BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1413


Chapter 1413 – Large Magic Artifact

Li Zongdao stood outside the pagoda anxiously pacing back and forth. He doesn’t know what Zhao Hai and the others were discussing. In his mind, Kong Miao was an arrogant person. Li Zongdao was afraid that Zhao Hai would offend Kong Miao.

Li Zongdao wasn’t afraid that Kong Miao would make a move on Zhao Hai. Even if Kong Miao did, he wouldn’t be able to catch Zhao Hai. Li Zongdao was very confident in Zhao Hai’s strength.

However, Li Zongdao was afraid of the Buddhists causing trouble for Zhao Hai if he offended Kong Miao. Although there were also Profound Clear Sect Experts in the Ten-thousand Realm Battlefield, Buddhist Experts numbered more. If these experts wanted to deal with Zhao Hai, then Zhao Hai wouldn’t have good days going forward.

Just as Li Zongdao was thinking about that, Zhao Hai walked out of the pagoda. Seeing nothing on Zhao Hai’s expression, Li Zongdao couldn’t help but ask, “Little Hai, how was it?”

Zhao Hai smiled and said, “It’s alright. Those people decided to rush over and smash the Xu Race army. And I agree. If we don’t break them up as soon as possible, then things would be more troublesome.”

The moment he heard that things were alright, Li Zongdao was relieved. He nodded and said, “I guess they will have to make that decision. But there should be no problem. WIth our current strength, it’s not necessarily difficult to defeat the Xu Race. In the last battle, the World of Cultivation was pushed back because Kong Miao has been locked down. Now, we have you, and Kong Miao would also be more careful. And with their recent defeat, the morale of the Xu Race should be low.”

Zhao Hai nodded, “Correct. This is the reason why we should take action right now. Moreover, it’s no longer easy for the Xu Race to entangle Kong Miao. As long as we break through their formation, everything else would be easy.”

Li Zongdao nodded, “That shouldn’t be very hard. We have the Hell King’s Ship. Right, Little Hai, do you have more large artifacts? If two of them attack together, I reckon they would be unstoppable.”

Hearing Li Zongdao, Zhao Hai’s eyes lit up and he said, “Right, that would be good. But controlling two large artifacts is too exhausting. I can’t participate in the attack and couldn’t use other moves. When the time comes, I can only rely on you for attack.”

When he heard Zhao Hai’s answers, Li Zongdao quickly replied, “You can do that? That’s fantastic. It’s good as long as you can control two large artifacts and attack their formation, you don’t need to participate in the attack at all.”

Zhao Hai nodded and said, “Alright, I’ll try to find a way when the battle happens. You should go rest. I’ll keep watch. We’ll be fighting the Xu Race in a couple of hours.”

Li Zongdao didn’t oppose and proceeded to take a rest. Seeing Li Zongdao, Zhao Hai smiled faintly. It must be said that, in the past, using two artifacts like the Hell King’s ship would leave Zhao Hai exhausted. But now that he has faith power, using two such artifacts wouldn’t be a problem at all. Li Zongdao gave him a reminder. Using two large artifacts was certainly much better than using one.

Whether it be in the Cultivation Realm or the other realms, magic artifacts could enlarge themselves. However, there was a limit. Because of this, Cultivators generally don’t enlarge their artifacts too much. The first reason for this was spiritual force.

In order to control artifacts, one would need to support their spiritual qi with their spiritual force. But as an artifact becomes bigger, the needed spiritual qi and spiritual force would be greater. Some sects would even make artifacts that consumed crystals. This way, the user wouldn’t need to expend much spiritual qi. However, this doesn’t include spiritual force control. Usually, a large artifact would require several people in order to be used in a battle. But when that happens, the weapon’s effectiveness would decrease.

The second problem was the quality of the artifact itself. As long as there are enough formations as well as spiritual qi, then one could make any artifact large. However, the material used needed to be adequate. Unlike Liquid Silver which came from the mystical Space, other artifacts had a limit to their size. If that limit was surpassed, then the artifact might implode. 

Actually, the Ten Thousand Transformations Staff could also increase its size. The material it was made of was very good. It could reach the size of the Hell King’s ship without having any decrease in quality.

However, in order to accomplish this, the spiritual force needed would be multiplied. Even Severed Soul Experts like Kong Miao wouldn’t be able to support it for a long time.

More importantly, the Void Temple had sent an order forbidding the enlargement of the Ten Thousand Transformations Staff. This was because enlarging an artifact would affect its lifespan. The last thing the Void Temple wanted was the Ten Thousand Transformations Staff being destroyed. It must be known that it wasn’t easy to refine a weapon like the staff.

Because of these reasons, large artifacts weren’t very popular in the World of Cultivation, nor did any research was done on them. Of course, large artifacts still existed. However, these artifacts were mainly used for transportation. Large artifacts that could be used in battle were very rare.

Although the Xu Race were able to suppress the Ten Thousand Transformations Staff, this didn’t mean that the staff was weak. In fact, each strike of the staff carried the weight of a mountain behind it. If it was used in the World of Cultivation, then the people that can block it could only be counted in both hands.

So why was Xu Wuzun able to tie Kong Miao down? The answer to this was also simple. This was because Xu Wuzun was a powerful Severed Soul Expert. If he was in the World of Cultivation, then he would easily be on the top ten experts. He just happened to be one of the people who could block the Ten Thousand Transformations Staff. So this didn’t mean that the staff was weak, Xu Wuzun was just strong. If it weren’t for the staff, then Kong Miao would have already fallen to Xu Wuzun.

Zhao Hai never thought of using a large artifact in dealing with the enemy. It was too eye-catching and it didn’t match his style. However, when going against a powerful enemy, a large artifact might just be what he needed. The advantages are very clear, especially when it came to Zhao Hai’s large artifacts.

If a person is healthy and they are strong, then they wouldn’t lose against anyone. There’s nothing wrong with this statement, but the case wasn’t the same with artifacts. If a large artifact and a smaller-sized artifact were to clash, then the large artifact would come out on top. Neglecting anything else, the weight of the large artifact was already a huge advantage. In a collision, the strength it could give out would be very astonishing.

The advantages of a large artifact was very obvious. However, it’s weak point was very clear as well. Because of their size, large artifacts weren’t as flexible. In a huge battle, this wouldn’t be a huge problem. However, if it was a duel between two people, then a large artifact’s lack of flexibility would have negative consequences on its user.

When Zhao Hai fought with Huang Daoran, he took out the Hell King’s ship. The reason for this was because the ship was fast and because Huang Daoran held back because of his status. If Huang Daoran seriously fought against Zhao Hai, then the Hell King’s ship would be of very little use.

After weighing the value of large and standard artifacts, Zhao Hai finally decided that it would be better not to use large artifacts when fighting against two or less people.

Time passed as Zhao Hai stood on the deck with Mo Sheng at his side. Although it looks like Zhao Hai was watching the scenery, his thoughts were actually inside the Space, observing the Xu Race.

The Xu Race’s reorganization went smoothly. They had already made their teams as they rushed towards the newcomer’s region. Naturally, they hadn’t lost all their morale and still wanted to fight against the World of Cultivation.

One couldn’t blame them for this. After all, they weren’t convinced of their loss. They had the upper hand until Zhao Hai arrived. If it weren’t for Zhao Hai, then the ones being routed might have been the World of Cultivation and not the Xu Race.

Because of this, the Xu Race were still eager to fight and recover their face. They wanted to teach the World of Cultivation a lesson.

Although the Xu Race army lived bandit lives, they were still Transcending Tribulation Experts in the end. They had their own pride as experts. They still weren’t convinced about their loss against Zhao Hai’s group.

The distance between both sides continued to decrease. From his calculations, Zhao Hai expected the two sides to meet in about an hour. Zhao Hai also knew that it was time to call everyone. An hour was a very short time for cultivators like them.

Thinking of this, Zhao Hai focused his mind and waved his hand. A pleasant chime could be heard all throughout the Hell King’s ship. Zhao Hai didn’t call everyone out explicitly. However, he believed that everyone would understand what the chime meant.

And just like Zhao Hai expected, upon hearing the chime, everyone began to walk out of their rooms. At the same time, Kong Miao and the other Severed Soul Experts stood on the ninth floor of the pagoda.

Zhao Hai looked at Kong Miao and the others before appearing on the top floor of the pagoda. Then he cupped his fist and said, “Zhao Hai has seen the Seniors. In about an hour, we will meet the Xu Race. During the battle, if the situation doesn’t look good, the pagoda will fly out of the ship and attack the enemy lines. Please prepare yourselves.”

Upon hearing Zhao Hai, Kong Miao and the others couldn’t help but stare. Xu Ning exclaimed, “This pagoda can fly and attack the enemy?”


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