts have to separate. Each Severed Soul Expert cannot bring over 5 people with them. After grouping up, have everyone set off. Every team would be assigned their own area. We also need to keep people behind for reinforcements. We cannot make the other party take advantage of any weaknesses. It’s time to make the Xu Race feel pain.”

Yuan Ding complied, then he turned around and went to handle things. Kong Miao looked at Zhao Hai and said, “Zhao Hai, I should be older than you. Is it fine to call you Little Hai?”

Hearing Kong Miao, Zhao Hai smiled and said, “It’s fine. Calling me Little Hai is much better.” At the side, Li Zongdao couldn’t help but be surprised. He knew that Kong Miao was arrogant, so he didn’t expect Kong Miao to be kind towards Zhao Hai.

Kong Miao laughed and said, “Alright, Little Hai. It’s time to head out.” Zhao Hai nodded and took the Hell King’s ship out. Kong Miao pointed to a certain direction and then the ship began to move.

As Kong Miao stood on the ship’s bow, he looked all round. Then he said, “The Ten-thousand Realm Battlefield is really good. It’s very rich in spiritual qi, very suitable for cultivation. If you keep cultivating here, sooner or later, you will reach Transcending Tribulation.”

Zhao Hai smiled and said, “I thank Grandmaster for the auspicious words. I’m quite confident in reaching the Transcending Tribulation Stage here. Hahaha.”

Kong Miao looked at Zhao Hai and saw his confidence. He couldn’t help but laugh as he said ,”Good, Cultivators need to be confident in themselves. I believe that you will certainly succeed. Moreover, that day wouldn’t be very far.” Zhao Hai just smiled and didn’t say anything.

Kong Miao looked at Zhao Hai and said, “You did a lot of damage to the Xu Race this time. I noticed that you’re using Buddhist Techniques. Can you tell me what technique you use? If you can’t say it, then there’s no need.”

Zhao Hai knew that Kong Miao was purely curious. Zhao Hai’s Instinct Technique didn’t see any hostility in Kong Miao. So he smiled and said, “There’s nothing that can’t be said. I learned Buddhist Divine Techniques. This includes my weapons and my body cultivation.”

Kong Miao knit his brows and said, “Divine Techniques? How come I haven’t heard about those types of techniques before? Generally, Buddhists don’t call techniques divine techniques.”

Zhao Hai shook his head and said, “I also don’t know. I obtained a jade slip that had the technique inside. I studied it and was enlightened. Moreover, there’s also stored spiritual qi inside. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have been able to cultivate this quickly.”


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  1. Man, that’s some roundabout way to make the scanner. The Xu race used a cloak to be invisible, it’s not their innate abilities. In that case, couldn’t he just scan the cloak in the universal scanner and make something that can detect it? That way the device would only be able to detect the Xu race and ZH could sell the technology for some benefits.

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