BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1414


Chapter 1414 – Can’t Focus On One Thing Without Losing Focus On Another Thing

It’s not strange for Xu Ning and the others to be surprised. Although they have a high evaluation of Liquid Silver, they still knew very little about Zhao Hai and Liquid Silver’s strength. So when Zhao Hai said this, they were evidently surprised.

Zhao Hai nodded and said, “But in that case, I won’t be able to participate in the fight. I need everything I have to control the ship and the pagoda.”

Without hesitation, Kong Miao replied, “There’s no need for you to fight. You just focus on controlling the ship and the pagoda. If the ship is blocked, you can use the pagoda to clear the way. But you need to do it as fast as possible.”

Zhao Hai nodded and said, “Alright. There’s no need for you to worry about this. With the ship and the pagoda, we’ll certainly be able to break their formation.”

Kong Miao nodded, “As long as you break the enemy’s formation, you’ll have contributed a lot. There’s no need for you to worry about anything else.” Zhao Hai nodded, then he turned around and left.

Watching Zhao Hai leave, Xu Ning sighed and said, “Using two large artifacts together, this kid is amazing. I’m afraid I can’t compare to him.”

Kong Miao smiled bitterly and said, “Let alone you, after using my projection technique I can calculate that even if I use the Ten Thousand Transformations Staff, I still have no chance of going against Zhao Hai. This man is too powerful.”

Upon hearing Kong Miao, everyone couldn’t help but stare. Kong Miao was a member of the Void Temple, one of the most powerful Buddhist Sects. This position wasn’t only brought up by the Ten Thousand Transformation Staff. The Void Temple also had several secret techniques. One of these secret techniques involves a method of projection, which was very rare. There weren’t a lot of people who could use this. So hearing that Kong Miao can use it, everyone present couldn’t help but be shocked.

They were surprised not only because Kong Miao could use a projection technique, but also from what Kong Miao said. Kong Miao actually said that he might not be able to win against Zhao Hai. Was Zhao Hai really that strong? Kong Miao was a Severed Soul Expert, and he has already stabilized his cultivation. Additionally, he would have the Ten Thousand Transformations Staff. His combat power was quite terrifying. Even Xu Ning wouldn’t dare face him. But now, Kong Miao said that he couldn’t win against Zhao Hai. No wonder everyone was surprised.

Xu Ning looked at Kong Miao and asked, “Are you sure?” Kong Miao bitterly smiled as he nodded.

Xu Ning and the others were silent. They didn’t know what to say. These people had sharp senses, and they could feel that Zhao Hai wasn’t even in the Transcending Tribulation Stage.

How could Xu Ning and the others be sure that Zhao Hai hasn’t reached Transcending Tribulation? This was because a person’s entire being would be transformed upon stepping on the Transcending Tribulation Stage. In fact, the tribulation one would experience was a baptism that improved one’s strength and made them peer into the secrets of the heavens. This baptism would leave behind a mark on a person’s body.

Because of this, Xu Ning and the others knew that Zhao Hai had yet to overcome his tribulation. Zhao Hai was still in the Nascent Soul Stage.

Nascent Soul, Transcending Tribulation, Severed Soul – this was two levels worth of gap. And even with the Buddhist Path’s most powerful weapon in his hand, Kong Miao said that he couldn’t win against Zhao Hai. This was truly impressive, it was hard to believe.

Faced with such information, Xu Ning and the others didn’t know what to say. On the other hand, Zhao Hai didn’t care about this as he stood calmly on the deck looking ahead. In fact, it wasn’t only him, everyone else were also looking ahead.

Cultivators differ from normal people when it comes to how they handle situations. If ordinary people were in a stressful situation, then they would be discussing among themselves in order to ease their anxiety. On the other hand, Cultivators kept silent. This was because they were preparing to fight at any time.

The day they stepped on the road of cultivation, Cultivators were fighting non-stop. They fought against heaven, the earth, and each other. If they want to proceed forward, then they would need to step on countless corpses. In order to get the resources they needed to progress, then they would need to snatch it from others. If they want to become powerful experts, then they don’t have any other choice but to do this.

Because of this, Cultivators weren’t afraid of fighting. Instead, they regarded battles as trials. Such a mindset caused the Cultivators in the Hell King’s ship to be calm. Nobody whispered nor did anyone talk carelessly.

After some time, Zhao Hai loudly said, “Everyone, prepare yourselves. We’ll engage the enemy in ten minutes!” His voice wasn’t that loud, but it was heard by everyone in the Hell King’s ship. Hearing Zhao Hai, everyone paused for a moment before they took their artifacts out.

All of a sudden, the Hell King’s ship turned into a giant hedgehog. All around the ship, various colors of artifacts could be seen. At this time, Kong Miao also took command of everyone in the ship.

With so many artifacts with their own different functions, a unified command was much needed. Just like commanding different types of soldiers in a battle.

Because of the previous battle, Kong Miao was now much more experienced in commanding troops. In addition to his men being veterans, even if he didn’t give the specific command, they would still know what to do. Before long, the magic artifacts in the Hell King’s ship became more categorized.

Zhao Hai observed as the various artifacts were being organized around him. This was his first time seeing something like this, so he needs to study it well.

Directing people to use their artifacts wasn’t an easy task. Artifacts were generally divided into two categories: Offensive and Defensive. However, there were countless subtypes within these two categories. Some weapons were quick, some were poisonous, while some had magic spells. Making sure that they were all used to their full potential was a huge task.

Most importantly, the shape of each artifact was different. The way to use them was different as well. In order for an artifact to display its full might, then an appropriate adjustment needed to be made. Quick artifacts needed to be grouped up together, poison artifacts also needed to be in their own group. This way, each artifact could perform in their best environment. Otherwise, they would restrict each other and reduce their combat effectiveness.

Fortunately, since Zhao Hai wasn’t assuming command this time, he was able to have an opportunity to learn. In fact, it wasn’t only him learning, Laura and the others were also taking notes. There were times where they would be responsible during battle strategy. And with most of the Undead having changed their cultivation methods and weapons, Lizzy and the others would need to be more mindful when assuming command of them in the future.

Just as Zhao Hai calculated, ten minutes later, the Xu Race began to appear in their sights. Neither party spared any words as Zhao Hai drove the Hell King’s ship towards the enemy. At the same time, the Xu Race prepared their army formation.

Meanwhile, Xu Wuzun’s expression was quite heavy. The reason for this was because of Zhao Hai’s attack.

Originally, Xu Wuzun thought that the side of the World of Cultivation would also line up in formation. He already made plans to deal with this. Even Zhao Hai tried to rampage as the two armies were fighting, he still had a way out of it.

However, seeing the World of Cultivation’s setup, Xu Wuzun felt a bit uncomfortable. The World of Cultivation didn’t line up in formation at all. Instead, everyone was inside the Hell King’s ship and were rushing over. This was completely unexpected.

But in the end, Xu Wuzun was also a person that had been in countless battles. Although he didn’t expect the World of Cultivation’s plan, he was still able to make a prompt judgement. Instead of waiting in a wedge formation, they spread out in a line as they waited for Zhao Hai and the others. With the Hell King’s ship attacking, this meant that the World of Cultivation’s power was concentrated. The Xu Race’s formation became a flat paper that looked very easy to puncture. However, one needs to remember that the artifacts of the Xu Race could also fly out. Although their controllers were far, these artifacts can still be used. The first clash of the battle was between two points of concentrated firepower.

Although Zhao Hai and the others have the Hell King’s ship, the Xu Race undoubtedly had the advantage when it came to the quantity of artifacts.

Because of this, the Hell King’s ship’s charge wasn’t very smooth this time around. Even with the ship’s momentum, it still failed to break through. Both sides refused to budge as they clashed. Rumbling sounds were heard when artifacts clashed. Both sides didn’t pay any attention to other things as they attacked the other party with all their strength.

It was at this time that the Ten Thousand Transformations Staff demonstrated its strength. As long as an artifact was hit by the staff, their user would undoubtedly suffer a backlash. In the end, Xu Wuzun made a move in order to block the Ten Thousand Transformations Staff from going wild.

However, Zhao Hai also saw this as an opportunity. He sat down cross-legged as he slowly breathed in. Then the agoda separated itself from the ship and attacked the Xu Race.

Because of the short distance between the two parties, and with the Xu Race being preoccupied by the World of Cultivation’s artifacts, they simply weren’t guarded against the pagoda’s attack. Additionally, there were Severed Soul Experts as well as Transcending Tribulation Experts in the pagoda. The Xu Race weren’t able to block the pagoda’s charge. Some wanted to stop the pagoda, but as soon as they retrieved their magic artifacts, the Hell King’s ship increased its pressure. The Xu Race were caught being careless and soon enough the battlefield became chaotic.


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