BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1415


Chapter 1415 – Envy And Hate

Xu Wuzun was about to vomit blood. He knew that Zhao Hai was the one that kept destroying their plans. Xu Wuzun already heard about Zhao Hai’s actions against the Xu Race from those who were able to run away. However, at that time, they were preparing to deal a heavy blow to the World of Cultivation. Xu Wuzun planned to deal with Zhao Hai after they cleaned up the World of Cultivation’s army.

However, Xu Wuzun didn’t expect that this Zhao Hai that he put aside for later would actually deal two heavy blows to the Xu Race’s plans. These two blows were unbearable for Xu Wuzun.

Last time, because of Zhao Hai’s sudden appearance, the Xu Race’s army line was broken. In the end, the Xu Race were routed. And this time, although Xu Wuzun made the proper preparations, he didn’t expect the ship’s pagoda to detach itself and break the Xu Race’s line.

However, Xu Wuzun couldn’t do anything now that the pagoda had already broken through their formation. The entire battle formation of the Xu Race turned into chaos. With both the pagoda and the ship wreaking havoc, reorganization became impossible. Xu Wuzun couldn’t do anything to salvage their current situation.

Originally, Xu Wuzun wanted to kill Zhao Hai to vent his grievances. However, Kong Miao already thought about this. So before attacking with the pagoda, he arranged Severed Soul Experts to protect Zhao Hai. Even if Xu Wuzun wanted to attack Zhao Hai, he wouldn’t have the chance to do so.

Kong Miao knew very well that for them to defeat the Xu Race as soon as possible, then they would need Zhao Hai’s two artifacts. As long as Zhao Hai suffers no problems, the two artifacts would continue attacking. With their strength, they would be the deciding factor in the battle.

Seeing that he couldn’t do anything to Zhao Hai, Xu Wuzun finally issued the command to retreat. Originally, Xu Wuzun’s plan for retreat was to go slowly and not give the World of Cultivation a chance to take a bite out of them.

However, Xu Wuzun forgot that for this plan to succeed, then the Xu Race would need a stable formation. Now that their formation was broken under the attacks of the Hell King’s ship and the pagoda, retreating slowly was no longer an option.

Additionally, the Xu Race people had hearts of bandits. They didn’t retreat ahead of time because they were afraid of their higher-ups. But now that the order for retreat has been issued, they immediately turned around and ran, leaving the slower people behind.

The retreat was soon turned into a rout. Naturally, the World of Cultivation wouldn’t be polite as teams of 100 people began to pursue. They focused on killing as many Xu Race people as possible.

These Xu Race members were truly unfortunate. Although they have stealth robes, with the World of Cultivation right behind them, they didn’t have the opportunity to hide. Even if they vanished on sight, the people from the World of Cultivation weren’t fools, they could just unleash attacks on the immediate area. When the time comes, the stealth would still be broken.

In the beginning, some Xu Race members thought that grouping up would keep them safe. But instead, they became a bigger target for the World of Cultivation. As for those who ran on their own, the World of Cultivation’s people seem to ignore them. When they discovered this, the Xu Race knew that they couldn’t group up. So in the end, they all dispersed in all directions.

After dealing with the Xu Race army, Zhao Hai retrieved the pagoda. They no longer needed large artifacts at this point. After all, large artifacts are only effective in huge battles. When it came to smaller engagements, the spiritual qi consumption couldn’t be justified.

When the pagoda returned to the shop, Kong Miao and the others got down and approached Zhao Hai. Kong Miao patted Zhao Hai’s shoulder as he laughed and said, “Zhao Hai, our win against the Xu Race is largely because of your contribution.”

Zhao Hai quickly replied, “Senior is too polite.”

Kong Miao laughed as he patted Zhao Hai’s shoulder once more. He didn’t say anything and instead looked out from the ship. In all directions, people from the World of Cultivation were chasing down members of the Xu Race. But those who saw Kong Miao’s actions couldn’t help but feel envious towards Zhao Hai.

Everyone who participated in this battle were old foxes, so they were clearly aware of Kong Miao’s status. Kong Miao was being groomed to be a future leader of the Buddhist Path. If one manages to strike up a good relationship with him, then it would be beneficial for their future in the Ten-thousand Realm Battlefield.

Now, it seems like Kong Miao was very fond of Zhao Hai. This meant that Zhao Hai would have a very powerful backer in the Ten-thousand Realms Battlefield. Thinking of the advantages, these old foxes couldn’t help but feel envy and hate.

However, they didn’t display their thoughts. They were able to see Zhao Hai’s strength with their own eyes. Although Zhao Hai already made two moves, his large artifacts made it look like he was bullying the Xu Race. Those who could use such artifacts weren’t pushovers. Moreover, they knew that Zhao Hai’s artifact could transform. His large transforming ship was terrifying to face. It wouldn’t be a good idea to offend a person who owned it.

Cultivators always bullied the weak and feared the strong. Cultivators wouldn’t dare offend powerful people. Although Zhao Hai wasn’t a Transcending Tribulation Expert, his strength was already proven, so nobody dared to be on his bad side. This was especially true now that Kong Miao expressed his appreciation towards Zhao Hai.

The battle was basically done. What remained were people from the World of Cultivation chasing down members of the xu Race. Now that they had dispersed, the Xu Race were even more difficult to hunt down. However, this victory felt good to the cultivators. At the very least, they were able to kill 400 Xu Race members.

Four hundred Transcending Tribulation Experts, this was a huge blow to the strength of the Xu Race. This also went along with Zhao Hai’s plan. Deal a great blow to the Xu Race and then initiate a discussion. When the time comes, the Xu Race would have no choice but to concede.

If the Xu Race were on equal footing with the World of Cultivation in the past, then after these two blows, they were no longer qualified to stand beside the World of Cultivation. The loss of several hundred Transcending Tribulation Experts was a huge blow to the Xu Race.

After chasing the Xu Race down for five hours, people began to return to the Hell King’s ship. Then after asking Kong Miao’s opinion, Zhao Hai drove the ship towards the World of Cultivation’s newcomer’s area.

There was still a few days of travel before they would arrive at the newcomer’s area. Everyone stayed on the ship these days. Naturally, Zhao Hai didn’t miss the opportunity to make some friends. Large quantities of spirit wine was consumed as the Hell King’s ship approached the newcomer’s area.

As the Hell King’s ship traveled towards the newcomer’s area, the news about the World of Cultivation and the Xu Race’s battle spread out into the Ten-thousand Realm Battlefield.

Although the Ten-thousand Realm Battlefield was very big, the speed of information within it was actually very fast. It didn’t take long before people got news about the World of Cultivation and the Xu Race’s conflict.

This caused a stir in the Ten-thousand Realms Battlefield. The people in the Ten-thousand Realm Battlefield expected the two sides to be of fairly equal strength. When they heard of the result, the people of the battlefield were both surprised and puzzled.

They couldn’t imagine the World of Cultivation to beat the Xu Race to this degree. It must be known that when it came to pure combat prowess, the Xu Race were stronger compared to the people from the World of Cultivation.

However, after hearing the details of the battle, everyone noticed a certain point. It seems like the surprising result of this battle was due to someone named Zhao Hai.

It must be said that the Ten-thousand Realm Battlefield was teeming with special abilities. There’s a race in the battlefield that had the special ability to review the scene of a battle if it was within three days of inspection. It was precisely because of this that the people from the battlefield were able to know about what happened in the fight against the Xu Race.

It was also because of this review of the battle that Zhao Hai entered the eyes of the Ten-thousand Realm Battlefield’s high-level people. But they only noticed Zhao Hai because of his two large artifacts. These two artifacts were very powerful in breaking a formation and determining the outcome of the battle. Besides these two artifacts, there’s also Zhao Hai’s attack timing.

Zhao Hai’s attacks were very accurate. They always came when the enemy least expected it. This caused his two actions to deal two heavy blows to the Xu Race.

For these people from High-grade Realms, the usage of large artifacts wasn’t anything extraordinary. Although large artifacts were important to Medium-grade Realms like the World of Cultivation, the same wasn’t true for High-grade Realms. With how much stronger they were compared to the World of Cultivation, High-grade realms don’t lack large artifacts. In fact, large artifacts were quite common in their realms.

Although large artifacts weren’t special in the eyes of the people from High-grade Realms, people who can use them were. Large artifacts were rarely used in combat, and most of which were used at the end of a battle. However, Zhao Hai’s control over his artifact made people from High-grade Realms pay attention.

In the end, High-grade Realms weren’t structurally different from the World of Cultivation. They also have many sects within them. Naturally, these sects would fight against each other. But in these battles, large artifacts weren’t commonly used. This was because the size of a weapon affected how flexible it was. Large artifacts weren’t very useful in combat and were only good for breaking formations.

At the same time, in High-grade Realms, if you have a large artifact, then there’s a high chance that the enemy would have one as well. In this case, large artifacts were used as a decider for a battle. 


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