BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1416


Chapter 1416 – Eager To Try

What was the most important resource for High-grade Realms? There’s only one, talent. The battle with the Xu Race put Zhao Hai in the eyes of these High-grade Realms. Upon seeing his abilities, they naturally ahd to check. Through various means, they collected information about Zhao Hai and his position in the World of Cultivation.

One must know that a Cultivator’s appearance doesn’t reflect their age. There are Cultivation Methods that make even a 100 to 200-year old person look like they were in their teens. Therefore, although Zhao Hai looked very young, people still needed to investigate his background.

Wanting to look into Zhao Hai was quite easy for these High-grade Realms. Even the World of Cultivation had connections to these High-grade Realms. If these High-grade realms that protected them wanted to ask about Zhao Hai, then they wouldn’t dare decline. Therefore, it didn’t take long before information about Zhao Hai was placed into the desks of those High-grade Realms.

It must be said that to the information gathering groups of these High-grade Realms, there was no such thing as a secret. A protected secret was only a facade, there was no such thing.

Also, Zhao Hai situation wasn’t a top-secret matter in the World of Cultivation. Therefore, information about Zhao Hai was soon uncovered.

Seeing Zhao Hai’s information, these High-grade Realms couldn’t help but gain an appreciation towards him. Mainly because it has been a short time since Zhao Hai ascended. In roughly 5 years, Zhao Hai became qualified to enter the Ten-thousand Realm Battlefield. To the High-grade Realms, this was very attractive for a talent.

Zhao Hai wasn’t aware of these things. He drank with the others as the Hell King’s ship traveled towards the newcomer’s area. But their traveling speed wasn’t as fast as the spread of news in the battlefield.

When Zhao Hai and the others arrived at the Cultivation Realm’s newcomer’s area, Yuan Ding and Yuan Zhen were already waiting for them.

Seeing this reception, Zhao Hai informed Kong Miao and the others before receiving the Hell King’s ship and flying over with everyone.

There were also other people present with Yuan Ding and the others. These people were Transcending Tribulation Experts, most of them were Buddhists. These were the reinforcements sent by the World of Cultivation. However, they didn’t expect that as soon as they arrived at the newcomer’s area, they would receive news about Zhao Hai’s victory.

Of course, it’s not Zhao Hai’s turn to meet with Yuan Ding and the others. Kong Miao went forward to greet them. Naturally, Yuan Ding’s identity was much lower compared to Kong Miao. However, since Yuan Ding and Yuan Zhen were responsible for the newcomer’s area, they were the ones who had the qualifications to meet Kong Miao.

After talking with Yuan Ding for some time, Kong Miao and the others entered the newcomers residential area. Yuan Ding also arranged residences for the Cultivators present. Naturally, there’s no need for Zhao Hai’s group to be catered to. However, Zhao Hai and Li Zongdao had to share a cave amongst themselves. This was because the sudden influx of Cultivators in the newcomer’s area caused a shortage in places to stay.

Although Yuan Ding didn’t say anything to Zhao Hai, the way he looked at Zhao Hai changed. Recently, he has been receiving a lot of jade sword messages regarding Zhao Hai. Yuan Ding was aware that Zhao Hai has done a great deed this time. And to be honest, he was quite happy about it.

It was him and Yuan Zhen who brought Zhao Hai to the Ten-thousand Realm Battlefield. And a few days after arriving at the battlefield, Zhao Hai was able to gain such a huge merit. This would certainly shine a positive light on him and Yuan Zhen.

Zhao Hai naturally felt Yuan Ding’s gaze, so he gave him a salute from a distance. Yuan Ding smiled faintly as he waved his hand, the two didn’t exchange any words. After that, Zhai Hai led Li Zongdao and Mo Sheng back to their cave residence. 

Upon returning to their cave residence, Zhaoi Hai let out a long breath and said, “Finally, we can take a rest.”

Li Zongdao laughed and said, “Right, finally we’re back. I didn’t think something huge would happen this time.”

Zhao Hai also smiled and said, “Brother Li, rest well. We still have to do our duty in the following days. We can’t just let the Xu Race off that easily.”

Li Zongdao nodded, “Of course. The Xu Race irritated the higher-ups. Otherwise, they wouldn’t have sent this many people here. Since this matter has become big, there’s no stepping back. We need to make sure that the Xu Race wouldn’t trouble us from now on.”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and didn’t say anything as he ate with Li Zongdao and Mo Sheng. After which, they took a rest. Li Zongdao didn’t choose to cultivate this time and instead slept well in the cultivation room.

Meanwhile, Kong Miao’s group along with Yuan Zhen were in Yuan Ding’s cave residence. This place was used to cultivate in and receive people. It covers a large area and could accommodate office work. Since Kong Miao was the Chief Commander of the army, he would naturally live here.

Kong Miao waited for the other Severed Soul Experts to arrive. Yuan Ding and Yuan Zhen also had their own seats on the side. Seeing that everyone was present, Kong Miao opened his mouth and said, “We’ve won against the Xu Race this time. But this isn’t enough. I think Zhao Hai’s plan is good. Now, we hunt the Xu Race until they tell us who sent them.”

When Yuan Ding and Yuan Zhen heard Kong Miao, they couldn’t help but stare. They didn’t think that Kong Miao would actually mention Zhao Hai’s name in this meeting. It seems like he was quite fond of Zhao Hai.

Xu Ning nodded and said, “That is the quickest solution. But Kong Miao, it’s better if we report this to the higher-ups first. Although we haven’t used our reinforcements, they only number 400. Altogether, we have about 1500 men. Although it wouldn’t be a problem to face the Xu Race, the Xu Race’s stealth is very troublesome to deal with. We need to spread out in order to find the Xu Race. But if we spread out, the Xu Race might counterattack. Separating the 1500 men would make us vulnerable to ambushes. This is currently our biggest problem. Therefore, we need to report this and hear about the higher-ups’ opinion.”

Kong Miao nodded. He also felt that what Xu Ning said was reasonable. If the Xu Race really resorted to guerilla tactics, then that would be very troublesome.

Jianyi looked at Kong Miao, then he said, “Kong Miao, we should ask Zhao Hai’s opinion about this. He managed to kill a lot of Xu Race people before the battle. He should have a method to counter the stealth robes.”

When Kong Miao heard Jianyi’s words, his eyes lit up. Then he slapped his head and said, “Right, why did I forget about this? Zhao Hai fought with the Xu Race more than a single time. He might have a way to break through the stealth robes.”

Yuan Ding lowered his head and chanted Buddha’s name before he said, “Amitabha, Grandmaster Kong Miao, this one has some words to say.”

Kong Miao nodded and said, “Master Yuan Ding, please tell.”

Yuan Ding respectfully said, “Before the Grandmaster arrived, we received a lot of jade sword messages. High-grade Realms have begun to pay attention to Zhao Hai. Moreover, we obtained information that Zhao Hai should have the means to detect the Xu Race. Back then, Liu Sheng’s group were ambushed by the Xu Race but were saved by Zhao Hai. After that, Zhao Hai led them to chase down the ambushers. Although the process wasn’t detailed, it seems like the Xu Race’s stealth robes are useless against Zhao Hai.”

Hearing Yuan Ding, Kong Miao stared. Then he asked, “What do these High-grade Realms want Zhao Hai for?”

Yuan Ding shook his head and said, “Currently, we don’t know. The higher-ups already told us to adjust Zhao Hai’s personal information. They already sent over information about Zhao Hai.”

Kong Miao nodded, then he said, “No matter what reason those people are investigating Zhao Hai, one thing is for certain. Zhao Hai can counter the Xu Race’s stealth robes. Since this is the case, things have become easier. We can now hunt down the Xu Race.”

Xu Ning shook his head and said, “Let’s not be too optimistic. Zhao Hai can detect the Xu Race, but he’s still a single person in the end. If we separate our men, then only the team where Zhao Hai is can see the Xu Race. As the matter stands, we’re still in trouble.”

Kong Miao thought about this for a moment before turning to Yuan Ding and asked, “Master Yuan Ding, please send people to invite Zhao Hai over. I want to ask him some questions before making a decision.” Yuan Ding complied and left. He decided to invite Zhao Hai over personally. This was because he discovered that Kong Miao attached great importance towards Zhao Hai.

As someone from the Buddhist Path, Yuan Ding was well aware about Kong Miao’s status. In the future, Kong Miao would become one of the top echelons of Buddhism. For such a person to regard Zhao Hai as important, this meant that Zhao Hai’s future would be limitless. Right now was the best time to have a good relationship with Zhao Hai.

Zhao Hai was aware of Kong Miao’s conversation with the others. Although he seemed asleep, he was actually paying attention to the meeting. He wanted to see how Kong Miao and the others would proceed.

Zhao Hai was actually glad to see this development. As long as this matter was done with, the World of Cultivation’s crisis would be relieved. As for the High-grade Realms, they would be crucial to his future growth.

Before arriving at the Ten-thousand Realm Battlefield, Zhao Hai was already aware that there were various powers here. Zhao Hai began to feel that the World of Cultivation was too small. He needed to explore higher grade realms to see if he could find anything special.

Some people say that the more you understand about the world, the more ignorant you become. Before knowing about the Ten-thousand Realm Battlefield, Zhao Hai felt that the World of Cultivation was the center of the universe. But after knowing about the Ten-thousand Realm Battlefield, Zhao Hai’s thoughts were transformed. His vision was no longer limited by the World of Cultivation. He now wonders if there are other places like the Ten-thousand Realm Battlefield that existed. He also wanted to know who made the Ten-thousand Realm Battlefield. 

For this reason, instead of feeling troubled, he felt eager when he heard from Yuan Ding that the High-grade Realms were paying attention to him. He wanted to meet people from higher grade realms to understand more about other realms in the Ten-thousand Realm battlefield. 

Zhao Hai sat up and looked at the sleeping Mo Sheng. He didn’t wake Mo Sheng up. People like Mo Sheng don’t need to think about things too much. If they are hungry, they eat. And if they were sleepy, then they would sleep. It was a simple and happy lifestyle.

A lot of people couldn’t achieve such happiness, and almost nobody can really tell what happiness really was. In fact, happiness was simple, it was satisfaction. You eat a delicious meal, and it makes you happy. You have a job that you like, that is also happiness. Everyone can be happy, but people just want to turn a simple thing into a more complicated mess.

Not long after Zhao Hai sat up, Yuan Ding arrived outside his cave residence. Then he called over, “Zhao Hai, are you in?”

Zhao Hai stood up and then went out of the cave. Then he gave Yuan Ding his greetings as he said, “Master Yuan Ding, you came? What are you here for?”

Yuan Ding smiled and said, “Grandmaster Kong Miao wanted to ask you something.” Zhao Hai nodded and then followed Yuan Ding back.

Before long, the two arrived at Yuan Ding’s residence and then entered the meeting room. Zhao Hai immediately gave his greeting to everyone. Kong Miao waved his hand and said, “Zhao Hai, there’s no need to be so polite. Sit down. I have something to ask you.” Zhao Hai nodded and then took a seat.

Kong Miao looked at Zhao Hai and said, “Zhao Hai, I heard that you’ve chased the Xu Race before? Can you break their stealth?”

Zhao Hai shook his head and said, “I cannot break their stealth, but I can detect them.”

Hearing Zhao Hai, Kong Miao stared for a moment, then he said, “It’s good that you can detect them. Can you give us the method?”


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